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17:00:24 <boris-42> #topic rally info command & docs
17:00:46 <hughsaunders> hey boris-42
17:01:07 <marcoemorais1> boris-42: have to miss today's meeting ;( be back in abt 45m-60m
17:02:11 <boris-42> msdubov could you share with your updates
17:03:39 <msdubov> boris-42 Hi
17:04:12 <msdubov> So first there is a new doc that describes main concepts used in Rally in more detail
17:04:19 <msdubov> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Rally/Concepts
17:04:29 <msdubov> I hope this will be of great use for new developers in Rally
17:04:42 <msdubov> It describes what are benchmark scenarios, contexts and scenario runners
17:04:53 <msdubov> How they function and how they can be extended
17:05:05 <msdubov> (The doc itself will be extended as well)
17:05:43 <msdubov> As for the "rally info" command...
17:05:48 <aswadrangnekar> Hi all
17:05:51 <msdubov> I've updated the corresponding doc: https://docs.google.com/a/mirantis.com/document/d/1m4HqrbWOfcvi-LKjehJZTeYX1p-TzXeUvfIHhyU9nOI/edit#heading=h.zh97w9nib534
17:06:34 <msdubov> One of new suggestions there (that I'd like to discuss) is in section 5, point 3
17:06:46 <msdubov> namely the  new ":sample:" clause in the docstrings
17:07:03 <msdubov> that would allow us to implement the --sample-config parameter in rally info
17:10:09 <eyerediskin> what about readthedocs? all docs about to be moved there?
17:10:25 <boris-42> eyerediskin I think we should still have wiki
17:10:40 <eyerediskin> wiki+readthedocs yes
17:10:50 <boris-42> eyerediskin but docs are terrible out of date
17:11:03 <boris-42> eyerediskin and not so readable, we will need to refactor them
17:11:57 <msdubov> eyerediskin, I'm going to format the "Concepts" doc in rst
17:12:09 <msdubov> So that it will replace the outdated docs in readthedocs
17:12:28 <eyerediskin> boris-42: ok. so we gonna have docs by url like "http://rally.rtfd.org/" instead of "http://docs.google.com/mirantis/blabla/blablabla/I(*F&(SFD*&)SD(F*&SD)(*&SD)(F*&SDF(*S&DF"
17:12:53 <msdubov> eyerediskin, I believe my wiki page fits the readthedocs format (especially when I split it into 3 parts)?
17:13:08 <msdubov> eyerediskin, I mean it has overall descriptions + code snippets
17:13:22 <msdubov> eyerediskin, And seems to be not very long to read
17:13:31 <boris-42> eyerediskin hmm
17:13:42 <boris-42> eyerediskin docs are used for discussion
17:13:53 <boris-42> eyerediskin not as a docs or tutorials
17:14:25 <hughsaunders> boris-42: same docs could be used for both?
17:14:36 <boris-42> hughsaunders for what?)
17:14:50 <hughsaunders> discussion and learning
17:15:02 <tnurlygayanov__> hi
17:15:24 <eyerediskin> discissions at docs.google, then copypasted to wiki, then manually translated into rst->readthedocs?
17:16:12 <hughsaunders> Oh I see, collaboration... yes makes sense to collaborate on goole docs then publish somewhere else
17:16:14 <boris-42> hughsaunders but I think that learning should be in docs and wiki
17:16:23 <msdubov> Guys sorry have to leave now
17:16:34 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ hi there
17:16:38 <boris-42> msdubov see u later
17:16:40 <hughsaunders> boris-42: yeah, I understand now, wasnt clear before
17:17:51 <eyerediskin> we can collaborate on review.openstack, commenting CR's in docs/source/ like any other CR's
17:18:10 <eyerediskin> boris-42 hughsaunders ^
17:18:36 <boris-42> eyerediskin yep probably we can
17:18:51 <boris-42> eyerediskin when it's related to the docs and not related to the new functionallity
17:18:53 <hughsaunders> eyerediskin: yeah another good option, like other projects are doing for specs
17:19:44 <boris-42> okay I think we can move to the next topic
17:19:59 <boris-42> #topic ceilometer benchmarks updates
17:20:13 <boris-42> aswadrangnekar could you share with your plans
17:20:33 <aswadrangnekar> hi
17:21:04 <aswadrangnekar> we are on the last queries patch, waiting for merge
17:21:47 <boris-42> aswadrangnekar do you have other plans for new benchmarks that are not yet on review?
