16:59:27 <boris-42> #startmeeting rally
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16:59:32 <boris-42> msdubov ping
16:59:42 <coolsvap> hello
16:59:46 <boris-42> coolsvap Hi there
16:59:49 <boris-42> hughsaunders ping
16:59:50 <k4n0> o/
16:59:53 <msdubov> boris-42 Hi!
17:02:32 <boris-42> kun_huang rediskin  klindgren_ glad to see u
17:02:46 <boris-42> #topic rally docs
17:02:54 <kun_huang> boris-42 :)
17:02:57 <boris-42> msdubov share with others what is the current state of it
17:03:37 <msdubov> boris-42 So I'm currently transcribing the docs to the .rst format, to push it to readthedocs
17:04:02 <msdubov> I'll publish a corresponding patch today or tomorrow
17:04:33 <msdubov> Further work is to extend the docs with new texts
17:04:46 <msdubov> And also restructure the docstrings in code
17:04:55 <msdubov> So that we can easily implement the "rally info" command
17:05:00 <msdubov> Basically that's the plan
17:05:24 <msdubov> Hope somebody will help me with that ;)
17:06:41 <kun_huang> boris-42 msdubov I'm glad to do that; actually I need join you back
17:07:44 <boris-42> kun_huang yep we are missing you imho
17:08:16 <boris-42> #topic rally info
17:08:29 <boris-42> As there is a lot of new members
17:08:38 <boris-42> could you explain idea of it msdubov ?
17:08:46 <boris-42> and share with others that document
17:08:56 <msdubov> boris-42 Yep, sure, wait a bit
17:09:26 <msdubov> So first the idea:
17:09:56 <msdubov> The 'rally info' command should serve as a helping system built-in in the CLI
17:10:36 <msdubov> For example you can write "rally info contexts" and get the overall description of what the contexts in Rally are for
17:10:54 <msdubov> Or "rally info NovaServers.boot_server" => Info about that specific benchmark scenario
17:11:15 <msdubov> And that info should be retrieved automatically from the docstrings (at least the most of it)
17:11:25 <msdubov> Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/a/mirantis.com/document/d/1m4HqrbWOfcvi-LKjehJZTeYX1p-TzXeUvfIHhyU9nOI/edit#heading=h.zh97w9nib534
17:11:48 <msdubov> The doc contains an overview of what the "rally info" will look like
17:11:52 <hughsaunders> hey
17:11:53 <boris-42> klindgren_ k4n0 coolsvap ^ anybody interested ?
17:11:57 <msdubov> And also in p.5, there is a work plan
17:12:04 <boris-42> hughsaunders hey hey=)
17:12:49 <coolsvap> boris-42: I am already working on one of the CLI, I can have work with msdubov
17:12:58 <coolsvap> reading the doc
17:13:01 <boris-42> coolsvap yep that will be great
17:13:48 <kun_huang> msdubov good cmd; are there some first commits?
17:14:58 <msdubov> kun_huang, No commits for the "rally info" command but there is currently some work on improving the docstrings (e.g. that patch with rst docs mentioned above)
17:17:02 <coolsvap> msdubov: okay
17:18:58 <boris-42> #topic Functional testing
17:19:09 <boris-42> rediskin pls provide in verbose mode what you are doing
17:19:46 <rediskin> here is blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rally/+spec/tests-integrated
17:20:06 <rediskin> one helper function and one test is done :)
17:20:20 <rediskin> https://review.openstack.org/85738
17:20:55 * boris-42 ^ that was super verbose mode of rediskin lol=)
17:20:57 <rediskin> as you can see in work items, next step is command's output format
17:22:20 <rediskin> test results you can see in jenkins's comment for every patch (curreenlty last line)
17:22:53 <boris-42> Okay lemme add some info for non related to this stuff
17:23:00 <rediskin> http://logs.openstack.org/55/89555/11/check/check-rally-cli/bb84bd4/console.html
17:23:08 <boris-42> 1) There is special job that is run against every patch in rally
17:23:11 <boris-42> You already saw it
17:23:44 <boris-42> it's called check-rally-cli
17:23:59 <boris-42> if you click on it you'll get ^ that one from rediskin link result
17:24:18 <boris-42> rediskin made a special mini framework for that
17:24:35 * boris-42 rediskin and it's located here https://github.com/stackforge/rally/blob/master/tests_ci/test_cli.py
17:24:51 <boris-42> That job actually run devstack that install openstack & rally
17:24:57 <boris-42> and then run all these tests
17:25:03 <boris-42> from DeploymentTestCase
17:25:09 <boris-42> and other
17:25:23 <boris-42> what we need now is to test all CLI commands that we have and check that they works
17:25:30 <boris-42> But we have some small issue
17:25:40 <boris-42> They draw "tables" and it's hard to parse them
17:25:59 <boris-42> so rediskin said that probably we should add to all commands JSON format as well
17:26:07 <boris-42> and then we can test all
17:26:09 <hughsaunders> +1
17:26:32 <rediskin> rally deployment list --output json
17:26:33 <boris-42> + it's nice feature (if somebody is going to integrate somewhere rally)
17:26:53 <boris-42> rediskin or --out_format ison
17:27:12 <boris-42> or --rest json lol
17:27:18 <hughsaunders> what do thethe rporjects use for this? as i think they have started supporting alternative output formats
17:27:38 <boris-42> hughsaunders not sure they they support alternative outputs
17:27:39 <hughsaunders> oh, dear terrible touch screen typing!
