17:07:18 <boris-42> #startmeeting rally
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17:07:36 <boris-42> hughsaunders marcoemorais ping
17:08:30 <hughsaunders> hey
17:09:05 <marcoemorais> boris-42: hey
17:10:18 <boris-42> marcoemorais hughsaunders  let's wait a bit of others=)
17:11:37 <hughsaunders> ok :-) i thought i'd missed meeting, but summertime has moved it an hour later :-)
17:14:06 <boris-42> hughsaunders hehe=)
17:14:14 <boris-42> eyerediskin ping
17:14:19 * mwagner_zzz in
17:15:24 <eyerediskin> boris-42: pong
17:17:22 <boris-42> mwagner_ marcoemorais could you share your emails
17:17:34 <boris-42> mwagner_ marcoemorais  I would like to share google doc
17:18:41 <marcoemorais> boris-42: mmorais@yahoo-inc.com
17:20:28 <boris-42> #topic Rally future road map
17:20:47 <boris-42> mwagner_ marcoemorais eyerediskin mwagner_zzz hughsaunders okay let's start
17:20:56 <boris-42> Today we have actually only one topic but it's quite a big
17:21:00 <boris-42> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cAgyueiQ__tZ_MG5oOxe4q49tyPQcm-Y1469lmeERq8/edit?usp=sharing
17:21:02 <boris-42> Rally future road map
17:21:54 <boris-42> So High level things that I would like to say are
17:22:29 <boris-42> 1) Better cover requirements in benchmarking of other projects (e.g. Marconi and MagnetoDB) that would like to generate 10k-100k requests per sec
17:22:40 <boris-42> ^ It will require a lot of work on Runners
17:23:36 <boris-42> 2) Better cover requirements of neutron where we need actually to buid specifc environment before benchmarking (benchmark-context)
17:24:19 <boris-42> 3) Better cover requirements of PaaS (murano, solum, sahara) where we actually are interested not only in measruing API stuff
17:24:24 <boris-42> but actually how it works at all
17:24:53 <boris-42> Start working on Operators stuff
17:25:14 <boris-42> HealthChecks, Better Verification, RestAPI, Better Reporst, Historical data and so on
17:25:26 <boris-42> Finish profiling=)
17:25:46 <boris-42> And Finially have gates that tests everything=)
17:26:16 <boris-42> so that's all=)
17:26:28 <marcoemorais> boris-42: done
17:26:35 <hughsaunders> haha
17:26:36 <harlowja> +2
17:26:44 <boris-42> PROFITT!
17:27:33 <mwagner_> boris-42, it would be to be able to quantify performance of thing like #2, in other words, measuring how long it takes to build out the neutron network
17:28:16 <boris-42> mwagner_ so actually pinguinRaider will try to start work on measuring time in context
17:28:31 <boris-42> mwagner_ during GSoC 2014 (it's part of his task)
17:28:59 <mwagner_> making stuff run fast in a guest is easy, getting the env setup in a performant manner is hard
17:29:47 <boris-42> mwagner_ yep yep
17:30:02 <boris-42> mwagner_ this will be a hard work on our context classes
17:30:16 <boris-42> mwagner_ like we done with "users" context to create users & tenants in parallle
17:30:25 <boris-42> mwagner_ but seems like it could be imporved more
17:31:25 <boris-42> mwagner_ harlowja hughsaunders marcoemorais so we shoud start working on that big document
17:31:40 <boris-42> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cAgyueiQ__tZ_MG5oOxe4q49tyPQcm-Y1469lmeERq8/edit?usp=sharing
17:32:20 <hughsaunders> boris-42 whats the plan for selectively applying context? add decorator for required contexts, then supply args in config?
17:32:30 <boris-42> harlowja yep
17:32:33 <boris-42> hughsaunders yep
17:32:44 <boris-42> hughsaunders actually it will be a bit more magic=)
17:33:01 <boris-42> hughsaunders e.g. if there is nothing in "context" config it will put {}
17:33:07 <boris-42> hughsaunders and try to validate {}
17:33:19 <boris-42> hughsaunders if it pass like in case of key pair & sec group
17:33:34 <boris-42> hughsaunders then you don't need to specify them in conf everytime
17:37:16 <boris-42> so does anybody want to discuss anything about RoadMap?)