17:21:54 <aswadrangnekar> apart from that there are few modification and tweks been submited (2 patches)
17:22:06 <aswadrangnekar> yes
17:22:31 <aswadrangnekar> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/93669/
17:22:47 <boris-42> aswadrangnekar but it's already on review=)
17:23:05 <aswadrangnekar> ok sorry i dint know that
17:23:25 <boris-42> aswadrangnekar I mean do you have plans to make new benchmarks (that are not published yet)
17:23:38 <boris-42> aswadrangnekar I am going to review that one soon
17:23:40 <aswadrangnekar> as of now no
17:24:21 <aswadrangnekar> we will be testing this scenarios on different databases for ceilometer and then might be we come up with more scenarios
17:24:38 <aswadrangnekar> but its going to take some time to test it
17:24:51 <boris-42> aswadrangnekar btw we are going to have special directory
17:24:56 <boris-42> aswadrangnekar called users stories
17:25:12 <boris-42> aswadrangnekar https://review.openstack.org/#/c/95144/
17:26:03 <aswadrangnekar> we can add it, but can conform in next meet
17:26:17 <boris-42> aswadrangnekar yep it will be nice
17:26:34 <boris-42> okay let's move to next topics
17:26:44 <boris-42> #topic gates
17:26:52 <boris-42> eyerediskin could you share updates about gates
17:29:46 <boris-42> eyerediskin are you here?
17:29:58 <eyerediskin> so we have several new jobs
17:30:07 <eyerediskin> rally-cli and rally-dsvm-neutron
17:30:24 <eyerediskin> * almost have
17:30:51 <eyerediskin> rally-cli https://review.openstack.org/#/c/85738/
17:31:18 <eyerediskin> it should work, but I cant check because og infra issues
17:31:43 <eyerediskin> and rally-dsvm-neutron https://review.openstack.org/#/c/97469/
17:31:53 <eyerediskin> will work after this merged ^^
17:31:57 <boris-42> eyerediskin could you explain for others what is rally-cli
17:32:34 <eyerediskin> rally-cli is tests written as usual unittests, but is is actually integrated tests
17:33:02 <boris-42> eyerediskin so we are going to test all our commands from cli in that stuff?
17:33:02 <eyerediskin> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/85738/2/tests_ci/test_cli.py
17:33:26 <eyerediskin> see last method "test_create_fromenv...
17:33:47 <eyerediskin> all other tests may be done like this
17:35:10 <eyerediskin> boris-42: thats all
17:35:25 <boris-42> eyerediskin and how about rtfm
17:35:28 <boris-42> eyerediskin job
17:36:08 <eyerediskin> oh
17:36:33 <eyerediskin> we should merge this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/95524/
17:37:02 <eyerediskin> and then we got auto build docs on readthedocs
17:37:04 <boris-42> eyerediskin how to check that it works properly?
17:37:41 <eyerediskin> I tested it on own repo https://github.com/redixin/rally
17:38:12 <eyerediskin> it should start build after patch is merged
17:38:20 <eyerediskin> (docs build)
17:38:39 <boris-42> eyerediskin okay so why did you not put +2 ?
17:39:02 <eyerediskin> boris-42: I can't +2 own patch ^_^
17:40:05 <boris-42> eyerediskin lol http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/A487dNkNVGA/maxresdefault.jpg
17:40:32 <tnurlygayanov__> btw, what about the review for Neutron Networks Context support https://review.openstack.org/#/c/96300 ?
