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15:01:57 <amoralej> #topic roll call
15:02:07 <ykarel> o/
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15:02:44 <amoralej> #chair dmsimard ykarel mary_grace jpena
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15:04:03 <amoralej> #chair number80 rbowen
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15:05:12 <amoralej> #chair jruzicka
15:05:13 <openstack> Current chairs: amoralej dmsimard jpena jruzicka mary_grace number80 rbowen ykarel
15:05:19 <amoralej> ok, let's start with first topic
15:05:42 <amoralej> #topic Test day: "trystack" for the duration of the test day
15:05:49 <amoralej> who sent that?
15:05:55 <rbowen> dmsimard and I, I believe.
15:05:59 <dmsimard> hi
15:06:17 <rbowen> Just to confirm that this is indeed what we're planning to do, and that folks are on board with this.
15:06:26 <dmsimard> So for the next test day we'll be doing an experimental thing that we hope will be successful
15:06:44 <dmsimard> and I'd like everyone to do a lot of buzz around this, tell your friends about it, blog about it etc etc
15:07:05 <amoralej> dmsimard, let me know how i can help
15:07:17 <amoralej> to deploy it or whatever
15:07:17 <number80> so do we have a proper howto for that?
15:07:19 <rbowen> We also need to come up with test scenarios that we encourage people to go through on this test cloud.
15:07:30 <dmsimard> For the next test day, in addition to the usual test scenarios where we encourage people to try to install openstack on their own, RDO will provide a test cloud so that people can test it from a user perspective
15:08:11 <dmsimard> This is cool for a lot of reasons, 1) installing openstack is boring, 2) they can test things within minutes instead of potentially hours 3) people don't necessarily have the hardware to install it on
15:08:28 <jruzicka> > True
15:08:54 <amoralej> #info in next test day, RDO will provide a test cloud so that people can perform user test-cases in addition to RDO deployment tests
15:08:56 <dmsimard> We're planning to do this first installation with the Packstack installer with as many projects as possible (magnum, etc.), on one single bare metal node with appropriate specifications
15:09:27 <dmsimard> If this experiment is successful, it would be great to try different installers throughout the cycle for each test day
15:09:55 <amoralej> dmsimard, so what about tenants
15:10:06 <amoralej> we'll create tenants in advance for users that request it?
15:10:11 <amoralej> or self-service?
15:10:12 <dmsimard> However this means involving the core teams of the installers not only to deploy the server for the duration of the test day but also help troubleshoot issues throughout the test days
15:10:44 <dmsimard> I think we'll want to create a tenant on-demand to avoid abuse, people interested in testing would let us know in advance if possible
15:10:57 <amoralej> ok
15:11:16 <dmsimard> We can probably write a small playbook that'd create the tenant/users and then just a list of user/passwords to iterate through
15:11:39 <amoralej> self-service + approval would be ideal, but i'm not aware of any out-of-the-box tool to do that
15:11:41 <number80> Then, we need a simple procedure to be written
15:11:47 <dmsimard> Since the first installer is Packstack, I'd like to propose dmsimard, amoralej and jpena as core folks for this first experiment :)
15:12:01 <amoralej> +1
15:12:02 <dmsimard> amoralej: right
15:12:04 <number80> otherwise, people will show up and the time to create tenants, then, they're gone
15:12:14 <dmsimard> number80: creating a tenant/user is easy..
15:12:16 <number80> (and I know this time can be very short)
15:12:43 <jpena> if people register in advance, we could pre-create the users/tenants for them, then send the credentials on the test day
15:12:45 <number80> dmsimard: yeah, but it's better to ask people to register by advance (and fix for others on-demand)
15:12:56 <dmsimard> yes
15:13:14 <rbowen_> What mechanism do we want to use for folks to register?
15:13:38 <dmsimard> rbowen_: I'd probably centralize everything in an etherpad
15:13:58 <dmsimard> rbowen_: in the header you'd have a list of people participating (name, email), we'd create access and send them the credentials by email
15:14:14 <number80> *nods*
15:14:15 <dmsimard> rbowen_: and the pad would also contain feedback for the experiment (issues from an operational perspective, bugs found by users, etc.)
15:14:33 <dmsimard> because let's not forget that this is also a good opportunity to test the installer in question
15:15:13 <dmsimard> rbowen_: I can draft the etherpad format
15:15:24 <rbowen_> ok.