17:37:22 <marcoemorais> boris-42: what abt the distributed runner? are we going to build on top of what python offers in multiprocess
17:37:39 <marcoemorais> boris-42: or are we going to use a task queue like celery or ...?
17:37:55 <boris-42> marcoemorais query
17:38:05 <boris-42> marcoemorais by distributed I mean a lot of agents
17:38:22 <boris-42> marcoemorais that can produce load from different host
17:38:41 <boris-42> marcoemorais cause it's really hard to produce enough big load from one node
17:39:09 <marcoemorais> boris-42: yes, exactly
17:39:28 <boris-42> marcoemorais so we should think how to make it possible with keeping simple way to specify load (e.g. we have now)
17:39:52 <boris-42> marcoemorais probably just using multiply current scenario runners from different host without any change=)
17:40:09 <boris-42> marcoemorais but there is a problem (with collecting big amount of data) and storing it
17:40:28 <boris-42> marcoemorais as well part with deploying runners
17:40:38 <boris-42> marcoemorais I think eyerediskin may help us with this part ^
17:40:43 <marcoemorais> boris-42: I was wondering whether the rally-as-service part would play a role here
17:41:03 <boris-42> marcoemorais rally-as-a-service is different thing=)
17:41:20 <marcoemorais> boris-42: if we have a rally service api, then we can use rpc interface to distribute the load generation
17:41:45 <boris-42> marcoemorais I don't think that it is a good idea
17:42:02 <boris-42> marcoemorais cause I would like to keep the almost same functionality via CLI and aaS
17:42:16 <boris-42> marcoemorais so we should make runners more separated from project
17:42:19 <marcoemorais> boris-42: another way is the task queue, but for that we need to have rally daemon or something on each client to consume the tasks
17:42:41 <boris-42> marcoemorais yep ^ that I like
17:43:01 <boris-42> marcoemorais we can reuse serverproviders
17:43:14 <boris-42> marcoemorais and instead of deploying openstack run rally agents
17:43:35 <boris-42> marcoemorais that have simple rpc/http api to accept context and produce some load
17:44:03 <harlowja> marcoemorais i wouldn't touch celery :-P
17:44:08 <harlowja> use taskflow ;)
17:44:23 <boris-42> harlowja yep seems like a good place for taskflow
17:45:05 <harlowja> def
17:45:35 <marcoemorais> boris-42 harlowja ok we will use taskflow
17:45:45 <boris-42> marcoemorais so are you interested in this topic?)
17:46:04 <boris-42> harlowja using tasfklow ^ better result collector & better result strong
17:46:04 <boris-42> storing*
17:46:04 <marcoemorais> boris-42: yes I would like to work on this, we can make use of it right away
17:46:06 <boris-42> marcoemorais ^
17:46:08 <harlowja> boris-42 another suggestion, rate-limting load creation
17:46:34 <harlowja> without some kind of rate-limiting its gonna be hard to control debugging, verifying...
17:46:35 <malini> & while you are still at task queues, remember marconi ;)
17:46:43 <harlowja> macaroni
17:46:44 <harlowja> lol
17:46:58 <boris-42> maraconi
17:47:06 <boris-42> oh
17:47:11 <boris-42> macaroni
17:47:20 <boris-42> marconi
17:47:25 <harlowja> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ea/Macaroni_closeup.jpg
17:47:42 <harlowja> marcoemorais(oni)
17:48:03 <boris-42> harlowja marcoroni?)
17:48:07 <harlowja> lol
17:48:34 <mwagner_> also synchronization would be key, ability to make all the agents fire at once
17:48:35 <marcoemorais> harlowja boris-42 following up on harlowja idea, what do you think about being able to express the load to put on the cloud in terms of RPS to keystone
17:49:06 <boris-42> marcoemorais +1
17:49:13 <boris-42> marcoemorais instead of period?)
17:49:19 <mwagner_> so some scheduling , at 13:00 start 50 agents doing X
17:49:19 <harlowja> marcoemorais hopefully not just to keystone right?