17:28:18 <rediskin> openstack.common.cliutils used in rally
17:28:39 <rediskin> there is no support for other formats, only prettytable
17:28:43 <boris-42> hughsaunders actually it's implementation related
17:29:56 <boris-42> hughsaunders so I think that we should just implement it
17:30:12 <hughsaunders> in common?
17:30:16 <rediskin> maybe we can make own print_list function and contribute it to upstream
17:31:24 <hughsaunders> I must have been confused, cant find an option for alternative formatting in other openstack projects
17:31:44 <hughsaunders> but however its implemented, great idea
17:32:00 <boris-42> hughsaunders sometimes commands prints as well hints
17:32:05 <boris-42> hughsaunders and other formatting stuff
17:32:25 <boris-42> hughsaunders so it's not just about printing tables back in JSON
17:32:31 <boris-42> hughsaunders it's just a different output at all
17:32:35 <boris-42> rediskin ^
17:33:47 <hughsaunders> boris-42: so how would a user split the hints from the json output?
17:33:52 <rediskin> some unix command have oprtion for "batch-mode"
17:33:58 <hughsaunders> or would hints be surpressed when json is output?
17:34:11 <boris-42> hughsaunders read my messages
17:34:28 <hughsaunders> boris-42: so you
17:34:28 <boris-42> [21:32:01] <boris-42>	 hughsaunders sometimes commands prints as well hints
17:34:28 <boris-42> [21:32:06] <boris-42>	 hughsaunders and other formatting stuff
17:34:29 <rediskin> e.g top:  -b  :Batch-mode operation
17:34:29 <rediskin> Starts top in 'Batch' mode, which could be useful for sending output from top to other programs or to a file...
17:34:30 <boris-42> [21:32:14] 	 balajiiyer (~Adium@ left the channel.
17:34:32 <boris-42> [21:32:25] <boris-42>	 hughsaunders so it's not just about printing tables back in JSON
17:34:34 <boris-42> [21:32:32] <boris-42>	 hughsaunders it's just a different output at all
17:34:41 <boris-42> hughsaunders rediskin  nope guys
17:34:50 <boris-42> hughsaunders rediskin it's just different output at all
17:35:10 <hughsaunders> boris-42: so no hints/comments when json is output?
17:35:11 <boris-42> hughsaunders rediskin rally detailed for example will print just list
17:35:22 <hughsaunders> that makes sense as then it will be easy to parse
17:35:28 <boris-42> hughsaunders in this list every element is aggregated data
17:35:53 <boris-42> {"atomic_table": {}, "scenario_output": xxx, ….}
17:38:35 <hughsaunders> ahh, so multiple tables may be encoded into a single json output
17:38:43 <boris-42> hughsaunders nope
17:38:48 <boris-42> hughsaunders let's avoid mess
17:39:07 <boris-42> hughsaunders Pretty user oriented output is one task
17:39:23 <boris-42> hughsaunders ugly formal json output is another
17:39:41 <boris-42> hughsaunders one should be easy for humans another for machines
17:40:21 <hughsaunders> ok
17:43:12 <boris-42> hughsaunders cause otherwise we will get something that is hard to use for both humans & machines
17:43:17 <boris-42> hughsaunders + mess in code=)
17:43:23 <boris-42> hughsaunders with non trivial logic=)
17:46:41 <boris-42> #topic free discussion
17:46:59 <boris-42> hughsaunders msdubov marcoemorais rediskin k4n0 kun_huang coolsvap amaretskiy anything to discuss?
17:47:08 <rockyg> o/
17:47:17 <boris-42> rockyg hi there
17:47:29 <boris-42> rockyg wanna discuss rally?)
17:47:57 <rockyg> Hi!  refstack is having a f2f in SF tomorrow.  I was hoping we could get a rally person in the mix.  Maybe demo rally?
17:48:11 <amaretskiy> nothing specific to discuss from me, I'm going to discuss my patches with boris-42
17:48:17 <kun_huang> boris-42 nope, I'm reading functional testing discuss
17:48:46 <boris-42> SF?)
