17:03:15 <boris-42> #startmeeting rally
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17:03:24 <boris-42> coolsvap hi
17:03:30 <boris-42> rediskin hi
17:03:33 <coolsvap> hello
17:03:33 <boris-42> olkonami hi
17:03:41 <olkonami> hi
17:05:34 <boris-42> so let's start=)
17:05:45 <boris-42> #topic OSprofiler Integration
17:06:09 <boris-42> 1) So HMAC keys shouldn't be used, we should use PKI approach
17:06:20 <boris-42> This will be covered by DuncanT-
17:06:29 <boris-42> k4n0 hi
17:06:35 <k4n0> boris-42, Hi, sorry for being late
17:07:03 <DuncanT-> Hopefully I'll have a patch tomorrow
17:07:18 <boris-42> 2) we should be able to support list of secret keys (that allows us to do rolling upgrade of services, with downtime)
17:07:22 <boris-42> DuncanT- thanks
17:07:37 <boris-42> that will be covered by me (I am going to make it today/tomorrow)
17:07:59 <boris-42> Patch that allows Ceilometer to collect profiling data from Keystone is almost merged
17:08:14 <boris-42> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/103420/
17:08:29 <boris-42> So after this KPI stuff will be changed
17:08:43 <boris-42> I will update one more time patches in Glance / Kyestone / Cinder
17:09:13 <boris-42> so I hope they will be merged in Juno
17:09:21 <oanufriev> hi. sorry
17:09:25 <boris-42> oanufriev hi there
17:09:38 <boris-42> So let's move to next topic
17:09:44 <boris-42> if no questions?
17:10:13 <boris-42> #topic refactoring periodic runner (new name RPS)
17:10:21 <boris-42> oanufriev could you share details about your work
17:10:24 <boris-42> oanufriev to others
17:10:53 <oanufriev> whell. there is the patch on review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/102363/
17:11:07 <boris-42> oanufriev does it work?)
17:11:38 <oanufriev> yes. i have results on 20000 times 100 rps dummy runner
17:12:28 <oanufriev> without swapping and lugs
17:12:33 <boris-42> oanufriev what is the name of task?
17:12:36 <boris-42> http://logs.openstack.org/63/102363/14/check/check-rally-dsvm-rally/603de6c/rally-plot/results.html.gz
17:12:38 <boris-42> oanufriev ^
17:13:02 <boris-42> oh I found it=)
17:13:14 <boris-42> oanufriev hmmm
17:13:27 <boris-42> oanufriev why there is one or couple of iterstation that works for 20 seconds??
17:15:05 <boris-42> oanufriev still here?)
17:15:58 <boris-42> okay moving to next topic
17:16:07 <boris-42> we will discuss this in rally chat
17:16:20 <boris-42> #topic Functional testing
17:17:01 <boris-42> check-rally-dsvm-cli now works
17:17:08 <boris-42> http://logs.openstack.org/99/102899/22/check/check-rally-dsvm-cli/acc5502/
17:17:18 <boris-42> and you can take a look at results.html.gz
17:17:22 <boris-42> http://logs.openstack.org/99/102899/22/check/check-rally-dsvm-cli/acc5502/results.html.gz
17:17:28 <boris-42> that show that everything passed
17:17:29 <boris-42> woot
17:17:30 <boris-42> =)
17:17:35 <k4n0> nice :)
17:18:20 <boris-42> k4n0 so when you finish your work on --josn
17:18:28 <boris-42> k4n0 we will be able to test whole CLI
17:18:35 <boris-42> k4n0 in gates on every patch
17:18:40 <k4n0> boris-42, yes, will be done early morning tomorrow
17:18:44 <k4n0> boris-42, or even tonite
17:18:54 <boris-42> #topic unit tests
17:19:01 <oanufriev> sorry again
17:19:04 <boris-42> coolsvap could you share that?)
17:19:13 <boris-42> coolsvap e.g. what is the progress and so on
17:19:20 <coolsvap> boris-42, sure
17:20:01 <coolsvap> I have been working on it for some days now, got 8 patches of which 6 are merged
17:20:15 <coolsvap> the coverage has increased by 1-2% in that
17:21:05 <coolsvap> also reviewing patches and would recommend everyone to add unit tests in the patch itself
17:22:40 <coolsvap> boris-42, thats all from my side
17:23:03 <boris-42> coolsvap ok great and nice work
17:23:17 <boris-42> coolsvap btw you can review not only unit tests of patches
17:23:29 <boris-42> coolsvap but whole patch, that will help a lot core team
17:23:45 <boris-42> #topic Incubation Request
17:23:58 <boris-42> Okay guys I think it's time to put Incubation Request
17:24:17 <boris-42> so during these days I am going to fill all documents that are required by this
17:24:30 <boris-42> And as well we should have official PTL
17:24:36 <boris-42> so we should make PTL election
17:24:50 <boris-42> so don't miss email in mailing list
17:24:52 <boris-42> =)
17:24:57 <k4n0> boris-42, do we need elections :)
17:24:58 <boris-42> k4n0 coolsvap harlowja marcoemorais ^
17:25:07 <boris-42> k4n0 yep we need=)
17:25:12 <harlowja> hmmm
17:25:18 <boris-42> there is no formal PTL in rally lol=)
17:25:31 <harlowja> dear leader boris-42
17:25:52 <harlowja> *not to be confused with deal leader kim-jong-il
17:25:53 <boris-42> harlowja lol
17:25:54 <k4n0> harlowja, "dear leader" haha
17:26:28 <k4n0> boris-42, are we missing anything critical for incubations?
