15:04:30 <amoralej> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2017-05-24
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15:04:42 <amoralej> #topic roll call
15:04:47 <apevec> o/
15:04:57 <dmsimard> \o
15:05:07 <trown> o/
15:05:07 <ykarel> o/
15:05:11 <jpena> o/
15:05:13 <chandankumar> \o
15:05:19 <amoralej> #chair apevec dmsimard trown ykarel jpena chandankumar
15:05:20 <openstack> Current chairs: amoralej apevec chandankumar dmsimard jpena trown ykarel
15:06:02 <dmsimard> Reminder to add your topics to https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO-Meeting
15:06:34 <amoralej> yes please, i'll give a couple of minutes before starting with the first topic
15:07:42 <rdogerrit> Jason Joyce created openstack/zaqar-distgit: Fix log dir world readable  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/6814
15:09:20 <amoralej> #topic [dmsimard] review.rdoproject.org maintenance: software-factory upgrade @ friday may 25th 00:00 UTC (thursday may 24th 8PM EST)
15:09:30 <amoralej> #info https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2017-May/msg00050.html
15:09:34 * Duck o/
15:09:45 <amoralej> #chair Duck
15:09:45 <openstack> Current chairs: Duck amoralej apevec chandankumar dmsimard jpena trown ykarel
15:09:46 <dmsimard> Hi, there's not much else to add
15:10:02 <amoralej> yeah, topic says everything :)
15:10:14 <dmsimard> Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow evening we'll be upgrading review.rdoproject.org, we're planning a two hour window
15:10:27 <dmsimard> 1 hour*
15:10:53 <dmsimard> Software Factory 2.5 brings a couple nice things like diskimage-builder images
15:11:09 <amoralej> and branch creation with resources updates, that's nice
15:11:30 <amoralej> ok, next topic
15:11:33 <dmsimard> I don't have anything else on this topic, feel free to reach out to me or the thread on rdo-list if you have any questions
15:11:33 <amoralej> #topic [jpena] RDO Infra service continuity plan
15:11:42 <jpena> that's mine
15:11:57 <amoralej> #link https://www.rdoproject.org/infra/service-continuity/
15:12:03 <jpena> Just a quick reminder: the current draft is now published at ^^
15:12:24 <jpena> I sent an e-mail to rdo-list, please feel free to have a look and comment on it
15:12:48 <jpena> I'll be updating the document as needed
15:13:15 <jpena> ...and that's it for me
15:13:24 <dmsimard> maybe we can discuss a question I had in the document
15:13:37 <dmsimard> having backups and being able to restore from them is really nice
15:14:04 <dmsimard> until your backups are outdated versus replicated git repos and then gerrit starts overwriting repos with outdated information (missing commits)
15:14:18 <jpena> oh right
15:14:19 <apevec> we should stop replication before restore
15:14:27 <apevec> then backup github first
15:14:37 <jpena> that should be part of the recovery document
15:14:56 <dmsimard> makes sense
15:15:01 <jpena> 1: no replication,  2: recreate everything, 3: re-populate from github, 4: re-enable replication
15:15:03 <Duck> I think once the inventory is complete we should draft ACTIONS (this being one of them)
15:15:37 <Duck> jpena: did you get my mail about change of builder?
15:16:00 <jpena> Duck: yes, I hope the adjustment I did to the plan made sense (that's what I understood)
15:16:36 <rdogerrit> chkumar246 proposed openstack/octavia-distgit: Added python-octavia-tests-golang subpackage  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/6687
15:18:07 <amoralej> jpena, i saw some comment from dmsimard regarding nodepool nodes, we may add a line for it too. We currently have more that one provider so it should be fine, but it should be in the table
15:18:16 <Duck> jpena: yes. it's no more in a branch though. There was some work to consolidate too and it's in a branch but listed in the requirements file, so no need to put this in the doc
15:18:43 <jpena> amoralej, Duck: ack, I'll update the document with that
15:18:44 <Duck> so we have rdo-web-builder.osci.io now
15:19:25 <Duck> so the only thing to backup are the various git repos, the rest can be reconstructed
15:20:44 <jpena> ok, cool
15:21:38 <amoralej> next topic?
