17:00:48 <andreykurilin1> #startmeeting Rally
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17:01:04 <coolsvap> hello
17:01:09 <andreykurilin1> hi
17:01:18 <oanufriev> hi
17:01:22 <andreykurilin1> hi!
17:01:55 <andreykurilin1> let's wait a little bit
17:03:09 <marcoemorais> here
17:03:11 <andreykurilin1> ok, let's start
17:03:19 <andreykurilin1> hi all! Boris(boris-42) is on vacation, so I'll lead this meeting today. Topics for discussion: news; updates and so on.
17:03:42 <andreykurilin1> #topic rally news
17:03:50 <andreykurilin1> #topic news
17:04:06 <andreykurilin1> yesterday, Boris sent email to openstack-dev mailing-list with proposition to incubate Rally. I hope you will participate actively in this discussion:)
17:04:19 <andreykurilin1> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-July/040813.html
17:04:59 <k4n0> Hi all  o/
17:05:02 <andreykurilin1> hi
17:05:22 <andreykurilin1> k4n0, news = http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-July/040813.html
17:05:40 <andreykurilin1> I think this is excellent news, so let us believe that community will agree with incubation of Rally.What are your thoughts about this news? :)
17:05:42 <Gamekiller77> I will for sure
17:05:58 <k4n0> awesome !
17:06:02 <Gamekiller77> I will put as much of Cisco weight as i can
17:06:20 <Gamekiller77> i reach out to my contact internal to Cisco about this so we get it on the map
17:06:28 <rook> Nice!
17:06:32 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77: cool!
17:06:42 <andreykurilin1> RainbowBastion: news = http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-July/040813.html
17:06:50 <k4n0> I think Rally + Tools should be the defacto for benchmarking and understanding openstack from inside and outside
17:06:53 <Gamekiller77> yah Rainbow is with me
17:06:55 <RainbowBastion> I'm working with Gamekiller77
17:07:29 <Gamekiller77> andreykurilin1, one thing we need clarity is the context info for user data the boris did
17:07:46 <Gamekiller77> per Cisco we have a Read only LDAP and need to be able to use static users
17:07:55 <Gamekiller77> if this work we are going full bore with Rally testing
17:08:22 <RainbowBastion> Specifically, what format the file he's reading from is in and how it's set up.
17:10:26 <Gamekiller77> we reach out to Boris directly but this info is great
17:10:36 <Gamekiller77> i think Rally should be the core test and validation system
17:10:56 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77: agreed
17:11:47 <andreykurilin1> Since Rally 'on the threshold' to be incubated, imo, our main task is to make Rally more stable, so I propose to focus on test coverage and quality of tests. Any suggestions?
17:12:37 <andreykurilin1> last week Sergey(rediskin) found that one of the Rally component (`rally verify`) was broken.
17:12:39 <k4n0> +1 on that, we need stricter coverage requirements on new patchs
17:13:08 <rook> andreykurilin1 +1 - broader test coverage would be nice.
17:13:21 <andreykurilin1> We don't know how long it was broken(several fixes already merged). I was one of reviewers at last patch, that changed `rally verify` and I checked only the quality of the code and don&rsquo;t checked how it works. This is wrong way of reviewing patches.:)
17:13:31 <coolsvap> andreykurilin1, agreed, the unit test coverage is already in progress and we should start with functionality coverage sooner than later
17:13:31 <coolsvap> k4n0, yup agreed
17:13:59 <andreykurilin1> coolsvap: +1
17:14:06 <k4n0> #action Stricter unit test requirements on patches
17:14:15 <andreykurilin1> Based on this situation, all of us (core-team and contributors of Rally) should be more attentive to quality and efficiency of patches.
17:14:29 <k4n0> Agreed
17:14:39 <Gamekiller77> that my and RainbowBastion main focus
17:14:54 <Gamekiller77> we ran a test last week and it failed and did not clean up
17:15:06 <Gamekiller77> per the LDAP problem i stated
17:15:32 <coolsvap> andreykurilin1, yup, start with functionality testing would help for command line failures due to patches
17:16:26 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77, do you have any bugs about it?
