14:01:08 <jcapitao> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2020-01-22
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14:03:28 <ykarel> o/
14:04:17 <jcapitao> #topic roll call
14:04:25 <jcapitao> #chair ykarel
14:04:26 <openstack> Current chairs: jcapitao ykarel
14:06:40 <rdogerrit> Merged rdoinfo master: Bump OVS/OVN to 2.12 in RDO Train  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/23960
14:07:03 <amoralej> o/
14:07:25 <jcapitao> #chair amoralej
14:07:26 <openstack> Current chairs: amoralej jcapitao ykarel
14:10:04 <jcapitao> let's start with the agenda
14:10:11 <jcapitao> #topic CentOS8 Updates
14:11:03 <jcapitao> #info CentOS8.1 is released and CBS is ready for SIGs to builds packages
14:11:40 <jcapitao> ^ amoralej I guess it's yours
14:13:56 * ykarel added those yes we have couple of updates for CentOS8
14:14:20 <ykarel> #info HighAvailability packages are available with CentOS8.1 in a seperate repo:- http://mirror.centos.org/centos/8/HighAvailability/x86_64/os/
14:14:32 <ykarel> #info CloudSIG CentOS8 tags are created:- https://cbs.centos.org/koji/search?match=glob&type=tag&terms=cloud8*
14:14:45 <ykarel> #info Packages are being build for RDO CentOS8 in CBS:- https://cbs.centos.org/koji/builds?tagID=1887
14:14:57 <ykarel> #info a new promotion pipeline has been created for centos8-train using p-o-i and packstack
14:15:26 <ykarel> With the CBS availability for CentOS8, we have started bulids in CBS
14:16:35 <ykarel> until we finish the bootstrap deps can be consumed from temporary repo that we created from copr https://trunk.rdoproject.org/centos8-master/deps/latest/
14:17:10 <ykarel> if someone want to consume CBS build packages before can use https://cbs.centos.org/repos/cloud8-openstack-ussuri-candidate/x86_64/os/Packages/
14:17:31 <ykarel> That's it wrt to CentOS8 RDO prep
14:17:34 <ykarel> any queries?
14:17:49 <ykarel> #link https://cbs.centos.org/koji/builds?tagID=1887
14:17:57 <ykarel> #link https://cbs.centos.org/repos/cloud8-openstack-ussuri-candidate/x86_64/os/Packages/
14:18:26 <jcapitao> is tere something i can do to help on this topic ?
14:19:20 <ykarel> jcapitao, yes we can coordinate the progress and involve you
14:20:31 <ykarel> we have created a script to do the some automation to rebuild from fedora sources
14:20:57 <ykarel> we still need manual involvement as multiple things needs to be considered
14:21:08 <ykarel> as for some packages clean rebuild is not possible
14:21:29 <ykarel> will share more details with you post meeting
14:21:37 <jcapitao> oh ok
14:21:44 <jcapitao> nice thx
14:22:40 <jcapitao> ok we can move on to next topic
14:23:04 <jcapitao> #topic chair for next meeting
14:23:28 <jcapitao> any volunteer ?
14:23:29 <amoralej> i can take it
14:24:13 <jcapitao> #action amoralej to chair the next meeting
14:24:28 <jcapitao> thx amoralej
14:24:39 <jcapitao> we are going fast today
14:25:13 <jcapitao> #topic open floor
14:26:54 <ykarel> I think since CBS is ready, other SIGs must be planning to get ready, but not sure if they are tracking somewhere
14:26:58 <jcapitao> if there's any other topic you would like to bring here
14:27:06 <ykarel> like Ceph, opstools etc
14:27:12 <ykarel> gfidente, mrunge any idea ^^?
14:29:48 <ykarel> seems gfidente mrunge not around currently, will sync with them later
14:30:47 <jcapitao> ack
14:31:39 <gfidente> ykarel yeah I'd like to start working on that
14:32:05 <ykarel> gfidente, cool
14:33:59 <ykarel> jfi re. TripleO centos8 pipeline, there is good progress wrt to centos8 containers, i checked https://hackmd.io/dSagCbocQ4KSVEZR1uf8Tw
14:34:15 <ykarel> not sure about exact status though, weshay|ruck rfolco may put some lights
14:35:10 <ykarel> that's it from me
14:35:21 <rfolco> latest is we built 120 containers manually, working on the patches to make the build repeatable
14:35:25 <rfolco> ykarel, ^
14:36:08 <ykarel> rfolco, Thanks for the update, and what about missing ones?
14:36:20 <ykarel> iirc therey were around  136 container images
14:36:49 <rfolco> ykarel, 129... still evaluating if they are really required. No errors or failed ones.
14:37:28 <ykarel> rfolco, ohkk
14:37:48 <ykarel> rfolco, i see --exclude haproxy
14:37:57 <ykarel> but haproxy should be needed for jobs
14:38:13 <rfolco> no no, if you see that I need to update the doc
14:38:30 <rfolco> only excluding opendaylight, sensu and skydive
14:38:31 <ykarel> rfolco, ohhk
14:38:57 <rfolco> ykarel, I will add the diff to the hackmd (centos7 vs centos8)
14:39:07 <ykarel> rfolco, ack
14:40:02 <rdogerrit> Sagi Shnaidman created config master: Fix nodes config for cell job  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/24632
14:40:03 <sshnaidm|mtg> chandankumar, ^
14:40:05 <ykarel> ok so i guess we can move now
14:40:25 <jcapitao> ok
14:40:32 <jcapitao> no more topics then ?
14:41:02 <ykarel> nothing from me
14:41:13 <amoralej> not from me
14:41:31 <jcapitao> so let's use the extra 20 minutes for more productivity
14:41:37 <jcapitao> #endmeeting