15:01:11 <ykarel> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2017-11-08
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15:01:34 <ykarel> #topic roll call
15:01:44 <jruzicka> o/
15:01:54 <number80> o/
15:02:03 <ykarel> #chair jruzicka number80
15:02:04 <openstack> Current chairs: jruzicka number80 ykarel
15:02:16 <jpena> o/
15:02:25 <amoralej> o/
15:02:31 <ykarel> #chair jpena amoralej
15:02:32 <openstack> Current chairs: amoralej jpena jruzicka number80 ykarel
15:02:38 <aditya_r> o/
15:02:52 <ykarel> #chair aditya_r
15:02:53 <openstack> Current chairs: aditya_r amoralej jpena jruzicka number80 ykarel
15:03:46 <ykarel> Feel free to add topics to agenda: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO-Meeting
15:03:57 <ykarel> So we have few announcements
15:04:07 <ykarel> #info     Queens Test day is on 16th, 17th November, website updated https://www.rdoproject.org/testday/queens/milestone1/
15:05:05 <ykarel> So all must be knowing that we had promotion last week so we would be going to held test day on 16, 17th November, Hope this is fine with everyone
15:06:06 <ykarel> Anything on this, else moving to next topic
15:06:26 <ykarel> #topic Fedora OpenStack SIG update
15:06:29 <ykarel> number80, ^^
15:06:37 <number80> Ok
15:06:59 <number80> #info added some people in the SIG FAS group
15:07:14 <number80> #info will start transferring ownership to SIG soon
15:07:34 <number80> ^ I need to figure out how the process work since it is not managed by pkgdb anymore :)
15:07:51 <number80> If you're not in the FAS group and you should, ping me
15:07:58 <number80> That's all from me!
15:09:12 <ykarel> number80, Thanks for all the work
15:09:29 <ykarel> anything to discuss on this topic, else moving to next topic
15:10:12 <ykarel> #topic Upstream LTS releases discussion: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYD-forum-upstream-lts-releases
15:10:19 <ykarel> amoralej, is it yours?
15:10:23 <jpena> I added it
15:10:23 <amoralej> nop
15:10:29 <ykarel> jpena, Ok go on
15:10:35 <jpena> There's been a discussion in the Sydney Summit about LTS releases
15:10:39 <jpena> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYD-forum-upstream-lts-releases
15:10:49 <Duck> quack
15:11:29 <ykarel> #chair Duck
15:11:29 <openstack> Current chairs: Duck aditya_r amoralej jpena jruzicka number80 ykarel
15:11:30 <jruzicka> Duck, I always press my rdo duck when you quack
15:11:31 <number80> Interesting, I already volunteer to help realizing that
15:11:38 <number80> mburned, EmilienM ^
15:11:48 <amoralej> yeah, sounds as a good thing
15:12:04 <amoralej> but we need to consider impact in RDO
15:12:20 <amoralej> iiuc, those LTS branches wouldn't have new releases
15:12:23 <number80> As-is, it means that we have to keep some branches longer
15:12:46 <amoralej> so we may keep RDO Trunk repos but not cloudsig?
15:12:48 <Duck> jruzicka: I think I asked rbowen or someone else if there were more to come, I'd be happy to adopt a new one :-)))
15:13:09 <number80> amoralej: well, it's not decided if there will be no releases or not. It will be up to the new team
15:14:26 <number80> I guess that nobody attending that discussion is around as it's quite late at Sydney
15:14:42 * number80 will grill mburned when he's back :)
15:14:48 <jpena> I guess we should be there
15:14:57 <jpena> (not physically, but in the new team I mean)
15:15:02 <number80> *nods*
15:15:27 <jschlueter> jruzicka: ssbarnea was mentioning that he had issues installing rdopkg rpm on rhel 7 guest image
15:15:29 <number80> I'll bring that topic to our internal RelDel team
15:15:36 * jschlueter will let ssbarnea provide details
15:15:52 <number80> (so daddy shadowman can provide support)
15:15:53 <jpena> I wouldn't mind taking part, even though I'm not part of the RelDel team
15:16:10 <jruzicka> jschlueter, ssbarnea let's discuss that directly after RDO meeting ;)
15:16:40 <number80> jpena: yup, just raising that so we can get ressources on that effort
15:16:42 * jschlueter sorry ... my calendar got off with time change
15:17:03 <jpena> one good thing for us is that we have all the 3rd party CI stuff reayd
15:17:05 <number80> jschlueter: check if you're using UTC time in calendar event :)
15:17:13 <ssbarnea> jruzicka: thanks. mainly missing 4 rpm deps: python-bunch,git-review,python-future,python-blessings -- no idea from where to pick them.
15:17:15 <number80> \o/
15:18:31 <ykarel> ssbarnea, jruzicka this can be discussed post meeting, we are in meeting now :)
15:19:34 <number80> Well, I guess we can move to the next topic
15:19:41 <ykarel> number80, ack
15:19:46 <number80> Not that we have much details to discuss on :)
15:20:03 <ykarel> No more topic on agenda, so moving to open discussion
15:20:08 <ykarel> #topic Open Discussion
15:22:46 <number80> Well, if nobody volunteers for chairing next week meeting, I'll take it
15:23:11 <ykarel> number80, Ok
15:23:36 <ykarel> #topic Chair for next meeting
15:23:56 <amoralej> number80 already volunteered :)
15:24:02 <ykarel> yeah
15:24:16 <ykarel> #action number80 to chair next meeting
15:24:44 <number80> Damn, chairing while I use a standing desk, what irony!
15:24:55 <ykarel> :)
15:25:24 <ykarel> So anything to discuss, or we can close early
15:27:22 <Duck> quack
15:27:33 <jruzicka> number80, distributing chairs to others while you yourself stand... what a guy!
15:27:36 <Duck> sorry I missed the open discussion
15:27:47 <Duck> chicken and egg problem
15:28:01 <Duck> why is this meeting not affected by DST?
15:28:10 <number80> jruzicka: one day, I might do it while doing pull-ups at the same time
15:28:27 <number80> Duck: we defined meeting time on UTC
15:28:52 <number80> so it's one hour early for both CET/EDT, not sure for all timezones
15:28:53 <jruzicka> UTC <3
15:28:55 <Duck> unfortunately the rest of the world does not
15:29:20 <jruzicka> then world must be changed to use the right standard ;)
15:29:23 <number80> Duck: well, I'm in favor of dropping DST
15:29:26 <Duck> so I have the oVirt meeting at the same timeā€¦
15:29:38 <number80> ah damned
15:29:39 <Duck> I am too, an Japan does not use it
15:29:44 <jruzicka> for sure, DST brings significantly more problems than it solves
15:29:55 <number80> Well, let's discuss meeting time on the list
15:30:13 <number80> #action Duck to bring meeting time discussion to the list
15:30:23 <Duck> just right know I don't know how to follow both meeting without my head smoking and kernel panic
15:30:26 <number80> If we agree, we can change
15:30:40 <number80> Anyway, time to close meeting :)
15:30:47 <Duck> so be it
15:31:44 <number80> ykarel: still around?
15:31:51 <ykarel> number80, yes
15:32:18 <number80> I think we're good, we are chatty people, we can keep the discussion running for long time :)
15:32:37 <ykarel> yes
15:32:41 <Duck> we can talk about kouyou
15:32:54 <Duck> and the next RDO event in Japan :-)
15:33:22 <number80> :)
15:33:43 <ykarel> Duck, has always some topics to discuss :)
15:34:27 <ykarel> so anything to discuss about the event in Japan or we can close the meeting and get back 25 minutes back
15:35:29 <ykarel> #endmeeting