14:04:24 <ikhudoshyn> #startmeeting Rally
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14:04:33 <andreykurilin> \o/
14:04:34 <ikhudoshyn> o/
14:04:54 <oanufriev_> hi
14:05:05 <andreykurilin> we need more people:)
14:05:10 <amaretskiy> hi
14:05:18 <chenli> hi
14:05:18 <ikhudoshyn> boris-42 seems trying to get sleep enough after the summit
14:05:36 <andreykurilin> yeah
14:05:46 <ikhudoshyn> we got a couple items in the agenda
14:05:54 <ikhudoshyn> let's start
14:06:06 <ikhudoshyn> #topic [andreykurilin] Sudo access for rally user in docker container.    - https://answers.launchpad.net/rally/+question/273388
14:06:21 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: your turn
14:06:43 <andreykurilin> this question was raisen a lot of times
14:07:00 <andreykurilin> there are a lot of users, which want to use `sudo` inside container
14:07:05 <andreykurilin> *docker container
14:07:27 <andreykurilin> ` -u root` option for docker run sucks
14:07:46 <andreykurilin> since it doesn't save the state of container
14:08:18 <andreykurilin> as far as I remember, there were some comments from redixin side
14:08:47 <andreykurilin> but I don't remember why he dislike sudo rights inside our image
14:09:06 <redixin> i dont dislike any rights, it just not docker way
14:09:13 <andreykurilin> :)
14:09:21 <redixin> any user can do anything with image using -u root
14:09:34 <ikhudoshyn> is there a good reason why we dont use 'root' user, at all
14:09:35 <ikhudoshyn> ?
14:10:10 <andreykurilin> redixin: as far as I understand, if user install some package and turn off container, all changes will be lost
14:10:11 <redixin> is there a good reason to why ppl not use 'root' user
14:10:12 <andreykurilin> tight?
14:10:33 <andreykurilin> *right
14:10:42 <redixin> andreykurilin, there are 'image' and 'container' in docker
14:11:01 <redixin> image is read-only
14:11:31 <redixin> 'container' is created when user run any single command
14:11:46 <redixin> 'container' is clone of 'image'
14:11:55 <redixin> with changes made by this command
14:12:13 <redixin> just read the docker docs before using it
14:12:17 <redixin> omg
14:12:19 <ikhudoshyn> redixin: i'd even say 'container' is kinda a process run from command
14:12:34 <andreykurilin> okey
14:12:54 <ikhudoshyn> in fact don't ppl use root at all?
14:12:58 <ikhudoshyn> or do they
14:12:59 <ikhudoshyn> ?
14:13:40 <redixin> there is no need to be root for launch benchmark
14:13:41 <ikhudoshyn> since there is nothing except rally in container, there is nothing to 'protect' from rally process
14:13:45 <ikhudoshyn> am I wrong?
14:13:57 <andreykurilin> my point is "if we can not restrict usage of root for our image, we should not add a headache for those who want to do it"
14:14:21 <ikhudoshyn> redixin: no need, that's true
14:14:28 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: do not follow u
14:15:00 <redixin> root is root even inside a jail
14:15:43 <ikhudoshyn> redixin: is it a general reasoning, or there is any particular use case when being root is evil inside container?
14:16:06 <ikhudoshyn> for me being root in a single user env sounds ok
14:16:27 <redixin> is there any particular reason when being root is evil not inside a container?
14:17:12 <ikhudoshyn> docker at all seems to be about apps, not users
14:17:44 <redixin> we should follow a best practices of using docker
14:18:10 <oanufriev_> docker is an LXC, first of all. So, LXC issues inherited
14:18:32 <ikhudoshyn> redixin: absolutely agree, so I've asked,  do people useanother user in docker instead of root
14:18:32 <redixin> > If a service can run without privileges, use USER to change to a non-root user.
14:18:33 <ikhudoshyn> ?
14:18:45 <oanufriev_> and if you have root in container, than you have toot on whole host
14:19:23 <oanufriev_> s/toot/root
14:19:26 <ikhudoshyn> oanufriev_: it's not the kind of behavior one could expect from 'jail'
14:19:55 <ikhudoshyn> redixin: ok sounds reasonable
14:20:35 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: back to your question..
