17:02:50 <boris-42> #startmeeting Rally
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17:04:00 <boris-42> Alexei_987 ping
17:04:05 <Alexei_987> pong
17:04:08 <boris-42> harlowja ping
17:04:28 <boris-42> #topic profiling status
17:04:51 <boris-42> Alexei_987 could you share our document and ideas around current status and problems
17:04:57 <boris-42> dhellmann-afk ping
17:05:19 <Alexei_987> which one? :) https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tomograph-adjustments ??
17:05:37 <boris-42> Alexei_987 yep this one
17:06:15 <boris-42> boden ping
17:07:48 <boris-42> Alexei_987 so?
17:08:35 <Alexei_987> so today I was working on planning how we can use ceilometer as a data collector/storage for our profiling data
17:09:00 <boris-42> Alexei_987 did you find the way to use it?
17:09:22 <Alexei_987> well I'm still working on it but I already have a rough idea of how it should be done
17:09:41 <boris-42> Alexei_987 do we need to make some changes in ceilometer?
17:09:47 <Alexei_987> no :)
17:09:49 <boris-42> Alexei_987 or we could use it out of box
17:09:57 <Alexei_987> we'll use openstack/common/ notification system to send data via RPC
17:09:59 <boris-42> Alexei_987 oh it's nice
17:10:09 <boris-42> Alexei_987 to ceilometer?
17:10:13 <Alexei_987> yes
17:10:28 <Alexei_987> we'll send raw data to it
17:10:52 <Alexei_987> and our visualization system we'll fetch data from ceilometer and handle the rest (display correct hierarchy)
17:11:19 <boris-42> Alexei_987 are we are going to face a problem with to much data in ceilometer?
17:11:35 <Alexei_987> theoretically we may face it
17:11:44 <Alexei_987> but it's ceilmeter's job to handle it
17:11:54 <Alexei_987> since it's supposed to be HA data collector
17:12:04 <boris-42> jd__ ping
17:12:23 <Alexei_987> so if we actually face such problem we'll have to work on ceilometer to improve it's performance (which is ok for me)
17:12:29 <boris-42> Alexei_987 do you have some data about how much data we will send to ceilometer
17:12:44 <Alexei_987> no since we don't have any working prototype for now :)
17:12:51 <boris-42> Alexei_987 ouch=)
17:13:01 <Alexei_987> but I'm pretty sure that we won't have any problems with that for a long time
17:13:19 <Alexei_987> it already handles a lot of data so our load won't be too much for it
17:13:48 <boris-42> Alexei_987 okay
17:14:00 <boris-42> Alexei_987 so you are going to write new backend for tomograph?
17:14:13 <boris-42> Alexei_987 how much it will take time? 1-2 days?
17:14:20 <Alexei_987> well it won't be a backend for tomograph
17:14:31 <Alexei_987> it will be a new library + ceilometer backend
17:14:40 <boris-42> Alexei_987 get rid of tomograph?
17:14:44 <Alexei_987> since tomograph won't be compatible with new data structure
17:14:54 <Alexei_987> you can consider it as tomograph 2.0
17:15:27 <boris-42> Alexei_987 so we are going to drop all current beckends in tomograph?
17:15:38 <boris-42> Alexei_987 refactor it, and add our ceilometer?
17:15:41 <Alexei_987> yes since we won't use them anyway
17:15:52 <boris-42> harlowja ^
17:15:53 <Alexei_987> true, true
17:15:58 <boris-42> Alexei_987 okay
17:16:05 <boris-42> Alexei_987 I hope Tim won't be against
17:16:20 <boris-42> Alexei_987 so how much you are going to spend time to implement all this stuff
17:16:42 <boris-42> Alexei_987 ?
17:16:50 <Alexei_987> well I've underestimated it a little bit in the morning :)
17:17:06 <Alexei_987> but I guess I'll have the working profiler till the end of the week
17:17:21 <boris-42> Alexei_987 okay
17:17:27 <Alexei_987> so 2-3 days for new profiler + ceilometer backend
17:17:50 <boris-42> Okay let's then join other topics
17:17:51 <Alexei_987> have to do a lot of digging in ceilometer code
17:18:14 <boris-42> #topic rally benchmark egine changes
17:18:34 <Alexei_987> typo ^
17:18:41 <boris-42> i can't fix it=)
17:18:44 <boris-42> lol
17:18:59 <boris-42> There are 2 main areas here
17:19:11 <boris-42> boden could you share details about generic cleanup?
17:20:14 <boden> boris-42 yes... The actual impl is complete, and I'm currently working on the UTs for it. In summary the cleanup runs just prior to deleting the users/projects for the benchmark and will cleanup servers, images, networks, volumes,etc..
17:20:40 <boris-42> boden when you are going to finish work around UTs for this?
