17:02:51 <boris-42> #startmeeting Rally
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17:02:56 <boris-42> meteorfox: ping
17:02:58 <boris-42> msdubov: ping
17:03:04 <rvasilets> o/
17:03:04 <meteorfox> boris-42: hey
17:03:07 <msdubov> boris-42: hi!
17:03:09 <boris-42> andreykurilin: rvasilets oanufriev ping
17:03:21 <boris-42> hey hey everybody
17:03:21 <boris-42> =)
17:04:22 <prashantS> boris-42: hey! I'm here for my first meeting@Rally. Work at Rackspace with meteorfox
17:04:24 <meteorfox> boris-42: prashantS  will also join us today, we are from the same team here at Rackspace, and he wants to start contributing to Rally :)
17:04:28 <boris-42> prashantS: hi there
17:04:35 <boris-42> prashantS: nice to meet you=)
17:04:47 <prashantS> hi boris-42. Same here :)
17:04:53 <oanufriev> hi
17:05:19 <boris-42> So let's start
17:05:30 <boris-42> #topic Rally proposal to add to OpenStack
17:05:37 <andreykurilin_> hi all)
17:05:37 <boris-42> I made proposal https://review.openstack.org/#/c/169357/
17:05:41 <boris-42> andreykurilin_: hi hi
17:05:59 <boris-42> So probably rally will be moved from stackforge to openstack space
17:06:03 <boris-42> at least I hope so=)
17:06:07 <meteorfox> boris-42: nice!
17:06:32 <yfried> hi
17:06:37 <boris-42> yfried: hi hi
17:06:41 <andreykurilin_> it would be great!
17:06:45 <boris-42> yfried: as you didn't see I made a proposal https://review.openstack.org/#/c/169357/
17:06:53 <boris-42> yfried: to move rally from stackforge to openstack space
17:07:15 <yfried> boris-42: too late to get us all ATC discount :)
17:07:26 <boris-42> yfried: lol=0
17:08:05 <boris-42> yfried: so next time next time=)
17:08:08 <meteorfox> boris-42: where can I read more about the process to proposing a project to move from stackforge to openstack proper?
17:08:40 <boris-42> meteorfox: mabye this https://github.com/openstack/governance/blob/master/reference/new-projects-requirements.rst ?
17:08:54 <meteorfox> boris-42: thanks
17:09:26 <yfried> boris-42: where can I find mtg log?
17:09:54 <boris-42> yfried: oh there are somewhere
17:10:02 <yfried> boris-42: later then
17:10:14 <boris-42> yfried: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/
17:10:29 <yfried> tnx
17:10:31 <meteorfox> boris-42: heh. wouldn't this be too much noise in the ML? "The project uses the openstack-dev ML to discuss issues"
17:10:47 <meteorfox> boris-42:  that's one the requirements for an OS project
17:11:12 <boris-42> meteorfox: hm?
17:11:26 <boris-42> meteorfox: and we are using sometimes mailing list for dicussion
17:11:54 <meteorfox> boris-42: oh ok. I should subscribe to openstack-dev then
17:12:26 <boris-42> meteorfox: but I am trying to discuss stuff in more constructive ways
17:12:32 <boris-42> meteorfox: e.g. specs/irc/google docs
17:12:59 <meteorfox> boris-42: yeah I know, I do like Rally's approach better
17:13:45 <boris-42> meteorfox: so mailing list should be for something more urgent and important updates
17:13:58 <meteorfox> boris-42: gotcha
17:14:23 <boris-42> so next TC meeting should be on 7th april
17:14:37 <boris-42> It will be nice if you guys ^ meteorfox yfried could join it
17:15:18 <yfried> boris-42: Is this an IRC mtg? I'll try to attend
17:15:35 <boris-42> yfried: yep IRC meeting
17:15:51 <boris-42> yfried: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TechnicalCommittee
17:15:51 <meteorfox> boris-42: sure, I will
17:16:09 <yfried> boris-42: anything else on this subject?
17:16:20 <boris-42> yfried: I don't think so =)
17:16:34 <boris-42> except well done guys=)
17:17:56 <boris-42> okay let's move to next topic
17:18:02 <boris-42> #topic Support existing users
17:18:11 <boris-42> So this was VERY VERY OLD task
17:18:23 <boris-42> and I had to refactor whole Rally many times=)
17:18:31 <yfried> boris-42: also very very important in benchmarking production clouds
17:18:40 <boris-42> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/168524/
17:18:51 <boris-42> yfried: yep that is why I was working on it
17:19:00 <boris-42> yfried: and now it is finished in that patch ^
17:19:10 <boris-42> I need to improve a bit cleanup mechanism
17:19:13 <boris-42> I hope to do it today
17:19:17 <boris-42> and that is all=)
17:19:40 <boris-42> so We don't drop admin requirements for now,
17:19:46 <yfried> boris-42: how come it doesn't have a bp tracker?