17:40:47 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ gates are broken lol
17:40:57 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ and as well we need to finish work on neutron gate
17:41:06 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ to be able to test it in gates
17:41:13 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ seems like it will be quite soon ready
17:41:33 <tnurlygayanov__> ok... if I can help with it I'm ready to participate
17:43:00 <tnurlygayanov__> so, do we have bp or commits on review with fixed for neutron gates?
17:43:02 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ btw why did you write neutron specific context
17:43:25 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ why not using nova api for that stuff? so it will work in both cases?
17:43:44 <tnurlygayanov__> because I'm used Neutron in my environment
17:43:50 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ and?
17:44:04 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ via nova api it will work in any case
17:44:16 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ with neutron only when end user is using neutron
17:44:22 <tnurlygayanov__> boris-42 we can create routers/networks with Nova API?
17:44:39 <tnurlygayanov__> yes
17:45:06 <tnurlygayanov__> so, it is separate context, but it is easy to add/remove to the existing contexts in config
17:45:25 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ ?
17:45:33 <tnurlygayanov__> and if we use the Neutron, we can just add this context to the task
17:45:45 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ why not just having one context
17:45:52 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ that will create networks via nova api
17:46:02 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ that can be used in any case when we need it
17:46:49 <tnurlygayanov__> hm... I will investigate how we can do the same with Nova API
17:47:08 <boris-42> tnurlygayanov__ cause if it is possible to do via Nova API its more common apporach
17:47:14 <boris-42> and we should use it
17:47:52 <boris-42> #topic unification of names
17:48:03 <boris-42> hughsaunders ping could you share news about this stuff?
17:48:23 <tnurlygayanov__> boris-42, yes, but I'm not sure that it is possible to manage Neutron routers/networks via Nova API. I will check and update patch set.
17:49:56 <boris-42> hughsaunders here?
17:51:22 <boris-42> okay let's cover other topic
17:51:51 <boris-42> #topic complex types as args in sceanrios
17:52:02 <boris-42> So today we merged quite big patch
17:52:14 <boris-42> That adds support of type of args
17:52:32 <boris-42> so we are able to specify not only image_id: uuid
17:52:58 <boris-42> but something like image: {uuid: xxx} or image: {name: xxx} or image: {regex: regxxx}
17:53:05 <boris-42> as well for flavors
17:53:06 <eyerediskin> is there samples in doc/samples?
17:53:29 <hughsaunders> hey, unifiying names is wip, I hope yo get it done soon
17:53:46 <boris-42> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86116/ eyerediskin  this is patch
17:54:09 <boris-42> eyerediskin here is the sample https://github.com/stackforge/rally/blob/master/doc/samples/tasks/nova/boot-and-delete.json#L3-L11
17:54:43 <boris-42> so I think it is nice improvment
17:54:58 <boris-42> #topic Next stuff to do
17:55:10 <boris-42> Okay there are couple of things that we are working now
17:55:17 <boris-42> 1) support of pre created users context
17:55:32 <boris-42> 2) support of success conditions in tasks
17:55:37 <boris-42> 3) persisntace context
17:55:43 <boris-42> 4) unification of naming stuff
17:56:05 <boris-42> When we finish all this stuff we will bring rally to the next level=)
17:56:12 <hughsaunders> :)
17:56:35 <boris-42> as well I have thoughts about how to add support of running different methods
17:56:40 <boris-42> at the same time
17:57:05 <boris-42> I think I will write some documents
17:57:08 <boris-42> about it
17:57:16 <boris-42> #topic free discussion
17:57:22 <boris-42> if somebody has any questions
17:57:25 <boris-42> it's right time
17:59:48 <boris-42> okay we should end meeting=)
17:59:52 <boris-42> #endmeeting