17:16:57 <Gamekiller77> i do not have a bug but i have RainbowBastion file one
17:17:11 <Gamekiller77> i figured it should go clean up and projects it created but it did not
17:17:27 <k4n0> Gamekiller77, Please file as many bugs as you want, We will triage them as well.
17:17:29 <Gamekiller77> RainbowBastion, put that on your list for today todo list ok
17:17:37 <RainbowBastion> Will do
17:17:56 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77, cleanup is a pain. we should fix it
17:18:00 <Gamekiller77> yah no we are about to start some large scale testing as soon as we get this ldap work around from boris figured out
17:18:24 <Gamekiller77> we see the code fix but we not sure how to format the data for ldap static users
17:18:56 <Gamekiller77> beside that yes we test the hell out of it as RainbowBastion main job this summer as our intern for my department
17:19:27 <k4n0> Gamekiller77, great news, can you also start triaging new bugs reported in Rally?
17:19:48 <Gamekiller77> that is key
17:20:13 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77, sorry, I do not know nothing about data for ldap. let's wait boris
17:20:28 <Gamekiller77> just for simplifylisity can you post the link to the bug system
17:20:49 <Gamekiller77> andreykurilin1, it is context really how to provide static context for users
17:20:58 <Gamekiller77> this way rally not trying to create users when it tests
17:21:01 <k4n0> Gamekiller77, https://bugs.launchpad.net/rally
17:21:14 <Gamekiller77> RainbowBastion, make sure to get that link
17:21:22 <RainbowBastion> Already have it written down
17:21:43 <Gamekiller77> cool let run that test again and get as much info and open a case ok
17:21:50 <Gamekiller77> sorry bug
17:23:13 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77, RainbowBastion: it would be great. If you will report bugs, we could work on them together
17:24:34 <Gamekiller77> RainbowBastion, is here to help make this work for Cisco so yah we work on what we can.  I have limited time as i am on fast track to get Icehouse up soon and my PXe system for RHEL7 still down
17:24:57 <andreykurilin1> cool
17:25:42 <andreykurilin1> Let's change the topic to "updates". no objections?
17:26:00 <Gamekiller77> not here
17:26:04 <andreykurilin1> #topic updates
17:26:38 <andreykurilin1> Rally began to accumulate old patches. Does anyone have updates about old patches? Also interested in status of newest patches:)
17:27:36 <andreykurilin1> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:stackforge/rally,n,002e762f000193d1
17:28:11 <coolsvap> andreykurilin1, I am & k4n0 working on unit test coverage, have submitted a few patches and will continue working on the same
17:28:54 <andreykurilin1> coolsvap, ok, thanks. anyone else?
17:28:56 <coolsvap> also I have a blueprint for add create cli command which is WIP
17:29:17 <k4n0> andreykurilin1, I am working on getting more detailed timing data for context creation and teardown along with oanufriev
17:29:42 <andreykurilin1> coolsvap, could you share link to bp?
17:29:46 <k4n0> andreykurilin1, will submit patch by end of thursday
17:29:54 <k4n0> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rally/+spec/collect-runtime-duration
17:30:12 <rook> i submitted a fix for a issue I found yesterday... regarding networks
17:31:34 <andreykurilin1> k4n0, thanks
17:31:44 <oanufriev> and i have few patches.... ['Fix side menu depth', 'Whole scenario time measurement', 'Updated rally gate scenarios', 'Periodic runner refactoring']
17:32:41 <coolsvap> andreykurilin1, just a min
17:33:02 <andreykurilin1> rook: great!
17:33:28 <coolsvap> andreykurilin1, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack/?searchtext=add-rally-create-cli-command
17:34:00 <andreykurilin1> oanufriev:  thanks for updates
17:34:46 <andreykurilin1> coolsvap, thanks
17:35:24 <andreykurilin1> Does someone has other topics for discussion?
17:35:36 <k4n0> Nothing from my side today
17:36:17 <rook> so i am new to Rally, but not benchmarking.
17:36:41 <rook> I am curious the direction of the scenarios - and the best way to extend a scenario to do more than just single service level benchmarking
17:37:24 <rook> I was talking with yingjun about this
17:37:54 <andreykurilin1> rook, and what he said?:)
17:38:15 <rook> 11:44:24 yingjun: rook not now, there is a patch about this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/103306/
17:38:32 <rook> however, is a mixed scenario something that Rally should be doing
17:38:48 <rook> or is it more of a component level benchmark ?
