17:08:40 <boris-42> #startmeeting Rally
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17:09:00 <boris-42> hughsaunders julienvey ping
17:09:18 <hughsaunders> \o boris-42
17:10:11 <miarmak> hi all
17:11:04 <boris-42> okay let's start probably other will be soon
17:11:22 <boris-42> today we will discuss as usually updates
17:11:30 <boris-42> 1. Changes in CLI
17:11:34 <boris-42> 2. Tempest stuff
17:11:47 <boris-42> 3. LXC engine / Multihost deploy stuff
17:12:12 <boris-42> 4. Benchmark scenario validators
17:12:38 <boris-42> 5. Benchmarking without admin users
17:12:50 <boris-42> 6. OpenDiscussion
17:12:58 <boris-42> #topic Changes in CLI
17:13:23 <boris-42> hughsaunders could you say updates in CLI?
17:13:33 <boris-42> about*
17:13:52 <hughsaunders> so main thing is that julienvey has done some brilliant work on persisting environment
17:14:08 <hughsaunders> which allows cli to set a default deployment and refer to that in future commands
17:14:29 <hughsaunders> this has been added to deployment create and other commands that require a deployment
17:14:51 <hughsaunders> Also added the option of creating a dummy deployment from environment variables
17:15:17 <hughsaunders> any others I've missed?
17:15:54 <boris-42> hughsaunders yep it's all that was merged
17:16:23 <boris-42> hughsaunders ahh no there is work from stannie
17:16:56 <boris-42> hughsaunders "rally deployment check"
17:17:06 <hughsaunders> ah yes, stannie added the deployment check command
17:17:19 <boris-42> that allows us to check that deployment work and returns all available services
17:17:28 <hughsaunders> apologies stannie!
17:17:39 <boris-42> as well he add pretty output if endpoints are wrong
17:18:05 <boris-42> So during this week we are going to rework plot CLI
17:18:18 <boris-42> and add some other types of plots + refactor existing
17:18:45 <boris-42> #topic Tempest stuff
17:19:02 <julienvey> hi, coming in a little late
17:19:05 <stannie> hi, sorry for the delay, was in another meeting :)
17:19:14 <boris-42> julienvey stannie  nice =)
17:19:23 <boris-42> glad to see you=)
17:20:34 <boris-42> So the idea of tempest is to have command that will validate cloud
17:20:44 <boris-42> so something like "rally validate start"
17:20:47 <boris-42> that will run tempest
17:20:58 <boris-42> against cloud that we are currently "use"
17:21:05 <boris-42> process results and store them
17:21:27 <boris-42> also as future improvements we would like to add some tasty commands
17:21:46 <boris-42> rally verify list (to show all uuid of validation results)
17:21:54 <boris-42> rally verify show (with detailed infromration)
17:21:54 <stannie> that will be a great addition
17:22:11 <boris-42> rally verify <some specific set>
17:22:40 <boris-42> so procreated sets of tests (for nova/glance/..., short tests/..) and so on
17:23:00 <boris-42> I think this will be very useful for community
17:23:23 <boris-42> so we faced some troubles ….
17:23:29 <boris-42> there is no pypy for tempest
17:23:34 <hughsaunders> :(
17:23:36 <boris-42> and we have to make "git clone"
17:23:39 <boris-42> sdague ^
17:24:05 <boris-42> So we are going to make some dirty code to handle this..
17:24:17 <boris-42> I think that we should make command like rally verify install
17:24:33 <boris-42> that will install tempest in some rally directory (e.g. rally/verify/tempest)
17:25:04 <boris-42> miarmak stannie julienvey hughsaunders thoughts ^
17:25:25 <boris-42> jaypipes ^
17:25:28 <miarmak> In this situation, I don't have another varients
17:25:35 <hughsaunders> boris-42: I was wondering if there is a good git python library, so we don't have to shell out
17:26:33 <jaypipes> hughsaunders: not really :(
17:26:44 <stannie> can't we build a bundle of tempest with pypy and use it directly ?
17:27:14 <jaypipes> hughsaunders: best approach is to write a tempfile with a shell script and execute a series of git commands by shelling out
17:27:36 <boris-42> jaypipes or just use shell from python ..