17:26:43 <boris-42> k4n0 I don't think so
17:26:52 <boris-42> k4n0 we have community , a lot of cores
17:27:08 <boris-42> k4n0 we have functional gates and as well not so bad coverage by unit test =)
17:27:21 <harlowja> is dear leader boris-42 sick?
17:27:21 <k4n0> boris-42, sounds good
17:27:30 <boris-42> harlowja lol=)
17:27:50 <boris-42> k4n0 so I'll fill incubation template and we will see if something is missing=)
17:27:57 <k4n0> boris-42, sure
17:28:32 <coolsvap> boris-42, :)
17:28:54 <boris-42> #topic free discussion
17:29:10 <boris-42> so guys do you have any topics that you wanna speak about
17:29:11 <boris-42> ?)
17:29:35 <oanufriev> my firefox dies on http://logs.openstack.org/63/102363/14/check/check-rally-dsvm-rally/603de6c/rally-plot/results.html.gz
17:29:54 <oanufriev> when i try to check Dummy.dummy #1
17:30:06 <harlowja> boris-42 likes to kill browsers
17:30:15 <boris-42> harlowja serial morder =)
17:30:23 <harlowja> def
17:30:35 <boris-42> oanufriev heh open it in chrome
17:30:42 <boris-42> oanufriev at that scale it works only in chrome
17:30:48 <boris-42> oanufriev or just open text results
17:31:04 <oanufriev> <boris-42> oanufriev why there is one or couple of iterstation that works for 20 seconds?? 20 seconds == 20000ms. and we have 20000 iterations.... may be some misstake presents&
17:31:07 <oanufriev> ?
17:31:11 <boris-42> oanufriev http://logs.openstack.org/63/102363/14/check/check-rally-dsvm-rally/603de6c/rally-plot/results.json.gz
17:31:23 <boris-42> oanufriev nope
17:31:35 <boris-42> oanufriev if you take a look at graph you'll see
17:33:03 <boris-42> oanufriev oh sorry
17:33:05 <boris-42> oanufriev my bad
17:33:15 <boris-42> oanufriev it's 0.1 sec
17:33:20 <boris-42> oanufriev instead of 0.01
17:34:05 <boris-42> Btw guys I forgot to say
17:34:21 <boris-42> #topic Scalability of Rally
17:34:30 <boris-42> There are couple of changes related to scalability of rally
17:34:35 <boris-42> one of them is already merged
17:35:00 <k4n0> boris-42, the workers patch?
17:35:03 <boris-42> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/104518/
17:35:16 <boris-42> ^ nope this one that allows async to deal with results
17:35:33 <boris-42> next one will be about chunking data (and storing separated chunks)
17:35:50 <boris-42> e.g. chunk shouldn't have more then 100k iterations
17:35:59 <boris-42> or some configurable option
17:36:23 <boris-42> and there is patch
17:36:24 <boris-42> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106031/
17:36:28 <boris-42> on review ^
17:36:36 <boris-42> that reduces amount of points on graphs
17:36:51 <boris-42> that allows us to avoid killing everybody browsers=)
17:36:55 <boris-42> if there is too many points=)
17:37:20 <boris-42> any questions about scalability?
17:38:22 <boris-42> #topic free discussion
17:38:29 <boris-42> Okay guys anything that you would like to discuss ?
17:38:36 <k4n0> boris-42, nothing from my side
17:38:43 <boris-42> coolsvap harlowja k4n0 oanufriev olkonami ?
17:38:45 <boris-42> rediskin ?
17:38:50 <harlowja> ummm
17:38:58 <harlowja> boris-42 when can that music thing be ready?
17:39:07 * harlowja needs to listen to ma tunes
17:39:12 <harlowja> openstack tunes
17:39:14 <boris-42> harlowja for http://boris-42.github.io/profiler/ ?)
17:39:16 <harlowja> ya
17:39:31 <boris-42> harlowja I need to find some lib for playing music lol)
17:39:50 <boris-42> http://kolber.github.io/audiojs/
17:39:56 <boris-42> ^ seems like ready=)
17:40:06 <coolsvap> nothing from my side
17:40:18 <harlowja> boris-42 niceee
17:40:26 <harlowja> boris-42 so u need to integrate that into osprofiler
17:40:26 <harlowja> lol
17:40:38 <boris-42> harlowja yep we can have for example 100 tons
17:40:41 <boris-42> tones*
17:40:57 <harlowja> ya, make 10000ms things use the slow tone, and such
17:41:04 <boris-42> yep yep
17:41:09 <harlowja> boris-42 for those that are visually impaired that will help them
17:41:12 <harlowja> useability !!
17:41:13 <harlowja> lol
17:41:16 <boris-42> =)
17:41:33 <harlowja> don't be discrimatatory
17:41:37 <harlowja> ha
17:41:45 <harlowja> *discriminatory
17:42:07 <boris-42> okay I want go and do something=)
17:42:12 <boris-42> so let's finish this meeting
17:42:21 <boris-42> if somebody has any questions ping in rally
17:42:24 <boris-42> #endmeeting