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21:00:52 <nati_ueno> hi
21:00:54 <danwent> #link agenda: http://wiki.openstack.org/Network/Meetings
21:01:16 <danwent> amotoki and rkukura couldn't make it
21:01:32 <danwent> #topic quantum documentation
21:01:52 <danwent> we made some very good progress on this last week, getting a few of the 'high' bugs merged, and a few more 'high' bugs into review
21:01:58 <danwent> https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bugs?field.tag=quantum
21:02:28 <danwent> please give some review eyeballs to https://review.openstack.org/#/c/17570/
21:02:39 <danwent> mmm… yong not here today?
21:03:18 <danwent> ok, well, i had some questions for him, but will handle offline
21:03:31 <danwent> several of the reviews in docs are his
21:04:01 <danwent> other than what's called out on the agenda page, are there other high priority doc issues?
21:04:09 <salv-orlando> hi everyone. Sorry for being late.
21:04:18 <danwent> another week of good focus on docs + reviews should put is in a better place.
21:04:39 <danwent> i'm working through a few typos in the new examples that were merged last week, but other than that, they are a big improvement in my opinion.
21:04:57 <danwent> #topic grizzly-2
21:05:08 <danwent> nati_ueno: https://launchpad.net/quantum/+milestone/grizzly-2
21:05:12 <danwent> whoops
21:05:22 <danwent> #info https://launchpad.net/quantum/+milestone/grizzly-2
21:05:28 <danwent> nati_ueno: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/quantum-gate
21:05:37 <danwent> saw we got the patches discussed last week merged
21:05:52 <danwent> what are outstanding blockers?  would love to get this merged ASAP.
21:05:57 <danwent> is it just working with CI team at this point?
21:06:25 <garyk> dansmith: as far as i recall there were devstack volume issues unrelated to quantum patches
21:06:39 <garyk> danwent: ^^
21:07:00 <danwent> nati_ueno: around?
21:07:40 <danwent> garyk: is there a particular bug for that?
21:07:54 <garyk> danwent: not sure.
21:08:11 <danwent> garyk: ok.  seems like everyone is taking a nap today :)
21:08:22 <danwent> hopefully nati_ueno will show up later
21:08:29 <garyk> danwent: i am half asleep too. sorry
21:08:30 <danwent> markmcclain: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/quantum-db-upgrades
21:08:39 <danwent> haha :)
21:08:55 <markmcclain> sorry.. been it's been held up by an internal project
21:09:03 <danwent> markmcclain: ok, do you have a new ETA?
21:09:24 <markmcclain> mostly likely tomorrow.. I'm wrapping the internal as we speak
21:09:43 <danwent> ok, before you go back to that project, one more question
21:09:51 <garyk> root wrap?
21:09:58 <danwent> i think we agreed to mark this as complete (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/metadata-overlapping-networks)
21:10:12 <danwent> but then file a separate BP for the non-routed case?
21:10:18 <markmcclain> we did
21:10:22 <danwent> I didn't see one, have you filed it?
21:10:24 <markmcclain> I need to file the separate BP
21:10:41 <danwent> #todo markmcclain file separate BP for metadata on non-routed networks
21:10:52 <danwent> (no worries, i forgot my major TODO for today as well :P)
21:11:10 <danwent> i'm going to skip security groups for now, hoping nati_ueno comes back online...
21:11:14 <nati_ueno> danwent: Hi
21:11:20 <danwent> ah, there you are :)
21:11:32 <danwent> ok, question from above was: what are next steps on gating?
21:11:42 <danwent> garyk mentioned some volume issues that may be blockers
21:11:45 <nati_ueno> danwent: I'm going to create same CI env in my lab
21:11:55 <nati_ueno> danwent: Them I can figure out what's going on the CI
21:12:06 <danwent> nati_ueno: is this the sudo issues?
21:12:24 <nati_ueno> danwent: It looks two issue. One is sudo. But other's are unknown
21:12:36 <nati_ueno> danwent: floating ip works but ping to local ip is not working
21:12:45 <danwent> nati_ueno: ok, please update the whiteboard for this issue, as its hard to track with so many different reviews :)
21:12:46 <nati_ueno> danwent: This is very confusing..
21:13:03 <nati_ueno> danwent: I got it.