15:15:24 <dmsimard> if we're okay with that approach
15:15:27 <rdogerrit> Pradeep Kilambi created openstack/gnocchi-distgit rpm-master: Rename openstack-gnocchi to gnocchi  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/10736
15:15:41 <rbowen_> And I'll turn the above transcript into a blog post draft, and run that by you.
15:15:55 <amoralej> ok, so we'll advertise it in users and devs maillist and ask to add themselves to the etherpad
15:16:09 <mary_grace> rbowen_: we can use that same text to put a brief paragraph in the newsletter as well.
15:16:16 <dmsimard> amoralej: right, I'd try to be as loud as I can everywhere
15:16:25 <amoralej> yeah, ok
15:16:25 <dmsimard> twitter, blogs, mailing lists
15:16:37 <dmsimard> I'll even post something to openstack-dev/openstack-operators
15:16:56 <rbowen_> The scheduled date is Dec 13/14, so we have a few days to get the word out.
15:17:02 <amoralej> how much capacity we will have?
15:17:15 <dmsimard> amoralej: looking at a 64GB RAM machine with sufficient disk space
15:17:17 <amoralej> could users deploy aio packstack in an instance in the tenant?
15:17:21 <amoralej> mmm
15:17:25 <ykarel> dmsimard, packstack is still not deprecated, right? last sunday in a meetup a guy was telling that he heard packstack is being deprecated
15:17:26 <mary_grace> Dec 13/14? or 14/15?
15:17:33 <rbowen_> Um ... checking
15:17:37 <amoralej> that's not much for users to deploy packstack in tenant
15:17:44 <rbowen_> 14/15. Thanks.
15:17:48 <dmsimard> I'm not sure the point is to allow people to deploy tripleo/packstack in that environment
15:18:08 <dmsimard> It's not a bad idea by any means, but it has an impact on the budget
15:18:16 <rbowen_> I'll update http://rdoproject.org/testday/ today, too.
15:18:29 <rbowen_> dmsimard: Let's start small, see how it goes, and then work up.
15:18:43 <jpena> well, a single 64 GB machine with an all-in-one setup will leave enough room for about 10-20 VMs with 4 GB of RAM, not more
15:18:44 <amoralej> dmsimard, it's a way to allow to test both users and admin use cases in the same environment
15:18:45 <dmsimard> like, I even considered limiting the flavors available
15:18:50 <amoralej> but only aio
15:18:55 <dmsimard> so that there's no abuse and room for everyone
15:19:06 <amoralej> and with 64GB, there is no much option
15:19:39 <dmsimard> Let's start with 64GB, if we're too successful we can consider bumping it up to 128GB for the next one :)
15:19:49 <amoralej> ok, so it sounds as a plan
15:19:57 <mary_grace> dmsimard: let me know how I can help amplify via RTs, blog round-up, etc. I'll keep an eye out, but if I miss anything, don't hesitate to reach out.
15:20:04 <dmsimard> mary_grace: ack
15:20:31 <dmsimard> that wraps up this topic
15:20:34 <amoralej> ykarel, it's not deprecated
15:20:50 <amoralej> but it's recomended only for PoC use-case
15:21:13 <dmsimard> ykarel: people tend to confuse the state of packstack upstream and in OSP
15:21:23 <amoralej> yeah
15:21:33 <ykarel> amoralej, Ok the same thing i told to the guy :)
15:21:34 <dmsimard> ykarel: I'm not sure what's the state of packstack in OSP anymore but it's probably not supported for production use case scenarios
15:22:01 <amoralej> for sure not, it's in a separated channel, iirc
15:22:01 <ykarel> dmsimard, ack
15:22:24 <amoralej> ok, so are we done about this topic?
15:22:26 <dmsimard> Packstack upstream is not "owned" by anyone other than the openstack community -- there's definitely not a lot of new features going in but it's very much kept in working condition
15:22:38 <dmsimard> I think so
15:23:00 <amoralej> dmsimard, we could create other etherpad to coordinate the deployment of the test cloud
15:23:26 <dmsimard> amoralej: sure
15:24:28 <amoralej> #action dmsimard will create a etherpad for users registration to the "test day cloud"
15:24:47 <dmsimard> #undo
15:24:48 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: #action dmsimard will create a etherpad for users registration to the "test day cloud"
15:24:58 <dmsimard> #action dmsimard will create a etherpad for users registration and feedback reports for the "test day cloud"
15:24:58 <amoralej> dmsimard, go ahead :)
15:25:15 <dmsimard> #action dmsimard to advertise the experiment on openstack-dev and openstack-operators
15:25:38 <dmsimard> #action everyone to be loud about this, it's very cool and it would be nice if it would be successful so we can keep doing it in the future
15:25:49 <rbowen> #action rbowen to draft blog post with information from this discussion, re test day cloud.
