15:04:15 <number80> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2018-12-19
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15:04:28 <number80> #topic roll call
15:04:33 <number80> agenda is here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO-Meeting
15:05:21 <number80> agenda today is short, so please ladies and gentlemen, let's get this sorted before we go (or not go) to end of year vacations :)
15:06:18 <ykarel> o/
15:07:07 <dciabrin_> o/
15:07:10 <number80> #chair ykarel dciabrin_
15:07:12 <openstack> Current chairs: dciabrin_ number80 ykarel
15:07:24 <PagliaccisCloud> o/
15:08:10 <amoralej> o/
15:08:20 <number80> #chair PagliaccisCloud amoralej
15:08:21 <openstack> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud amoralej dciabrin_ number80 ykarel
15:08:26 <number80> Ok, i guess we can start :)
15:08:47 <number80> #topic Revisit haproxy situation
15:08:55 <number80> I guess dciabrin_ came with good news :)
15:09:08 <dciabrin_> so heads up, we have two reviews to land to support haproxy 1.8
15:09:35 <dciabrin_> they are backward compatible, but until they land, we can't ship haproxy in container images or jobs will fail
15:10:05 <dciabrin_> (new haproxy, that is)
15:10:23 <dciabrin_> so I don't think we should rush to update f28 jobs, or push haproxy 18 in stein :)
15:10:40 <number80> dciabrin_: so next steps for us will be 1. building haproxy 1.8  2. provide a separate repository for upstream CI with that haproxy?
15:11:10 <dciabrin_> number80, separate repo will probably not be enough, because nowadays we consume haproxy only in containers?
15:11:30 <jpena> o/
15:11:37 <dciabrin_> i'd say 1) build haproxy18, 2) we land the 2 reviews, 3) we decide if we ship haproxy1.8 in f28 or in stein
15:12:03 <number80> sounds like a good plan to me
15:12:28 <number80> FYI, this is what PaaS SIGs ships for OpenShift => https://cbs.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=21148
15:12:44 <number80> So everyone agrees with what dciabrin_ suggests?
15:12:52 <dciabrin_> number80, oh good to know thx
15:13:19 * Duck o/
15:13:24 <number80> #chair Duck
15:13:25 <openstack> Current chairs: Duck PagliaccisCloud amoralej dciabrin_ number80 ykarel
15:13:53 <number80> dciabrin_: since nobody disagreed, let's proceed but don't wait next meeting if you need to move forward
15:14:07 <ykarel> dciabrin_, can't get order for 1 and 2
15:14:21 <number80> keeping the CI pipeline running is top priority
15:14:26 <amoralej> dciabrin_, number80 i'm not clear when you says 1) build haproxy18
15:14:34 <amoralej> you mean for centos7 or fedora28?
15:14:36 <number80> ykarel: we already have haproxy 1.8 built
15:15:03 <number80> amoralej: whatever suits CI, I'm not picky since openshift in PaaS SIG already uses haproxy 1.8
15:15:10 <dciabrin_> my point is: let's not push haproxy1.8 in CI until we land the two reviews i mentionned. once they land, we can use haproxy on any job we want, that should work
15:15:11 <ykarel> number80, but when not testing that, can't get the order, so asked
15:15:31 <ykarel> how those patches need haproxy 1.8 build
15:15:39 <ykarel> if they are not testing it
15:15:47 <amoralej> iiuc the patches doesn't need it
15:15:54 <ykarel> yup /me too
15:15:54 <dciabrin_> correct
15:15:56 <number80> ykarel: I'll let dciabrin_ explains, but I understood that we need the patches first, then we can push the haproxy package so they can work on testing it in containers build
15:16:15 <ykarel> yes that sounds correct
15:16:22 <number80> without these patches, it will fail for sure
15:16:23 <dciabrin_> right, so the patches drive how to run haproxy: either with the old 1.5 command line flags, or with the new 1.8 flags
15:16:32 <number80> (at least, the first one is crystal clear for me)
15:16:43 <dciabrin_> so we need to land those patch before 1.8 is deployed, otherwise the jobs which consume haproxy1.8 will fail
15:17:00 <amoralej> ok, then let's start getting the patches in
15:17:04 <amoralej> then we can evaluate
15:17:08 <ykarel> ack +1
15:17:12 <amoralej> note that haproxy 1.8 is already in fedora
15:17:19 <amoralej> let me double check
15:17:52 <amoralej> in fedora-stable we have haproxy-1.8.14-1.fc28.x86_64.rpm right now
15:17:54 <dciabrin_> amoralej, we probably don't ship haproxy 1.8 in the container images that are used in the f28 jobs
15:17:59 <amoralej> so we are good
15:18:03 <dciabrin_> ok
15:18:14 <amoralej> wdym with don't ship...
