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14:00:17 <ikhudoshyn> o/
14:00:36 <boris-42> ping rvasilets_ ikhudoshyn e0ne
14:00:42 <boris-42> ping redixin
14:00:42 <rvasilets_> \o
14:00:44 <e0ne> hi
14:00:57 <redixin> annyong haseyo
14:01:46 <boris-42> redixin: hey hey
14:02:50 <boris-42> okay let's start
14:03:16 <boris-42> #topic  [redixin] rally-ci updates
14:03:47 <e0ne> hi
14:04:04 <redixin> some updates was accumulated in rally-ci
14:04:19 <redixin> now it supports cloud images
14:04:19 <andreykurilin__> hi all
14:04:33 <temujin_> hi
14:04:45 <redixin> also it support btrfs (previously was only zfs)
14:05:48 <redixin> also added lots of small changes like timeouts and triggering jobs by ref-updated
14:06:22 <redixin> current rally-ci configuration may be found here: https://github.com/redixin/rci-config/blob/master/config.yaml
14:06:26 <boris-42> redixin: so can you cut releases and make release notes
14:06:46 <boris-42> redixin: or somehow else peridoically wirte updates
14:07:03 <boris-42> redixin: just to keep process transparent for others?
14:07:06 <redixin> it is not actually release. status of rally-ci may be seen here https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rally-ci
14:07:37 <redixin> so there is some work to be done before first release
14:08:24 <redixin> here is the main repository: https://github.com/redixin/rally-ci/
14:09:31 <redixin> so feel free to contact me if you want to contribute
14:09:59 <boris-42> redixin: ok
14:10:04 <boris-42> redixin: thanks for update
14:10:10 <boris-42> any questions guys?
14:10:30 <rvasilets_> no
14:10:45 <temujin_> no
14:12:08 <boris-42> #topic [boris-42] Rally 0.1.0 updates
14:12:20 <boris-42> Okay so finally we get Rally 0.1.0 released
14:12:28 <boris-42> we did a great job guys =)
14:12:30 <boris-42> woot
14:12:50 <boris-42> so we have fixed almost all non scalable code in Rally
14:13:00 <boris-42> and finished rally task abort command
14:13:23 <boris-42> improved a lot framework
14:13:29 <boris-42> and here are release notes https://rally.readthedocs.org/en/latest/release_notes/latest.html
14:13:50 <boris-42> I hope next release won't be delayed so much as this one=)
14:14:14 <boris-42> #topic [boris-42] About Rally 0.1.1
14:14:34 <boris-42> So I believe this week we should cut new Release 0.1.1
14:14:43 <boris-42> mostly because of serious bug in Rally reports
14:15:04 <boris-42> I would like to include murano benchmarks in this release
14:15:19 <boris-42> + patches releated to Tempest.conf generation
14:15:31 <boris-42> so it will be quite nice result for 1 week of development
14:15:32 <boris-42> -)
14:15:36 <boris-42> any questions?
14:15:42 <boris-42> any suggestions?
14:16:34 <boris-42> redixin: rvasilets_ redixin temujin_ ^
14:16:36 <ikhudoshyn> should Task refactoring enter in 0.1.1
14:16:37 <ikhudoshyn> ?
14:16:37 <boris-42> andreykurilin__: ^
14:16:42 <temujin_> include fuel-nodes scenario too
14:17:00 <boris-42> temujin_: so I believe we can include fuel-nodes
14:17:10 <rvasilets_> if we talk only about fixing task reports then its ok to cut realese in a week
14:17:26 <boris-42> ikhudoshyn: I believe it is not ready yet, hovewer I will start reviewing it
14:17:36 <ikhudoshyn> gotit
14:17:40 <boris-42> rvasilets_: why otherwise is not ok ?
14:18:02 <rvasilets_> boris-42, murano benchmarks was already finished then they too ok cut in a week
14:18:17 <rvasilets_> I think its possible to cut in a weeks
14:18:23 <rvasilets_> *week
14:19:29 <boris-42> so okay
14:19:46 <boris-42> let's move to next topic
14:20:38 <boris-42> #topic  [boris-42] Critical bugs in reports
14:20:52 <boris-42> so rvasilets_ did you finish patch that I started?
14:21:28 <rvasilets_> Now I just want to add several more tests to MainStatsTableTestCase other ok
14:21:39 <rvasilets_> it wiil take not a lot of time now
14:22:01 <rvasilets_> I have almost finished this patrt
14:22:12 <rvasilets_> other is now on review
14:22:22 <boris-42> rvasilets_: great thanks for helping on this
14:22:47 <boris-42> guys please review this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/228403/
14:22:54 <boris-42> it's qutei important
14:23:09 <boris-42> redixin: andreykurilin__ ikhudoshyn temujin_ ^
14:23:16 <ikhudoshyn_> will do
14:23:20 <boris-42> okay moving to next topic
14:23:23 <temujin_> already there
14:23:38 <boris-42> #topic [ylobankov] Creating Tempest resources
14:23:41 <boris-42> ylobankov: hi
14:23:48 <ylobankov> hi guys
14:24:16 <ylobankov> currently i am working on `rally verify` command
14:24:59 <ylobankov> I have started work on this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/226652/ . Of course patch is in progress
14:25:45 <boris-42> ylobankov: so do you have any questions related to that patch?