15:26:17 <amoralej> #action amoralej jpena dmsimard to build test cloud
15:26:25 <amoralej> ok, i think we are done
15:26:29 <amoralej> let's move on
15:26:54 <amoralej> #topic     Revisiting RDO Technical Definition of Done
15:26:59 <amoralej> #info https://lists.rdoproject.org/pipermail/dev/2017-November/008412.html
15:27:06 <dmsimard> I've already posted my opinion on the thread
15:27:32 <amoralej> just to summarize, since queens tripleo can only deploy openstack in containers
15:27:58 <dmsimard> Beyond installers picking up problems with *packaging* such as missing packages (which sometimes happens due to missing tags, etc.) or bad mirrors or etc, I would not block the release of RDO
15:28:21 <amoralej> so we are reconsidering what's the definition of done should be, as we are not
15:28:59 <amoralej> dmsimard, but "installers" you mean packstack/puppet/tripleo/kolla/...
15:28:59 <number80> Well, I'm fine with that
15:29:08 <dmsimard> amoralej: yes
15:29:19 <number80> but we need to run 3o and other installers tests *and* fix issues during the cycle
15:29:20 <amoralej> i mean, with current proposal pacstack/p-o-i are blocking
15:29:35 <dmsimard> amoralej: the likelihood of issues being related to packaging beyond RC status is very very low
15:29:48 <dmsimard> amoralej: therefore if the mirror is good, we should release
15:30:01 <number80> e.g: tripleo containers using packages non-supported by RDO can cause issues later
15:30:24 <dmsimard> number80: we're always testing all installers throughout the whole cycle
15:30:52 <jpena> makes sense to me. Also, installers tend to release their final versions after the OpenStack release, so it makes sense not to block on TripleO
15:30:56 <number80> Yeah, but what I don't want to see if TripleO folks running their tests on their side, not reporting issues to us
15:31:19 <number80> Nightmare would be them setting up a copr to build packages there to workaround issues
15:31:45 <dmsimard> lol ?
15:31:52 <number80> It should be clear that's a no-no for us, if there are issues => fix must land in upstream, then RDO, then installer X
15:31:59 <amoralej> but a user can create their own containers and deploy from them
15:32:04 <amoralej> i'd like to validate that case
15:32:08 <number80> +1
15:32:44 <dmsimard> number80: the circumstances of a patch being carried in RDO before it lands upstream are probably not explicit but there must be a clear consensus and an exceptional situation for that to happen
15:32:47 <amoralej> in the past, both kolla and tripleo RC releases at GA has been good enought to validate
15:33:18 <dmsimard> number80: tripleo needing a patch in RDO because it hasn't been landed and tagged upstream would be quite exceptional and it's a case by case basis
15:33:47 <dmsimard> but it's not like we can't do hotfixes
15:34:11 <dmsimard> if this kind of issue shows up, let's fix them ad-hoc ad hotfixes
15:34:13 <number80> dmsimard: I was thinking about all kind of fixes, but TripleO should use our packages, not forks, not packages that are not provided by us
15:34:23 <dmsimard> at that point, RDO has done their job of shipping the signed tarballs as released upstream
15:34:39 <dmsimard> number80: if tripleo ends up using packaged forks, then we have other problems
15:34:51 <dmsimard> and I very much hope they don't do that
15:35:19 <amoralej> i don't think they will, i have not seen anything that can lead us to consider that, tbh
15:35:39 <number80> dmsimard: yes, and I'd like to state that in DoD, installers are not blockers for GA but they will be run during the whole cycle and issues will get fixed
15:36:12 <dmsimard> number80: yes, let's formalize that in the DoD.
