17:03:52 <boris-42> #startmeeting Rally
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17:05:05 <k4n0> Hi o/
17:05:11 <boris-42> k4n0 Hi there
17:05:18 <boris-42> k4n0 let's wait for others
17:06:33 <boris-42> tbarron hi there
17:06:40 <boris-42> tbarron sorry*
17:06:44 <boris-42> tzabal hi there
17:06:54 <tzabal> boris-42 hi
17:08:46 <boris-42> okay let's start
17:09:33 <boris-42> k4n0 could you please update
17:09:42 <boris-42> share updates
17:09:53 <boris-42> k4n0 I saw you got merged tempest related patch
17:10:08 <k4n0> boris-42, I am working on adding unit test coverage and adding context setup timing data
17:10:59 <boris-42> k4n0 so how's that go?
17:11:15 <boris-42> k4n0 btw are you working on --json stuff?
17:11:22 <k4n0> boris-42, I have no blockers, will finish task in a day or two.
17:11:27 <k4n0> boris-42, --json patch is under review
17:11:40 <boris-42> k4n0 but it doesn't add to all command --json
17:11:57 <k4n0> boris-42, which command are left?
17:12:20 <boris-42> k4n0 all
17:12:41 <boris-42> k4n0 all commands should accept --json
17:12:53 <k4n0> boris-42, ok,  i have this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106813/
17:12:57 <k4n0> boris-42, i will add to it
17:14:07 <boris-42> k4n0 in your patch you are adding only to "deploy config"  and "task results"
17:14:12 <boris-42> k4n0 but we have much more commands
17:14:22 <boris-42> k4n0 btw you don't need to add everything in single patch
17:14:31 <boris-42> k4n0 it can be chain of patches, so it will be simpler to review it
17:14:36 <k4n0> boris-42, other commands dont have output which can be shown in json, but i will check
17:15:01 <boris-42> k4n0 all list commands
17:15:08 <boris-42> k4n0 all run commands
17:15:17 <k4n0> boris-42, ok, i will check
17:15:36 <boris-42> k4n0 all commands that have output should have a way to be displayed in json
17:15:43 <k4n0> boris-42, got it
17:16:09 <boris-42> k4n0 as well I think that it makes sense to do alias
17:16:23 <k4n0> boris-42, alias?
17:16:24 <boris-42> k4n0 "rally task show" instead of "rally task details"
17:16:29 <boris-42> oh no
17:16:31 <boris-42> no details
17:16:37 <boris-42> but "resutls"
17:16:52 <boris-42> e.g. rally task show and rally task results will be similar
17:17:05 <boris-42> and we will deprecate "results"
17:17:08 <boris-42> k4n0 ^
17:17:33 <k4n0> boris-42, ok
17:17:43 <boris-42> rediskin around??
17:17:50 <rediskin> yep
17:17:55 <k4n0> #action deprecate rally task results for rally task show
17:18:04 <boris-42> k4n0 	 #action deprecate rally task results for rally task show
17:18:16 <boris-42> k4n0 	 #action add to all commands --json
17:18:24 <boris-42> #action add to all commands --json
17:18:28 <k4n0> boris-42, got it
17:18:38 <boris-42> heh there is no irc bot message
17:18:42 <boris-42> for actions
17:18:53 <boris-42> so as well what we need is --show-uuid
17:19:07 <boris-42> k4n0 today with andreykuriling and rediskin we discussed
17:19:17 <boris-42> k4n0 that it's quite hard to use in bash scripts rally
17:19:30 <boris-42> k4n0 cause we don't know UUID of created resources
17:19:59 <boris-42> k4n0 so it will be nice to add to all commands that are creating argument
17:20:20 <boris-42> k4n0 --show-uuid that will display only one line of output that contains uuid of created resource
17:20:37 <rediskin> k4n0: to be able to write something like this http://paste.openstack.org/show/88961/
17:20:46 <k4n0> boris-42, ok, so all create commands will show uuid if --show-uuid is used
17:21:33 <boris-42> k4n0 yep like rediskin ^ showed
17:22:08 <boris-42> okay let some
17:22:11 <boris-42> let's move**
17:22:18 <k4n0> ok got it
17:22:23 <boris-42> #topic RPS load generator
17:22:30 <k4n0> #action http://paste.openstack.org/show/88961/
17:22:36 <boris-42> Oaky finally we merged patch
17:22:41 <boris-42> that fixes periodic runner
17:22:54 <boris-42> and actually change it's name to something more clear
17:23:24 <boris-42> so we have some kind of "Scenario per seconds" runner
17:23:26 <boris-42> know
17:23:28 <boris-42> woot
17:23:52 <boris-42> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/102363/
17:23:54 <rediskin> there is already some changes in rps on review
17:23:55 <boris-42> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/102363/
17:24:03 <boris-42> rediskin yep could you share about them
17:24:27 <rediskin> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/110007/
17:24:33 <rediskin> just some improvements
17:24:57 <boris-42> rediskin --verobse share about what is changed there
17:25:00 <boris-42> ^_^
17:25:26 <rediskin> most significant change is joinig completed threads once they completed
17:25:40 <rediskin> current prs runner statrs all threads
17:25:44 <rediskin> and then join all threads
17:26:05 <rediskin> if we specify "100000" times in config
17:26:12 <rediskin> we got 100000 alive threads
17:26:25 <boris-42> rediskin ohhh
17:26:39 <boris-42> rediskin so that won't work=)
17:26:56 <boris-42> rediskin is your patch ready?
