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22:00:26 <hub_cap> hah look at that horizon took our spot :P
22:00:42 <vipul> #Info Agenda: http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/RedDwarfMeeting
22:00:45 <hub_cap> but thats fine by me sinc ethey are closer to core
22:00:47 <cp16net> hola
22:01:10 <SlickNik> hey
22:01:15 <datsun180b> hi
22:01:21 <vipul> at least no one will compain if we go over time in this room
22:01:26 <hub_cap> exactly
22:01:29 <cp16net> nice
22:01:37 <cp16net> i didnt know there was an alt room
22:01:40 <hub_cap> its new
22:01:40 <SlickNik> Heh, hopefully we won't have to though.
22:01:42 <steveleon> what happened to the other room?
22:01:49 <SlickNik> (go over time I mean)
22:01:50 <vipul> kicke us out
22:01:50 <hub_cap> #info no one watches the mailing list but hub_cap
22:01:51 <hub_cap> :P
22:02:15 <hub_cap> its new
22:02:16 <SlickNik> so did you seem the blueprint on the mailing list, then hub_cap? :P
22:02:22 <vipul> #topic Action Item Review
22:02:25 <hub_cap> haah yours yes SlickNik
22:02:33 <hub_cap> the devstack integration one
22:02:38 <hub_cap> :D
22:03:10 * cp16net shrugs...
22:03:13 <vipul> SlickNick dkehn updates on Devstack Integration?
22:03:15 <hub_cap> speaking of that SlickNik, hows that going
22:03:16 <hub_cap> :P
22:03:28 <SlickNik> It's still going pretty well.
22:03:47 <SlickNik> dkehn and I got the install/config pieces in
22:03:57 <dkehn> k , working the init_redwarf protion, the configure & build complete
22:04:14 <dkehn> just delaing what is necessary and what is not
22:04:15 <SlickNik> We're still hitting some issues with setting up the repo, and building the image.
22:04:28 <SlickNik> THen we'll tackle bringing up the guest.
22:04:53 <SlickNik> We've got a separate repo at https://github.com/dkehn/devstack
22:05:08 <SlickNik> That we're pushing out intermediate fixes to.
22:05:15 <SlickNik> So it's still a work in progress.
22:05:23 <hub_cap> nice
22:05:24 <vipul> #link  https://github.com/dkehn/devstack
22:05:35 <SlickNik> One sec.
22:05:50 <hub_cap> any replies on the BP SlickNik?
22:06:01 <SlickNik> nope, no hits so far.
22:06:29 <hub_cap> cool, then we can do WHATEVER we want :P
22:06:37 <dkehn> I like that
22:06:42 <SlickNik> was thinking of running it by mordred and a couple other folks.
22:06:43 <vipul> SlickNik, can we link to blueprint
22:07:12 <SlickNik> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/reddwarf/+spec/reddwarf-devstack-integration
22:07:15 <dkehn> I updated mordred this morning, he's prety up to speed with what we are doing
22:07:26 <SlickNik> that's what I was trying to get :)
22:07:39 <SlickNik> okay, cool. Thanks dkehn.
22:07:44 <vipul> #action dkehn to discuss offline about keystone users required by Redstack
22:08:02 <vipul> anything else to add ?
22:08:11 <hub_cap> ya iirc some of those tests for different users were to validate user ownership
22:08:24 <cp16net> hub_cap: you are correct
22:08:30 <hub_cap> talk to datsun180b and cp16net, they added those users
22:08:35 <dkehn> given that devstack freates its own and CI uses them??
22:08:35 <hub_cap> dkehn: ^ ^
22:08:40 <datsun180b> and to make sure we didn't fall into any ruts about giving all the instances to a single user
22:08:42 <dkehn> will do
22:08:44 <cp16net> to make sure admin could see all instances and other users coudl not see each others
22:09:02 <vipul> K, next item
22:09:25 <vipul> updating references.. I updates all the Launchpads, and looked over READMEs and everything seems to be updated to stackforge
22:09:33 <vipul> we can check that one off
22:09:40 <SlickNik> awesome.