15:21:59 <amoralej> or there is anything else about this one?
15:22:08 <jpena> nnothing for me
15:22:12 <amoralej> ok
15:22:15 <Duck> ok
15:22:27 <amoralej> #topic trunk.registry.rdoproject.org is live: container images for TripleO based on Kolla
15:22:36 <dmsimard> o/
15:23:13 <dmsimard> Just a large audience FYI, we're going to be using a private registry instead of Docker Hub for container images meant for trunk/ci purposes in the context of TripleO containerization
15:23:29 <dmsimard> This registry is officially live since monday at trunk.registry.rdoproject.org
15:24:02 <dmsimard> Anyone can pull images from it like you would on DockerHub without any particular setup, ex: http://paste.openstack.org/show/610568/
15:24:54 <dmsimard> Members of this team ( https://github.com/orgs/rdo-infra/teams/registry-rdoproject-org ) are authorized to login to https://console.registry.rdoproject.org/ which provides a UI to browse the registry
15:25:45 <dmsimard> The UI looks like this: http://imgur.com/a/w4VJn
15:26:04 <dmsimard> Authenticated users may also create their own namespace/project and build/push images there if they want to use it for test purposes
15:26:28 <number80> hrw: I'll give it a shot when I'll feel better (jet lag still kicking in)
15:26:42 <dmsimard> The tripleo project is restricted and only builds out of automation will end up there
15:27:25 <dmsimard> If you would like to be able to access console.registry.rdoproject.org or have a use case for pushing containers, reach out to me for access
15:27:34 <hrw> number80: thanks
15:27:45 <dmsimard> I'll put up documentation on the general configuration/setup/troubleshooting for both end users and administrators some time soon
15:28:06 <dmsimard> That's it for me unless people have questions
15:28:10 <adarazs> cool!
15:29:08 <dmsimard> adarazs: We'll need jobs to test containers once https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/6810/ lands :)
15:29:27 <adarazs> yeah, I understand :)
15:29:47 <adarazs> we have some containers job already.
15:30:02 <amoralej> oh, more jobs for promotion pipeline?
15:30:40 <amoralej> what's the status of tripleo with containers?, everything that can be tested?
15:30:43 <dmsimard> amoralej: currently there will be one job in the build image phase where we'll also build containers for the specific dlrn repository being tested
15:30:58 <amoralej> s/everything/anything/
15:31:02 <dmsimard> then there needs to be at least one tripleo job in the testing phase to test those containers (not sure if there is one already)
15:31:25 <amoralej> ok, i see
15:31:25 <dmsimard> and then in the promote phase, there'll be a new job to tag the containers with "latest-passed-ci"
15:31:56 <amoralej> ok
15:32:48 <amoralej> is there any containers job in upstream tripleo-ci?
15:32:53 <dmsimard> yeah, there are
15:33:14 <amoralej> ok, i'll start digging into it
15:33:41 <dmsimard> amoralej: it's still in check experimental iirc
15:33:41 <adarazs> gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-ovb-containers-oooq-nv, gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-undercloud-containers-nv
15:34:06 <dmsimard> adarazs: still experimental right ?
15:34:25 <adarazs> yeah, and/or non voting.
15:34:45 <rbowen> (arriving late, from another meeting)
15:35:21 <amoralej> thanks dmsimard!
15:35:32 <amoralej> #chair rbowen
15:35:33 <openstack> Current chairs: Duck amoralej apevec chandankumar dmsimard jpena rbowen trown ykarel
15:36:16 <amoralej> #topic Results of contributors survey published, what should we improve?
15:36:26 <amoralej> #link https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2017-May/msg00051.html
15:36:32 <amoralej> rbowen i added that ^
15:36:42 <rbowen> Well, a common complaint was that the documentation around packaging was confusing and/or outdated.
