17:01:06 <boris-42_> #startmeeting Rally
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17:02:59 <boris-42_> hughsaunders  ping
17:03:02 <boris-42_> msdubov ping
17:04:26 <hughsaunders> hey boris-42_
17:04:31 <msdubov> boris-42 hi
17:07:11 <miarmak> рш фдд
17:07:15 <boris-42_> miarmak hey=)
17:07:15 <miarmak> hi all*
17:07:21 <boris-42_> okay guys let's strat
17:07:23 <miarmak> boris-42_: hi:)
17:07:33 <boris-42_> 1) Verification stuff
17:07:38 <boris-42_> 2) Benchmark stuff
17:07:41 <boris-42_> 3) Deploy stuff
17:07:50 <boris-42_> #topic 1) Verification stuff
17:08:00 <boris-42_> miarmak I have a couple of questions
17:08:07 <miarmak> boris-42_: yep
17:08:26 <boris-42_> miarmak it actually is really hard to use
17:08:46 <miarmak> boris-42_: why?
17:08:58 <boris-42_> miarmak I mean probably we should move all tempest files to ~/.rally/tempest/*
17:09:14 <boris-42_> miarmak cause it requires "sudo" to use it or even to run
17:09:19 <hughsaunders> ~/.rally/deploy-id/tempest
17:09:25 <boris-42_> hughsaunders +1
17:09:43 <boris-42_> and rally install will make git clone
17:09:55 <hughsaunders> I was trying to figure out where tempest is installed, gets complicated with venvs
17:09:58 <boris-42_> and rally run will copy paste this local repo to /rally/deploy-id
17:10:05 <boris-42_> hughsaunders +1
17:10:14 <boris-42_> hughsaunders it doesn't work.. with venv..
17:10:15 <hughsaunders> added a debug statement just to show where config is as I wanted to check whats in it
17:10:31 <boris-42_> miarmak are you agree with these chagnes?
17:10:54 <miarmak> boris-42_: hm, in such case of course
17:11:54 <boris-42_> marcoemorais ping
17:12:00 <boris-42_> marcoemorais we have meeting=)
17:12:22 <boris-42_> miarmak ok let move this
17:12:34 <boris-42_> miarmak as I know you are not able to do this?
17:12:48 <boris-42_> miarmak so probably Olga could continue work around it
17:13:14 <miarmak> boris-42_: yeah(
17:13:30 <boris-42_> miarmak another area that I would like is to create by hand virtual env
17:13:33 <boris-42_> miarmak inside rally
17:14:05 <boris-42_> miarmak and then use tempest with testr that will allow us to get full results (without processing of run_tempest)
17:14:17 <boris-42_> miarmak so we will be able to parse them and store
17:15:03 <miarmak> boris-42_: aha, clear
17:15:11 <boris-42_> miarmak so okay=)
17:15:19 <boris-42_> #topic benchmark
17:15:37 <boris-42_> Okay I would just to discuss our future steps
17:15:39 <boris-42_> hughsaunders ^
17:16:03 <hughsaunders> erm
17:16:08 <hughsaunders> future of verification?
17:16:17 <boris-42_> <boris-42_>	 #topic benchmark
17:16:21 <hughsaunders> oh sorry :(
17:16:42 <msdubov> I think it makes sense to put here the link to https://docs.google.com/a/mirantis.com/document/d/1LYUAHkZQD8W7dtlj2I3PDA6x67TiD3AMnSWG6ljsups/edit#heading=h.ae5lk415py0q
17:16:52 <msdubov> as a guidance
17:16:52 <boris-42_> msdubov yep
17:17:02 <boris-42_> msdubov but we should start working around all these steps
17:17:17 <msdubov> I've started today with point 1
17:17:20 <marcoemorais> boris-42_: here now
17:17:23 <boris-42_> msdubov and point 2
17:17:27 <msdubov> ("Improving scenario input args validation")
17:17:34 <boris-42_> marcoemorais hey happy to see you=)
17:17:40 <msdubov> boris-42_ Yep they are to follow
17:17:50 <hughsaunders> I would like to work on stress execution, but won't be able to for a while
17:17:52 <msdubov> They are currently on review.openstack.org but WIP
17:17:53 <boris-42_> marcoemorais you're just in right moment=)
17:17:55 <msdubov> and will be rebased
17:18:12 <msdubov> hughsaunders I've actually started it some time ago
17:18:17 <hughsaunders> :)
17:18:21 <msdubov> even before we've made all this refactoring
17:18:22 <boris-42_> msdubov you started in wrong direction=)
17:18:30 <msdubov> So I'll probably continue the work in another direction
17:18:39 <msdubov> in the right one
17:18:41 <boris-42_> msdubov probably we could let hugh?)