17:27:06 <rediskin> it will work with 64 bit PID identifiers %)
17:27:10 <rediskin> yes, it is ready
17:27:24 <boris-42> rediskin okay so we will need to review it=)
17:27:27 <boris-42> k4n0 ^
17:27:44 <k4n0> boris-42, yes, ill review it
17:27:48 <boris-42> tbarron ping*
17:28:13 <boris-42> #topic Production ready cleanups
17:28:22 <boris-42> sooo guys it's quite large stuff
17:28:26 <boris-42> first of all we should
17:28:33 <boris-42> 1) Split admin and user cleanups
17:29:21 <boris-42> 2) Make cleanup more offline ready
17:29:36 <boris-42> e.g. we should be able to kill rally process
17:29:44 <boris-42> and restore process of cleanuping
17:30:09 <boris-42> 3) Make a cleanup specific per task / so we will be able to cleanup resources related to only one task
17:30:35 <boris-42> 4) Add functional job that will check that cleanup works in any case (even if rally process fails in the middle)
17:30:46 <boris-42> rediskin ^ are you ready for this?)
17:30:57 <rediskin> ohh
17:31:33 <boris-42> rediskin yep it's quite largeeee task
17:31:38 <rediskin> i just trying to split admin and user cleanup
17:32:02 <boris-42> rediskin yep when you finish that I will help you with explaining next steps=)
17:32:19 <boris-42> rediskin btw we should have next submethods
17:32:31 <boris-42> rediskin cleanup_tenant_resources, cleanupt_user_resources
17:32:42 <boris-42> rediskin in both admin and user cleanup context
17:33:07 <boris-42> rediskin cause quotas, images are per tenant, and instances are more per user
17:33:54 <boris-42> rediskin thoughts?
17:34:12 <rediskin> i can tell you more after splitting admin and users cleanups
17:35:21 <rediskin> i missing a lot in cleanup stuff
17:35:35 <boris-42> rediskin yep this is quite large topis
17:35:37 <boris-42> topic
17:35:52 <boris-42> rediskin probably I should create big blueprint with link to the google doc
17:36:26 <boris-42> #action make a big doc about cleanup stuff
17:36:35 <boris-42> #topic Rally & Specs
17:36:52 <boris-42> I think that we should make in doc/ new directory doc/specs
17:37:06 <rediskin> maybe we should write docs about cleanup mechanism in dos/sources/cleanup.rst
17:37:16 <boris-42> rediskin +1
17:37:24 <boris-42> rediskin did you take a look at doc jobs?
17:37:30 <rediskin> no
17:37:39 <rediskin> which jobs?
17:37:53 <boris-42> rediskin gate-<project-name>-docs
17:38:26 <boris-42> rediskin actually we have already one
17:38:26 <rediskin> but there is a gate-rally-docs job already in rally
17:38:42 <boris-42> rediskin but it won't check rally/docs/specs
17:39:11 <rediskin> it should be different job?
17:39:25 <rediskin> one more repo on rtfd.org?
17:39:34 <rediskin> separate rally and rally-specs?
17:40:05 <rediskin> i thought rally-specs will be just another section of rally-docs
17:40:24 <boris-42> rediskin then they should be in rally/doc/source
17:40:41 <rediskin> yes
17:41:26 <boris-42> rediskin https://github.com/openstack/oslo-specs/blob/master/tox.ini#L17-L18
17:41:57 <rediskin> we have something similar in rally
17:41:59 <boris-42> rediskin https://github.com/stackforge/rally/blob/master/tox.ini#L32-L35
17:42:09 <boris-42> rediskin ^ it's different a bit
17:42:47 <boris-42> rediskin in any case maybe we should just refactor current docs
17:42:59 <boris-42> rediskin e.g. everything that is in source move to the top
17:43:07 <rediskin> i believe there is "make html" in setup.py %)
17:43:09 <boris-42> rediskin and have in rtfm everything
17:43:36 <boris-42> rediskin so we will have Samples, user_stoires and other in rtfm
17:44:08 <rediskin> yes, it would be nice
17:45:10 <boris-42> rediskin okay I will make some small patch
17:45:15 <boris-42> rediskin to refactor this
17:45:22 <boris-42> rediskin its not to much work
17:45:30 <boris-42> #action refactor rtfm
17:45:40 <boris-42> #topic open discussion
17:45:52 <boris-42> anybody would like to discuss anything?
