14:01:08 <amaretskiy> #startmeeting Rally
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14:01:19 <amaretskiy> hi all
14:02:43 <yfried_> hi
14:02:53 <oanufriev> hi all
14:03:08 <amaretskiy> let's start
14:03:29 <amaretskiy> #topic new HTML reports classes
14:04:08 <amaretskiy> I'm currently working on new improved classes for report charts
14:04:24 <amaretskiy> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/159458/
14:04:39 <amaretskiy> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/146814/
14:04:50 <amaretskiy> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/169828/
14:04:59 <amaretskiy> these patches will be updated soon
14:05:12 <amaretskiy> so I believe tomorrow they will be ready for review
14:05:25 <amaretskiy> and we will have these patches in next release
14:05:51 <amaretskiy> #topic New script for gate jobs
14:06:46 <amaretskiy> redixin what status have https://review.openstack.org/#/c/175549/
14:06:59 <amaretskiy> I believe it is complete
14:07:06 <redixin> it have only on +1 from you ;)
14:07:20 <redixin> yep
14:07:24 <redixin> i think so
14:07:24 <amaretskiy> this patch needs reviews
14:07:43 <amaretskiy> colleagues, please review it
14:08:01 <amaretskiy> this patch is critical for next release
14:08:32 <amaretskiy> okay, waiting for reviews from others....
14:08:44 <amaretskiy> #topic Fuel benchmarks
14:10:04 <amaretskiy> this topic is related to several patches, first patch is one that registers fuelclient and adds simple scenario - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/178731/
14:10:23 <amaretskiy> there is a small nit with this patch - I will submit new patch set today
14:10:39 <amaretskiy> but we have real problem on gates
14:11:21 <amaretskiy> since fuelclient package is in optional-requirements.txt and we have ImportError on gates
14:11:21 <redixin> so are we going to skip testing scenario samples?
14:11:38 <amaretskiy> this is a point for discussion
14:12:10 <rvasilets> I like this way of solution
14:12:10 <amaretskiy> for my point of view, skip is a simple and good solution
14:12:52 <amaretskiy> but I do not remember that boris-42 has approved that :(
14:12:55 <rvasilets> if can't solve it in normal way
14:13:14 <amaretskiy> redixin, what do you think, can we start implementing of this skip without boris-42 opinion, or we are blocked?
14:14:09 <yfried_> amaretskiy: redixin will the Fuel scenarios be tested on the Mirantis Gate?
14:14:23 <redixin> yfried_, it already tested
14:14:41 <redixin> fuel-community-6.0	SUCCESS (non voting) in 4m 12s
14:14:54 <amaretskiy> yfried_ the problem is regarding job "gate-rally-dsvm-cli"
14:15:11 <redixin> amaretskiy, imo we should add patch with "try import except ImportError self.skip"
14:15:18 <yfried_> redixin: then make it voting and IMO it should be enough. if the main gait doesn't allow for it
14:15:59 <redixin> yfried_, the problem is in another job. that job is trying to do "rally task validate" for each task sample
14:16:12 <redixin> yfried_, and it is failing with ImportError fuelclient
14:16:30 <amaretskiy> okay, does anybody want to make this patch?
14:16:31 <yfried_> redixin: I get it. You want to skip (=igonre importError) on the main gate.
14:16:32 <redixin> so we can just skip it if there is no fuelclient installed
14:17:11 <yfried_> redixin: IMO this is only valid of the Mirantis gate has it as voting.
14:17:14 <amaretskiy> redixin, we can even parse if `fuelclient' is in ImportError messahe
14:17:25 <amaretskiy> *message
14:17:29 <redixin> amaretskiy, wait
14:17:38 <yfried_> redixin: amaretskiy: I don't understand why have the fuel scenario on main gate at all
14:17:40 <rvasilets> Ok I will make patch that skip ImportError for Fuel samples
14:17:52 <amaretskiy> rvasilets: great
14:17:53 <redixin> try import fuelclient except importError // should be enough
14:18:22 <amaretskiy> redixin: okay
14:18:39 <redixin> yfried_, it is not fuel scenario. it is job which checks all task samples
14:19:09 <amaretskiy> so, it seems that we have decided what to do with this problem, lets continue...
