17:07:06 <boris-42> #startmeeting rally
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17:07:46 <boris-42> marcoemorais Gamekiller77 jseutter ping
17:07:52 <jseutter> here
17:07:58 <Gamekiller77> here
17:08:28 <boris-42> penguinRaider hi there
17:08:31 <boris-42> msdubov ping
17:08:39 <penguinRaider> boris-42, hi :-)
17:10:20 <boris-42> #topic persistence context & pre created users
17:10:32 <boris-42> marcoemorais hi there
17:10:38 <marcoemorais> boris-42: hi, can you see this doc? https://docs.google.com/a/yahoo-inc.com/document/d/1R60Unka07zpiLyjNBM3xgNBGvKE6pJ8yp2BMVxaVyhQ/edit#
17:10:44 <boris-42> marcoemorais could you introduce everybody in this stuff
17:10:54 <boris-42> marcoemorais nope
17:10:59 <boris-42> marcoemorais make it public on the web
17:11:33 <marcoemorais> boris-42: let me copy it over to my google drive account — seems that my company settings require person-by-person access when outside the company
17:12:14 <Gamekiller77> yah will not let me log in at all
17:12:52 <marcoemorais> boris-42 Gamekiller77 jseutter: how abt this https://docs.google.com/document/d/16hp6K37C8_j7VQcUGq0oGJ_2dLV4Hlul_IyYpouE-tE/edit#
17:13:04 <boris-42> marcoemorais ^ this one works
17:13:10 <Gamekiller77> yup i can see it
17:13:19 <boris-42> marcoemorais so actually we will need some kind of blueprint or actually 2 blueprints
17:13:31 <boris-42> marcoemorais one for persistance-context and one for pre-created-users
17:14:20 <boris-42> marcoemorais for predefined users we already have https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rally/+spec/benchmark-context-predefined-users
17:14:21 <marcoemorais> boris-42: wouldn't pre-created users just be users passed in to 'context —create' to match the schema that rally expects for users?
17:14:31 <boris-42> marcoemorais but it should be rewritten
17:14:44 <boris-42> marcoemorais yep something like that
17:14:51 <boris-42> marcoemorais it will be super simple
17:14:56 <boris-42> marcoemorais after persistence stuff
17:15:24 <marcoemorais> boris-42 Gamekiller77 jseutter : I am abt 1/2 through doc, will add more
17:15:37 <Gamekiller77> that would be super helpful
17:15:45 <marcoemorais> boris-42 Gamekiller77 jseutter: would like to put all the comments in the doc, then just have the blueprint point to the doc? what do you thin?
17:16:00 <boris-42> marcoemorais works for me
17:16:06 <jseutter> I'm okay with that
17:16:10 <boris-42> marcoemorais or you can make just empty blueprint
17:16:16 <boris-42> marcoemorais with link to this file
17:16:32 <marcoemorais> boris-42: yep
17:16:34 <Gamekiller77> marcoemorais, that would work for me so i can keep reading up on what you guys change
17:17:52 <Gamekiller77> sorry if this derails the topic is there plans to support other DB systems like MySql for Rally ?
17:18:08 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 lol
17:18:13 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 it's already supported..
17:18:17 <Gamekiller77> crap
17:18:20 <Gamekiller77> need to read more
17:18:21 <Gamekiller77> sorry
17:18:48 <boris-42> marcoemorais ok doc looks fine just need more details
17:18:56 <penguinRaider> ]
17:19:36 <boris-42> #topic rally as a Service
17:20:03 <boris-42> Okay we already have a base for making service from rally only thing that we need is to implement Controllers
17:20:23 <boris-42> I am going to implement a first controller and make a list of all things that we need in API
17:20:28 <boris-42> (another one doc)
17:20:57 <boris-42> marcoemorais Gamekiller77 penguinRaider jseutter ^
17:21:30 <Gamekiller77> that sounds good
17:21:32 <boris-42> any questions?
17:22:25 <Gamekiller77> for the context stuff is there any plans or ideas for static entry possibly via putting them in the DB so you do not have to retype them for each run or a context config files just wondering the flow and thoughts on your side
17:22:47 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 did you read that DOC from Marco?)
