08:00:02 <gmann_> #startmeeting qa
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08:00:12 <gmann_> who all here today?
08:01:12 <masayukig> o/
08:01:49 <gmann_> andreaf: masayukig chandankumar afazekas ping
08:02:21 <masayukig> I'm here :)
08:02:50 <gmann_> hi, let's wait for couple of min for other
08:03:01 <masayukig> for sure
08:04:06 <chandankumar> \o/
08:04:12 <chandankumar> Hey, I am here!
08:04:14 <gmann_> chandankumar: hi
08:04:21 <masayukig> haha!
08:04:51 <gmann_> let's start
08:04:59 <gmann_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Agenda_for_Feb_8th_2018_.280800_UTC.29
08:05:02 <gmann_> today agenda ^^
08:05:23 <gmann_> #topic Previous Meeting Action review
08:05:32 <gmann_> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/qa/2018/qa.2018-02-01-17.03.html
08:05:41 <gmann_> no AI seems, so skipping it
08:05:50 <gmann_> #topic Rocky PTG Planning
08:06:11 <gmann_> one is etherpad for collecting the discussion items
08:06:12 <gmann_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/qa-rocky-ptg
08:06:55 <gmann_> do not have much as of now, but keep writing the things you want to disucss
08:07:36 <gmann_> chandankumar: good idea to discuss.
08:07:45 <masayukig> yeah
08:08:25 <chandankumar> added my idea
08:08:29 <gmann_> keep adding more and more sesisons
08:08:32 <gmann_> chandankumar: +1
08:08:46 <gmann_> second is about travel and who all coming
08:08:48 <chandankumar> Can someone give a session on using stestr
08:09:15 <chandankumar> since it is new to the party, better to have a session just a thought
08:09:32 <gmann_> i think all set on travel things. if you know more people attending QA PTG feel free to ask them to write their name in etherpad
08:09:44 <masayukig> chandankumar: maybe, I think mtreinish or I or someone else can do it.
08:09:56 <gmann_> chandankumar: there would not be as presentation sessions in PTG but we can cover that in help hours
08:10:03 <mguiney> o/
08:10:12 <masayukig> hi!
08:10:19 <chandankumar> mguiney: \o
08:10:29 <mguiney> hello! sorry for late!
08:10:32 <gmann_> we will collect help hours ideas on etherpad and stestr can be one of good things for people
08:10:36 <chandankumar> we just started
08:10:42 <gmann_> mtreinish: ^^ what you say
08:10:52 <gmann_> mguiney: nP
08:11:14 <chandankumar> gmann_: he might be sleeping :-)
08:11:24 <gmann_> we will have 2 days as help hours from QA side where people can ask/feedback or discuss anything with team
08:11:30 <gmann_> yea :)
08:11:59 <chandankumar> masayukig: we can also include grenade work during help hours.
08:12:08 <chandankumar> like how project can start working
08:12:21 <gmann_> chandankumar: if mtreinish in US but he is always high fly
08:12:29 <masayukig> chandankumar: yeah, I guess so
08:12:32 <chandankumar> towards rocky champions goal
08:12:33 <masayukig> gmann_: heh
08:12:49 <chandankumar> hehe
08:12:52 <gmann_> yea we can. or at least masayukig want to discuss the plan to complete that goal and what help QA can do
08:13:10 <chandankumar> better definite list of projects
08:13:31 * masayukig needs to know grenade and others more :-p
08:13:36 <gmann_> yea like you did for plugin goal and very nicely planned and completed
08:13:37 <chandankumar> by the way i and lance had submitted a talk on champions goal: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/summit-talk-goalchampion for summit
08:13:55 <chandankumar> last night
08:13:59 <masayukig> chandankumar: cool
08:14:22 <gmann_> chandankumar: nice that helps
08:14:36 <gmann_> i have also applied visa and should get in next week
08:14:45 <chandankumar> gmann_: cool!
08:14:49 <masayukig> chandankumar: it helps for me too :)
08:14:56 * chandankumar have a long list of people to meet. :-)
08:15:01 <chandankumar> during PTG
08:15:04 <masayukig> :)
08:15:10 <masayukig> gmann_: nice
08:20:52 <masayukig> oh
08:21:07 <masayukig> gmann has quit... :/
08:21:37 <masayukig> it seems like a irccloud problem
08:21:48 <chandankumar> yup I think so.
