14:00:50 <ikhudoshyn> #startmeeting Rally
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14:01:03 <ikhudoshyn> o/
14:01:30 <ikhudoshyn> hi, everybody. boris-42 asked me to lead the meeting this time
14:01:44 <amaretskiy> hi
14:03:36 <ikhudoshyn> let's wait couple more minutes..
14:04:26 <ikhudoshyn> DST was switched off recently for the huge part of the team so we could expect people missing the meeting today
14:05:37 <andreykurilin> o/
14:05:40 <ikhudoshyn> Many other participants may opt for (preparation to) summit
14:06:01 <ikhudoshyn> Ok lets start
14:06:18 <ikhudoshyn> Our agenda does not look busy tday
14:06:22 <andreykurilin> ikhudoshyn: do we need a meeting at this weekend?
14:06:38 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: weekend?
14:06:49 <andreykurilin> *week
14:06:50 <andreykurilin> :)
14:06:51 <ikhudoshyn> I thought it's Monday
14:07:10 <ikhudoshyn> boris-42 asked me to conduct it ))
14:07:17 <ikhudoshyn> we're gonna be short
14:07:18 <andreykurilin> okey:)
14:07:26 <ikhudoshyn> #topic [ikhudoshyn] Distributed load generation      - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/236979/      - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/238547/      - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/239406/
14:07:39 <ikhudoshyn> I could be the 1st
14:08:09 <ikhudoshyn> so, I work on (some parts of) distributed load generation functionality AKA DistributedRunner
14:08:26 <ikhudoshyn> by the links you could find a draft for the spec
14:08:51 <chenli> o/
14:08:54 <ikhudoshyn> as well as a couple of patches which contain some independent parts
14:09:10 <chenli> do rally droped bps ?
14:09:20 <chenli> not use bp anymore ?
14:09:31 <ikhudoshyn> those include algorythm for merging result streams from remote nodes, running tasks
14:09:47 <ikhudoshyn> and infrastructure changes for SLA validation
14:10:04 <ikhudoshyn> should I dive in details now?
14:10:12 <kun_huang> hello guys, how many guys are in Tokyo now?
14:10:37 <ikhudoshyn> kun_huang: hi. Not much I believe
14:11:12 <kun_huang> ikhudoshyn: there is a rally related topic in neutron
14:11:13 <ikhudoshyn> boris-42 is not there AFAIK, so are most of those who are here
14:11:28 <kun_huang> ikhudoshyn:  yet, he should be there
14:11:40 <ikhudoshyn> kun_huang: agree
14:11:53 <chenli> ikhudoshyn,  if there is a bp, wouldn't it be better to add the bp  links on each patch , then we can find all patches related to the same topic from the bp.
14:12:50 <kun_huang> chenli: ikhudoshyn I think we should talk about those details in #openstack-rally
14:13:00 <kun_huang> it's meeting time :)
14:13:00 <ikhudoshyn> chenli: well there is no BP. Rally is mostly spec-driven ))
14:13:29 <ikhudoshyn> kun_huang: agree
14:13:37 <chenli> ikhudoshyn, yep, that's my question, because bp and spec do not confilict at all.
14:13:41 <chenli> kun_huang, ok
14:14:27 <kun_huang> ikhudoshyn: I nearly loss two weeks from rally
14:14:35 <kun_huang> watching your https://review.openstack.org/#/c/236979/3/doc/source/images/Rally_Distributed_Runner.png,unified now :)
14:15:39 <ikhudoshyn> kun_huang: I believe that means that you're to reach me if any questions arise
14:15:47 <ikhudoshyn> so we could move on
14:16:10 <ikhudoshyn> any objections?
14:16:39 <ikhudoshyn> guess, not
14:16:49 <ikhudoshyn> #topic Open discussion
14:17:06 <kun_huang> ikhudoshyn:  just read a little from your spec
14:17:32 <kun_huang> ikhudoshyn: so we could run many runer+runer+...
14:18:07 <ikhudoshyn> kun_huang: yes, on separate nodes
14:18:48 <ikhudoshyn> and one DistributedRunner on 'master' node
14:19:00 <ikhudoshyn> that will rule them all
14:19:44 <chenli> Is that means rally can run 2 different scenarios at the same time ?
14:19:56 <kun_huang> chenli: nope
14:20:12 <kun_huang> rally could run   2 different scenarios a long time before
14:20:20 <ikhudoshyn> chenli: that is to be able to generate much more load than now
14:20:46 <chenli> kun_huang, o, how ? Didn't see any examples..
14:21:22 <kun_huang> now, rally would handle the case like users A (call APIs serially) and users B (call APIs concurrenyly)
14:21:45 <kun_huang> chenli: https://github.com/openstack/rally/blob/master/rally-jobs/rally.yaml
14:23:07 <chenli> kun_huang, I still don't understand. When we add more than 1 scenarios in one yaml, all secenarios will be start at the same time ?
14:23:27 <chenli> kun_huang, then, how I control them to run one by one
14:24:03 <kun_huang> chenli: the secenarios run one by one
14:24:26 <andreykurilin> chenli: no, when you add more that 1 scenario to one yaml/json file, all scenarios will be launched serially
14:24:35 <chenli> kun_huang, then, rally can't run 2 scenarios at the same time,
14:24:58 <chenli> andreykurilin, kun_huang right ?
14:25:12 <andreykurilin> yes
14:29:11 <kun_huang> it seems there are no more talks :)
14:29:20 <ikhudoshyn> yep ))
14:29:23 <andreykurilin> :)
14:29:39 <ikhudoshyn> looks like we're done
14:30:01 <ikhudoshyn> see you
14:30:03 <kun_huang> let's end meeting, hope those guys have a nice week
14:30:05 <chenli> :)
14:30:10 <ikhudoshyn> #endmeeting