17:04:54 <boris-42> #startmeeting Rally
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17:05:18 <boris-42> msdubov_: rvasilets__ ping
17:05:26 <boris-42> meteorfox: ping
17:05:39 <msdubov_> boris-42:hi!
17:05:42 <meteorfox> boris-42: hi
17:06:26 <rvasilets__> hi
17:07:16 <boris-42> let's wait for others
17:07:30 <msdubov_> ok
17:08:44 <boris-42> amaretskiy: ping
17:08:48 <amaretskiy> hi
17:08:56 <boris-42> okay let's start
17:08:57 <amaretskiy> sorry for my being late
17:09:04 <boris-42> #topic Weekly updates
17:09:32 <boris-42> We removed ALL oclo-incubator code WOOT
17:09:47 <msdubov_> -3K SLOC!
17:09:48 <boris-42> We add bunch of tests related to NovaKeyPairs
17:10:40 <boris-42> I fixed a quite nasty bug related to warnings (we shouldn't display any warnings in commands that prints ouput in special format json/...)
17:10:45 <meteorfox> nice
17:11:00 <meteorfox> also I saw, the *aas is out too?
17:11:29 <meteorfox> was that part of the oclo-incubator code?
17:11:43 <boris-42> meteorfox: let's disccuss this a bit later
17:11:49 <boris-42> meteorfox: let me just finish overview=)
17:11:58 <boris-42> meteorfox: and then this will be first topic
17:12:05 <meteorfox> alright sounds good
17:12:24 <boris-42> So we add new script for Rally gates it's written in python and supprots tags
17:12:34 <boris-42> Which will allow to use one job with multple tasks
17:13:01 <boris-42> that are testing keystone v3 / with existing users / various version of python
17:13:03 <boris-42> and so on
17:13:32 <boris-42> As well we set jobs for Mirantis OpenStack
17:13:47 <boris-42> and now we are testing every patch against *real* deployment
17:13:52 <boris-42> multinode=)
17:14:08 <boris-42> so we will be able to test VM migration stuff
17:14:09 <boris-42> in gates
17:14:42 <boris-42> So we are going to cut version 0.0.2 of Rally during this week
17:14:52 <boris-42> Okay let's discuss in details
17:14:59 <boris-42> #topic Rally AAS stuff
17:15:02 <boris-42> meteorfox: hey
17:15:19 <meteorfox> boris-42: hey
17:15:23 <boris-42> meteorfox: so that AAS code was non working
17:15:28 <boris-42> meteorfox: it was written in pecan
17:15:35 <boris-42> meteorfox: and used oslo-incubator
17:15:40 <boris-42> we decided to chose another direction
17:15:44 <boris-42> use flask
17:15:53 <meteorfox> boris-42: ah I see
17:15:55 <boris-42> and make AAS on top of rally.api
17:16:15 <boris-42> like a smart* code that adds 1-1 aas on top of rally.api
17:16:22 <boris-42> msdubov_: refactored it a bit
17:16:40 <boris-42> meteorfox: https://github.com/stackforge/rally/blob/master/rally/api.py so we will continue this work
17:16:41 <meteorfox> awesome
17:17:15 <boris-42> meteorfox:  so the idea is to avoid duplication of code
17:17:43 <meteorfox> boris-42: awesome, this looks good. I'm exited for this feature
17:17:45 <boris-42> meteorfox: as well to reuse rally.cmd for bot (rally as cli tool and rally as a service)
17:17:52 <boris-42> meteorfox: you can help and work on it)
17:18:13 <meteorfox> boris-42: :) sure
17:19:05 <boris-42> so let's to move to next topics
17:19:14 <boris-42> #topic new constant runner
17:19:20 <boris-42> msdubov_: any news  ?
17:19:34 <msdubov_> boris-42 yes
17:19:57 <msdubov_> I believe I have written all the unit tests I wanted for the patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/155225/
17:20:04 <msdubov_> And it's no longer a WIP-patch
17:20:22 <msdubov_> So boris-42 amaretskiy redixin You're welcome to review & test it
17:20:28 <amaretskiy> ok
17:20:49 <msdubov_> I have also removed a functional test that checked that the number of iterations always grows
17:21:15 <msdubov_> Because actually with the constant runner it may be the case that the iteration No. (i+1) starts before iteration No. i
17:21:30 <msdubov_> (Not actually starts, but is logged)
17:21:49 <msdubov_> So the iteration numbers in logs are not always strictly increasing
17:22:03 <boris-42> msdubov_: yep they are not
17:22:45 <msdubov_> boris-42: it seems though that for the RPS runner they are often in-order :)
17:22:59 <msdubov_> boris-42:Just an observation
17:23:11 <msdubov_> boris-42: Basically that's it for the constant runner
17:23:22 <msdubov_> the constant for duration runner, as discussed, will be modified later
17:23:37 <boris-42> msdubov_: ok
17:23:43 <boris-42> msdubov_: I will try to review it
17:23:48 <boris-42> #topic Murano patches
17:23:51 <boris-42> rvasilets__: hey hey
17:24:03 <rvasilets__> Hi
17:25:36 <rvasilets__> How i have separating from Murano base another patch its about refactor ImageGenarator and Validation
17:26:13 <rvasilets__> Just Murano stuff is okey now and its only wait to be separated from ImageGenerator
17:26:29 <rvasilets__> eom
17:27:04 <boris-42> rvasilets__: okay I hope you will separate it soon
17:27:15 <rvasilets__> I hope too
17:27:25 <boris-42> rvasilets__: it acutally doens't require any code changes
17:27:37 <boris-42> rvasilets__: just git 80lvl skills
17:27:37 <boris-42> =)
17:27:40 <rvasilets__> yes, just copy paste
17:27:48 <boris-42> rvasilets__: no there is no need to copy paste =(
17:27:49 <rvasilets__> and delete)
17:27:52 <boris-42> rvasilets__: nope..
