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17:00:59 <boris-42> Hey hey
17:01:05 <rvasilets_> hi
17:03:01 <olkonami> hi
17:05:02 <amaretskiy> hi
17:05:19 <boris-42> okay let's start
17:05:37 <boris-42> #topic Refactoring graphs algorithms to make them scalable
17:05:45 <boris-42> amaretskiy: please share the status
17:06:17 <amaretskiy> i'm currently working on chunks support in html report
17:06:35 <amaretskiy> this means we can generate report from any count of iterations
17:06:40 <amaretskiy> with low memory usage
17:06:53 <amaretskiy> this requires complete rework of plot.py and its utils
17:07:12 <amaretskiy> now I have this patch set https://review.openstack.org/#/c/146814/
17:07:17 <amaretskiy> it is still WIP
17:07:26 <amaretskiy> and today will be next patch set
17:07:36 <amaretskiy> rework requires a lot of time
17:08:01 <amaretskiy> I believe that for next meeting this will be without WIP mark
17:08:20 <amaretskiy> eom
17:08:46 <boris-42> amaretskiy: so what you did between patch on review and now
17:09:08 <amaretskiy> i've reworked Histogram class
17:09:35 <amaretskiy> so now histogram allows create chart with one cycle over the task results
17:10:01 <amaretskiy> that requires change of task results schema obtained from the database
17:10:39 <amaretskiy> this class will be available in today's patch set
17:10:43 <amaretskiy> in 1 our
17:10:46 <amaretskiy> eom
17:12:30 <boris-42> amaretskiy: I hope you didn't change the schema for now?
17:12:38 <amaretskiy> no
17:12:54 <boris-42> amaretskiy: ok great I am going to cover that part
17:12:56 <amaretskiy> i just added a code stub that changes schema in runtime
17:13:13 <boris-42> amaretskiy: it's in objects?
17:13:18 <amaretskiy> so this stub should be removed during chunks generator implementation
17:13:21 <amaretskiy> yes
17:13:23 <boris-42> amaretskiy: ok
17:13:24 <boris-42> great
17:13:31 <amaretskiy> that is in objects.task.get_results
17:13:31 <boris-42> Let move to next topic
17:13:43 <boris-42> amaretskiy: ok I am waiting for your patch
17:13:50 <boris-42> #topic Murano base
17:13:57 <boris-42> rvasilets_: hey hey
17:14:04 <boris-42> rvasilets_: what are your updates?
17:14:39 <rvasilets_> Hi? at the patch you can look here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/137650/55
17:14:59 <rvasilets_> This is already working patch
17:15:27 <rvasilets_> But I have some ideas to improve performance of it
17:16:30 <rvasilets_> I have already implemented it, but  the new tests issues. Nothing else. The logic of murano context is the same as was
17:16:53 <boris-42> rvasilets_: ok great
17:16:54 <rvasilets_> Just I have use another module to copy directories
17:17:03 <boris-42> amaretskiy: ^ could you take a look as well on this patch
17:17:20 <amaretskiy> ok
17:18:02 <rvasilets_> Now I don't use subproccess command that takes a lot of time
17:18:04 <rvasilets_> eom
17:19:51 <boris-42> #topic Overall updates in project
17:21:25 <boris-42> We finished ' -> "
17:21:52 <rvasilets_> orz
17:22:04 <boris-42> Fixed couple bugs related to Neutron (in VMTask benchmarks)
17:22:27 <boris-42> Almost finished stop-on-sla-failure feature
17:22:39 <boris-42> Add Mistral base for tests + set job in Mistral
17:23:00 <boris-42> Add benchmark for quotas
17:23:06 <boris-42> Add benchmark for designate servers
17:23:34 <boris-42> Add new rally.api (base for lib) and switched to it
17:23:55 <boris-42> Fixed postgres
17:24:05 <boris-42> Add job for testing postgres & python34 (functional)
17:24:15 <boris-42> And add base for plugins
17:24:25 <boris-42> that's more or less all=)
17:24:28 <boris-42> any questions?