15:36:20 <number80> DoD is not just GA criteria but also process to reach GA
15:36:20 <amoralej> "installer are not blockers" is to ambiguous, IMHO
15:36:29 <amoralej> s/to/too/
15:36:46 <number80> amoralej: up to any better wording, I didn't get much thoughts to that :)
15:36:57 <dmsimard> Bugfixes can be released as adhoc hotfixes after release, not unlike how upstream freezes the branches and eventually allows backports to stable branches
15:37:04 <amoralej> i mean, if we are saying we need to pass packstack/p-o-i to promote, we are asuming they are blocking
15:37:06 <number80> Yeah
15:37:21 <amoralej> and they are installers
15:37:32 <dmsimard> promotion of the trunk repositories during the cycle != release
15:37:40 <dmsimard> the promotion is really a process to allow themselves to not break their gates
15:37:57 <amoralej> dmsimard, the cloudsig promotion
15:38:05 <dmsimard> oh, hmm
15:38:06 <amoralej> from -testing to -release is also gated
15:38:14 <amoralej> using weirdo
15:38:28 <amoralej> and i tripleo (non voting right now)
15:38:34 <dmsimard> I think that is for stable releases post-GA
15:38:42 <dmsimard> and yes, we should keep that clear
15:38:56 <amoralej> in pike we used it for initial tagging also
15:39:11 <amoralej> so, we need to validate packages are sane and work
15:39:12 <dmsimard> amoralej: the process of gating updates to the stable mirrors allows us to prevent regressions and breaking stable people and it is required to do that
15:39:30 <dmsimard> amoralej: yes, we used installers for pike, and you saw how long it took us to release it
15:39:42 <amoralej> dmsimard, but it was a tooling issue
15:39:49 <dmsimard> part was automation issues, but there was a lot of things like timeouts and installer bugs
15:40:01 <jpena> we've always used installers to validate the repos before release, haven't we?
15:40:06 <amoralej> in previous releases we also validated it using pipeline in ci.centos.org
15:40:12 <amoralej> yes
15:40:31 <dmsimard> yes, and they've been useful in finding those odd packages that didn't get tagged and things like that
15:40:41 <jpena> ok, so let's refocus a bit
15:41:03 <jpena> it's not like we don't want to use installers as a criteria for GA
15:41:17 <jpena> it's just that we want to use a more limited set, that allows us to do basic checks
15:41:28 <jpena> other than a full-fledged, multi-node, HA installation
15:41:38 <amoralej> especially because tripleo requires containers which are not a RDO deliverable
15:41:51 <jpena> exact
15:42:17 <amoralej> so, IMO, i'd keep non-container based installers as criteria
15:42:38 <amoralej> + a job to validate containers-build process from the packages in the cloudsig repo
15:43:11 <jpena> I would specify the criteria as "basic installers" (specifying which ones they are) + the container-build process you mention. We can always change what basic installers means to us in future releases
15:43:45 <dmsimard> jpena: even a limited set is awkward
15:43:56 <dmsimard> this limited set could be blocking due to issues unrelated to RDO and that's what concerning me
15:44:27 <amoralej> dmsimard, that has always been the case in previous releases
15:44:30 <jpena> that would be very rare
15:44:30 <dmsimard> It's almost.. like, we'll run these installer jobs and we'll, at our discretion, decide whether to release or not, depending on the results
15:45:25 <dmsimard> Were we not in agreement that using deployment projects that have the "cycle-with-trailing" model to vet the release was an issue earlier ? I'm confused
15:45:44 <amoralej> dmsimard, not afaik
15:45:54 <dmsimard> OpenStack releases on day 0, deployment projects can release on day 14 which means they are not ready
15:46:18 <amoralej> then, what's the point on releasing RDO on day 0
15:46:20 <dmsimard> If we use deployment projects to block the release of RDO, it means we can no longer guarantee day 0 release
15:46:28 <amoralej> i agree
15:46:39 <amoralej> but i prefer to provide repos that can be deployable
15:46:52 <amoralej> at least in default use cases, even if we have to wait
15:47:04 <jpena> What would be the point in releasing a set of repos that nobody can use?
15:47:04 <amoralej> in fact, it has not been an issue before
15:47:10 <dmsimard> It's not a bad thing if we want to do that, but one of the objectives (was it an OKR? I forget) was to release RDO within two hours of upstream
15:47:13 <amoralej> although, potentially, it may be
15:47:30 <amoralej> but with an acceptable quality
15:47:39 <dmsimard> jpena: Does OpenStack delay it's release if deployment projects can't deploy it ?
