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17:00:35 <msdubov_> rvasilets__, Hi
17:00:50 <msdubov_> olkonami, oanufriev, amaretskiy, hi there!
17:00:56 <amaretskiy> hi
17:01:46 <olkonami> hi
17:01:56 <oanufriev> hi
17:02:39 <msdubov_> Okay let's begin
17:02:47 <msdubov_> #topic HTML report improvements
17:03:09 <msdubov_> amaretskiy, You've accomplished a pretty nice work this week, could you please share your results?
17:03:26 <amaretskiy> yes, one sec...
17:03:58 <amaretskiy> here is a patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/136435/
17:04:20 <amaretskiy> and that is a result http://logs.openstack.org/35/136435/6/check/gate-rally-dsvm-rally/9709a33/rally-plot/results.html.gz
17:04:33 <amaretskiy> ther ear etwo main points within the patch
17:04:48 <amaretskiy> 1) browser buttons back/forward now works
17:05:37 <amaretskiy> 2) there is an overview page with brief data
17:05:43 <amaretskiy> and there is a third one
17:05:53 <amaretskiy> 3) input file is available now
17:06:22 <amaretskiy> eom :)
17:07:02 <msdubov_> amaretskiy, Looks great. What are the next steps in this direction?
17:07:25 <amaretskiy> 1) there are some minor bugs to fix
17:07:41 <amaretskiy> 2) aggregate errors (do not repeat the same)
17:07:53 <amaretskiy> 3) tooltips
17:08:13 <amaretskiy> 4) show docstrings from the scenario classes
17:08:45 <amaretskiy> eom
17:09:04 <msdubov_> Ok, nice. So you're going to show scenario docstrings? Just descriptions?
17:09:59 <amaretskiy> I'm going to store scenario method docstring (as-is, I think) in the database, and include them to the report
17:10:38 <msdubov_> amaretskiy, Hm, why do you need a database? Can't you query for this docstring directly when you're generating HTML?
17:10:57 <amaretskiy> that seems to be a wrong way
17:11:26 <amaretskiy> we planning to generate HTML from json data
17:11:54 <amaretskiy> so we should not "scan" sources fo rsome additional data
17:12:20 <amaretskiy> database is good place, that was discussed with boris-42
17:12:29 <msdubov_> amaretskiy, Ok, clear.
17:12:36 <msdubov_> Let's move further
17:12:45 <msdubov_> #topic CLI improvements
17:13:00 <msdubov_> So we've had a couple of nice CLI improvements over the past week
17:13:13 <msdubov_> Lets start with those for the "rally info" command
17:13:28 <msdubov_> rvasilets__, Could you please tell us what you've implemented in "rally info"?
17:14:09 <rvasilets__> Yes. I have improved rally info when the substitution is non-ambiguous
17:14:22 <rvasilets__> Lets we look at the example
17:14:47 <rvasilets__> When the user inputs his query just with a couple of typos, however, there is typically only one substitution suggested by the system:
17:15:02 <rvasilets__> Like
17:15:05 <rvasilets__> rally info find NovaServers.boot_and_delete_servers
17:15:25 <rvasilets__> rally output to us
17:15:41 <rvasilets__> Failed to find any docs for query: 'NovaServers.boot_and_delete_servers' Did you mean one of these?  NovaServers.boot_and_delete_server
17:16:20 <rvasilets__> The idea is that in this case, when there is only one possible substitution, we could perform this substitution automatically, whithout requesting the user to do so. In the example above, Rally could response exactly as if the user typed the correct query (which is NovaServers.boot_and_delete_server, without�s� at the end):
17:16:32 <rvasilets__> rally info find NovaServers.boot_and_delete_servers
17:16:32 <rvasilets__> NovaServers.boot_and_delete_server (benchmark scenario).
17:16:32 <rvasilets__> Tests booting and then deleting an image.
17:16:51 <rvasilets__> Link to the patch you can look here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/137666/
17:17:21 <msdubov_> rvasilets__, fine!
17:17:36 <rvasilets__> Thx
17:17:41 <msdubov_> So there have been a couple improvements from my side as well
17:17:57 <msdubov_> rally info is now much easier to navigate for a newbie
17:18:29 <msdubov_> e.g. you type "rally info SLA" and it outputs what are SLA in rally, a usage sample, and also shows how you could query informations about specific SLA criteria
17:18:30 <msdubov_> and so on
17:18:38 <msdubov_> also several cosmetic changes like nice tables
17:18:53 <msdubov_> Beyond "rally info", there has been some work on "rally task list"
17:18:59 <msdubov_> oanufriev, Could you share your results?
17:19:34 <oanufriev> so
17:19:50 <oanufriev> there was a patchset merged today
17:20:28 <oanufriev> that adds ability to filter task by status and/or deployment during listing
17:20:58 <msdubov_> oanufriev, Could you provide an example?
17:21:06 <oanufriev> so... you can call: rally task list --status finished --deployment [name or uuid]
17:21:42 <oanufriev> by default task list will display only tasks from 'active' deployment
17:22:14 <oanufriev> to list tasks from all deployments you should pass --all-deploymentrs parameter
17:22:18 <msdubov_> oanufriev, Cool!
17:22:47 <msdubov_> Okay so overall one of our priorites during the past week was the improved user experience
17:22:57 <msdubov_> Hope we'll achieve new results in this direction this week
17:23:16 <msdubov_> #topic "@deprecated" decorator
17:23:35 <msdubov_> olkonami, Could you please tell us what's the goal of this work and how's your progress in it?
17:25:07 <olkonami> the goal is to have tool to mark scenari, runner, context and rsa as deprecated
17:29:00 <msdubov_> olkonami, We are looking forward to seeing a patch from you!
17:29:13 <msdubov_> olkonami, Please post your work even if it's not working yet
17:29:22 <msdubov_> olkonami, So that we can help you with that
17:29:36 <olkonami> ok
17:30:23 <msdubov_> Let's cover yet another important topic
17:30:51 <msdubov_> #topic Network context
17:31:15 <msdubov_> amaretskiy, Everybody is waiting it with unpatience :) How are things going with Network context?
17:31:28 <amaretskiy> msdubov_ that is the very patch I'm working on :)
17:31:57 <amaretskiy> I think the candidate to review can be submitted this week
17:32:34 <amaretskiy> but we should not hurry
17:32:52 <amaretskiy> there are a lot of work with this patch
17:33:44 <amaretskiy> there are several points related to this patch:
17:34:21 <amaretskiy> 1) rebase current code to master - there are new changes in context (by boris-42)
17:34:48 <amaretskiy> 2) generate CIDRs in process and thread safe manner
17:34:57 <amaretskiy> ant other points
17:35:00 <amaretskiy> eom
17:35:39 <msdubov_> amaretskiy, Thanks!
17:35:57 <msdubov_> I believe we've discussed the most vital points so far
17:36:02 <msdubov_> #topic Free discussion
17:36:06 <msdubov_> Any questions?
17:36:51 <oanufriev> no
17:37:08 <amaretskiy> no
17:37:11 <rvasilets__> no
17:38:39 <msdubov_> amaretskiy, oanufriev, olkonami, rvasilets__  Thanks for participating!
17:38:41 <msdubov_> #endmeeting