21:13:21 <danwent> nati_ueno: second BP https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/quantum-security-groups-iptables
21:13:30 <danwent> amotoki sent me a note saying that we were close
21:13:42 <danwent> two concerns from yong, one on style, and one on documenting internal RPC?
21:13:45 <nati_ueno> danwent: I got review comment from Yong, and I'm working on that
21:14:09 <danwent> nati_ueno: ok.
21:14:36 <danwent> is ETA still this week?
21:14:36 <nati_ueno> danwent: I got +1 from Aaron, Gary, Akihiro, so I hope it will be merged in this week
21:14:36 <garyk> danwent: it is a huge patch and there is some very nice progress. just a few minor issues to resolve
21:14:49 <danwent> yup, seems like it, just wanted to confirm :)
21:14:55 <danwent> garyk: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/vif-plugging-improvements
21:15:02 <danwent> we already chatted about this via email
21:15:28 <garyk> danwent: yes, i have all of the patches in review hopefully it will not take forever...
21:15:43 <danwent> i'll be one reviewer on this, but we'll have to work on getting some nova reviewers as well, once we iron out internal concerns
21:15:57 <garyk> danwent: thanks! that will be great
21:16:10 <danwent> tr3buchet would be a good person to contact as a reviewer
21:16:20 <garyk> ok, will do
21:16:38 <danwent> enikanorov: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/lbaas-restapi-tenant
21:16:48 <tr3buchet> danwent: garyk: looking
21:16:52 <danwent> salv-orlando: i believe you sent an email to the ML to try to wrap up discussion on this?
21:17:11 <salv-orlando> yes. I think it's almost wrapped up. I asked some clarifications, and I had the
21:17:31 <garyk> tr3buchet: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:bp/vif-plugging-improvements,n,z
21:17:34 <salv-orlando> them. I think there was agree to change the reference in the pool from a network to a subnet
21:18:08 <salv-orlando> apart from that I am now happy to approve the change on the API, plus the other patch from Oleg for managing list attributes as collections
21:18:25 <danwent> ok.  this branch has been sitting in review for a while, and I think some of the new load-balancing folks are probably getting a bit frustrated, so it would be great to see this merge soon.
21:19:05 <salv-orlando> I love frustrating people :)
21:19:14 <danwent> :)
21:19:30 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/lbaas-plugin-api-crud
21:19:37 <danwent> is leon or sachin here?
21:19:53 <danwent> this patch has had lots of feedback, needs a developer refresh
21:19:58 <salv-orlando> I think Sachin is in the troposphere now
21:20:15 <danwent> salv-orlando: ok, then i can hold your responsible? :P
21:20:22 <salv-orlando> The patch is on the right track, but some work is still needed there
21:20:39 <danwent> salv-orlando: do you know if leon is working on redoing the patch?
21:20:39 <salv-orlando> It should be clear that this patch is for doing DB support for the API.
21:20:54 <salv-orlando> danwent: that's his commitment.
21:21:21 <danwent> #TODO danwent to bug leon about revising lbaas crud patch
21:21:31 <danwent> salv-orlando: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/quantum-service-type
21:21:36 <danwent> looks like a review got posted on this
21:21:38 <danwent> great
21:21:41 <salv-orlando> On the previous patch
21:21:52 <danwent> salv-orlando: go ahead
21:22:08 <salv-orlando> I just want to point out that things such as operational state management, dispatching calls to drivers, and device management are definitely out of scope
21:22:26 <danwent> salv-orlando: yes, this is just DB for API operations
21:22:27 <danwent> agreed
21:22:36 <salv-orlando> The scope of that blueprint IMHO is provide DB suppert for the tenant API. All the above mentioned thing should be in derived class which will be the actual plugin
21:22:44 <salv-orlando> Ok now to the service type definition
21:22:48 <danwent> namely, most of this DB code should be plugin-agnostic
21:22:54 <danwent> salv-orlando: yes
21:22:58 <markmcclain> danwent: have another thing on that patch.Leon needs to make sure the files are organized according to the etherpad
21:23:21 <danwent> markmcclain: ok, is that already filed as a comment on the review?
21:23:43 <markmcclain> yeah..  but seemed to be overlooked
21:24:00 <danwent> markmcclain: ok, i will point it out to him specifically
21:24:21 <danwent> salv-orlando: service-type patch
21:24:29 <salv-orlando> I published the specification (you can see it from the blueprint page). And also some code. The code is in draft at the moment. This is because unit tests started failing after a rebase, and I did not have time to address this issue (I'm not the only one working on internal project apparently :) )
21:24:56 <danwent> ok.  do we have two core reviewers already?