22:09:50 <SlickNik> I <3 checking stuff off :)
22:10:08 <cp16net> +1
22:10:20 <hub_cap> vipul: very nice
22:10:50 <vipul> anyone remember the context of the next action item?
22:11:08 <vipul> doesn't have an owner, i'm skipping it
22:11:16 <cp16net> which # are we on?
22:11:21 <vipul> #4 now
22:11:24 <SlickNik> I think I asked for a link and it got published as an action item.
22:11:55 <vipul> update on image building blueprint.. i havent filed a bug yet
22:12:08 <vipul> that was the plan, will do so by EOD
22:12:10 <hub_cap> #3 was in reference to logging in to the mysql instance, but i dnot think we need to discuss now
22:12:36 <vipul> #action vipul to file bug to convert image building to tripleo image builder
22:13:02 <vipul> next item.. hub_cap: oslo upgrade?
22:13:09 <juice_> vipul just so you know they move the repo under stack forge now
22:13:10 <hub_cap> hey be sure to put stock mysql as the default for that vipul, not percona :D
22:13:23 <hub_cap> so oslo upgrade, things r going quite well
22:13:40 <hub_cap> ive got the services coming back online w/ teh new config, logging, service, wsgi, and paste stuff
22:13:55 <hub_cap> but the tests are failing cuz the rest of the code is still using the old config file stuff
22:13:59 <SlickNik> nice.
22:14:02 <hub_cap> also ive separated the config file into 2 files
22:14:04 <hub_cap> paste and config
22:14:12 <vipul> hub_cap: we're going to build two versions, one wiht percona, one stock
22:14:19 <hub_cap> vipul: cool
22:14:26 <hub_cap> im intersted in percona too :D
22:14:38 <SlickNik> #info tripleo image builder repo is under stackforge now.
22:14:39 <hub_cap> so there was a issue w/ us loading variables in our paste defined __init__ functions
22:14:45 <dkehn> curious 2 cmy.cnfs right, one for mysql std adn percona?
22:15:09 <dkehn> s/cmy/my/
22:15:10 <hub_cap> dkehn: well id say 1 my.cnf
22:15:14 <hub_cap> standard
22:15:25 <hub_cap> if yall want to use percona u can keep a my.cnf around for percona
22:15:33 <SlickNik> #link https://github.com/stackforge/diskimage-builder
22:15:48 <hub_cap> but we should try to have 1 path for the public code, and make it configurable for yall/us/anyone else
22:15:50 <hub_cap> make sense?
22:15:53 <dkehn> keep std in the /etc/directory and specifics in the datadir as extra
22:16:06 <SlickNik> Thanks juice_
22:16:10 <vipul> hub_cap yes, I think we should support both, one that is the community version mysql
22:16:16 <vipul> and have a new 'flavor' that supports percona
22:16:29 <vipul> but yea, need one that works for everyone
22:16:31 <hub_cap> sounds like we may need to talk about that offline
22:16:36 <hub_cap> cuz i dont think thats the case
22:16:39 <hub_cap> we need the one that everyone uses
22:16:44 <hub_cap> if yall want percona, u can do it
22:16:48 <vipul> #action vipul to discuss percona baked into image with hub_cap
22:16:50 <hub_cap> but i dont think the public one _needs_ percona
22:17:14 <vipul> moving on..
22:17:20 <vipul> volume_support bug is filed
22:17:24 <hub_cap> so back to oslo
22:17:26 <hub_cap> oh ok
22:17:28 <juice_> the flavor is a parameter to disk image builder
22:17:38 <vipul> do we still have more wrt oslo?
22:17:52 <juice_> we can pass either "rd-guest" or "rd-guest-percona" and it will build the right image
22:18:01 <hub_cap> i could keep going but ill leave it at that vipul if anyone is interested feel free to chat w/ me
22:18:04 <juice_> the stock redstack script can by default use the rd-guest
22:18:13 <juice_> we can override that with "rd-guest-percona"
22:18:17 <juice_> or something like that
22:18:26 <vipul> juice_ hub_cap let's take it offline in #reddwarf
22:18:26 <hub_cap> yup
22:18:36 <hub_cap> absolutely
22:18:43 <vipul> oslo..?