17:24:36 <rediskin> pg+34 is turned off for now
17:24:49 <boris-42> Ah various changes and optimization for "rally verify" part
17:24:55 <boris-42> rediskin: oh as far as you are here
17:25:03 <boris-42> #topic Rally Mirantis CI updates
17:25:17 <boris-42> rediskin: please share updates with us related to it
17:25:29 <rediskin> rally ci is ready to +1/-1
17:26:18 <rediskin> more info is available on openstack wiki
17:27:22 <boris-42> rediskin: please
17:27:30 <rediskin> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ThirdPartySystems/Mirantis_Rally_CI
17:27:30 <boris-42> rediskin: share what you did during the latest week
17:28:47 <boris-42> rediskin: so?
17:28:58 <rediskin> i was busy doing code review
17:29:21 <rediskin> and doing many small changes to rally-ci
17:29:57 <rediskin> you want me to list this stuff? anyone cares about it?
17:30:28 <boris-42> rediskin: at least I care about it..
17:30:44 <boris-42> rediskin: not enough?)
17:31:03 <rediskin> omg you know what i did last week %)
17:31:44 <rediskin> boris-42, also, path with rally-gate.py is ready to be reviewed
17:31:46 <rediskin> again
17:31:51 <rediskin> patch*
17:32:07 <boris-42> rediskin: but
17:32:16 <boris-42> rediskin: you didnt' switch our CI
17:32:18 <boris-42> rediskin: I mean not our
17:32:24 <boris-42> rediskin: Infra CI to use your script
17:33:06 <boris-42> rediskin: so are you going to switch?
17:33:08 <rediskin> boris-42, oh, ok. I'll do this
17:33:20 <boris-42> rediskin: so when you finish this I will re-review your patch
17:33:24 <rediskin> ok
17:34:26 <msdubov> Hi everyone, sorry for being late
17:35:01 <rediskin> hiyo
17:36:24 <boris-42> msdubov: hey hey
17:36:29 <boris-42> #topic sla-stop-on-failure
17:36:36 <boris-42> msdubov: okay please share your updates
17:36:47 <msdubov> boris-42 ok
17:37:11 <msdubov> So I've already told about this patch the previous week
17:37:31 <boris-42> msdubov: did you work today on functional tests
17:37:39 <msdubov> For now, I believe it is almost ready and tested
17:37:45 <msdubov> boris-42 yep
17:37:50 <msdubov> Not finished yet
17:37:54 <boris-42> msdubov: ah ok
17:37:58 <msdubov> Hope to finish today
17:38:03 <boris-42> msdubov: okay I need as well to finish constant runner
17:38:24 <boris-42> msdubov: I think that we should wait for constant runner before new release
17:38:35 <boris-42> msdubov: ok so tomorrow probably we will merge that patch
17:38:40 <msdubov> boris-42 Yes, as the SLA patch showed the current runner is not good enough :)
17:38:42 <boris-42> msdubov: and Rally will get nice feature=)
17:38:49 <boris-42> msdubov: yaya
17:38:50 <msdubov> Agree
17:39:02 <boris-42> msdubov: actually I know from the begging that it's bad
17:39:16 <boris-42> msdubov: cause it was using processes instead of threads in each process =)
17:39:20 <msdubov> Can I help you with the new ruuner?
17:39:27 <boris-42> msdubov: yep you will
17:39:34 <boris-42> msdubov: I will just make raw code
17:39:40 <msdubov> boris-42 ok
17:39:41 <boris-42> msdubov: and you'll continue to make it perfect
17:39:42 <boris-42> =)
17:39:59 <boris-42> actually I think it's more or less everything that we should discuss
17:40:04 <boris-42> #topic Open discussion
17:40:09 <boris-42> any questions?
17:40:12 <amaretskiy> no
17:40:24 <rvasilets_> no
17:43:47 <boris-42> okay let's end meeting
17:43:49 <boris-42> #endmeeting