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15:01:49 <number80> #topic roll call
15:02:01 <rbowen> o/
15:02:11 <number80> #chair rbowen
15:02:12 <openstack> Current chairs: number80 rbowen
15:02:27 <chandankumar> \o/
15:02:31 <rdogerrit> Merged puppet/puppet-cinder-distgit newton-rdo: Update License to ASL 2.0  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/13427
15:02:33 <number80> #chair chandankumar
15:02:34 <openstack> Current chairs: chandankumar number80 rbowen
15:02:36 <jpena> o/
15:02:45 <number80> #chair jpena
15:02:45 <openstack> Current chairs: chandankumar jpena number80 rbowen
15:03:08 <number80> Let's give few minutes for the latecomers :)
15:03:23 <rbowen> leanderthal is on a plane.
15:03:38 <PagliaccisCloud> \o
15:03:40 <rbowen> Or, maybe she isn't any more. I'm not sure. It was a very short flight.
15:03:44 <mollyk> o/
15:03:54 <number80> #chair PagliaccisCloud
15:03:55 <openstack> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud chandankumar jpena number80 rbowen
15:03:58 <number80> #chair mollyk
15:03:59 <openstack> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud chandankumar jpena mollyk number80 rbowen
15:04:31 <number80> rbowen: last news was she arrived in Brno, but she told us y-day that she won't be on irc on time
15:04:34 <amoralej> o/
15:04:39 <number80> #chair amoralej
15:04:40 <openstack> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud amoralej chandankumar jpena mollyk number80 rbowen
15:04:43 <number80> ok we can start
15:04:51 <jruzicka> o/
15:04:53 <number80> #topic OpenStack Summit booth duty signup
15:04:59 <number80> #chair jruzicka
15:04:59 <openstack> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud amoralej chandankumar jpena jruzicka mollyk number80 rbowen
15:04:59 <mjturek> o/
15:05:13 <number80> I'll be proxying for leanderthal for her topics
15:05:18 <number80> #chair mjturek
15:05:19 <openstack> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud amoralej chandankumar jpena jruzicka mjturek mollyk number80 rbowen
15:05:32 <baha> o/
15:05:38 <number80> #info we're looking for volunteers to staff the RDO booth at OpenStack Summit Vancouver
15:05:51 <number80> You can sign up on the next link
15:05:53 <number80> OpenStack Summit booth duty signup
15:05:58 <number80> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo-vancouver-summit-booth
15:06:05 <number80> #chair baha
15:06:06 <openstack> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud amoralej baha chandankumar jpena jruzicka mjturek mollyk number80 rbowen
15:06:40 <PagliaccisCloud> i'll do a shift
15:06:40 <number80> If you don't have any idea of your schedule, add your name at the top of the etherpad, we'll call you when needed :)
15:06:41 <rbowen> We expect to have the NUC demo cluster at the booth, so we should have demos covered. That's what Rain is working on today.
15:07:09 <rbowen> And you'll have an example RDO cloud to show people, and answer questions with, and so on.
15:07:39 <rbowen> We'll also have a ManageIQ demo, and a Ceph demo, and they'll all be connected together.
15:07:47 <rbowen> So that'll be *awesome* if we can get it to work.
15:08:15 <number80> So come as you are, no need to come with a demo, unless you have one :)
15:08:26 <rbowen> (That's for both OpenStack Summit and Red Hat Summit, by the way.)
15:08:33 <number80> Yup, next topic
15:08:41 <mollyk> \o/
15:08:51 <number80> #topic Red Hat Summit booth duty signup
15:09:07 <number80> #info mollyk will be the RDO ambassador for Red Hat Summit
15:09:18 <rbowen> mollyk++
15:09:20 <rbowen> number80++
15:09:22 <number80> so same thing, we're looking for volunteers to staff the booth
15:09:37 <number80> So please signup on the following etherpad
15:09:43 <number80> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo-manageIQ-ceph-rhSummit2018
15:09:47 <sfbender> Jakub Ružička created distroinfo master: fetch: add RemoteInfoFetcher to get info from URL  https://softwarefactory-project.io/r/11976
15:10:07 <rbowen> For Red Hat Summit, we'll be sharing our space with ManageIQ and Ceph, as you can tell from the URL. It's a large booth though, so it shouldn't be terribly crowded.
15:10:26 <number80> Yeah, it's community infrastructure booth :)
15:10:52 <rbowen> So, in particular, if you know a lot about the intersection of any of those projects, we could use your help.
15:10:58 <rdogerrit> Merged rdoinfo master: Update Ansible to 2.4.4  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/13254
15:11:11 * number80 stares at the ceph folks here
15:11:46 <number80> I guess we can move to the next topic
15:12:02 <number80> #topic Test days on April, 26 and 27
15:12:09 <rbowen> #link http://rdoproject.org/testday/
15:12:32 <rbowen> We still need to pull together the test day instructions page. I'll try to get that done tomorrow if nobody beats me to it.
15:12:37 <number80> Since David is not here (and is asking the question), do we have a test cloud plan?
15:12:57 <rbowen> I do not know if we have a plan. I put his name on it hoping he'd be here.