08:22:05 * mguiney pats irc cloud
08:22:14 <mguiney> *irccloud
08:22:29 <masayukig> heh
08:24:30 <masayukig> I think we can wait for gmann's back ?
08:24:46 * mguiney nods
08:24:48 <chandankumar> yup
08:25:06 <masayukig> ok, let's wait :)
08:28:20 <mguiney> \o/
08:28:38 <masayukig> yay!!!
08:28:41 <chandankumar> And he is back :-)
08:28:57 <gmann_> seems bad metwork
08:29:00 <masayukig> welcome back gmann_
08:29:11 <gmann_> did you guys got my msg?
08:29:34 <masayukig> gmann_: last message was "i have also applied visa and should get in next week"
08:29:41 <chandankumar> yup
08:29:42 <gmann_> oh
08:29:46 <chandankumar> sorry
08:29:47 <gmann_> let me start
08:29:58 <gmann_> #topic Office Hours Summary
08:30:06 <gmann_> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/qa_office_hour/2018/qa_office_hour.2018-02-01-09.05.html
08:30:13 <gmann_> chandankumar: can you summarize ^^
08:31:07 * gmann_ have went till open discussion topic :)
08:31:41 <chandankumar> yup
08:33:06 <chandankumar> Here is the office hour report http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-February/126909.html
08:33:12 <gmann_> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-February/126909.html
08:33:22 <chandankumar> we managed to traige 4 bugs
08:33:45 <chandankumar> we have a long discussion on how to ship tempest plugins with container tempest kolla image
08:34:04 <chandankumar> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/537807/ -> Bundle all plugins in a single container
08:34:18 <chandankumar> use service_available config flag to enable/disable the plugin
08:34:23 <gmann_> yea
08:34:25 <chandankumar> the above patch is about to merge
08:34:31 <chandankumar> that's it from my side
08:34:41 <gmann_> chandankumar: thanks
08:34:54 <gmann_> let's move next if nothing on bug side
08:35:14 <gmann_> #topic Tempest
08:35:16 <chandankumar> If i missed any plugin feel free to add that making sure we have tarballs published on t.o.o
08:35:28 <masayukig> chandankumar: nice
08:35:37 <gmann_> chandankumar: sure. let;s talk about that here
08:35:50 <gmann_> what is final approach now
08:36:22 <chandankumar> gmann_: final approach i bundled all the plugins + tempest in a single container
08:36:32 <chandankumar> once patch is merged, container will be available
08:36:37 <gmann_> with config options
08:36:49 <gmann_> to select which one to install
08:36:50 <chandankumar> before ptg, I have integration in place with some action in Tripleo ci
08:37:03 <chandankumar> gmann_: no no all plugins will be there
08:37:21 <chandankumar> use service_available flag there to enable or disable a plugin
08:37:25 <chandankumar> while running the tests
08:37:35 <masayukig> chandankumar: how much the container size?
08:37:37 <chandankumar> use whitelist/blacklist file to run the tests
08:37:48 <masayukig> not so big?
08:37:49 <chandankumar> masayukig: i was more than 100 MB
08:37:52 <gmann_> ok, i was confused with enable/diable. so it is just we skip the tests which are not interested
08:38:03 <chandankumar> gmann_: yes just skip
08:38:20 <masayukig> chandankumar: I see. I feel it's not so huge :)
08:38:30 <gmann_> yea it good seems
08:39:32 <chandankumar> let see how it behaves, in tripleo ci then later on we can trim down if needed
08:39:49 <gmann_> sounds good
08:40:00 <gmann_> let's move next
08:40:11 <gmann_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/tempest+status:open
08:40:19 <gmann_> ^^ current list of open reviews
08:40:35 <gmann_> multiattach test and job are all merged
08:41:11 <gmann_> we have new job running in tempest 'nova-multiattach'
08:41:32 <gmann_> which is nova job and run only compute API tests as of now with multiattach functionality enable
08:41:43 <masayukig> cool
08:42:04 <gmann_> if we extend the multiattach tests beyond compute.api then we can extend this job regex to run tests
08:42:25 <chandankumar> that brings me another questions, do we moved all jobs to python3 like how it behaving?