15:36:43 <amoralej> anything from your side?
15:36:51 <apevec> docs docs docs
15:36:54 <amoralej> yeah
15:37:00 <rbowen> So having a thorough review of the docs would be a great place to start.
15:37:01 <amoralej> we could do a RDO docs day
15:37:10 <apevec> yes!
15:37:16 <apevec> and remove all obsolete pages
15:37:17 <dmsimard> there's some questions around packaging that come around often too
15:37:18 <rbowen> We haven't done one of those in a while. That would be great.
15:37:24 <apevec> which just confuse people
15:37:27 <dmsimard> like when will be the next update to <stable release>
15:37:38 <dmsimard> perhaps we could make a faq of sorts
15:37:49 <rbowen> It was also mentioned that the process seems to change frequently, which means infrequent contributors have to learn everything from scratch, every time.
15:38:01 <jpena> we could use the docs day to complete https://www.rdoproject.org/what/ (wink, wink)
15:38:05 <amoralej> i was waiting to finish cbs tagging automation to write about the cloudsig workflow
15:38:13 <apevec> dmsimard, on that one, we wouldn't do schedule, just need to get automation working and have continuous flow of updates
15:38:24 <rbowen> Another suggestion (from OpenStack Summit) was that we have IRC office hours - specific times when we know we can count on someone paying attention to IRC and answering questions.
15:38:27 <amoralej> anyway, it's good to document the workflow
15:38:57 <apevec> jpena, yes, and link that from front page
15:39:01 <rbowen> And another suggestion from OSSummit was documentation, and example configurations, from real-world scenarios.
15:39:07 <apevec> current homepage is too much content
15:40:13 <rbowen> So, docs day: Suggested dates?
15:40:23 <rbowen> We have the next test day June 15/16
15:40:40 <rbowen> I will actually be traveling those dates.
15:41:10 <rbowen> Do we want to do a docs day at the same time, or try to space it out - say, regular docs days inbetween the regular test days?
15:41:31 <amoralej> i'd say not at the same time
15:42:03 <amoralej> maybe the week before test days?
15:42:17 <rbowen> Good docs certainly make test day easier.
15:42:28 <rbowen> So, tentatively, June 8/9?
15:42:34 <amoralej> +1
15:42:40 <jpena> +1
15:42:42 <apevec> +1
15:43:08 <rbowen> #action Rich to announce docs day to list, and start list of specific things we want to work on.
15:43:55 <amoralej> maybe we could do a doc about onboarding for new contributors
15:44:40 <apevec> it should be per "persona": packager, tester or doc
15:44:56 <apevec> cf. fedoraproject.org
15:45:02 <amoralej> yeah, make sense
15:45:22 <amoralej> what about screencast?, is it better or worst that a writen doc?
15:45:25 <rbowen> That's something that Rain had committed to work on.
15:45:42 <rbowen> amoralej: Screencasts are awesome for people who like screencasts. I like having both formats, myself.
15:45:43 <apevec> actually https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Join
15:46:16 <rbowen> apevec: Cool. That's very useful as something to strive towards. Nice.
15:49:28 <amoralej> ok, i think we are done with this topic
15:49:56 <amoralej> #topic chair for next meeting
15:50:09 <amoralej> who will be the next?
15:50:18 <jpena> I can do it
15:50:31 <amoralej> #action jpena to chair next meeting
15:50:41 <amoralej> #topic open floor
15:51:07 <amoralej> any other topic you want to bring?
15:51:07 <rbowen> I just wanted to say, sorry for being mostly offline for the last 3 weeks with travels. If I have dropped anything during that time, please remind me, a I am still digging out.
15:53:51 <amoralej> last call for topics...
15:54:23 <amoralej> ok, i'll close the meeting
15:54:32 <amoralej> thanks all for joining!
15:54:39 <rbowen> Thanks, amoralej
15:54:42 <amoralej> #endmeeting