17:49:56 <harlowja> mwagner_ i think its more than just start 50 agents doing X, its about controlling how much traffic they produce also
17:49:57 <marcoemorais> harlowja: yes, not just keystone — I mistakenly refer to keystone as the uber api
17:50:02 <harlowja> k
17:50:09 <boris-42> marcoemorais hmm
17:50:16 <boris-42> marcoemorais why not just use current runners
17:50:22 <boris-42> marcoemorais and first request is init
17:50:28 <boris-42> marcoemorais to send context objects
17:50:33 <boris-42> marcoemorais second is multicast
17:50:38 <boris-42> marcoemorais fire!
17:50:43 <boris-42> marcoemorais burn openstack=)
17:51:00 <harlowja> when pushing the boundaries of the system it will be better to have some rate control though right :-P
17:51:01 <harlowja> less burn, lol
17:51:08 <mwagner_> harlowja, agreed on the amount of activity, but there are cases when you want them synchronized
17:51:23 <harlowja> mwagner_ ah, sure
17:51:35 <boris-42> mwagner_ I am not sure that we need so precise syncronization
17:51:45 <eyerediskin> meeting is going to end, but i have a question to all: what do you think about not using google docs, and using wiki instead?
17:51:50 <marcoemorais> mwagner_: if you require synchronization, why wouldn't you just code that as part of your scenario?
17:51:51 <boris-42> mwagner_ especially when we will run for few hours benchmark
17:52:41 <boris-42> mwagner_ it doesn't matter if some runner will start not exactly in the same second
17:52:54 <boris-42> mwagner_ or I am not right?)
17:52:59 <msdubov> eyerediskin, Wiki doesn't provide commenting facilities...
17:53:05 <msdubov> eyerediskin, That's of huge importance
17:53:19 <msdubov> eyerediskin, Why do you dislike gdocs?
17:53:25 <marcoemorais> mwagner_: in other words, if you want to test load of operation a1 and a2 in parallel, then you write a scenario which forks and synchronizes to call a1 and a2 in parallel?
17:53:39 <boris-42> eyerediskin I dislike that idea=0
17:53:49 <mwagner_> boris-42, depends on the tests, if there are times where you want to send X requests at the same time
17:54:27 <boris-42> mwagner_ so let's write in google doc
17:54:28 <mwagner_> marcoemorais, boris-42 also thinking of the ability to schedule, every Sat at 15:00 kick of this set of tests
17:54:33 <boris-42> mwagner_ idead and fantasies=)
17:54:39 <msdubov> marcoemorais, Btw I think we also shouldn't require too much complicated coding in scenarios
17:54:42 <boris-42> mwagner_ it's more operator stuff
17:54:50 <msdubov> marcoemorais, They should be as simple to write as possible
17:54:50 <boris-42> mwagner_ it shouldn't be inside benchmark engine
17:55:11 <boris-42> mwagner_ it should be on top of Rally
17:55:22 <boris-42> mwagner_ it's health performance check part
17:55:27 <mwagner_> boris-42, my fantasies should *not* be in a google doc ;)
17:55:33 <hughsaunders> haha
17:55:40 <boris-42> mwagner_ ^_^
17:55:45 <hughsaunders> every week = rally api client + cron ?
17:56:10 <boris-42> hughsaunders it will be inside Rally aaS
17:56:23 <boris-42> hughsaunders support of periodic task
17:56:58 <eyerediskin> btw https://review.openstack.org/84394
17:57:02 <boris-42> hughsaunders e.g. operator creates "task config" & specify when to run it
17:57:05 <eyerediskin> so we have rally-install job
17:57:18 <boris-42> eyerediskin ^ nice nice!
17:57:42 <boris-42> mwagner_ so okay write your ideas lol=)
17:57:47 <boris-42> marcoemorais as well
17:58:11 <boris-42> mwagner_ marcoemorais  so we will discuss how to cover everybody's usecases=)
17:58:20 <hughsaunders> eyerediskin: cool
17:58:46 <boris-42> okay guys future discussion in Rally chat room
17:58:52 <boris-42> =)
17:59:03 <boris-42> #endmeeting