22:18:52 <hub_cap> naw its good we can move forward
22:18:55 <hub_cap> we are 20 min in
22:18:59 <hub_cap> im making good progress
22:19:04 <hub_cap> shoudl ahve somethign in a day or 2
22:19:08 <hub_cap> but its gonna be a big review
22:19:12 <vipul> cool
22:19:17 <SlickNik> Sounds good.
22:19:18 * hub_cap doesnt like big reviews
22:19:21 <vipul> #info oslo upgrade close, couple more days
22:19:32 <vipul> SlickNik, update on users for guest?
22:19:53 <cp16net> me either
22:19:57 <cp16net> things can be missed
22:20:24 <SlickNik> There was some back and forth on it with SteveLeon. Still need to close on what's the right thing to do here.
22:20:48 <vipul> #action SlickNik and steveleon to look into default guest user
22:20:56 <SlickNik> os_admin seemed to work fine for him, so not sure if  a change is needed.
22:21:01 <SlickNik> still need to follow up on it.
22:21:05 <hub_cap> be sure to work w/ grapex on it too
22:21:22 <SlickNik> Okay, will keep grapex in the loop.
22:21:23 <steveleon> ill meet with you guys later on this
22:21:28 <hub_cap> who is not in the room.... geez :)
22:21:37 <vipul> next item..
22:21:43 <SlickNik> No worries. I'll ping him on #reddwarf when he gets on :)
22:21:49 <steveleon> using "root" didnt work as the guest agent was trying to create user "root"
22:21:50 <vipul> grapex: real mode tests
22:22:01 <hub_cap> grapex is not here right now
22:22:09 <SlickNik> Will take this offline with you, steveleon.
22:22:11 <vipul> esp1: any update on our end?
22:22:28 <hub_cap> i know he had a review that was approved yesterday that helped split some of the tests up
22:22:49 <vipul> I did just attempt ot run them, we're not at 100% yet
22:22:52 <esp1> vipul: not much
22:23:00 <vipul> #info real-mode tests still not completely working
22:23:22 <esp1> tried to run the tests again today but I think we need to give grapex more time to clean up tests on reddwarf-int
22:23:29 <vipul> #action esp1 grapex to continue working on fixing all real-mode tests
22:23:42 <hub_cap> speaking of the grape devil
22:23:52 <SlickNik> here he is.
22:23:53 <hub_cap> grapex: real mode test updates? quick!
22:24:28 <grapex> hub_cap: Real mode tests need work, in particular gating code to avoid running the mgmt API until its ready.
22:24:54 <grapex> The MGMT api won't work without the Nova extensions. We had code in place before to avoid hitting it if it wasn't enabled, we just need it again.
22:24:54 <hub_cap> grapex: care to explain in a sentence or 2 the mgmt api issue so the HP guys know whats goin on
22:24:57 <hub_cap> hahah
22:24:59 <grapex> Sure
22:25:00 <esp1> yeah I wonder if we can ignore them for now if they really aren't blocking
22:25:09 <hub_cap> ya i think thats what has to happen esp1
22:25:34 <grapex> The mgmt api uses some Nova extensions to grab some information not present in the API. For instance, it grabs the local ID, and the compute host of instances.
22:25:47 <grapex> hub_cap is working on moving these extensions to the public.
22:25:55 <hub_cap> wha!?!?!? i am?!??!??!
22:25:58 <cp16net> lol
22:26:03 <SlickNik> heh
22:26:04 <hub_cap> hmm wasnt on my radar
22:26:19 <hub_cap> #action hub_cap to work on moving the extensions for mgmt api to public
22:26:26 <vipul> grapex: these are things not available thorugh nova api?
22:26:33 <cp16net> vipul: right
22:26:41 <hub_cap> so basically
22:26:45 <hub_cap> we coded some extensions
22:26:51 <hub_cap> and we need to make a separate repo for them
22:27:01 <hub_cap> and anyone who needs to use the mgmt api needs those extensions
22:27:02 <grapex> vipul: Yeah. Its all trivial stuff.