17:45:56 <lordd> a quick question: Would somebody want help into improving the installation method for CentOS?
17:46:19 <boris-42> lordd as far as I know you tried to install it on Fuel controller?
17:47:05 <lordd> well.. yeah, not as smooth as I wanted it to be, so I tried again on an empty CentOS machine
17:47:16 <boris-42> lordd  it's problem of fuel controller image
17:47:45 <boris-42> lordd Centos that is used for Fuel controller is very custom
17:47:59 <boris-42> lordd as well you shouldn't install rally on Fuel controllers
17:48:05 <lordd> ok, got it, makes sense
17:48:22 <boris-42> lordd actually we have functional testing, that is run on every patch in rally
17:48:32 <boris-42> lordd that checks that that script works in centos and ubuntu
17:48:47 <boris-42> lordd and installas rally successfully
17:48:51 <lordd> so, rally is also funcional with 6.5, ok
17:49:17 <boris-42> lordd I hope so=)
17:49:41 <boris-42> rediskin what Centos image is in gates?
17:50:13 <tzabal> lordd i have tested it against CentOS 6.5 and it installed rally successfully
17:50:15 <rediskin> boris-42: 6.5 afair
17:50:26 <boris-42> rediskin okay good=)
17:50:36 <lordd> ok, we're good then, sorry for the fuzz
17:50:51 <boris-42> lordd no worries and don't install rally on Fuel controllers=)
17:51:41 <boris-42> tzabal as you are here
17:51:43 <lordd> haha, sorry it was for quick testing
17:51:59 <boris-42> lordd it's better to use VMs even in such case=)
17:52:02 <boris-42> lordd or your laptop=)
17:52:05 <lordd> eventually, though where should cloud admins have rally installed?
17:52:16 <lordd> when rally is a service
17:52:19 <boris-42> lordd at some day it will be horizon plugin
17:52:31 <boris-42> lordd and it will be installed probably on controllers
17:53:06 <lordd> ok, for the moment I learnt my lesson and I have my vm with it
17:53:28 <boris-42> lordd yep it's definitely better=) but we are working on getting this as a horizon plugin
17:53:47 <boris-42> lordd so fuel will install it (like murano and so on)
17:54:04 <lordd> when you need help with the UI, ring a bell :)
17:54:05 <boris-42> tzabal wanna discuss your work?
17:54:13 <boris-42> lordd hm you are UI guy/
17:54:14 <boris-42> ?
17:54:26 <lordd> depends of the UI, but I can do things with it
17:54:36 <boris-42> lordd and write a code?)
17:54:56 <lordd> my Python is a sysadmin python
17:55:02 <boris-42> lordd and js?)
17:55:07 <lordd> yep, the same
17:55:19 <lordd> can do it, but will be ugly
17:55:28 <boris-42> lordd =)
17:55:47 <tzabal> boris-42 well i hope that we will have a functional vm benchmarking in some days :)
17:56:05 <boris-42> tzabal ya it takes sometimes a lot of time to get done stuff=)
17:56:20 <tzabal> boris-42 yeap
17:56:32 <boris-42> tzabal okay hope to see your patches=)
17:56:38 <tzabal> boris-42 right now the context works without the extra utils module that i have created
17:56:53 <boris-42> tzabal nize
17:56:55 <boris-42> nice*
17:57:22 <tzabal> boris-42 the "bad" thing is that i have 3 patches under review, and in order to see that vm benchmarking actually works, you need to have all of them merged
17:57:36 <boris-42> tzabal nope you don't need
17:57:42 <tzabal> boris-42 how come?
17:57:45 <boris-42> tzabal just do next thing
17:57:51 <boris-42> tzabal put all patches in one branch
17:57:58 <boris-42> tzabal e.g. create one branch
17:58:14 <boris-42> tzabal and cherry-pick them with keeping proper order
17:58:21 <boris-42> tzabal and run git review -R
17:58:31 <boris-42> tzabal gerrit will set automactially dependencies
17:58:39 <boris-42> tzabal and everything will work=)
17:58:46 <tzabal> boris-42 hm ok i will check it
17:59:58 <boris-42> okay thank you guys for joining meeting
17:59:59 <boris-42> see you
18:00:02 <boris-42> #endmeeting