15:18:47 <dciabrin_> amoralej, sorry I mean, the container images that are used in the f28 probably come from centos, and thus use haproxy1.5
15:18:54 <dciabrin_> in the f28 jobs*
15:18:56 <dciabrin_> makes sense?
15:18:59 <ykarel> correct
15:19:43 <amoralej> yes, today
15:19:56 <amoralej> but i'd expect to start getting fedora images at some point?
15:20:11 <amoralej> we need it to test all other changes
15:20:15 <amoralej> python3, etc...
15:20:20 <dciabrin_> amoralej, so only after we land the two patches i was mentionning earlier, otherwise this will break the jobs :)
15:20:37 <dciabrin_> I'm just waiting for reviews at this point
15:20:44 <dciabrin_> should be ok
15:21:33 <amoralej> yes
15:21:44 <amoralej> for me, the best option would be
15:21:47 <amoralej> 1. get patches
15:21:54 <amoralej> 2. start building fc28 images
15:22:06 <amoralej> 3. start using fc28 for gating in addition to centos7
15:22:22 <amoralej> using haproxy1.8 in centos7 is doable but should be fallback plan
15:22:28 <number80> #agreed use F28 and/or PaaS SIG build of haproxy 1.8
15:22:28 <dciabrin_> wfm
15:23:15 <number80> #info bandini submitted patches for tripleo to support haproxy 1.8 without breaking compat with 1.5
15:23:42 <number80> (please update meetings logs accordingly so we remember what we decided in 3 weeks :) )
15:24:16 <dciabrin_> ack :)
15:24:16 <ykarel> :)
15:24:45 <bandini> all patches are belong to dciabrin
15:24:54 <bandini> I only brought my good looks to the table
15:25:13 <dciabrin_> haha :)
15:30:47 <number80> \o/
15:30:54 <number80> Then, let's wrap it up
15:31:50 <Duck> number80: still no news about the ML migration :-/
15:31:56 <Duck> I guess noone cares
15:32:04 <number80> #topic ML migration
15:32:13 <number80> Duck can you put a link
15:32:15 <number80> ?
15:32:28 <Duck> a link to?
15:32:48 <number80> to the discussion, AFAIK, I can't remember the discussion :)
15:33:08 <Duck> it's not on the list
15:33:14 <jpena> Duck: I was mostly waiting for leanderthal to define who should be nominated to own the instance
15:33:36 <Duck> jpena: I mailed her and pingued but no success
15:33:49 <jpena> is she on PTO maybe?
15:33:49 <Duck> also pingued last week or the previous one here
15:34:17 <Duck> well, I asked her when she just came back from PTO, and I don't recall seeing other ones
15:34:24 <jpena> oh, ok
15:34:35 <Duck> maybe she's overloaded
15:34:51 <number80> jpena: she was working this week but yes quite busy
15:34:56 <Duck> anyway, maybe someone could inquire kindly
15:35:02 * number80 had a call with her on monday
15:35:18 <Duck> that's all
15:35:23 <Duck> ho
15:35:27 <number80> #info ping leanderthal about ML migration
15:35:32 <number80> Thanks Duck
15:35:39 <number80> #topic open floor
15:35:44 <Duck> jpena: could you have a look at the pending change for package updates please?
15:35:45 <number80> last chance to bring a topic
15:35:57 <baha> I have a quick topic!
15:36:31 <baha> I threw up a little patch for the ppc64le container build job to get it to run more often. Was just wondering if I could get eyes on it, it's tiny =) https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/17741/
15:36:42 <rdogerrit> Javier Peña proposed rdo-infra/rdo-infra-playbooks master: automagically install security updates  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/17426
15:37:18 <Duck> jpena: 17426, seems it was waiting for some people to give their opinion
15:37:31 <jpena> Duck: yes, I'm pinging them
15:37:36 <Duck> thanks :-)
15:37:47 <number80> #info baha requested reviewers for ppc64le container build job
15:37:55 <number80> https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/17741/
15:38:06 <number80> #action number80 review it
15:38:12 <number80> Thanks baha :)
15:38:33 <baha> Thank you!
15:38:39 <number80> Now we need a chair for January, 9 meeting
15:38:51 <amoralej> i can take it
15:39:04 <number80> #info amoralej will chair Jan, 9 meeting
15:39:10 <number80> thanks amoralej! :)
15:39:23 <number80> Then, we can end the meeting!
15:40:17 <number80> I wish you to enjoy Xmas, new year eve, whatever celebrations you plan if you do celebrate something :)
15:40:33 <number80> See you next year!
15:40:35 <number80> #endmeeting