22:27:27 <hub_cap> or we can try to get them _in_ to nova extensions, which is the best route imho
22:27:34 <hub_cap> imnsho
22:27:37 <vipul> Yea, We should separate the tests somehow, so that we can run things that require extensions separately
22:27:43 <SlickNik> @grapex, hub_cap: Will these extensions need to be integrated into devstack as well?
22:27:55 <vipul> hub_cap, yes that's hte only way we'd be able to use them, if they are in tip nova
22:27:56 <hub_cap> if we test the mgmt api, they need to be integrated
22:28:04 <grapex> vipul: Yes, it was like that at one point. :'( It shouldn't take too long to keep them from running again.
22:28:18 <hub_cap> vipul: figured that'd be the case for yall :D
22:28:22 <hub_cap> ok so OVZ
22:28:32 <vipul> go for it
22:28:39 <hub_cap> im still trying to tackle internally freeing up our resource to devote to ovz
22:28:54 <hub_cap> had a conversation w/ my mgr today and i think i was able to convince to have him start owrking on it again
22:29:02 <hub_cap> the real blocker is just one
22:29:24 <hub_cap> the way ovz does volume stuffs is drastically different from the rest of nova
22:29:47 <hub_cap> nova went and removed some of the mouting/formatting within a guest instance, and we still have that _in_ ovz
22:29:59 <hub_cap> so we need to remove that so it aligns w/ the other hypervisor impls
22:30:08 <vipul> #info real mode tests for management api require nova extensions
22:30:44 <hub_cap> ill have another update next wk when i know more
22:30:59 <vipul> #info OVZ impl requires some refactoring around volumes
22:31:08 <vipul> #info Rax may dedicate resource to OVZ
22:31:27 <vipul> #action hub_cap to provide another update on OVZ
22:31:36 <hub_cap> _will_ dedicate vipul ;)
22:31:39 <SlickNik> #info devstack integration will need to support nova extensions if we want to test management API in tempest.
22:31:41 <SlickNik> lol
22:31:45 <hub_cap> if nothign else im gonna be doing it
22:31:51 <vipul> hub_cap, let us know if we can assist
22:31:56 <hub_cap> awesome!
22:32:09 <vipul> ok that wraps up actioin items
22:32:16 <vipul> anything we missed?
22:32:17 <hub_cap> hah only 30min in
22:32:23 <cp16net> not too shabby
22:32:26 <vipul> lol
22:32:28 <SlickNik> go go go
22:32:33 <vipul> #topic Volume Updates
22:32:49 <vipul> #info vipul still working on re-enabling volume support
22:32:50 <hub_cap> vipul: i tihnk someone said u were working on that
22:32:54 <hub_cap> :D
22:32:57 <vipul> don't have much of an update at this point
22:33:04 <hub_cap> cool no biggie
22:33:11 <vipul> too many competing things taking my time
22:33:24 <hub_cap> vipul: thats why i resigned as a dev mgr
22:33:24 <cp16net> always the case...
22:33:32 <cp16net> hah
22:33:43 <hub_cap> :P
22:33:51 <cp16net> i dont blame you
22:33:58 <vipul> yea gotta get better at managing time for sure
22:34:03 <vipul> moving on..
22:34:11 <vipul> #topic CI Updates / Image updates
22:34:14 <steveleon> hub_cap, stop giving vipul ideas :p
22:34:31 <hub_cap> HAHA steveleon
22:34:44 <hub_cap> so ive passed the buck so to speak on image stuffs for now
22:35:16 <vipul> juice_ updates on Image?
22:35:36 <SlickNik> juice and kagan were hard at work on it, last time I saw them.
22:36:00 <esp1> juice_ is providing printing support :)
22:36:03 <juice_> yes building the images and test booting now
22:36:18 <juice_> having difficulty getting it to come up
22:36:35 <juice_> so rolling back configs until can figure out the exact problem
22:36:40 <hub_cap> sweet
22:36:50 <juice_> but going good using the stack forge image builder
22:37:01 <vipul> #info using the tripleo disk image builder, plan is to replace ubuntu-vm-builder
22:37:12 <juice_> talked to some of those guys this morning and there are few things still in flux on their side (image builder team)
22:37:48 <vipul> k cool
22:37:59 <vipul> #info image buildling work still in progress
22:38:05 <vipul> CI?