15:13:12 <number80> lemme check, he's still on PTO
15:13:13 <rbowen> I will ping him via email, and see what we can figure out.
15:13:22 <rbowen> Getting a late start here. I don't want to interrupt him on PTO, though.
15:13:37 <rbowen> He may have something already in flight. I don't know for sure.
15:13:49 <rbowen> We talked about it a couple of weeks ago, and then I kinda dropped it.
15:13:54 <rbowen> Chances are he's already got something going.
15:14:47 <number80> Ok, I think that's something worth to discuss in post-mortem
15:15:24 <number80> Anything else on test days?
15:15:34 <rbowen> I also wondred whether the promotion shown on dashboards counts as a M1 promotion, or if we need to wait for another one.
15:15:43 <rbowen> https://dashboards.rdoproject.org/rdo-dev
15:15:55 <number80> rbowen: if it happened after M1, it counts
15:15:58 <rbowen> I assume we need another one, since that's 2 days ago.
15:16:52 <number80> Should be close enough anyway, not to cancel test day
15:17:07 <rbowen> ok. yay.
15:17:41 <number80> and 2 days of lateness is not too drastic not to hope for another promotion this week or early next week
15:17:46 <rbowen> True.
15:17:59 <rbowen> Things seem in better shape than at the end of Queens.
15:18:13 <rdogerrit> Gabriele Cerami created rdo-infra/ci-config master: Promoter: use a single lock for every run  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/13429
15:18:47 <amoralej> rbowen, yes, we are good in terms of promotions
15:19:13 <rbowen> Excellent.
15:19:23 <rbowen> Ok, that's all on this topic. We'll get the web page up ASAP.
15:19:38 <number80> #info All green considering promotion for RDO Rocky M-1 test days
15:19:43 <number80> next topic then :)
15:19:59 <number80> #topic next week chair
15:20:05 <number80> let's sort this one out
15:20:14 <number80> Who wants the iron chair?
15:20:17 <chandankumar> I am lead the next week
15:20:24 <number80> you got it
15:20:28 <chandankumar> s/am/will
15:20:31 <number80> #info chandankumar chairing next week
15:20:39 <number80> #topic open floor
15:20:47 <number80> last time to raise another topic
15:21:18 <chandankumar> just an announcement https://devconf.info/in is happening in  AUg 4-5 in India
15:21:24 <number80> btw, I'll be taking PTO starting tonight, I'll still answer but no guarantee on latency since I'll be busy doing work home :)
15:21:32 <chandankumar> Feel free to submit talk
15:21:48 <number80> #info devconf.in will happen in Aug, 4/5 and CfP is open
15:22:02 <number80> https://devconf.info/in
15:22:46 <number80> If you want to help setting a RDO booth, contact chandankumar !
15:23:12 * chandankumar is looking for hosting a BOF related to openstack
15:23:22 <chandankumar> but i am not sure what generally happens in BOF
15:23:38 * chandankumar has no prior experience in that
15:23:47 <rbowen> You sit chairs in a circle and have an impromptu discussion.
15:23:58 <rbowen> It's basically an unplanned session, with a topic but no presenter.
15:24:06 <PagliaccisCloud> sounds like fun. i've been to a couple neutron BoFs
15:24:11 <rbowen> Just "we all care about this thing" and a space to discuss it.
15:24:23 <chandankumar> rbowen: discussion with no topics
15:24:41 <rbowen> Although, it's good to have some general idea of what you're trying to discuss/decide/whatever or you'll just all sit around looking at each other :D
15:24:41 <chandankumar> rbowen: but people should submit topics before the BOF na?
15:24:46 <number80> chandankumar: you have topics but you let the people drive the discussion
15:24:47 <rbowen> Yes.
15:24:58 <rbowen> The point, though, is that there's no *presentation*, just a discussion space.
15:25:19 <rbowen> equal voices, and all that, rather than just one leader.
15:25:30 <PagliaccisCloud> usually a couple of cores are in the room, listening to ideas &/or issues that operators have & discussing possible solutions
15:25:41 <chandankumar> rbowen: number80 I will come with some plan for BOF I need to check with yatin and abhishek for the same
15:25:41 <rbowen> And hopefully someone taking notes.
15:25:49 <chandankumar> if they are interested in that
15:26:16 <chandankumar> and will go ahead and propose for the same in devconf in
15:26:50 <number80> chandankumar: if you are lucky to have a graphical facilitator to put the discussion in picture, huge bonus
15:27:05 <chandankumar> number80: rbowen now my "help" question got answered
15:27:24 <number80> Then, I'll close meeting if no other topic
15:27:36 <chandankumar> number80: sorry grahpical facilitator means?
15:28:00 <number80> chandankumar: someone who will put in drawing the content of the discussion
15:28:11 <chandankumar> number80: ok got it,
15:28:15 <number80> it's basically a good way to summarize it
15:28:25 <chandankumar> I will plan and share the details with you guys soon
15:28:32 <number80> Sure
15:28:37 <rbowen> Awesome
15:28:47 <number80> Thank you all for attending and see you next week!
15:29:00 <number80> You get 30 minutes back!
15:29:05 <number80> #endmeeting