14:19:39 <e0ne> hi
14:19:45 <amaretskiy> we have another patches related to Fuel scenarios
14:19:49 <amaretskiy> e0ne hi
14:19:52 <redixin> yfried_, https://github.com/openstack/rally/blob/master/tests/functional/test_task_samples.py
14:22:21 <redixin> amaretskiy, oh. we cant just add "import fuelclient" in try/except block. we should do something other. like here: https://github.com/openstack/rally/blob/master/tests/functional/test_task_samples.py#L49-L50
14:23:21 <rvasilets> I'll solve this issue
14:23:27 <redixin> good
14:23:33 <amaretskiy> rvasilets, great!
14:23:38 <amaretskiy> ok, let's proceed
14:23:51 <amaretskiy> oanufriev please give your status for your patches regarding Fuel scenarios
14:25:18 <oanufriev> Well, there are two patches: https://review.openstack.org/182873 and https://review.openstack.org/181270
14:25:18 <oanufriev> They are under development - no unit tests.
14:25:18 <redixin> are these patches scheduled for next release?
14:25:42 <oanufriev> But looks like they do the job
14:25:59 <oanufriev> EOM
14:26:14 <amaretskiy> According to current release management doc - I guess no
14:26:53 <redixin> ok. I will take a look anyway
14:26:56 <amaretskiy> Okay, these patches are important in any case, waiting for unit tests
14:27:05 <oanufriev> ok
14:27:12 <amaretskiy> #topic Specs
14:27:57 <amaretskiy> we have a lot of important patches related to specs
14:28:42 <amaretskiy> yair_ please tell us about refactoring of scenario utils
14:28:53 <amaretskiy> I see interesting spec about that
14:29:30 <amaretskiy> yfried_*
14:29:36 <amaretskiy> yfried_ ^
14:29:54 <yfried_> amaretskiy: the idea is to make the scenaio/*/utils.py not part of inheritance tree
14:30:41 <amaretskiy> we suffer for this problem for a long time, this spec is important
14:30:53 <yfried_> amaretskiy: it's blocked on 2 things
14:31:07 <yfried_> 1. AtomicMixin
14:31:42 <yfried_> 2. https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/rally+branch:master+topic:refactor_a_bit_plugins,n,z
14:31:46 <amaretskiy> yes, atomic actions are not well-described in this spec (that I have mentioned in review)
14:32:41 <yfried_> amaretskiy: 1 - should remove atomic actions from the scenario tree and make it plugins generic. I guess I'm gonna have to re-visit https://review.openstack.org/#/c/148637/
14:33:27 <yfried_> amaretskiy: problem is, having 2 merged would make 1 much simpler if we make it a part of the generic plugin base
14:33:46 <amaretskiy> in any case, this spec should explain how atomic actions will be implemented
14:34:23 <yfried_> amaretskiy: I'm waiting on boris to help me draft the spec and finish #2
14:34:38 <amaretskiy> I had discussion with boris-42 about atomic actions - their correct implementation is very important
14:34:51 <amaretskiy> okay, redixin oanufriev rvasilets please look at this spec
14:35:11 <amaretskiy> okay, let's proceed
14:35:13 <yfried_> amaretskiy: I'm a little foggy on the details
14:35:32 <yfried_> amaretskiy: so any suggestions re atomic actions are welcome
14:35:42 <yfried_> amaretskiy: maybe a different spec???
14:36:17 <amaretskiy> yfried_ mayvbe just add some idea (even foggy) to the spec so we will have a point to start discussion?
14:36:25 <yfried_> amaretskiy: will do
14:36:31 <amaretskiy> yfried_ thanks!
14:36:45 <amaretskiy> #topic Free discussion
14:37:00 <amaretskiy> does anyone have comments?
14:38:36 <oanufriev> nop
14:38:48 <amaretskiy> okay, so end meeting
14:38:53 <amaretskiy> thanks to all!!!
14:38:58 <amaretskiy> #endmeeting