17:27:48 <hughsaunders> jaypipes: thats a shame, but I guess reasonably straightforward
17:28:05 <jaypipes> boris-42: right... that's what I described :)
17:28:16 <hughsaunders> I like stannie's idea, I wonder if infra would be up for adding a pypi-publish job for tempest, or if it is deliberately not published
17:28:18 <boris-42> okay so we will use some kind of Popen()?
17:28:32 <jaypipes> boris-42: only if more than a few commands, better performance from just shelling out once and running a script.
17:28:42 <miarmak> mb subprocess?
17:28:52 <jaypipes> boris-42: use openstack.common.processutils?
17:29:28 <jaypipes> hughsaunders: I think stannie was talking about pypy, not pypi :)
17:29:40 <stannie> nah pypi, was a mistake :)
17:29:47 <jaypipes> oh! :) sorry.
17:30:00 <boris-42> so okay guys at this moment we will make … git clone somehow
17:30:15 <miarmak> =)
17:30:16 <boris-42> then we will try to coordinate with openstack-qa guys
17:30:32 <boris-42> to make it cleaner
17:30:34 <jaypipes> boris-42: https://github.com/openstack/oslo-incubator/blob/master/openstack/common/processutils.py#L84
17:30:54 <boris-42> jaypipes ^ I know I know..=)
17:31:09 <boris-42> so next topic
17:31:20 <boris-42> #topic  LXC engine / Multihost deploy stuff
17:31:37 <boris-42> sooo seems like redixin is missing second meeting..
17:31:45 <boris-42> so I will have to make some updates
17:32:38 <boris-42> So for that who don't know what is it
17:32:54 <boris-42> It is actually the super fast way to get your cloud with deployers and servers that you have
17:33:00 <boris-42> Like I have 5 servers
17:33:09 <boris-42> and I would like to deploy on 1 controller
17:33:30 <boris-42> on other 2 I would like to create 100500 cinder nodes
17:33:41 <boris-42> and on other 2 I would like to create 100500 nova nodes
17:34:32 <boris-42> so using Multihost eninge we are able to describe 1 controller section and 2 nodes sections
17:35:02 <boris-42> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/57240/25/doc/samples/deployments/multihost.json
17:35:04 <boris-42> like here ^
17:35:25 <boris-42> for describing each controller we can use any of deployers in Rally (there will be at least 3 deployers)
17:35:37 <boris-42> dummy (returns existing endpoints) devstack and fuel
17:36:11 <boris-42> for nodes you are able to use actually only DevStack
17:36:19 <boris-42> (I am not sure that we will support fuel)
17:36:42 <boris-42> and you are able to use LXCEngine + DevStack engine to make rappid deployment using approach of copy pasting them
17:37:02 <boris-42> here is the sample https://review.openstack.org/#/c/56222/20/doc/samples/deployments/devstack-lxc-engine-in-dummy.json
17:37:23 <boris-42> so this allows us to get for 20 minutes really huge cloud
17:37:30 <jaypipes> boris-42: so controller/compute/whatever is deployed into an LXC container?
17:37:44 <boris-42> jaypipes it depend
17:37:52 <boris-42> jaypipes if you are using LXCEngine yes
17:38:08 * jaypipes has never been able to install OVS in an LXC container because of the shared kernel.
17:38:29 <jaypipes> curious to see how it was doe.
17:38:31 <boris-42> jaypipes yep with Neutron we can face some problems..
17:38:31 <jaypipes> done...
17:38:36 <jaypipes> ah... k.
17:39:06 <boris-42> jaypipes I hope we will find the way to resolve them with some kind of Neutron fake  OVS driver
17:39:41 <boris-42> jaypipes the goal of such deployment is to figure how works DB/AMQP/CodeInfrastracture/Scheduler at scale
17:39:50 <boris-42> not about networking/virtualization and so on
17:40:29 <boris-42> And with LXC controllers we are able to create really huge clouds in half on hour with tons of physical resources
17:40:35 <boris-42> containers*
17:41:17 <boris-42> so there was an issue that Rally have to work on controller server (that I didn't know)
17:41:26 <boris-42> so I didn't have success yesterday to run it
17:41:38 <boris-42> But Sergey fixed this issue and I will try one more time
17:41:48 <boris-42> If it work I will merge in upstream =)
17:42:08 <boris-42> And we will get weapon against bottlenecks in infrastructure=)
17:42:47 <boris-42> jaypipes hughsaunders julienvey stannie questions?