17:48:48 <boris-42> rockyg ^
17:48:52 <rockyg> I think you guys have the UI donw and maybe your UI could have differnt endpoints?  Rally, test server, refstack?
17:49:00 <rockyg> San Feancisco.
17:49:16 <boris-42> rockyg oh unfortunately I am now in Moscow...
17:49:18 <rockyg> ^Francisco
17:49:29 <boris-42> rockyg and we don't have anybody in US that is related to rally =(
17:49:34 <rockyg> Anyone out in SF bay area?
17:49:41 <boris-42> rockyg =(
17:49:43 <rockyg> Dang.
17:49:46 <boris-42> rockyg I was there
17:49:52 <boris-42> rockyg recently (about 3 weeks ago)
17:50:03 <rockyg> Maybe we could do an irc or joinme for a bit?
17:50:04 <boris-42> rockyg maybe Hangout call?
17:50:32 <boris-42> rockyg I think google hangout is good enough for such things
17:50:35 <coolsvap> i think hangout is an option
17:50:46 <rockyg> Yeah, that would work.  I'm not sure on times, though because our f2f is 1300-1800 UTC-07
17:50:51 <coolsvap> i m waiting on it
17:51:12 <rockyg> Cool coolsvap
17:51:32 <boris-42> rockyg so I can wake up in 4:30 a.m.
17:51:45 <hughsaunders> boris-42: dedication!
17:51:47 <rockyg> I really want to get some synergy going here and it seems rally UI is likely pretty solid and most advanced of all out there.
17:52:19 <boris-42> rockyg pls could you provide your email
17:52:21 <rockyg> What is that utc, boris-42?
17:52:26 <boris-42> hughsaunders +4
17:52:34 <boris-42> rockyg utc +4
17:53:01 <boris-42> rockyg so if we make it in 5 a.m. it will be about 6 p.m. in SF
17:53:03 <rockyg> my email is rockyg@gmail.com  and rochelle.grober@huawei.com, but gmail is better for tomorrow.
17:53:12 <boris-42> rockyg works for you?
17:53:24 <boris-42> hughsaunders wanna some late meeting?)
17:53:46 <boris-42> coolsvap are you going to take a part in this stuff?
17:53:59 <coolsvap> boris-42: yes
17:54:04 <boris-42> coolsvap email then
17:54:06 <rockyg> I'll get others on board for it.  I think a late running meeting is fine.  Might get a little pushback, but I can be pushy back;-)
17:54:18 <coolsvap> coolsvap@gmail.com
17:54:24 <hughsaunders> boris-42: i may be able to join also
17:54:57 <boris-42> hughsaunders sorry for such a crazy time
17:55:08 <boris-42> hughsaunders I just changed my schedule tied to work till late=)
17:55:14 <rockyg> that would be cool.  a refstack/Rally mini summit
17:55:59 <boris-42> rockyg yep
17:56:04 <kun_huang> rockyg boris-42 what's the accurate time of that refstack meeting?
17:56:14 <boris-42> hughsaunders rockyg kun_huang  we need to make some party in Moscow
17:56:22 <hughsaunders> boris-42: no promises but add me to the hangout and i'll join if i can
17:56:22 <boris-42> coolsvap ^
17:56:40 <hughsaunders> boris-42: if mirantis is paying ;-)
17:56:51 <boris-42> hughsaunders hehe=)
17:56:53 <rockyg> party in Moscow!  Maybe after Paris?
17:57:00 <boris-42> rockyg maybe before?
17:57:17 <rockyg> Gotta get my passport in order!
17:57:29 <boris-42> rockyg need to talk with Mirantis=)
17:57:35 <boris-42> rockyg about party lol
17:57:42 <kun_huang> boris-42 rockyg both okay for me. I haven't gone to Europe
17:57:46 <coolsvap> rockyg: add me for hangout
17:57:48 <rockyg> <chucckle>
17:58:18 <boris-42> kun_huang wanna as well hangout ?
17:58:21 <rockyg> OK.  Anyone who wants in, post email here so I can refer back to minutes.
17:58:25 <boris-42> rockyg coolsvap  everybody get invites?
17:58:39 <kun_huang> rockyg okay
17:58:47 <hughsaunders> rockyg: hugh@wherenow.org
17:58:49 <boris-42> rockyg I already made invite
17:58:52 <boris-42> lol
17:59:01 <hughsaunders> boris-42: just got it..
17:59:21 <rockyg> Kewl!  add davidlenwell and zehicle if you can.
17:59:29 <boris-42> rockyg go to rally chat
17:59:33 <boris-42> rockyg openstack-rally
17:59:42 <boris-42> so glad to see you guys all
17:59:44 <rockyg> going now.
17:59:45 <boris-42> #endmeeting