17:19:03 <hughsaunders> boris-42_: no
17:19:04 <msdubov> boris-42_ Well, it depends on when hughsaunders can start it, I think
17:19:06 <boris-42_> msdubov there is a lot of other work that should be done before stress exectuion=)
17:19:13 <msdubov> boris-42_ agree
17:19:23 <boris-42_> somebody have to do it as well..
17:19:35 <boris-42_> hughsaunders serious?)
17:19:46 <hughsaunders> boris-42_: just time starved at the mo :(
17:20:39 <boris-42_> hughsaunders okay I think ww will see who will be able to do all parts
17:20:54 <boris-42_> msdubov hughsaunders but before doing it we should change input config
17:20:59 <hughsaunders> boris-42_: yeah
17:21:33 <boris-42_> hughsaunders so load_generator or run_configuration or run_config?
17:21:38 <boris-42_> msdubov marcoemorais ^
17:21:59 <msdubov> boris-42_ I personally like "load generator"
17:22:14 <msdubov> because it's logical for everybody not familiar with the inner structure of Rally
17:23:19 <marcoemorais> boris-42_: what is the difference btwn run_configuration and run_config?
17:23:34 <boris-42_> msdubov length=)
17:23:40 <hughsaunders> I would vote for run_config
17:23:40 <boris-42_> marcoemorais length *
17:24:15 <marcoemorais> run_config
17:24:57 <msdubov> boris-42_ what's your opinion?
17:25:48 <boris-42_> msdubov i don't know as form one side I like load_generator (cause it clear that inside will be configuration of it)
17:26:16 <boris-42_> msdubov from other side run_config is clean as well...
17:26:30 <boris-42_> amaretskiy hi
17:26:37 <amaretskiy> hello!
17:26:46 <boris-42_> amaretskiy https://docs.google.com/a/mirantis.com/document/d/1LYUAHkZQD8W7dtlj2I3PDA6x67TiD3AMnSWG6ljsups/edit# open this document at point 3.1
17:26:56 <boris-42_> amaretskiy we are voting for new config schema
17:27:11 <boris-42_> amaretskiy load_generator or run_config
17:27:18 <boris-42_> amaretskiy your oponion?
17:27:37 <amaretskiy> sorry, I'm novice to this, I have no idea at that time
17:27:52 <boris-42_> amaretskiy you are super useful for this task
17:27:59 <amaretskiy> I'm just a spectator for a while :)
17:28:00 <boris-42_> amaretskiy cause you don't know anything about Rally
17:28:28 <amaretskiy> ok, I will think about that for a minute...
17:28:30 <boris-42_> amaretskiy what is more clear for you, it specify load that will be generated
17:28:34 <msdubov> an argument for "load_generator" would be IMHO the fact that we are speaking about continuous/periodic LOADS on the cloud, not about continuous/periodic configurations
17:28:46 <msdubov> boris-42_ " it specify load that will be generated" lol
17:28:52 <msdubov> boris-42_ That's unfair :)
17:29:13 <hughsaunders> msdubov: but its also parameters for how the scenario will be run
17:30:01 <boris-42_> btw tenants and user_per_tenant as well specify run configuration
17:30:09 <boris-42_> probably it will be a bit misleading ?
17:30:37 <msdubov> boris-42_ Nope, they specify what happens inside the cloud, so it's ok I think...
17:30:57 <boris-42_> msdubov nope they specify actually run specifycation
17:31:08 <msdubov> boris-42_ I mean that scenarios are on the Rally side but users/tenants exist in the cloud
17:31:16 <boris-42_> hughsaunders so run_conifg should contains for 2 parts config of resources
17:31:21 <boris-42_> hughsaunders and config of load
17:31:28 <marcoemorais> how about something even more generic like test_config or benchmark_config ?
17:31:41 <boris-42_> marcoemorais as I said
17:31:59 <hughsaunders> scenario_args is benchmark configuration?
17:32:02 <boris-42_> marcoemorais part with "cloud_config" is as well part of benchmark config
17:32:24 <boris-42_> msdubov hughsaunders marcoemorais  what about load_config ?