14:20:36 <redixin> if we use 'root' instead of 'rally' user, there will be another questions to us. like "using root is bad. why are you using root?"
14:21:02 <ikhudoshyn> redixin: ok, I'm fine with 'rally' too
14:21:44 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: am I right, it's about ability to make sudo?
14:23:01 <ikhudoshyn> hm.. andreykurilin ?
14:24:01 <redixin> we can make sudo for those people who dont want to use -u root for some reason
14:26:33 <ikhudoshyn> ok, we seem to lose andreykurilin for a while
14:26:56 <ikhudoshyn> redixin: sure we can)) but should we, really?
14:27:50 <ikhudoshyn> do we want to elaborate morenow, without topicstarter?
14:28:06 <ikhudoshyn> or just move to the next topic for a while?
14:28:34 <redixin> ikhudoshyn, it may be useful if we want to just fast install and try some stuff
14:29:08 <ikhudoshyn> redixin: yes, that's understood
14:29:15 <redixin> like if we already inside a container, and not want to spend one minute to go out and run -u root
14:29:45 <ikhudoshyn> yep. Ok, let's just fix that
14:30:18 <andreykurilin> sorry)
14:30:52 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: it's ok
14:30:59 <ikhudoshyn> great to see u back
14:31:06 <andreykurilin> ikhudoshyn: "am I right, it's about ability to make sudo?" yes
14:31:17 <ikhudoshyn> looks like we're fine to just add sudo
14:31:47 <andreykurilin> "yep. Ok, let's just fix that" nice
14:32:14 <ikhudoshyn> can we just add 'NOPASSWD:' line to sudo conf, so that we could continue w/o passwd
14:32:15 <ikhudoshyn> ?
14:32:44 <andreykurilin> I suppose it would be nice to have a simple password
14:32:56 <redixin> oh no
14:33:02 <andreykurilin> so users will think about "do I really need sudo"
14:33:31 <redixin> +1 for no password
14:33:36 <andreykurilin> :(
14:33:39 <andreykurilin> ok
14:33:41 <ikhudoshyn> +1 for no passwd
14:33:55 <amaretskiy> can we save limited commands list to sudores?
14:34:14 <ikhudoshyn> amaretskiy: that's not wjhat ppl expect I believe
14:34:23 <amaretskiy> ok, sorry
14:35:04 <ikhudoshyn> and making people finding out password just to find out that there is no one exist does not look like good usability
14:35:15 <ikhudoshyn> amaretskiy: dont be))
14:35:35 <ikhudoshyn> lets vote: add sudo, no password
14:35:37 <ikhudoshyn> +1
14:35:54 <ikhudoshyn> redixin: we've seen yours
14:35:56 <amaretskiy> i'm in doubts, no vote :(
14:36:02 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: ?
14:36:11 <ikhudoshyn> any other vote?
14:36:49 <andreykurilin> I'm for "add sudo, add password"
14:36:52 <andreykurilin> :)
14:37:08 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: how user will find out one?
14:37:19 <redixin> docker -u root not asks password
14:37:21 <andreykurilin> rally.readthedocs
14:37:32 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: r u serious? ))
14:37:33 <andreykurilin> dockerhub
14:37:49 <andreykurilin> yes, I'm serious)
14:38:31 <andreykurilin> If you look at https://answers.launchpad.net/rally/+question/273388 , user read the doc
14:39:06 <andreykurilin> ok, I'm not strictly for "add password"
14:39:35 <ikhudoshyn> well, I'd, personally, not to make user doing that
14:39:35 <andreykurilin> so let's do it without password and don't wast more meeting minutes for this question:)
14:39:45 <ikhudoshyn> )))
14:39:47 <ikhudoshyn> good
14:40:06 <oanufriev_> @ikhudoshyn: >> andreykurilin: how user will find out one?; How about some shell banner insight docker?
14:40:09 <ikhudoshyn> we could change it back any way
14:40:35 <ikhudoshyn> oanufriev_: why bother?