22:38:49 <vipul> SlickNik dkehn, anything else to add from earlier update?
22:39:03 <dkehn> nope
22:39:04 <SlickNik> Spoke with clarkb on what needs to be done to enable CI in tempest.
22:39:30 <SlickNik> dkehn and I that is.
22:39:33 <vipul> #info Redstack integration into Devstack ongoing
22:39:33 <SlickNik> but will need to figure out the devstack integration piece first.
22:40:01 <vipul> #info Tempest integration not started, conversations have begun
22:40:22 <vipul> grapex, hub_cap: anything on your end?
22:40:52 <hub_cap> not from me, grapex maybe, i know he is trying to get the tests shored up as much as possible in his time
22:41:31 <grapex> vipul: Nothing new to report. Hopefully I'll have test changes to avoid use of the mgmt api in soon.
22:41:39 <vipul> k moving on..
22:41:54 <vipul> #topic os_amin / root user
22:42:02 <vipul> don't know if we have any movement on this
22:42:18 <hub_cap> ok then we can skip it
22:42:19 <steveleon> what is the essence of this/.
22:42:25 <vipul> #info SlickNik steveleon grapex to figure this out
22:42:27 <steveleon> or the issue?
22:42:33 <vipul> related to earlier action item update
22:42:40 <hub_cap> yall brought up the need to use a _different_ user than os_admin
22:42:45 <hub_cap> thats the user we use for admin'ing the box
22:42:54 <hub_cap> err the mysql server
22:42:57 <vipul> we may want to stick with that for now
22:42:58 <cp16net> making it a configuration or something
22:43:04 <hub_cap> right
22:43:05 <vipul> until we get everything up and running
22:43:14 <grapex> vipul: Sounds good.
22:43:18 <steveleon> ok slicknik, maybe you can tell me offline why using os_admin doesnt work
22:43:28 <vipul> #info possibly stick to os_admin as admin mysql user, until we have a use case
22:43:52 <SlickNik> sure, let's chat about it offline at #reddwarf after the meeting.
22:43:58 <vipul> #topic Dealing with Redstack
22:44:15 <hub_cap> anything new to add here that hasnt been covered already?
22:44:31 <vipul> don't think so, main thing remainign here is real mode tests
22:44:39 <hub_cap> oh i have 1 thing ill need to update /w oslo
22:44:43 <cp16net> dealing with it? meaning integrating with devstack?
22:44:49 <hub_cap> no dealing with it :P
22:45:01 <cp16net> oh i deal with it everyday
22:45:06 <hub_cap> haha
22:45:07 <cp16net> so done. :-P
22:45:16 <vipul> i think we still need to fully understand everything that goes on in those scripts
22:45:20 <hub_cap> since the paste config is a new file ill have to udpate that in redstack, watch for it as a separate commit
22:45:24 <vipul> and we'll keep raising questions
22:45:27 <hub_cap> yup vipul there is _too_ much there
22:45:30 <hub_cap> :D
22:45:31 <cp16net> yup
22:46:08 <vipul> #info we're dealing with it
22:46:09 <steveleon> i've been studying the redstack script while trying to setup reddwarf standalone...
22:46:14 <cp16net> nice :)
22:46:22 <steveleon> maybe i can be of any help
22:46:31 <hub_cap> steveleon: yeesh thats a task
22:47:17 <hub_cap> lol vipul nice info, just noticed that
22:47:21 <hub_cap> ok so we move on to features?
22:47:24 <vipul> anyone have anything else to add?
22:47:30 <cp16net> i have some experience with it so if questions arise i can help where needed
22:47:34 <cp16net> but its just bash
22:47:35 <steveleon> i got dev stack and reddwarf running on two different cloud instances. i just need an image to start creating dbs
22:47:39 <SlickNik> nope, good by me.