17:21:14 <boden> boris-42 in reality not until next week most likely... its a holiday here this week and today is my last day for the week
17:21:46 <boris-42> boden ok no problem, so we could expect some patches at next monday?
17:22:14 <boden> monday or tuesday most likely.. I may be some time over vacation to work on it, but not sure
17:22:28 <boris-42> boden btw could you just push your patch on review (without tests) just to review it?
17:23:00 <boden> boris-42 sure... I can do that before vacation --- need to run tox and clean that up 1st
17:23:09 <boris-42> boden thank you
17:23:44 <boris-42> Okay next guys is msdubov he is working on changing config of benchmark, so we will be able to run not only "continuously" task but also "periodicaly". Could you explain this change and our current status?
17:24:19 <msdubov> boris-42 Hi
17:25:04 <msdubov> boris-42 So currently Rally executes benchmarks for a given number of times according to the user settings in the benchmark config
17:25:19 <msdubov> Last week we have changed the format of the config, so it has become more flexible
17:25:27 <msdubov> and also more transparent to the end-user
17:25:45 <msdubov> Futher work is concentrated on 2 major features:
17:26:28 <msdubov> 1) Implementing benchmark running for a specified amount of time. E.g. we should be able to ask Rally to load the cloud with the benchmark scenario for booting-deleting servers for 10 minutes
17:27:03 <msdubov> 2) Implementing periodic benchmark run: this should enable the end-user to execute any benchmark scenario with given intervals
17:27:34 <msdubov> E.g. launch the boot-delete server scenario taking 1 minute pause after each run.
17:28:14 <msdubov> Finally we plan to implement running multiple benchmark scenarios in parallel so that we can consider one scenario as the main one, while the other scenario as "noise"
17:28:34 <msdubov> The mentioned changes are essential for implementing this stuff
17:29:07 <boris-42> msdubov okay so when you are going to finish all stuff around periodic running test? or is it already finish?
17:29:52 <msdubov> boris-42 So actually the patches for 1) and 2) seem to be ready and are pending for review
17:30:06 <msdubov> boris-42 as soon as they get merged I'll concentrate on parallel run
17:31:23 <boris-42> msdubov okay thnaks
17:31:40 <boris-42> #topic benchmark engines & server providers
17:32:43 <eyerediskin> benchmark engines?
17:33:00 <boris-42> #topic deployers & server providers
17:33:04 <boris-42> Sorry typo=)
17:33:23 <boris-42> eyerediskin could you share status of deployers & server providers?
17:34:12 <eyerediskin> there is 3 patches on review
17:34:54 <eyerediskin> and one more coming soon (image downloading for virsh provider)
17:35:41 <eyerediskin> boris-42: this one is done long time ago https://review.openstack.org/#/c/48811/
17:36:25 <boris-42> eyerediskin so I should review it?)
17:36:26 <eyerediskin> lxc engine and multihost provider: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/57240/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/56222/
17:36:45 <boris-42> eyerediskin did you test LXC providers?)
17:36:51 <boris-42> eyerediskin I mean in real life?
17:37:11 <eyerediskin> boris-42: all 3 was tested many times with different configs
17:37:35 <eyerediskin> and some bugs was fixed since first patchset =)
17:40:34 <boris-42> eyerediskin okay I will review them=) msdubov  Alexei_987  you should also review that patches ^
17:40:56 <Alexei_987> boris-42: I'm reviewing stuff when I have free time :)
17:41:20 <boris-42> Alexei_987 if I will be such reviewer, I won't made any review=)
17:41:37 <msdubov> boris-42 Okay will do that tomorrow
17:42:08 <boris-42> #topic split deploy & benchmark workflow
17:42:12 <Alexei_987> boris-42: ok :) I'll spend at least 2 hours each day for reviews :)
17:42:27 <boris-42> Alexei_987 it is too much I think 1hrs is enough=)
17:42:32 <Alexei_987> boris-42: multiply all my estimates by the pow of 3.14
17:42:37 <boris-42> lol
17:43:11 <boris-42> Okay we have critical arch bug, we were not able to use deployment system of Rally for benchamrking
17:44:04 <Alexei_987> huh?
17:44:13 <Alexei_987> why not?
17:44:28 <boris-42> because we should specify it task.conf information about image_uuid, and flavor_id that we are not able to get before we make deployment
17:44:45 <boris-42> and task.conf is specified before deployment process is started =)
17:44:55 <Alexei_987> hm.. :)
17:45:04 <Alexei_987> we should have this stuff predefined
17:45:25 <boris-42> Alexei_987 actually there is a lot of another issues
17:45:44 <boris-42> e.g. we were not able to deploy openstack and run multiple benchmarks agains it
17:46:01 <boris-42> So we chose the way to split deploy/benchamrk parts
17:46:07 <Alexei_987> (facepalm)
17:46:09 <boris-42> And now Rally it 2 click
17:46:11 <boris-42> is*
17:46:22 <Alexei_987> yeah but it means that we don't need deploy at all
17:46:31 <boris-42> Alexei_987 hm why?
