17:01:44 <boris-42> #startmeeting rally
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17:01:54 <boris-42> oanufriev: msdubov meteorfox ping
17:02:22 <meteorfox> o/
17:02:55 <boris-42> meteorfox: hi htere
17:05:14 <boris-42> amaretskiy: ping
17:05:16 <msdubov> boris-42 hi!
17:05:19 <amaretskiy> hi
17:05:32 <oanufriev> hi
17:06:44 <rook> boris-42: Here :D
17:07:02 <boris-42> rook: nice)
17:07:09 <boris-42> e0ne: around?
17:07:22 <e0ne> boris-42: yep
17:07:34 <boris-42> okay I believe we can start?)
17:07:44 <e0ne> rally meeting?
17:07:49 <boris-42> e0ne: yep
17:08:04 <boris-42> #topic Rally stackforge->openstack
17:08:23 <boris-42> okay seems like most of TC are already ready to add Rally to OpenStack
17:08:33 <boris-42> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/169357/
17:08:50 <boris-42> ^ I had to rebase and rephrase it a bit but in history most of TC are ok
17:08:59 <e0ne> awesome! congrats
17:09:00 <meteorfox> awesome
17:09:01 <boris-42> so that's actually very nice news=)
17:09:47 <rook> outstanding!
17:10:12 <msdubov> boris-42:congrats!
17:10:58 <boris-42> msdubov: rook meteorfox e0ne so today in 3 hours they will make final decision
17:11:06 <boris-42> there will be TC meeting in this chat
17:11:40 <meteorfox> cool, I'll be around. I hope it gets in
17:12:33 <boris-42> ok
17:13:07 <boris-42> #topic Online Bash competition & making Rally start fast
17:13:14 <boris-42> So we have deep issues with Rally
17:13:23 <boris-42> it takes about 600-700ms to start rally
17:13:35 <meteorfox> boris-42: do you meant completion?
17:13:46 <boris-42> rally ta<tab>
17:14:34 <boris-42> meteorfox: ^
17:14:36 <meteorfox> ok, yeah. then 'completion' it is. I was confused, I thought there was some kind of contest or something
17:14:46 <boris-42> meteorfox: yep=)
17:14:58 <boris-42> completion*
17:15:06 <boris-42> so we can't make it online*
17:15:18 <boris-42> it has to be hardcoded and not generate online
17:15:23 <boris-42> to fix this I created tool
17:15:34 <boris-42> https://github.com/boris-42/profimp
17:15:46 <boris-42> ^ so we can analyze what is imported so long and optimize rally imports
17:16:34 <meteorfox> cool!
17:17:16 <boris-42> meteorfox: so it allows to trace imports and some of libs already used it
17:17:29 <boris-42> meteorfox: rootwrap and keystone to make their imports faster
17:17:52 <meteorfox> boris-42: this will be useful for other projects, I wasn't aware this existed. thanks man!
17:18:41 <boris-42> meteorfox: hehe=)
17:18:43 <boris-42> meteorfox: star it=)
17:18:50 <meteorfox> just did
17:18:56 <boris-42> okay so we are going to imporve rally
17:19:02 <boris-42> make it start fast
17:19:07 <boris-42> and implement online bash completition
17:19:37 <meteorfox> is there an example of how to use it?
17:19:44 <boris-42> meteorfox: readme
17:19:50 <rook> thought I saw a example on the main page?
17:20:05 <boris-42> meteorfox: yep just scroll page
17:20:06 <meteorfox> right, I meant more as a library
17:20:23 <boris-42> meteorfox: ?)
17:20:51 <meteorfox> boris-42: nevermind, I can figure out
17:21:34 <boris-42> meteorfox: you mean use profimp as a lib?