17:20:11 <boris-42> yfried: it had a long long ago
17:20:50 <yfried> boris-42: ok.
17:21:10 <boris-42> so it's great that it is finished=)
17:21:24 <boris-42> any questions?
17:21:29 <boris-42> andreykurilin_: yfried meteorfox ^
17:21:43 <meteorfox> boris-42: the way to specify users seems a little verbose
17:21:46 <yfried> boris-42: will review
17:22:06 <boris-42> meteorfox: what do you mean?
17:22:33 <meteorfox> boris-42: but, besides that, all I can think is reading the user accounts from a CSV, or an SQL database
17:23:12 <boris-42> meteorfox: hm you are specifing users when you are creating deployment
17:23:19 <boris-42> meteorfox: like now you are specifing just admin
17:23:26 <boris-42> meteorfox: you are able to specify users as well
17:23:37 <boris-42> meteorfox: so you don't need to do this for every task
17:23:43 <boris-42> just 1 per deployment creation
17:24:09 <meteorfox> boris-42: so, when using predefined users, you might 50+ users
17:24:16 <meteorfox> I know this can be done programmatically
17:24:53 <meteorfox> boris-42: anyway, it's fine
17:24:55 <boris-42> meteorfox: so you can extend ExistingUsers
17:25:02 <boris-42> meteorfox: ExistingCloud
17:25:13 <boris-42> meteorfox: plugin to accept one more argument
17:25:20 <boris-42> meteorfox: path to csv file with existing users
17:25:21 <yfried> boris-42: if users are defined in deployment creation, we should also be able to update (add/remove users) an existing deployment
17:25:23 <meteorfox> boris-42: that's a good idea
17:26:14 <meteorfox> boris-42: it just the static JSON file, can cause some pain when updating passwords and users
17:26:40 <boris-42> yfried: meteorfox you can alwasy recreate deployment
17:27:17 <yfried> boris-42: seems a bit excessive. also - will it keep dep data (old tests, etc)
17:27:18 <yfried> ?
17:27:28 <meteorfox> boris-42: so, having someway to load from a SQL table dynamically, could be useful.
17:27:57 <boris-42> yfried: meteorfox let's dicuss this in separated topic
17:28:04 <meteorfox> boris-42: ok
17:28:06 <boris-42> besides that do we have something regarding to this feature?
17:28:10 <yfried> boris-42: ok
17:29:41 <boris-42> so any other questions?
17:29:49 <boris-42> or we are moving to "deployment update" command?
17:30:00 <boris-42> msdubov: amaretskiy redixin ^
17:30:04 <boris-42> yfried: meteorfox ^
17:30:08 <oanufriev> have no questions
17:30:32 <amaretskiy> no questions
17:30:39 <yfried> none
17:30:53 <boris-42> #topic deployment update functionality
17:31:11 <meteorfox> none
17:31:12 <boris-42> okay now let's discuss it here
17:31:20 <boris-42> meteorfox: yfried amaretskiy ping
17:31:47 <amaretskiy> pong
17:31:49 <boris-42> so we can support updating credentials of cloud by "rally deployment update" command
17:32:00 <yfried> boris-42: ?
17:32:30 <yfried> boris-42: is this related to updating users for deployment, or is this a standalone topic?
17:32:49 <boris-42> it's standalone topic
17:33:04 <boris-42> would we provide the way to update information of deployment or not
17:33:17 <yfried> boris-42: what's the downside?
17:33:38 <meteorfox> boris-42: is this related to our previous discussion, updating predefined users for a deployment?
17:33:38 <boris-42> the main contra-versional thing here  is that Rally can deploy OpenStack as well
17:33:53 <boris-42> meteorfox: it is a bit
17:34:23 <meteorfox> ok
17:34:33 <boris-42> so if we will support this feature will it affect too much plugins that deploys openstack?
17:35:01 <yfried> boris-42: I'm not sure that I understand the issue
17:35:25 <yfried> boris-42: what changes if we update admin password (for example)?
17:35:41 <boris-42> yfried: nothing more or less
17:35:55 <yfried> boris-42: so where are the effects?
17:36:49 <boris-42> hm
17:37:37 <boris-42> yfried: so actually yep
17:38:01 <boris-42> yfried: if we allow just to change credentials then no issues
17:38:14 <boris-42> yfried: okay let's make this happen
17:38:32 <boris-42> okay moving to next topics
17:38:37 <boris-42> if there is no questions
17:38:46 <yfried> boris-42: if you have problematic attributes, make them readonly until you solve the problem
17:38:58 <yfried> boris-42: lots of resources have readonly attributes
17:39:12 <boris-42> yfried: ya
17:39:15 <boris-42> yfried: makes sense
17:39:56 <boris-42> #topic Free discussion
17:40:14 <boris-42> you no need to pay to talk=)
17:40:23 <boris-42> so ok
17:40:27 <yfried> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:stackforge/rally+branch:master+topic:IPv6_Tests,n,z
17:40:36 <yfried> can I?
