14:01:14 <rvasilets> #startmeeting Rally
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14:01:28 <rvasilets> Hi amaretskiy
14:01:32 <rvasilets> Hi all
14:01:38 <amaretskiy> hi
14:01:40 <astarove> HI
14:02:08 <rvasilets> Lets wait for 5 minute for someone else
14:07:48 <rvasilets> Okey, lets move on. There is no topics in agenda. So, do you have any topic? amaretskiy astarove
14:08:20 <amaretskiy> nothing from my side
14:08:39 <amaretskiy> however i think we need to fix gates asap :)
14:10:50 <rvasilets> amaretskiy, Of course. Are you working on this? Or no one?
14:15:40 <amaretskiy> not me
14:15:41 <amaretskiy> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/381039/
14:16:07 <amaretskiy> wrong link
14:16:30 <amaretskiy> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/381053/
14:16:33 <amaretskiy> this one
14:17:50 <rvasilets> Okey, I believe we will solve it behind the meeting) Anything else?
14:22:50 <rvasilets> Okey. Lets finish it. See you
14:22:56 <rvasilets> #endmeeting