17:22:55 <Gamekiller77> yah was not clear
17:23:03 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 that is the goal
17:23:10 <Gamekiller77> good good
17:23:13 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 of persistence context
17:23:19 <marcoemorais> Gamekiller77: you use the context subcommand to manage persistence context saved in the db
17:23:26 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 it is stored in DB so we can run different tasks against one context
17:23:28 <Gamekiller77> ooo ok now i see it
17:23:36 <Gamekiller77> perfect
17:23:39 <marcoemorais> Gamekiller77: when you do a *create* you get a uuid, and you use that uuid to pass to the task subcommand
17:23:43 <Gamekiller77> sorry but of a noob on this stuff
17:23:46 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 that allows us to have pre created users
17:23:55 <Gamekiller77> that rules
17:24:00 <Gamekiller77> i can work with that
17:24:04 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 cause there will be context, that just accepts set of users
17:24:16 <marcoemorais> Gamekiller77: we will actually accept 1 or more persistence context uuids
17:24:20 <Gamekiller77> yah see that is perfect
17:24:37 <marcoemorais> Gamekiller77: in case that you use separate persistence context to store your users and your images, etc..
17:24:39 <Gamekiller77> i am still learning
17:24:53 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 you should write some code=)
17:25:07 <Gamekiller77> hehe need to wipe off my coding fingers
17:25:39 <Gamekiller77> need to patch my eclipse
17:26:07 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 hehe=)
17:26:24 <boris-42> So persisntace-context will be supper cool stuff
17:26:25 <Gamekiller77> this is all written in python right
17:26:34 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 yep mostly
17:26:41 <Gamekiller77> never learned Python
17:26:48 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 time to do it=)
17:26:50 <Gamekiller77> mostly C++ for my robots
17:27:12 <Gamekiller77> need to learn it for my Rasp Pi
17:27:34 <Gamekiller77> but yes when this gets in place i so want to test it with my setup
17:27:42 <boris-42> Gamekiller77 =)
17:27:50 <boris-42> #topic results of summit
17:28:07 <boris-42> Epic win with osprofiler -> that will be merged everywhere
17:28:18 <boris-42> so we are going to have out of box working stuff
17:28:45 <boris-42> http://pavlovic.me/rally/profiler/ <- for not related people
17:28:50 <marcoemorais> boris-42: +1+1+1+1+1
17:28:54 <boris-42> I am going to finalize lib
17:29:02 <boris-42> and make one more time version 0.0.1
17:29:04 <boris-42> =)
17:29:39 <marcoemorais> boris-42: will Rally be the place to build utilities on top of profiler?
17:29:54 <boris-42> marcoemorais not sure
17:30:11 <marcoemorais> boris-42: in other words, things that summarize the output of profiler eg X counts to db, Y rpc calls, etc…
17:30:12 <boris-42> marcoemorais osprofiler or rally one of this=)
17:30:26 <boris-42> marcoemorais yep I am still thinking
17:30:33 <marcoemorais> boris-42: basically will be nice to have a cli for profiler
17:30:54 <boris-42> marcoemorais heh I think probably extending osprofiler lib is better idea
17:30:59 <boris-42> it's more open source
17:31:05 <boris-42> then putting in rally it
17:32:27 <boris-42> #topic Tempest & Rally future steps
17:32:46 <boris-42> 1. Okay we are going to move out of rally tempest.conf generation
17:33:05 <boris-42> 2. We are going to put more data to subunit stream (e.g. duration of setup and cleanup)
17:34:35 <boris-42> #topic free discussion
17:35:12 <boris-42> marcoemorais jseutter penguinRaider any questions?
17:35:38 <marcoemorais> boris-42: are you still receptive to the idea of reporting benchmark results at api call granularity?
17:35:58 <boris-42> marcoemorais ?
17:36:01 <marcoemorais> boris-42: in other words, monkey patching the openstack clients so that every call wraps atomic action timer
17:36:06 <boris-42> marcoemorais yep
17:36:10 <jseutter> boris-42: not really.  I'm kind of lost at the moment :)
17:36:20 <boris-42> marcoemorais it will be very useful
17:36:39 <penguinRaider> boris-42, I think I will be able to complete most of my GSOC work well before deadline except for the report generation is there anything else you would want me to work on?
17:36:59 <boris-42> penguinRaider we will find=)
17:37:18 <penguinRaider> boris-42, cool :-)
17:37:30 <boris-42> penguinRaider but you have a lot of work =)
17:38:10 <penguinRaider> boris-42, yeah I guess but more or less its related similar to each other
17:38:19 <boris-42> penguinRaider yep it is
17:39:20 <boris-42> penguinRaider so don't worry if you finish everything fast it will be just bette
17:39:37 <boris-42> cause we always have a lot of tasks=)
17:39:49 <penguinRaider> boris-42, yeah :-)
17:40:36 <boris-42> penguinRaider for example to fix autocomplete stuff in cli=)
17:41:10 <boris-42> ok I think we can end meeting=)
17:41:19 <boris-42> and go to rally chat back=)
17:41:27 <boris-42> #endmeeting