14:16:21 <rvasilets> #startmeeting Rally
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14:16:29 <rvasilets> pabelanger, thx!
14:16:49 <ikhudoshyn> redixin http://logs.openstack.org/89/320989/15/check/gate-rally-dsvm-rally/957cdb9/console.html
14:17:12 <ikhudoshyn> when i try 'openstack user list' I got erros
14:17:28 <ikhudoshyn> looks like devstack misconfiguration
14:17:43 <redixin> strigazi: you may ask in #openstack-infra
14:17:46 <ikhudoshyn> or is it done on purpose
14:17:57 <ikhudoshyn> ?
14:18:46 <redixin> ikhudoshyn: no idea
14:18:53 <ikhudoshyn> ic
14:20:18 <ikhudoshyn> that's all from my side
14:20:22 <rvasilets> )
14:20:40 <rvasilets> strigazi, Hi do you want to tell something more or you just observing?)
14:20:59 <redixin> ikhudoshyn: btw im investigating something related right now
14:21:44 <ikhudoshyn> ok pls let me know when you find out anything
14:22:21 <strigazi> I'm on meeting physically as well. From magnum, I think that this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/309546/ might be our first pacth
14:22:22 <redixin> ikhudoshyn: sure
14:22:29 <ikhudoshyn> tnx
14:23:47 <strigazi> Hopefully we
14:23:58 <rvasilets> strigazi, will review it today
14:24:08 <strigazi> 'll run some rally tests at scale next week
14:24:12 <rvasilets> possibly)
14:24:31 <strigazi> rvasilets, it's WIP, tests are missing
14:24:36 <rvasilets> sure
14:25:44 <rvasilets> what is the size of cluster where you will run RallŠ½?
14:25:51 <rvasilets> interesting
14:25:56 <rvasilets> strigazi, ^
14:26:02 <strigazi> 100 64 core nodes
14:26:46 <strigazi> we run magnum magnum on 22 64 core nodes at the moments
14:27:20 <strigazi> we expect 200 new one but I don't know if they are going to available
14:27:36 <strigazi> s/to/to be
14:27:53 <rvasilets> I saw that you from CERN. Will you test Hadron Collider?) Joke)
14:28:59 <rvasilets> strigazi, You expected to run scenarios that are on review now?
14:29:07 <strigazi> yes
14:29:21 <strigazi> mostly bay create
14:30:21 <rvasilets> Great
14:30:42 <strigazi> I'll try to test scenarios for container also, maybe rerun some experimetns with data from the lhc
14:31:51 <rvasilets> Ok, Do we have anything more to discuss redixin amaretskiy ikhudoshyn strigazi ?
14:32:02 <amaretskiy> nothing from my side
14:32:04 <ikhudoshyn> not from me
14:32:16 <strigazi> i'm good
14:35:34 <rvasilets> Okey. I think we could finish the meeting #endmeeting Rally
14:36:30 <rvasilets> #endmeeting