14:41:02 <ikhudoshyn> it's like having yr password ona yellow sticker on yr monitor))
14:41:26 <oanufriev_> no. Look at ciiros
14:41:39 <andreykurilin> Sorry guys, I need to go, bye
14:41:40 <ikhudoshyn> ok let's set it like 'add sudo, no passwd' and move on
14:41:51 <ikhudoshyn> andreykurilin: bye
14:42:05 <ikhudoshyn> #topic [rvasilets] Fix timeout for scenario runners:    - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/235910/
14:42:18 <ikhudoshyn> rvasilets: ur welcome
14:42:36 <rvasilets> Hi
14:44:02 <rvasilets> Currently I'm changing one of the most deep thing in Rally - runner. This change will affect to all code that would be running with rps and constant runner. So I invite you to review it.
14:44:33 <ikhudoshyn> rvasilets: could u elaborate more on what and why do u do it?
14:44:35 <rvasilets> Its about add ability to terminate thread of scenario by timeout
14:44:46 <rvasilets> Because now we have a bug
14:44:55 <rvasilets> it attached in commit msg
14:46:16 <rvasilets> If we specify timeout in config for runner. Scenario woudn't be terminated after timeout. In cause if it executed longer
14:46:18 <ikhudoshyn> rvasilets: I see redixin commented it a lot. Do you want to dicsuss it now?
14:46:50 <ikhudoshyn> Or just do you ask team to review for now?
14:46:52 <rvasilets> redixin comment I have discuss with him previously
14:47:03 <rvasilets> Just ask for review.
14:47:12 <ikhudoshyn> have you agreed?
14:47:30 <ikhudoshyn> ok, we'll do. I will at least)
14:47:38 <redixin> rvasilets, did you see my last commends about 'deadline'?
14:47:46 <rvasilets> yes
14:48:17 <rvasilets> I don't understand how the snippet of code allows us to avoid 100% CPU usage
14:48:34 <rvasilets> its the same as mine in term on usage CPU
14:48:35 <redixin> qeue.get will block
14:48:55 <redixin> cpu is not used when thread is blocked on queue.get(timeout=....
14:50:02 <rvasilets> But you get item in all cases. If we don;t need to get new item
14:50:39 <redixin> we don't know if there is new items in queue
14:50:49 <rvasilets> Ok. We could write so. Or just add time.sleep(0.001)
14:51:11 <redixin> sleep-driven-development
14:51:19 <rvasilets> Of cause I'm for adding simple sleep
14:51:56 <redixin> why we should use sleep, and take unnecessary cycles?
14:52:08 <redixin> we can avoid this
14:52:11 <rvasilets> and what?) You solution is the same. Just sleep is hidden inside get()
14:52:23 <redixin> there is no unnecessary cycles
14:52:46 <redixin> hmmm. seems i wrong
14:53:02 <rvasilets> Ok. We will discuss it late
14:53:41 <redixin> if we use blocking queue.get then we need to wait additional time when waiting for thread.join
14:54:08 <redixin> ill think more about it
14:54:19 <rvasilets> ok
14:54:50 <ikhudoshyn> redixin, rvasilets : are we fine for a while, take it offline?
14:55:10 <redixin> yes
14:55:16 <ikhudoshyn> ok
14:55:29 <ikhudoshyn> #topic Open discussion
14:55:39 <ikhudoshyn> we have couple minutes
14:55:48 <ikhudoshyn> and I forgot to update agenda
14:55:56 <ikhudoshyn> so here goes mine))
14:56:26 <ikhudoshyn> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/239406/ -- it's about merging lists of task iteration results, now green
14:56:32 <ikhudoshyn> pls review
14:56:36 <redixin> ok
14:56:39 <amaretskiy> ok
14:56:45 <ikhudoshyn> some doc is in a pipeline
14:56:54 <ikhudoshyn> tnx
14:57:12 <ikhudoshyn> anybody else to add something?
14:57:18 <amaretskiy> no
14:57:51 <ikhudoshyn> then we're done
14:57:57 <rvasilets> no
14:58:16 <ikhudoshyn> bye everybody
14:58:23 <ikhudoshyn> #endofmeeting
14:58:31 <ikhudoshyn> #endmeeting