08:01:21 <andreaf> #startmeeting qa
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08:01:30 <andreaf> o/
08:01:46 <andreaf> Hello, sorry for starting late - who's here for the meeting today?
08:02:20 <masayukig> \o
08:02:59 <andreaf> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Agenda_for_October_19th_2017_.280800_UTC.29 Today's agenda
08:03:57 <andreaf> masayukig: it looks like it's just the two of us today :D
08:04:16 <masayukig> heh, but let's wait someone for a bit moment?
08:04:37 <andreaf> yeah ok
08:06:39 <andreaf> ok I guess we waited long enough :)
08:06:44 <masayukig> yeah
08:06:50 <mtreinish> o/
08:06:54 <masayukig> haha
08:07:08 <andreaf> mtreinish: good morning
08:07:13 <andreaf> did you have a good flight?
08:07:24 <andreaf> or good night
08:07:29 <mtreinish> andreaf: heh, it's 7pm for me :)
08:08:03 <andreaf> so let's start
08:08:05 <mtreinish> andreaf: the flight was uneventful, which is about the best you can ask for for ~22 hours on a plane
08:08:15 <andreaf> mtreinish: heh good
08:08:22 <mtreinish> at least in steerage class
08:08:23 <andreaf> 22h, not bad
08:08:53 <masayukig> oh, 10h for me
08:09:13 <andreaf> I'm leaving tomorrow morning, not looking forward to three planes in a row
08:09:53 <andreaf> ok, so in terms of action items from previous meetings
08:10:08 <andreaf> I had a couple of things, I both did
08:10:18 <mtreinish> 3 planes? You're not doing lhr -> dxb -> syd?
08:10:18 <andreaf> the patch for test.py stable is merged
08:10:40 <andreaf> I fly from bristol through amsterdam
08:10:44 <mtreinish> ah, ok
08:10:58 <masayukig> cool for test.py :)
08:11:09 <andreaf> going to heathrow is 2h anyways
08:11:18 <andreaf> masayukig yay \o/
08:11:27 <masayukig> :)
08:11:45 <andreaf> I used the success bot for that, it's a good achievement for the team!
08:12:16 <masayukig> nice
08:12:23 <andreaf> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Agenda_for_Nov_2nd_2017_.280800_UTC.29 the correct agenda link
08:13:06 <andreaf> #topic QA onboarding
08:13:47 <andreaf> We have an etherpad for that https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYD-forum-QA-onboarding
08:14:01 <andreaf> it's happening on Monday
08:14:12 <andreaf> but I don't think we are ready for that
08:15:01 <andreaf> I think it would be good to meet beforehand and prepare for it
08:15:23 <masayukig> +1
08:15:38 <andreaf> Monday before that I have 1:30 hands-on on tempest plugins so I won't have much time
08:15:46 <andreaf> What about Sunday evening?
08:16:17 <masayukig> Ah, I have a SUSE team dinner Sunday evening, actually..
08:17:38 <andreaf> masayukig: Sunday afternoon maybe? or Monday morning before / during keynotes
08:18:03 <masayukig> andreaf: yeah, it might work
08:19:44 <andreaf> ok let's say Monday morning early I'll ping you on Sunday
08:19:58 <andreaf> and gmann_afk and oomichi
08:20:14 <masayukig> thanks, Monday morning is better than Sunday for me.
08:21:06 <andreaf> btw at 1:30 I have my hands-on workshop if you want to join https://github.com/afrittoli/cross_service_tempest_plugins
08:21:42 <andreaf> wznoinsk: aorund?
08:21:53 <masayukig> I'll join it :)
08:22:02 <andreaf> masayukig: thanks!
08:22:16 <andreaf> there was a note from wznoinsk on the agenda
08:23:07 <andreaf> it's about RH specific changes - the usual issue we have with os specific commands
08:23:48 <andreaf> I had a plan long time ago to address that but it never happened
08:24:09 <andreaf> ok I'll switch to reviews
08:24:10 <mtreinish> yeah, we don't have a mechanism to support that kind of difference so I'd just -1 it
08:24:39 <andreaf> mtreinish: yeah well if someone wanted to implement a mechanism for that I would not be opposed
08:25:01 <mtreinish> right, but just unconditionally adding extra commands to it or some half baked config option is a no go
08:25:17 <andreaf> yeah
08:25:47 <mtreinish> also as an aside, I have no idea what running network manager in a cloud guest actually buys you. Feels like extra complexity for no reason
08:26:09 <andreaf> heh good point
08:26:59 <andreaf> I guess it's just a case of not customising the image for the cloud
08:27:20 <andreaf> #topic Critical reviews
08:27:33 <mtreinish> yeah, that's the only thing I could think of too, but that would have other potential issues too with guest metadata
08:27:41 <mtreinish> but it's not worth diving into now
08:27:54 <andreaf> heh ok
08:28:35 <andreaf> mtreinish: these are especially for you https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/tempest+branch:master+topic:zuulv3-tempest :P
08:29:15 <mtreinish> bah
08:30:22 <andreaf> hopefully while in Sydney we can get the first series of patches merged so we can have a working Tempest job in zuulv3 - I had a few queries already about it and I would like to avoid people going and developing their own
08:31:02 <andreaf> well, that's all I had really - anything else ?
08:31:16 <mtreinish> nothing from me
08:31:44 <andreaf> ok thanks for joining, see you in Sydney!
08:31:49 <andreaf> #endmeeting qa