15:47:52 <dmsimard> We package OpenStack and the tarballs aren't going to change
15:47:54 <jpena> yes if it doesn't work on devstack(tm)
15:48:17 <dmsimard> jpena: right, but day 0 for us starts when they tag the release
15:48:37 <dmsimard> I'd rather we push this requirement upstream if we're going to block the release
15:48:49 <dmsimard> Worth discussing with the community/TC
15:49:02 <number80> (sorry, must be off immediately for family matters)
15:49:09 <dmsimard> people don't deploy devstack in production
15:49:10 <amoralej> number80, ok
15:49:42 <dmsimard> ok I'll take the action to ask the community about it
15:50:03 <jpena> dmsimard: my point (besides the pun) was: upstream won't release something that can't be at least deployed with devstack. Once we release, it should at least be deployable somehow
15:51:04 <dmsimard> jpena: I don't know, I wonder if that's actually documented somewhere
15:51:11 <dmsimard> jpena: do they have a definition of done ?
15:51:25 <jpena> dmsimard: I guess not, but devstack is part of the gate
15:51:44 <dmsimard> ok, I'll reach out and find out
15:52:09 <dmsimard> #action dmsimard to reach out to the community about definition of done and discuss cycle-with-trailing
15:52:15 <dmsimard> #undo
15:52:16 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: #action dmsimard to reach out to the community about definition of done and discuss cycle-with-trailing
15:52:20 <dmsimard> #action dmsimard to reach out to the OpenStack community about definition of done and discuss cycle-with-trailing
15:52:34 <amoralej> we can keep the discussion in the maillist thread
15:52:53 <dmsimard> so, another thing to consider in the DoD
15:53:04 <dmsimard> which is again awkward due to cycle-with-trailing
15:53:12 <dmsimard> is that we actually carry packages for tripleo
15:53:26 <dmsimard> so if we release before tripleo, we're actually releasing unreleased software
15:53:35 <dmsimard> very chicken-and-egg
15:53:36 <amoralej> we release RC reeleases
15:53:47 <amoralej> they always release before GA
15:53:51 <dmsimard> amoralej: right, but otherwise everything else is released
15:53:56 <dmsimard> amoralej: nova, keystone, etc
15:54:00 <amoralej> yes
15:54:38 <amoralej> so, there is a time gap between "main GA" to "cycle-with-trailing" where we are in a weird situation
15:54:45 <amoralej> with GA + RC builds
15:54:50 <amoralej> that's right
15:55:04 <amoralej> but RDO includes all of them
15:55:19 <amoralej> we can't do a partial release with only GA, IMO
15:55:28 <amoralej> so we have two options
15:55:50 <amoralej> 1. Create and validate GA + RC (for cycle-with-trailing)
15:56:01 <amoralej> 2. Wait for cycle-with-trailing
15:56:19 <amoralej> currently we are doing 1
15:56:51 <amoralej> and i'd say it has been working pretty well in last releases
15:56:57 <amoralej> correct me if i'm wrong
15:58:03 <jpena> we're running out of time, shall we move to the last item in the agenda?
15:58:06 <amoralej> we are almost out of time
15:58:07 <amoralej> yes
15:58:26 <amoralej> #action everyone to keep discussion about DoD in mailing list thread
15:58:45 <amoralej> #topic Dependencies automation status
15:58:57 <amoralej> #info https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/deps-automation
15:59:19 <amoralej> so, this is just to make everyone aware of the activities we are doing to automate dependencies management
15:59:22 <rdogerrit> Merged openstack/tempest-distgit pike-rdo: Disable warning-is-error for sphinx  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/10734
15:59:59 <amoralej> the goal is to implement some automation to the processes to update dependencies in RDO repo
16:00:33 <amoralej> in the etherpad there are links to trello cards and reviews
16:00:55 <amoralej> so if anyone is interested in the topic, don't hesitate to join #rdo and ask
16:01:15 <amoralej> that's it for this topic
16:01:26 <amoralej> #topic open floor
16:01:34 <amoralej> who want to chair next week?
16:01:37 <amoralej> any volunteer?
16:02:12 <radez> dmsimard: ping, hey could you make me a pike tree under the aarch46 directory?
16:02:23 <jpena> note next Wednesday is a bank holiday in Spain, so amoralej and I will be off
16:02:25 <dmsimard> radez: yeah.
16:02:30 <radez> dmsimard: thx!
16:02:38 <amoralej> in fact, i'll be out the whole week :)
16:02:43 <dmsimard> I can chair
16:02:58 <amoralej> #action dmsimard will chair next weekly meeting
16:03:03 <radez> dmsimard: I'm going to work on queens and master next too so if you wanted to throw them in there too while you're at it
16:03:06 <amoralej> any other topic that you want to bring?
16:03:35 <amoralej> ok, i'm closing the meeting
16:03:43 <amoralej> thank you all for joining!
16:03:44 <amoralej> #endmeeting