14:25:57 <ylobankov> I would like to discuss some issues. The first one is creating tempest resources
14:26:32 <ylobankov> any ideas how to do it. Context or something like that?
14:27:29 <boris-42> ylobankov: so why not just creating before run and delete after run?
14:27:59 <redixin> ylobankov, which resources do you mean?
14:28:10 <andreykurilin__> boris-42: because we support cli which just generate config file, not launch verification
14:29:02 <andreykurilin__> redixin: I suppose tempest specific roles, images and etc
14:29:12 <ylobankov> boris-42: we have `rally verify genconfig` command. What should we do when we execute this one? redixin: I mean keystone roles, flavors and images
14:30:10 <redixin> ylobankov, resources created by rally before (and for) tempest? or resources left by tempest?
14:30:22 <andreykurilin__> Maybe, we can implement some context manager, which will check existence of resources from config file and create/remove them
14:30:35 <andreykurilin__> redixin: for tempest launch
14:31:58 <ylobankov> andreykurilin__: create/remove before each run `rally verify`?
14:32:25 <boris-42> ylobankov: yep
14:32:32 <andreykurilin__> ylobankov: yep
14:32:55 <boris-42> ylobankov: we can as well store in rally.db reference to created resources so we will be able to cleanup them at any moment
14:33:09 <andreykurilin__> or we can ask users "do you want to left tempest pre-created resources or not"
14:33:10 <boris-42> ylobankov: but it is not safe (because you can delete VM with rally for example)
14:35:26 <ylobankov> It looks like we cannot create resources before each run `rally verify start` because we have `rally verify genconfig`
14:36:10 <andreykurilin__> ylovankov: what about checking resources from config file before each run?
14:36:44 <ylobankov> andreykurilin__: sounds resonable
14:38:22 <ylobankov> it looks like at this point I don't have any questions. Any questions for me?
14:38:58 <boris-42> ylobankov: thanks for work on rally verify =)
14:39:34 <ylobankov> boris-42: not at all :)
14:40:58 <boris-42> okay let's move to next topic
14:41:17 <boris-42> #topic  [rvasilets] A small refactor of Rally install script
14:42:04 <rvasilets_> Okey. A week ago I get a task to remove psycopg2 from requrements
14:42:08 <rvasilets_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190931/
14:43:23 <rvasilets_> But after delete from #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190931/4/requirements.txt requirenments
14:43:48 <rvasilets_> I found that there are also some packages that could be installed optionally too
14:44:25 <rvasilets_> All of them here #link https://github.com/openstack/rally/blob/master/install_rally.sh#L289
14:45:04 <rvasilets_> libpq-dev postgres-devel and postgressql93-devel
14:45:40 <rvasilets_> And I decide that we need to add manually there instalation here #link https://github.com/openstack/rally/blob/master/install_rally.sh#L400
14:45:55 <rvasilets_> But it takes a lot of lines more then 100
14:46:23 <rvasilets_> so I suggest to refactor script and add such function as install_pkg_manually
14:46:52 <rvasilets_> The changes that helped me with this are here #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190931/4/install_rally.sh
14:46:57 <boris-42> redixin: ^ could you take as well on this patch
14:47:29 <rvasilets_> Please say you thoughts about this refactor
14:47:32 <rvasilets_> eom
14:47:52 <boris-42> rvasilets_: okay my overall opinion is to try to find the ways to make that script shorter
14:47:55 <boris-42> rvasilets_: not longer=)
14:48:40 <rvasilets_> also there is exist paramater like easier
14:49:05 <rvasilets_> and not always shorter is easier)
14:50:50 <boris-42> rvasilets_: ok
14:50:52 <rvasilets_> Also this question is not intended to raise a debate on the needed of the script
14:51:02 <rvasilets_> it is out of scope
14:51:14 <boris-42> rvasilets_: I am not talking that we don't need script
14:51:21 <boris-42> rvasilets_: I am talking about it's complexity
14:51:40 <boris-42> hovever I will re-review it
14:51:48 <boris-42> okay seems like we dicussed everything
14:51:49 <rvasilets_> I have heard how guys are talkiong)
14:51:58 <boris-42> rvasilets_: ?)
14:52:09 <rvasilets_> this is more for them was said
14:52:49 <rvasilets_> andreykurilin__, redixin and some others don't like bash and want to rewrite it into python)
14:53:19 <rvasilets_> that was told to me when I have raised the same question to them)
14:54:02 <andreykurilin__> the main problem of this script: rally team doesn't have a lot of bash-gurus
14:54:16 <boris-42> andreykurilin__: imho rewriting it to python will be bad idea
14:54:30 <boris-42> andreykurilin__: chris knows it well=)
14:54:41 <rvasilets_> This is a good reason to became a guru)
14:54:55 <boris-42> andreykurilin__: python imho is not a good language to install packages
14:55:27 <rvasilets_> Alexander said that he has 5000 line script experience on Bash)
14:55:38 <rvasilets_> *had
14:56:11 <andreykurilin__> boris-42: after looking at our install script, I think that bash is not a good language to install packages too.
14:56:41 <boris-42> so okay andreykurilin__ lol
14:56:54 <boris-42> okay so we have to finish our meeting
14:57:01 <boris-42> we can continue disucssion in rally chat
14:57:05 <andreykurilin__> ok
14:57:06 <rvasilets_> )
14:57:07 <boris-42> see you guys
14:57:11 <boris-42> #endmeeting