17:39:53 <andreykurilin1> rook, i have no answer for you right now, sorry
17:40:44 <rook> okay
17:40:46 <andreykurilin1> rook, i'll try to discover this question soon and answer to it in #openstack-rally
17:40:47 <rook> One last question ;)
17:41:14 <andreykurilin1> what is the question?
17:42:05 <rook> So, the current scenarios are focused on the messaging/db layer of OpenStack - is there any work to have scenarios where a workload is introduced into the guest, such as netperf between two guests
17:42:19 <rook> and maybe they already exist and I haven't seen them
17:43:29 <andreykurilin1> rook, as far as I remember, Rally hasn't such scenarios yet
17:43:43 <rook> Okay... double bummer today
17:44:25 <andreykurilin1> rook, can you create a blueprint for it?
17:44:34 <Gamekiller77> rook i am going to need to do this
17:44:40 <rook> Gamekiller77 me too
17:44:47 <Gamekiller77> too so maybe we should work together
17:44:47 <rook> andreykurilin1 sure
17:45:04 <Gamekiller77> RainbowBastion, let work with rook to figure some items out
17:45:23 <Gamekiller77> rook i looking at l2 to l2 and l2 to l3 work load
17:45:42 <andreykurilin1> rook, Gamekiller77: it would be great!
17:45:46 <Gamekiller77> as i use blades some is back plain and some is not
17:45:47 <rook> Gamekiller77 yup - have scripts now that do this, but I wanted a upstream tool for this.
17:46:21 <Gamekiller77> it could be done with rally with a ssh engine or something ok cool let talk later
17:47:07 <andreykurilin1> any other questions/topic for discussion?
17:47:23 <Gamekiller77> yes i have one more
17:47:41 <Gamekiller77> something that is lacking a test to figure IO load on the storage your using
17:47:50 <Gamekiller77> i have yet to see a metric marker for grabbing that data
17:47:57 <Gamekiller77> it would have to be very open
17:48:09 <Gamekiller77> but most storage venders have api for it
17:48:33 <Gamekiller77> so when you run a test case and spin up what was the load on your storage system or in my case cloud
17:48:47 <Gamekiller77> as i run Ceph but not limited to Ceph
17:49:09 <Gamekiller77> RainbowBastion, lets talk about this more ok see if we can not come up with a blue print for this idea
17:49:22 <Gamekiller77> i know our bosses are going to ask for this
17:50:40 <Gamekiller77> did i lose you all
17:50:50 <k4n0> We are here  Gamekiller77  :)
17:50:54 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77: :)
17:51:30 <RainbowBastion> No, I'm here, I was trying to recreate the bug we found yesterday.
17:51:44 <RainbowBastion> Sorry for disappearing
17:52:24 <Gamekiller77> does what i ask sound like something Rally should capture
17:52:38 <Gamekiller77> be it local lvm
17:52:41 <Gamekiller77> or a nfs or ceph
17:52:53 <Gamekiller77> i think a storage load idea would rock
17:54:05 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77: hm... I think you should create a bp for it.
17:54:14 <Gamekiller77> i am
17:54:23 <Gamekiller77> storage is one of my passions
17:54:33 <andreykurilin1> :)
17:54:53 <Gamekiller77> my gears are running i have high level contacts at EMC and NetApp if i need help
17:55:04 <Gamekiller77> also with Ceph
17:56:03 <Gamekiller77> RainbowBastion, let have this as our next meeting and whiteboard a bp
17:56:12 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77: it would be great, if you will do it:)
17:56:26 <Gamekiller77> i want to give back to the community
17:56:34 <Gamekiller77> and this is something i can do
17:56:50 <andreykurilin1> :)
17:57:39 <andreykurilin1> we must finish this meetings.
17:57:55 <k4n0> Thank you all :)
17:57:55 <andreykurilin1> thank you all for discussion!
17:58:28 <andreykurilin1> Gamekiller77: if you want, we can continue discussion at #openstack-rally
17:58:30 <Gamekiller77> thanks all i think this was great
17:58:34 <Gamekiller77> yup
17:58:46 <andreykurilin1> #endmeeting