17:21:44 <boris-42> meteorfox: from profimp import main
17:21:51 <meteorfox> boris-42: yeah, I saw I can use trace_module()
17:22:02 <boris-42> main.trace_module()
17:22:07 <boris-42> thta's all that you need to know=)
17:22:15 <meteorfox> yep yep
17:22:20 <boris-42> it will return json
17:22:42 <boris-42> actually no it will return root instance of TracePoint
17:22:49 <boris-42> it has to_dict() method
17:23:04 <meteorfox> nifty
17:23:33 <boris-42> okay
17:23:40 <boris-42> let's move to next topic
17:23:47 <boris-42> #topic Important changes
17:24:18 <boris-42> we restore abbility to use boot_runcommand_delete with fixed ip
17:24:22 <boris-42> amaretskiy: thanks ^
17:24:28 <boris-42> Add new tutorial
17:24:40 <boris-42> https://rally.readthedocs.org/en/latest/tutorial/step_8_task_templates.html
17:25:09 <boris-42> Now SSL configuration is per deployment not per rally.conf
17:25:18 <boris-42> and rally.conf one is deprecated
17:25:45 <boris-42> As well OS_ENDPOINT is recognized in rally deployment --fromenv
17:26:07 <boris-42> As well we merged bunch of new benchmarks
17:26:13 <boris-42> So that is all for this week
17:27:22 <boris-42> Next topic?)
17:27:24 <boris-42> any questions?
17:28:35 <boris-42> meteorfox: rook &
17:28:36 <boris-42> ^
17:28:43 <meteorfox> nope
17:28:48 <boris-42> okay
17:28:51 <rook> has anyone played much with rps?
17:29:02 <boris-42> rook: so I played a bit
17:29:12 <boris-42> rook: but seems like we have some issues with it
17:29:37 <rook> I personally havent, but members who I work with have seen some problems... where Rally doesn't catch a guest went into ERROR state (vmtask specifically).
17:29:43 <rook> boris-42: ah ok.
17:29:51 <rook> boris-42: I was going to have him open a BZ
17:30:00 <boris-42> rook: oh nope
17:30:19 <boris-42> rook: I was talking about issues related with proper load generation
17:30:21 <boris-42> rook: not such
17:30:29 <rook> ITER: 0 END: Error TimeoutException: Rally tired waiting for unicode u'':<no id> to become <function _ping_ip_address at 0x2d3d6e0> current status NONE
17:30:34 <rook> ^ example boris-42
17:30:38 <boris-42> rook: so this is ok
17:30:53 <rook> Guest was in ERROR state, but Running
17:30:55 <boris-42> rook: it can't ping VM it is not related to runner
17:31:17 <boris-42> rook: what do you mean by Running?)
17:31:56 <rook> boris-42: Status was ERROR, Power State was Running
17:32:09 <rook> | c31dff3b-a03b-41e2-9799-cb9cc35a79ea | sriov     | ACTIVE | -          | Running     | net=  |
17:32:15 <rook> ^ Example where things are "good"
17:32:30 <boris-42> rook:   ITER: 0 END: Error TimeoutException: Rally tired waiting for unicode u'':<no id> to become <function _ping_ip_address at 0x2d3d6e0> current status NONE
17:32:30 <boris-42> 
17:32:43 <boris-42> ^ This means that Rally tired wating to ping VM
17:32:59 <rook> Right, but that guest was in ERROR state...
17:33:11 <rook> I personally haven't investigated this much
17:33:19 <rook> i was curious if others have seen where rps causes failures.
17:33:30 <boris-42> rook: it can't be related to rps
17:33:43 <boris-42> rook: the bug may be in vm task boot and run command
17:33:46 <boris-42> rook: scenario
17:33:59 <rook> possibly... I need to play with it some
17:34:06 <boris-42> rook: ok
17:34:23 <boris-42> let's move to next topic
17:34:33 <boris-42> #topic Release 0.0.3 is coming
17:34:46 <boris-42> I am going to cut on this week new release
17:35:02 <boris-42> I will try to finish support of existing users before cut of new releae
17:35:56 <boris-42> rook: oanufriev amaretskiy msdubov ^
17:35:59 <boris-42> meteorfox: ^
17:36:03 <boris-42> anything?)
17:36:46 <meteorfox> nope, the comments I had regarding the 'sigma test' for the outliers, I left them in the patch itself. I think it should be discussed there
17:37:02 <boris-42> msdubov: did you see those comments?
