15:00:54 <jcapitao> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2019-11-20
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15:01:11 <jcapitao> #topic roll call
15:05:50 <jpena> o/
15:06:21 <jcapitao> #chair jpena
15:06:22 <openstack> Current chairs: jcapitao jpena
15:07:30 <rdogerrit> Alfredo Moralejo proposed rdo-jobs master: DNM test ovs2.12 update in tht patch  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/23771
15:12:13 <jcapitao> seems we are just 2 today
15:12:24 <jcapitao> jpena: is it your topics in the pad ?
15:12:46 <jpena> jcapitao: no. I initiated the meeting time discussion, but didn't get many responses
15:13:37 <jcapitao> ok, I added rdo test day topic
15:13:48 <jcapitao> might be amoralej
15:14:25 <rh-jelabarre> there are probably others here, but don't want to be tagged as 'chairs' (I'd rather be an end-table myself)
15:16:03 <jcapitao> yes maybe
15:16:12 <jcapitao> so let's start
15:16:24 <jcapitao> #topic CentOS8 Updates
15:17:09 <jcapitao> afaik we don't have any updates on this since last week
15:18:23 <jpena> nothing that I'm aware of
15:19:58 <jcapitao> and it seems last centos-meeting has been skipped
15:21:30 <jcapitao> so let's review the status next week on this topic
15:22:32 <jcapitao> let's move
15:22:45 <jcapitao> #topic RDO legacy zuul jobs migration to native zuulv3
15:23:20 <jcapitao> #info planning/tracking will be done with https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/rdo-zuulv3-migration
15:23:52 <jcapitao> ykarel and amoralej have drafted this plan
15:24:36 <jcapitao> feel free to add missing points
15:25:12 <jcapitao> or if you have some queries, please add it to the etherpad
15:25:16 <Tengu> folks, anyway to get https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/23700/ merged? would be nice, since it would unlock a bunch of other reviews :)
15:25:21 <Tengu> *any way
15:27:16 <Tengu> jpena: thanks!
15:28:50 <jcapitao> anything else on this ?
15:30:08 <jcapitao> let's move on
15:30:15 <jcapitao> #topic Meeting time update
15:30:45 <jcapitao> we didn't have enough replies i guess
15:30:51 <jpena> I opened the discussion at the mailing list: https://lists.rdoproject.org/pipermail/dev/2019-November/009189.html
15:31:00 <jpena> but yes, didn't get enough replies
15:31:13 <jpena> so unless there's a big change, let's just keep things as-is
15:32:52 <jcapitao> yeah maybe worth to reply all saying that the proposal will end next rdo meeting ?
15:33:06 <jcapitao> to see if we can get more replies
15:33:12 <rdogerrit> Merged openstack/tripleo-common-distgit rpm-master: Add run-validation script exclusion  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/23700
15:33:17 <jcapitao> wdyt?
15:35:39 <jpena> ack, let's try that
15:37:59 <jcapitao> #action jpena to reply all to mailing list, informing proposal will end next rdo meeting
15:38:10 <jcapitao> ok next topic
15:38:20 <jcapitao> #topic RDO Test Day Ussuri Milestone 1
15:38:45 <jcapitao> #info RDO will be holding an RDO test day on 19 and 20 December 2019.
15:39:01 <jcapitao> #link https://lists.rdoproject.org/pipermail/users/2019-November/000627.html
15:40:01 <jcapitao> if you have further questions about this topic feel free to contact leanderthal
15:40:12 <leanderthal> o/
15:40:19 <leanderthal> sorry.... hi hi hi
15:40:47 <leanderthal> thx jcapitao
15:41:01 <jcapitao> no worries :)
15:41:41 <jcapitao> just a reminder here, in addition of the email you've sent
15:41:49 <leanderthal> awesomeness; no worries
15:41:51 <leanderthal> thank you!
15:43:31 <jcapitao> let's move on
15:43:38 <jcapitao> #topic chair for next meeting?
15:44:33 <jpena> I'll take it, it's been a long time
15:45:23 <jcapitao> #action jpena to chair next week
15:45:38 <jcapitao> thanks jpena :)
15:46:22 <jcapitao> #topic open floor
15:47:25 <jcapitao> if you have any additional topic to bring here
15:48:36 <mnasiadka> I have - is there a plan to update rabbitmq-server and erlang in RDO Train? 3.6.16 is end of life for some time now ;-)
15:50:31 <jcapitao> interesting
15:51:37 * jcapitao lokking
15:52:38 <jcapitao> mnasiadka: did you hit some issues with current version ?
15:53:55 <mnasiadka> jcapitao: we use 3.7 in Kolla from packagecloud, and have some problems with ipv6 - so we're thinking about moving to 3.8. checked out of curiosity what is the version in RDO - and 3.6 is end of life from 31st May 2018...
15:54:56 <jcapitao> ack
15:55:09 <jcapitao> thank you for pointing this out
15:55:48 <jcapitao> we'll definitively work on that
16:01:06 <jcapitao> ok time's out
16:01:13 <jcapitao> let's close
16:01:21 <jcapitao> Thanks everyone
16:01:26 <jcapitao> #endmeeting