08:42:26 <gmann_> other things is gate job logging
08:42:45 <gmann_> i think log things are fixed now
08:42:53 <gmann_> chandankumar: we do have started with single job
08:43:19 <gmann_> and if all projects etc move to py3 DONE then we can switch all together
08:43:39 <gmann_> this one 'tempest-full-py3'
08:43:41 <chandankumar> gmann_: let me add an idea to discuss py3 related stuff for tempest project by project base case
08:44:12 <gmann_> i think it is in community as goal
08:44:15 <gmann_> but m not sure
08:45:02 <chandankumar> http://logs.openstack.org/41/521241/8/gate/tempest-full-py3/08c2c15/controller/logs/test_results.html.gz
08:45:05 <chandankumar> skip list is amazing
08:45:33 <gmann_> yea swift is one
08:46:03 <chandankumar> compute identity also
08:46:25 <gmann_> compute is almost good there we did lot of work on that
08:46:54 <gmann_> anyways we know what is ready and what not for py3
08:47:27 <chandankumar> gmann_: we can push for some work/discussion for this release i am not sure
08:47:45 <chandankumar> added on ptg etherpad
08:47:48 <gmann_> chandankumar: but nothing from tempest side needed i guess
08:48:26 <chandankumar> gmann_: you mean we need help from project side
08:48:43 <masayukig> gmann_: chandankumar I'm not sure but are they py3 things?
08:48:44 <chandankumar> to make skip one passing
08:48:53 <gmann_> humm i mean it is tc goal i think to move all projects on py3
08:49:19 <gmann_> and if project is not ready yet then we cannot do anything. project side fix is needed
08:49:35 <masayukig> I think we still need to support py2 because some distros are usiing it.
08:49:51 <gmann_> once they are ready then QA will switch their CI to 3
08:50:18 <chandankumar> masayukig: yup, on RDO side, there will be a discussion happening switching jobs to RDO and upstream to make things ready for py3
08:50:21 <gmann_> i mean if openstack as whole move to py3 and un-support py2 then we can
08:50:43 <chandankumar> this ptg
08:50:58 <gmann_> ok
08:51:19 <masayukig> k
08:51:32 <gmann_> let's see what comes up there in PTG
08:51:34 <gmann_> anything else on tempest side ?
08:52:00 <chandankumar> regarding stestr patch and tagging a new relase for tempest during ptg
08:52:35 <gmann_> chandankumar: link please
08:52:43 <chandankumar> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504345/
08:52:59 <gmann_> ok
08:53:01 <chandankumar> last time stackviz was causing some problem
08:53:12 <chandankumar> i think masayukig andreaf was looking into that
08:53:26 <gmann_> we need to plan a release with Queens release also
08:53:26 <masayukig> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504345/
08:53:44 <gmann_> that can incldue these also
08:53:53 <chandankumar> gmann_: yes new tag for Queens
08:53:56 <masayukig> chandankumar: yeah, I pushed a d-g patch
08:54:06 <chandankumar> masayukig: thanks :-)
08:54:07 <masayukig> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/529490/
08:55:12 <gmann_> masayukig: thanks
08:55:29 <gmann_> let's move next. 5 min left
08:55:36 <gmann_> #topic Critical Reviews
08:55:52 <gmann_> any other review which need prioroity
08:57:00 <gmann_> #topic  Open Discussion
08:57:09 <gmann_> anything else to discuss
08:57:34 <gmann_> mguiney: you have anything to discuss
08:58:19 <mguiney> mostly just here to start dipping a toe in and listen
08:58:39 <gmann_> mguiney: cool.
08:58:45 <gmann_> ok if nothing else let's close
08:58:51 <chandankumar> yup let's close
08:58:56 <masayukig> yeah
08:59:00 <gmann_> we probably have another meeting before PTG on 22nd
08:59:04 <gmann_> thanks all for joining
08:59:16 <gmann_> #endmeeting