17:37:04 <boris-42> meteorfox: ^
17:37:10 <msdubov> boris-42 What else should be completed before 0.0.3?
17:37:23 <boris-42> msdubov: I believe only existing users
17:37:31 <boris-42> but they can be even done after
17:37:45 <boris-42> as well this patch is interesting
17:37:46 <boris-42> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/170160/
17:38:23 <pradeep> any link we have for 0.0.3 items?
17:38:44 <msdubov> boris-42:Yes, I saw it. Maybe also "task abort" in 0.0.3?
17:39:19 <boris-42> pradeep: not yet but let we discuss this in next topic
17:39:29 <boris-42> msdubov: heh not sure if we finish it before existing users and get merged
17:39:31 <pradeep> sure
17:39:39 <boris-42> okay let's move to next topic
17:39:50 <boris-42> #topic How to make simple to understand what is important for next release
17:39:57 <e0ne> boris-42: may be we'll complete 2 more scenarios for cinder this week
17:40:03 <boris-42> e0ne: ok
17:40:08 <e0ne> one is ready for review
17:40:10 <boris-42> So I have idea
17:40:24 <boris-42> it was actually redixin
17:40:28 <boris-42> idea
17:40:33 <boris-42> To make one blueprint
17:40:37 <boris-42> in launchpad
17:40:53 <boris-42> "important-for-next-release" and add it to commit messages
17:41:09 <boris-42> so we will have page with all patches that are important-for-next-release
17:41:19 <boris-42> msdubov: e0ne meteorfox rook pradeep ^
17:41:27 <e0ne> interesting...
17:41:29 <boris-42> e0ne: regarding to cinder benchmarks
17:41:40 <boris-42> e0ne: okay we will take a look
17:41:53 <boris-42> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rally/+spec/important-for-next-release
17:41:55 <e0ne> boris-42: thanks!
17:42:03 <boris-42> ^ So actually I created such BP already
17:42:06 <boris-42> but we are not using it
17:42:08 <boris-42> ye
17:42:10 <boris-42> yet*
17:42:34 <msdubov> boris-42: I like this idea, redixin thanks for this
17:43:10 <pradeep> boris-42:  its nice
17:43:43 <pradeep> idea
17:43:45 <boris-42> okay then after cutting next release we will start adding this bp to all important patches
17:46:47 <boris-42> any other comments?
17:47:12 * rook needs to catch up! ;)
17:47:21 <msdubov> boris-42: Will we use only one bluepirnt?
17:47:27 <boris-42> msdubov: yep
17:47:28 <msdubov> boris-42:Maybe better one BP for each release?
17:47:35 <boris-42> msdubov: nope
17:47:53 <boris-42> msdubov: because if decided to not merge important for release 0.0.x in 0.0.x
17:47:59 <boris-42> we will need to update commit message
17:48:08 <msdubov> boris-42: I see
17:48:28 <boris-42> msdubov: as well I am not sure that it will be easy to predict version of rally always
17:51:27 <boris-42> okay let's move
17:51:32 <boris-42> #topic open dicussion
17:51:49 <boris-42> amaretskiy: msdubov meteorfox rook pradeep anything to discuss?)
17:52:17 <rook> Since I am behind on things, is there any work on creating a Rally API ?
17:53:29 <boris-42> rook: so yep
17:53:44 <boris-42> rook: here is rally api (as a lib) https://github.com/stackforge/rally/blob/master/rally/api.py
17:53:58 <boris-42> rook: and we are going to add more methods like list and show to it
17:54:13 <boris-42> rook: and remove rally.objects usages from rally.cli
17:54:25 * rook will check it out.
17:54:27 <rook> thanks boris-42
17:54:29 <boris-42> rally.cmd*
17:54:53 <boris-42> rook: so basically on top of rally.api we will create a tinny translator HTTP-2-API
17:55:03 <boris-42> rook: so we will have as well rally as a service
17:58:07 <boris-42> rook: okay
17:58:24 <boris-42> so let's finish meeting
17:58:28 <boris-42> see you
17:58:32 <boris-42> #endmeeting