17:32:58 <boris-42_> because actually it is configuration of load
17:33:01 <boris-42_> and nothing else
17:34:35 <hughsaunders> scenario_run_config?
17:34:48 <marcoemorais> boris-42_: usu. what is nice is when names in the configuration match names in the code (that is why scenario_args is nice), if we call this load_config, we should prolly rename the code to use word load
17:35:13 <boris-42_> marcoemorais now they are called scneario_runners
17:35:39 <marcoemorais> boris-42_: then runner_config?
17:36:12 <boris-42_> marcoemorais actually probably yes
17:36:21 <boris-42_> hughsaunders msdubov thoughts ?
17:36:35 <hughsaunders> I like runner_config
17:36:45 <boris-42_> cause it will be absolutely clear what means "type" field
17:36:54 <boris-42_> it's just runner type
17:37:09 <msdubov> boris-42_ Also perfectly ok
17:37:13 <hughsaunders> #agreed
17:37:13 <boris-42_> okay
17:37:14 <boris-42_> nice
17:37:27 <msdubov> marcoemorais Also true. In any case, the code should follow the API (= the config format), but never vice cersa
17:37:40 <boris-42_> what about cloud_config?
17:37:52 * boris-42_ Holy wars meeting
17:38:06 <hughsaunders> haha
17:38:27 <boris-42_> I think actually such things are very important
17:38:37 <boris-42_> cause it is thing that is used by end users..
17:38:43 <boris-42_> so it should be ideal
17:39:10 <boris-42_> so variants are next
17:39:16 <hughsaunders> boris-42_: so things specified in cloud_config are setup before the scenario is run? In this case creating users..
17:39:30 <boris-42_> hughsaunders yep but there will be much more
17:39:32 <boris-42_> hughsaunders in future
17:39:54 <hughsaunders> so in general it specifies resources to be created that will be used by the scenario?
17:40:00 <boris-42_> hughsaunders yep
17:40:08 <hughsaunders> so resource_config ?
17:40:42 <marcoemorais> hughsaunders: that sounds pretty good
17:40:44 <boris-42_> marcoemorais msdubov miarmak amaretskiy ^
17:41:02 <rediskin> upload images, configure access lists, configure network. imo better is cloud_config
17:41:10 <rediskin> it not only resources
17:41:15 <hughsaunders> hmm ok
17:42:03 <boris-42_> tzabal hi
17:42:13 <tzabal> hello
17:42:16 <boris-42_> tzabal we have holy wars meeting at the moment
17:42:21 <boris-42_> tzabal https://docs.google.com/a/mirantis.com/document/d/1LYUAHkZQD8W7dtlj2I3PDA6x67TiD3AMnSWG6ljsups/edit#
17:42:32 <boris-42_> tzabal point 3.1.
17:42:32 <hughsaunders> so it specifies any action that needs to be done to the cloud before rally is run. cloud_preparation?
17:42:38 <hughsaunders> cloud_prep?
17:42:53 <boris-42_> hughsaunders yep any actions not only creation of resources
17:42:53 <marcoemorais> hughsaunders: one thing abt the items in this section is that they are ephemeral (eg cleaned up at end of test)
17:43:08 <boris-42_> marcoemorais ?
17:43:19 <boris-42_> marcoemorais ah yes
17:43:30 <boris-42_> marcoemorais they should return cloud in state
17:43:37 <boris-42_> marcoemorais before benchmarking
17:43:41 <marcoemorais> boris-42_: they will all get cleaned up by ResourceCleaner
17:43:46 <boris-42_> marcoemorais yep
17:44:16 <marcoemorais> boris-42_: like setUp and tearDown in a unit test
17:44:26 <boris-42_> marcoemorais yep
17:44:27 <rediskin> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rally/+spec/pre-benchmark
17:44:31 <rediskin> 2013-11-26
17:44:49 <boris-42_> rediskin bad config=)
17:45:01 <boris-42_> rediskin but word "pre_benchmark"
17:45:18 <boris-42_> is interesting
17:45:19 <hughsaunders> benchmark_prep
17:45:24 <hughsaunders> scenario_prep?
17:45:30 <boris-42_> scenario_prep
17:45:34 <marcoemorais> hughsaunders: benchmark_setup?
17:45:47 <boris-42_> benchmark_setup +1
17:46:12 <hughsaunders> benchmark setup is similar to scenario_args, we need something that implies action before the benchmark is run
17:47:35 <boris-42_> so?)
17:48:07 <hughsaunders> so something with pre/prep/before/etc ?