21:25:02 <danwent> i didn't see them on the review
21:25:06 <salv-orlando> I also want to add some APIs for the 'dummy plugin' in order to provide PoC code and unit tests showing how the service type gets wired to the API.
21:25:12 <garyk> danwent: i took a look and would be happy to chip in
21:25:15 <salv-orlando> Garyk gave some advice already
21:25:19 <danwent> ah, looks like garyk just reviewed
21:25:27 <danwent> or rather, last night :)
21:25:48 <salv-orlando> Probably for garyk it was today over lunch :)
21:25:52 <danwent> ok, will be second core, as I'd like to get up to speed on this as well.
21:26:02 <danwent> salv-orlando: yes, in his timezone :)
21:26:18 <salv-orlando> enikanorov and obondarev might be interested too, even if they're not core they're very relevant to this patch
21:26:57 <danwent> salv-orlando: yup, looks like obondarev already has… additional reviews are great, just wanted to make sure we also had at least two cres
21:26:58 <danwent> cores
21:27:06 <danwent> and finally: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/quantum-multihost  .
21:27:18 <danwent> I dropped the ball on this one, as I was suppoed to send a note to the ML
21:27:34 <danwent> #todo danwent send note to ML about multi-host
21:27:47 <danwent> one other topic I wanted to discuss was quantum + horizon work
21:28:10 <danwent> unfortunately, amotoki had to miss the meeting, so hopefully nati_ueno can answer all of my questions :)
21:28:26 <danwent> there are a host of issues filed for horizon + quantum work
21:28:29 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/improve-quantum-summary-table
21:28:30 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/quantum-floating-ip
21:28:31 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/quantum-l3-support
21:28:32 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/quantum-network-topology
21:28:33 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/quantum-security-group
21:28:34 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/quantum-vnic-ordering
21:28:53 <danwent> most are assigned to amotoki or nati_ueno
21:29:03 <danwent> but I don't see priorities, or that they are assigned to a milestone
21:29:21 <danwent> are these being discussed at a horizon meeting?  or should we track them here?
21:29:25 <nati_ueno> danwent: I'm going to work on that
21:29:34 <nati_ueno> danwent: in G2
21:29:42 <danwent> nati_ueno: all of them?
21:29:48 <nati_ueno> nati_ueno: an not all of then
21:30:06 <nati_ueno> l3 and network-topology one
21:30:30 <nati_ueno> I didn't attend horizon meeting yet, so I'm not sure about that
21:30:41 <nati_ueno> I'll ping Akihiro after this meeting about this
21:31:11 <danwent> nati_ueno: ok, can you work with Gabriel and akihiro to get them assigned to a milestone.
21:31:18 <nati_ueno> danwent: sure
21:31:27 <danwent> and if some are no longer looking realistic, let us know, so we can try and get more people involved.
21:32:04 <danwent> ok, another outside project issue that I wanted to bring up.
21:32:14 <danwent> mnewby: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/12485/  looks like you've been making progress here?
21:32:38 <mnewby> danwent: It's ready for review now
21:32:40 <danwent> is this now ready for open review again?
21:32:41 <danwent> great
21:32:54 <mnewby> danwent: the jenkins failure is not due to this change
21:33:19 <danwent> mnewby: ok, so is it the case that anyone with a devstack setup should be able to test out this tempest patch, or is there more infrastructure/setup required?
21:33:28 <mnewby> danwent: as mentioned, there is an associated devstack change that makes tempest configuration easy
21:33:37 <mnewby> danwent: sorry, as mentioned in the review log
21:33:47 <mnewby> danwent: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/17776/
21:33:49 <danwent> mnewby: ah, ok, great
21:34:01 <mnewby> danwent: not required, but makes configuration easier.
21:34:12 <danwent> ok, fantastic
21:34:25 <mnewby> danwent: i've split the testing into connectivity with tenant network and connectivity with assigned floating ip
21:34:39 <danwent> ok, any other g-2 items that people feel we need to discuss?