17:43:03 <jaypipes> none from me, thx boris-42
17:43:25 <hughsaunders> I have no experience with LXC, but should test that patch, sounds good for testing some things at scale
17:43:51 <boris-42> hughsaunders the goal of that stuff in Rally is to avoid learning LXC=)
17:44:02 <boris-42> hughsaunders just put right config and it will do all work for you=)
17:44:07 <hughsaunders> boris-42: I'll test
17:44:14 <boris-42> hughsaunders thanks=)
17:44:31 <stannie> no boris-42, except that would have been interesting to integrate docker for easier LXC manipulation and snapshots feature :)
17:44:49 <boris-42> stannie hmm but it is easy...
17:45:04 <boris-42> stannie I mean I don't see where it will be easier with docker..
17:45:21 <stannie> you snapshot your openstack infra at a given time, then launch some tests, re-deploy to another snapshot, compare the results
17:45:54 <boris-42> to another snapshot?
17:45:54 <stannie> but anyway as jaypipes said, we will still encounter a lot of issues with neutron, network ovs etc :/
17:46:13 <boris-42> I mean why not just deploy it from source?
17:46:48 <stannie> from source ?
17:46:52 <boris-42> like now
17:47:02 <boris-42> we are creating 1 lxc container
17:47:14 <boris-42> then ./stack.sh with correct locarl
17:47:17 <boris-42> localrc
17:47:30 <boris-42> then start N from snapshot
17:47:45 <stannie> ok
17:47:56 <stannie> didn't know we were able to do this yet :)
17:48:22 <boris-42> stannie this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/56222/
17:48:53 <stannie> ok didn't see the patch 20
17:49:07 <stannie> patch set* 20
17:49:15 <boris-42> there is no big difference..
17:49:51 <stannie> ok
17:49:52 <boris-42> stannie so pls test it as well=)
17:50:02 <boris-42> stannie and we will merge it finally=)
17:50:17 <boris-42> #topic 4. Benchmark scenario validators
17:50:21 <boris-42> olkonami hi
17:50:30 <boris-42> olkonami could you share your results?
17:50:35 <olkonami> hi
17:52:14 <olkonami> basic patch with validators adder was merged yesterday
17:52:56 <olkonami> and validator for image_id is on review now
17:52:58 <olkonami> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/68055/
17:53:54 <boris-42> so guys if you have some time take a look at these patches ^
17:54:14 <boris-42> 5. Benchmarking without admin users
17:54:20 <boris-42> #topic 5. Benchmarking without admin users
17:54:34 <boris-42> So Mike done already all required patches
17:54:56 <boris-42> the idea is to be able to run part of benchmarks against procreated users without admin role
17:55:09 <boris-42> so there are couple of changes in scenario runner
17:55:35 <boris-42> if there is no admin users we should create new temp users and then delete them
17:55:52 <boris-42> and as well we don't have ability to run part of benchmarks (like keystone benchmarks)
17:56:19 <boris-42> patches are here https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:stackforge/rally+branch:master+topic:bp/benchmarking-with-predefined-users,n,z
17:56:56 <boris-42> jaypipes hughsaunders julienvey stannie questions?
17:57:07 <jaypipes> nope
17:57:28 <stannie> nope
17:57:36 <boris-42> #topic atomic actions
17:57:44 <boris-42> stannie do you have any updates?
17:57:45 <hughsaunders> boris-42: not from me, ability to run partial scenario may be useful, so we can avoid creating sub scenarios (like authentication?)
17:58:38 <boris-42> hughsaunders authentifaction sutff is great
17:58:54 <boris-42> hughsaunders (but it should be in keystone benhcmarks)
17:59:03 <hughsaunders> yep
17:59:06 <boris-42> hughsaunders I think we will add some kind of decorator
17:59:16 <hughsaunders> julienvey is good at that :)
17:59:20 <boris-42> hughsaunders e.g. @admin_required for benchmarks that are only from amdins
17:59:27 <boris-42> hughsaunders lol =)
17:59:30 <julienvey> hughsaunders: ;)
17:59:38 <boris-42> stannie do you have any updates?)
17:59:41 <julienvey> hughsaunders: if my patch finally gets merged !
17:59:58 <boris-42> Okay guys nice meeting
18:00:06 <boris-42> now we should move out this chat
18:00:10 <boris-42> #endmeeting