17:49:01 <amaretskiy> what about bare words "setup", "benchmark", "cloud" ?
17:49:41 <hughsaunders> scenario, runner, prep?
17:50:10 <boris-42_> args
17:50:16 <boris-42_> args/runner/prep
17:50:17 <boris-42_> ?
17:50:37 <hughsaunders> I like that
17:51:30 <boris-42_> marcoemorais rediskin amaretskiy msdubov miarmak
17:51:36 <boris-42_> args/runner/prep
17:51:38 <boris-42_> ^
17:51:47 <boris-42_> without any complicated constructions
17:51:51 <amaretskiy> sounds good
17:52:07 <marcoemorais> I like prep
17:53:20 <boris-42_> marcoemorais ?
17:53:43 <marcoemorais> boris-42_: args/runner/prep without additional complications is good
17:53:44 <boris-42_> marcoemorais so we will use this set?
17:53:49 <boris-42_> okay nice
17:53:53 <boris-42_> renaming in doc
17:55:15 * boris-42_ nice
17:55:29 <boris-42_> it looks perfect and clear
17:55:46 <tzabal> agree, much better than the current format
17:55:55 <boris-42_> who will rename it?
17:56:11 <boris-42_> marcoemorais would you like to refactor it?
17:56:19 <marcoemorais> boris-42_: yes
17:56:29 <marcoemorais> boris-42_: is there a trello card for this yet?
17:56:30 <boris-42_> marcoemorais could you make task at trello?
17:56:33 <boris-42_> marcoemorais nope
17:56:46 <boris-42_> marcoemorais goal of this document is to collect all togehter
17:56:52 <harlowja> whats uppp
17:56:54 <harlowja> ha
17:56:54 <boris-42_> marcoemorais to simplify splitting job to trello tasks
17:56:57 <boris-42_> harlowja ha=)
17:57:07 <boris-42_> harlowja we are just speaking about refactoring configuration file
17:57:15 <harlowja> keep up the good work!
17:57:15 <harlowja> lol
17:57:28 <boris-42_> harlowja already disucssed
17:57:34 <boris-42_> marcoemorais will implement
17:57:35 <boris-42_> -=)
17:57:37 <harlowja> nice
17:57:39 <harlowja> +2
17:58:01 <harlowja> a question that i was having with marco, why have the json files at all? why not just let people program in say python
17:58:17 <boris-42_> harlowja there is a strong reason
17:58:26 <harlowja> whats that
17:58:47 <boris-42_> harlowja for 99% of people it is hard
17:59:02 <harlowja> :-/
17:59:02 <boris-42_> harlowja for 80% of people it is hard even to fill right this simple jso
17:59:03 <harlowja> thats sad
17:59:04 <boris-42_> json
17:59:08 <harlowja> double sad
17:59:12 <boris-42_> so =(
17:59:22 <boris-42_> they just would like to have 1 red button
17:59:29 <harlowja> hmmm
17:59:30 <boris-42_> "benchmark it"
17:59:33 <harlowja> ha
17:59:38 <boris-42_> that will do all work and make a report
17:59:47 <boris-42_> soo
18:00:01 <boris-42_> JSON simplify UI of rally a lot
18:00:21 <harlowja> exccept its json :(
18:00:25 <harlowja> and can't have comments in it :(
18:00:27 <harlowja> that sux
18:00:37 <boris-42_> harlowja so it should be super clean=)
18:00:40 <harlowja> lol
18:00:40 <hughsaunders> json allows users to tailor benchmarks to their needs without hacking on code
18:00:54 <boris-42_> hughsaunders yep
18:00:59 <hughsaunders> but could use yaml, wouldn't make much difference
18:01:16 <boris-42_> hughsaunders actually yes
18:01:18 <harlowja> hmmm, ok, i'm just not sure, to me hacking on json is the same level of difficulty as hacking on code
18:01:19 <stevemar> o/
18:01:20 <hughsaunders> could use support both, its the structure not the format that is important
18:01:21 <harlowja> but up to u guys
18:01:27 * ayoung slips into meeting room
18:01:29 <tzabal> for the users of "red button", we may create a web UI as a frontend to the configuration with the required fields, it could be more "user friendly"
18:01:36 <boris-42_> guys we need to end meeting
18:01:41 <hughsaunders> bye
18:01:43 <harlowja> lata
18:01:45 <boris-42_> let's go to Rally
18:01:50 <boris-42_> #endmeeting