21:34:59 <danwent> garyk: i saw a couple patches from you related to eventlet changes, thanks for handling those
21:35:14 <garyk> :)
21:35:31 <danwent> #topic open discussion
21:35:51 <danwent> just wanted to again highlight a few items listed on the agenda page for anyone looking for items to work on: http://wiki.openstack.org/Network/Meetings
21:36:03 <garyk> danwent: i think on thursday there is a bug triage day
21:36:27 <danwent> garyk: ah, yes, should have had that in the announcements, i guess
21:36:50 <danwent> we've actually being doing a pretty good job (relatively speaking, at least) of keeping our bug-list managable, so hopefully it should be too bad.
21:36:56 <garyk> maybe if each person could take 1 bug...
21:37:17 <danwent> for those new to bug triage, see: http://wiki.openstack.org/BugTriage
21:37:54 <danwent> well, bug triage is technically about cleaning up the bug list, but if some bug fixing is mixed in, I won't complain :)
21:38:20 <danwent> maybe after bug triage we come up with a list of open and unassigned bugs, and send it to quantum-core for volunteers?
21:38:58 <danwent> actually, looking through the bug lists, we're in pretty good shape for triage, so it shouldn't take long at all.
21:39:39 <danwent> Ok, other topics for open discussion?
21:39:57 <danwent> akihiro sent out a an email about using underscores for commands with the CLI
21:40:28 <danwent> or rather, for command options
21:40:40 <salv-orlando> I think we kept the underscore for compatibility in folsom
21:40:58 <danwent> salv-orlando: but i think he's just talking about for new commands that are only being introduced in grizzly
21:41:19 <danwent> in that case, i do not see a need to continue to add underscore support.
21:41:33 <salv-orlando> cool. But IMHO we need to address the "update" operations too
21:41:38 <danwent> yong + markmcclain are our cli/client gurus though… so i'll let them chime in on the ML
21:41:49 <salv-orlando> they won't accept the dashes as every option is a value_spec to them.
21:42:08 <salv-orlando> For not being too technical options in update CLI commands are passed just as they are in the API.
21:42:10 <danwent> salv-orlando: yeah, i agree.  that is very confusing
21:42:30 <salv-orlando> danwent: It drives my crazy. And I use the CLI every day :)
21:42:46 <danwent> personally, i'd probably prefer a model that did not have the "direct pass through" at all
21:43:16 <markmcclain> +1
21:43:18 <danwent> it seems like one of those "shortcuts" that ends up being so confusing it is not really a "shortcut" at all :)
21:43:20 <garyk> +1 although it is very flexible
21:43:30 <salv-orlando> +8 rotated by 90 degrees
21:43:59 <danwent> ok, does someone want to (a) file something on this and (b) discuss it with yong? :P
21:44:19 <danwent> otherwise, i will :)
21:44:27 <markmcclain> I'll care of filing
21:44:32 <danwent> haha
21:44:59 <markmcclain> I'll chat with Yong too
21:45:45 <danwent> yeah, maybe just start an ML thread on it, as from the sound of it, others on the team would like to chime in.  just wanted to make sure yong is included in the discussion, given his role on the CLI team, and the fact that he wasn't here today
21:46:01 <danwent> ok, any other open discussion?
21:46:08 <salv-orlando> markmcclain: I recall from fading summit memories you wanted to take a shot at this
21:46:23 <markmcclain> salv-orlando:  you have a good memory :)
21:46:40 <danwent> i thought markmcclain was focusing on python api for client
21:46:42 <danwent> but perhaps both
21:46:58 <markmcclain> python lib first.. cli 2nd
21:47:03 <danwent> ok, any other open discussion?
21:47:15 <avishayb> Hi, I am new to Quantum. I am about to finish my first contribution (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/17450/) and looking for a task in the lbass domain. Is ti the right time / place?
21:47:26 <danwent> sounds like people are a bit busy wrapping up internal projects before the holidays :)
21:47:43 <danwent> hi avishayb. nice to meet you.
21:48:08 <danwent> the lbaas work is in a fair amount of flux, so i'm not aware of any good "first project" items in it as of now
21:48:20 <danwent> but i'll keep a look out.
21:48:29 <danwent> if others more involved in the lbaas stuff have ideas, let me know
21:48:58 <danwent> ok, if nothing else, thanks folks!
21:49:03 <avishayb> OK
21:49:03 <zyluo_> bye
21:49:06 <danwent> #endmeeting