14:01:02 <andreykurilin> #startmeeting Rally
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14:05:04 <andreykurilin> ok
14:05:05 <andreykurilin> let's start
14:06:30 <andreykurilin> actually, I do not have much to discuss
14:06:34 <astudenov> hi
14:06:49 <andreykurilin> #topic Rally 0.8.0
14:07:02 <andreykurilin> last time we discussed upcoming release
14:07:30 <andreykurilin> but unfortunately, we did not finish everything what we want last during last week
14:07:43 <andreykurilin> I hope we will merge all required patches today or tomorrow
14:07:48 <andreykurilin> and will able to cut a release
14:08:21 <andreykurilin> currently I had only one topic to discuss
14:08:29 <andreykurilin> about how to name one new entuty
14:08:31 <andreykurilin> *entity
14:08:55 <andreykurilin> #topic "Verifier Type" vs "Verifier Plugin" vs "Verifier Driver"
14:09:25 <andreykurilin> so actually, "verifier type" is a python class which describes an interface for particular tool
14:09:35 <andreykurilin> "verifier" is an installed "verifier type"
14:10:19 <andreykurilin> Imo, previous choosen verion "verifier type" is too complicated and maybe we should rename it to just "verifier plugin" or "verifier driver"
14:10:27 <andreykurilin> *version
14:10:33 <andreykurilin> what do you thing about it?
14:11:11 <andreykurilin> astarove astudenov: ^
14:11:14 <astarove> i don't like 'driver\ in title
14:11:39 <astudenov> plugin sounds better
14:11:42 <astarove> it sound like hardware driver or something - for me
14:14:47 <andreykurilin> ok, several folks are not here, but they can participate via Gitter
14:14:53 <andreykurilin> so let's wait a minute
14:16:49 <andreykurilin> everybody agreed to switch to"Verifier Plugin"
14:16:52 <andreykurilin> nice
14:17:01 <andreykurilin> nothing to discuss more from my side
14:17:09 <andreykurilin> #topic Open discussion
14:17:14 <andreykurilin> anything else, folks?
14:17:36 <astudenov> nothing from my side
14:18:20 <andreykurilin> ok, let's finish:(
14:18:23 <andreykurilin> #endmeeting