17:28:06 <boris-42> rvasilets__: I will tell you how to do it after meeting
17:28:20 <boris-42> okay let's move to next topic
17:28:25 <boris-42> #topic Scalable graphs
17:28:35 <boris-42> amaretskiy: how is your patch? realted to graphs?
17:28:45 <amaretskiy> last week i removed WIP from https://review.openstack.org/#/c/146814/
17:28:50 <amaretskiy> this patch is working
17:29:06 <amaretskiy> however today it appeared in merge conflict
17:29:32 <amaretskiy> so I'm going to fix conflict + fix some tests (reviewed) tomorrow
17:29:43 <amaretskiy> so reviews are welcome
17:29:51 <amaretskiy> also there are >1k loc
17:30:00 <amaretskiy> so maybe i should split thi spatch
17:30:05 <amaretskiy> into 2 parts?
17:30:12 <amaretskiy> what do you think?
17:31:32 <boris-42> amaretskiy: I think it will be great
17:31:37 <boris-42> amaretskiy: to split it to 2 parts
17:31:37 <amaretskiy> okay
17:31:47 <amaretskiy> agreed
17:31:49 <amaretskiy> eom
17:32:05 <boris-42> amaretskiy: maybe as first step is deleting chart/histogram
17:32:18 <boris-42> amaretskiy: and moving it to charts (with refactoring) + tests
17:32:44 <amaretskiy> this is not a simple question
17:32:45 <boris-42> amaretskiy: it iwll help a lot
17:32:57 <boris-42> amaretskiy: why it is not simple question? it will be simple to do
17:33:15 <amaretskiy> i think sthis split should not take a lot of time, but i do not see if this possible
17:33:37 <amaretskiy> i will consider if it is possible to split thi spatch with minimal work
17:34:03 <amaretskiy> maybe it is a good idea to just add new charts classes + tests
17:34:20 <amaretskiy> without touching plot.py at all
17:35:01 <amaretskiy> since charts/histogram.py is completely rewritten
17:35:30 <boris-42> amaretskiy: yep you can make first charts
17:35:31 <amaretskiy> so i guess the first patch will simply add new charts classes
17:35:34 <boris-42> amaretskiy: with tests
17:35:39 <amaretskiy> yes
17:35:46 <boris-42> amaretskiy:  and the remove old processing stuff and switch to new charts
17:35:50 <boris-42> amaretskiy: yep that makes sense
17:35:52 <amaretskiy> sure
17:36:13 <boris-42> amaretskiy: okay let' move to next stuff
17:36:25 <boris-42> #topic Rally Plugins
17:36:35 <boris-42> Okay I am working on unification of plugins
17:36:44 <boris-42> Finally I start seeing full picture
17:36:55 <boris-42> so I am going soon to push new patch
17:37:01 <boris-42> that changes plugin base
17:37:08 <boris-42> and allow to make from functions plugins
17:37:24 <boris-42> so this thing was the very last blocking thing that I didn't know how to resolve
17:37:31 <boris-42> as well I won't touch bese.context()
17:37:46 <boris-42> and instead of removing name I will just call plugin decorator inside it
17:38:06 <boris-42> so at least scenarios, context will be backward compbale
17:38:37 <boris-42> SLA stuff have to be refactored one more time
17:38:47 <boris-42> as well runners, deploy engines and server provides
17:39:08 <boris-42> but as far as I know nobody is writing those plugins so it's not a big deal to change them
17:39:34 <boris-42> After we switch to plugin base I will work on moving validation mechanism to plugin Base
17:39:49 <boris-42> this will allow us to use the same validation mechanism for all plugins that we have
17:40:06 <msdubov_> boris-42, What will be the changes to SLA?
17:40:30 <boris-42> msdubov_: I will introduce @sla decorator
17:40:45 <boris-42> msdubov_: and remove option_name
17:41:29 <msdubov_> boris-42: okay, thanks
17:43:00 <boris-42> so okay
17:43:06 <boris-42> #topic Open Discussion
17:43:13 <boris-42> anybody wants to discuss anything?
17:43:24 <amaretskiy> no
17:43:33 <meteorfox> no
17:43:33 <msdubov_> nope
17:44:22 <rvasilets__> no
17:45:25 <boris-42> Okay I don't have as well =)
17:45:29 <boris-42> Have a nice day=)
17:45:34 <boris-42> #endmeeting