17:46:32 <Alexei_987> we have tripleO + fuel + devstack
17:46:40 <Alexei_987> + any other manual deploy
17:46:49 <boris-42> Alexei_987 it is not manual at all
17:46:56 <boris-42> Alexei_987 it is in 1 click
17:47:05 <boris-42> Alexei_987 like before
17:47:18 <Alexei_987> no.. I mean that we can just agree that we are already have Openstack running
17:47:32 <Alexei_987> and delegate deploy part to something else
17:47:38 <boris-42> Alexei_987 nope
17:47:58 <boris-42> Alexei_987 try to deploy OpenStack with DevStack in LXC containers on Amazon VMs
17:48:15 <Alexei_987> why should I?
17:48:26 <Alexei_987> I mean rally's purpose is profiling not deploy
17:48:35 <boris-42> Alexei_987 ehmmmm
17:48:39 <boris-42> Alexei_987 no
17:48:42 <Alexei_987> no?
17:48:45 <boris-42> Alexei_987 no
17:48:48 <Alexei_987> ok
17:49:02 <boris-42> Alexei_987 it is the system that makes benchmark of openstack at scale simple
17:49:12 <Alexei_987> ok so profiling + benchmark
17:49:14 <Alexei_987> ?
17:49:15 <boris-42> no
17:49:34 <boris-42> deploy + benchmark + results processing + profling
17:49:44 <boris-42> and there are also now another use case
17:49:52 <boris-42> about generating real workloads
17:49:58 <Alexei_987> IMHO too many responsibilities
17:50:05 <boris-42> Nope
17:50:16 <Alexei_987> ok forget it
17:50:21 <Alexei_987> let's get back to the topic
17:50:28 <boris-42> If I am not able to get 1k servers deployment in one click in venv
17:51:08 <boris-42> I don't need other parts
17:51:20 <boris-42> I don't need benchmarks and profiling at all
17:51:45 <boris-42> because deploy process is to complicated even if you are using FUEL/TrippleO/Anvil/Devstack
17:51:59 <Alexei_987> boris-42: exactly
17:52:13 <boris-42> So our goal is not to reinvent and make new deployer for OpenStack
17:52:16 <Alexei_987> boris-42: and you want us (2-3 devs) to make something that is more powerfull
17:52:17 <boris-42> just to use existing
17:53:01 <boris-42> and simplify and unify work with them (so to get good deployment for deployers without any knowledge about how the hell I should deploy openstack)
17:53:14 <ogelbukh> boris-42 wants to be able to configure and ignite delployment tool from rally
17:53:32 <ogelbukh> any deployment tool, eventually
17:53:37 <ogelbukh> right?
17:53:44 <boris-42> ogelbukh yep
17:54:00 <boris-42> ogelbukh by specifying all configurations that could be specifed
17:54:06 <boris-42> ogelbukh so to make it simple to use
17:54:12 <ogelbukh> you need good configuration model then )
17:54:12 <boris-42> ogelbukh without any knowladge
17:54:27 <boris-42> ogelbukh I think that current stuff is pretty good
17:54:41 <boris-42> ogelbukh we just need to split deploy/benchamrk workflows
17:54:48 <ogelbukh> that's for sure
17:54:55 <boris-42> ogelbukh and I think that during this week we will finish work on that
17:55:12 <boris-42> ogelbukh there are just few patches that should be merged
17:55:24 <ogelbukh> looking forward to it
17:55:30 <boris-42> ogelbukh https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:stackforge/rally+branch:master+topic:bp/independent-deploy,n,z
17:55:36 <Alexei_987> boris-42: 5 minutes left :)
17:55:37 <ogelbukh> we'll need this stuff really soon )
17:56:16 <boris-42> #topic Okay last topic is make Rally as a Service
17:56:35 <boris-42> We should determine API that should provide Rally services
17:57:17 <boris-42> so we started this ether pad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rally-service-api
17:57:36 <ogelbukh> nice )
17:57:40 <boris-42> I will also make some email in mailing list about this=)
17:57:57 <boris-42> so everybody that would like to discuss this will be able to take a part
17:58:10 <boris-42> Service is actually very important
17:58:22 <boris-42> because it is base step to make WEB UI for Rally
17:58:32 <boris-42> that will be our next major goal
17:58:42 <boris-42> #topic free discussion
17:58:43 <ogelbukh> boris-42: and many other things, I dare to say )
17:58:48 <boris-42> =))
17:59:07 <boris-42> I think that there will be no free discussion today=)
17:59:14 <boris-42> because we don't have enough time=)
17:59:20 <ogelbukh> btw, found this tool for api design: apiary.io
17:59:30 <ogelbukh> looks neat
17:59:37 <boris-42> #endmeeting