17:42:06 <msdubov> boris-42: You told yesterday that we should make some changes to our docs structure?
17:42:41 <boris-42> yfried: ya sure
17:42:50 <boris-42> msdubov: so yfried first=)
17:42:59 <yfried> ^ this topic introduces infra and scenario that tests IPv6 over v4 infra ("dual-stack")
17:43:29 <boris-42> yfried: ok I will review them
17:43:35 <yfried> I think it's very nice addition to existing code
17:43:35 <boris-42> when I find some free time to do that
17:44:07 <meteorfox> yfried: cool
17:44:10 <yfried> boris-42: point is, it helps to review it in the full context, instead of as independent patches
17:44:52 <yfried> boris-42: and the guy the wrote it is leaving our team and would like to have it merged before he can no longer work on it
17:45:11 <boris-42> yfried: oh ok
17:45:19 <boris-42> yfried: I will try to review them more often
17:45:48 <yfried> boris-42: we need more eyes, as I am too close the this to find the real problems
17:45:53 <yfried> boris-42: tnx
17:46:21 <yfried> boris-42: I'm available for questions if he's offline
17:46:31 <boris-42> yfried: ok great thanks
17:46:42 <boris-42> yfried: anything else?)
17:47:41 <yfried> boris-42: nope
17:47:47 <boris-42> okay let's move to refactoring docs
17:47:52 <boris-42> #topic Refactoring docs
17:48:03 <boris-42> so they looks great
17:48:13 <boris-42> but the code is in some kind of terrible state
17:48:13 <boris-42> =)
17:48:32 <boris-42> https://github.com/stackforge/rally/tree/master/doc/source to many files on top dir
17:48:41 <boris-42> and it's hard to understand structure of it
17:49:28 <meteorfox> boris-42: do you have a structure in mind for it?
17:49:46 <boris-42> meteorfox: nope I don't but we can look at other projects
17:49:46 <msdubov> boris-42: So your wish is basically to change the structure of the code, not of the documentation contents?
17:50:00 <boris-42> msdubov: I would like to change documentation as well
17:50:10 <boris-42> at least to discuss future steps
17:50:28 <meteorfox> boris-42: how about if it mirrors the menu in rally.readthedocs.org
17:50:32 <meteorfox> ?
17:50:59 <boris-42> meteorfox: ya that will be nice
17:51:10 <boris-42> meteorfox: I think it can be organized with symlinks
17:51:19 <boris-42> like we have for future_request/specs and so on
17:51:45 <boris-42> at least I woudl recomend to take a look at other projects
17:52:02 <boris-42> https://github.com/openstack/nova/tree/master/doc/source
17:52:11 <boris-42> meteorfox: msdubov ^ for example Nova
17:52:16 <boris-42> they don't have hell in source dir
17:53:33 <yfried> boris-42: msdubov: re doc - can we get the "rally info" uploaded to docs as well?
17:53:51 <boris-42> yfried: I would wait for switching to plugin base
17:54:05 <yfried> boris-42: well - is this actually a blocker for that?
17:54:07 <boris-42> yfried: after that we can use custom extensions for read the docs to generate such page
17:54:16 <boris-42> yfried: yep it is blocker
17:54:19 <yfried> boris-42: ok
17:54:22 <boris-42> yfried: if you take a look at info code
17:54:25 <boris-42> yfried: it is terrible
17:54:37 <boris-42> yfried: this will double amount of terrible cloud
17:54:50 <boris-42> yfried: work with various plugins is not unfifed
17:54:55 <yfried> boris-42: because I'm trying to get ppl to look at rally but they have to install rally to browse its content
17:54:57 <boris-42> wiich produce a lot of nasty code
17:55:27 <boris-42> yfried: i understand why we need this but I dislike writting code that shoul be fully rewritten
17:55:34 <yfried> boris-42: I agree
17:55:39 <yfried> I'll wait for you
17:55:43 <boris-42> yfried: it's better to concentrate on plugins
17:55:55 <boris-42> anf after that simplify rally info code and make this page
17:56:00 <boris-42> for docs
17:56:12 <boris-42> so this is another interesting question
17:56:20 <boris-42> actually what we need is to
17:56:37 <boris-42> replace Rally Plugins -> Plugins Reference
17:56:44 <boris-42> and add one more page API reference
17:56:51 <boris-42> where we will have for now only CLI reference
17:56:57 <boris-42> and in future rally lib reference
17:57:01 <boris-42> msdubov: ^
17:59:33 <boris-42> ok I hope msdubov agree with us=)
17:59:41 <boris-42> but we are out of the time
17:59:44 <boris-42> #endmeeting