22:47:40 <cp16net> so that should not be a big deal
22:47:55 <SlickNik> bash what, cp16net? :P
22:47:56 <hub_cap> steveleon: sweet
22:48:01 <vipul> yep, I think the challenge is to figure out what things are absolutely required vs not
22:48:05 <cp16net> bash = break stuff
22:48:06 <cp16net> :-P
22:48:13 <hub_cap> lol
22:48:24 <vipul> #topic feature discussion
22:48:30 <cp16net> yeah there is alot of fluff that was added to redstack
22:48:45 <hub_cap> soooooo, features
22:48:58 <vipul> one question I had.. is there support for user/tenant level quotas?
22:49:18 <vipul> I think i saw a global quota, but not user level, maybe soemthing we'll need
22:49:18 <hub_cap> ya there is 2 configs
22:49:22 <hub_cap> oh ya
22:49:25 <cp16net> not separately
22:49:26 <hub_cap> its global, sry
22:49:29 <datsun180b> But that's for everyone, and not for individuals.
22:49:30 <cp16net> yeah
22:49:32 <hub_cap> we want it as well
22:49:42 <hub_cap> we mgiht want to look into turnstyle
22:49:45 <vipul> #info no user-level quotas, feature #1 add user-level quotas and update management APIs
22:50:00 <vipul> hub_cap, I thought that was more for rate limiting?
22:50:03 <vipul> could be wrong
22:50:16 <hub_cap> https://github.com/klmitch/turnstile
22:50:21 <hub_cap> #link https://github.com/klmitch/turnstile
22:50:36 <vipul> need to setup redis...argh
22:50:37 <hub_cap> i thikn it might just be rate limiting now
22:50:40 <hub_cap> good call vipul
22:50:46 <SlickNik> what's turnstyle?
22:50:52 <hub_cap> we were talking about integrating repose in teh future as well vipul
22:51:05 <hub_cap> so maybe there isint a need for it _in_ our application
22:51:07 <SlickNik> thx, will look.
22:51:22 <vipul> #info look at Turnstyle, repose as possible integration points
22:51:25 <hub_cap> #action chat up w/ the openstack people about whether all projects should maintain their own quotas
22:51:37 <vipul> not sure why this is not a 'common' thing yet
22:51:42 <hub_cap> i honestly dont know what the right answer is
22:51:50 <hub_cap> vipul: welcome to openstack :P
22:51:55 <hub_cap> mabye we can make it a common thing
22:52:12 <vipul> yea would make most sense there
22:52:20 <vipul> k, other features..
22:52:23 <cp16net> yeah someone just needs to say that its common and then it becomes common
22:52:24 <cp16net> :)
22:52:33 <hub_cap> so yall had snapshots defined, was there any plan on moving that in?
22:52:39 <hub_cap> cp16net: no joke
22:52:52 <hub_cap> i think a general roadmap, going well in to next year should include
22:53:00 <vipul> Yes, that is still part of the plan.. just not sure when we'll get to it
22:53:12 <hub_cap> 1) snapshots, mycnf edits, rate limiting/quotas, and some sembalance of migrations
22:53:19 <hub_cap> oops i forgot to number them
22:53:20 <hub_cap> ahaha
22:53:29 <hub_cap> thats all #1 its a big ole feature
22:53:33 <SlickNik> All those are 1 feature?!?
22:53:38 <SlickNik> heh
22:53:39 <hub_cap> hahaha YES SlickNik
22:53:50 <vipul> what's wrong with migrations..?
22:54:15 <hub_cap> we need to do _extra_ stuff to make sure they work w/ our environment
22:54:23 <hub_cap> and to make sure our guest comes back online, etc..
22:54:32 <hub_cap> blindly calling nova migrate is a bit scary :D
22:54:32 <datsun180b> We're getting there, though
22:54:49 <vipul> #info replication is also part of our roadmap
22:54:55 <hub_cap> most of the work is _def_ nova tho vipul
22:55:16 <vipul> hub_cap.. oh vm migrations.. nvm
22:55:18 <hub_cap> id lke to see some code that validates it on our end tho (i mean, there is a step that _has_ to validate it)
22:55:21 <vipul> i'm slow
22:55:27 <hub_cap> vipul: what migration were u talking about?
22:55:30 <vipul> db
22:55:31 <vipul> lol
22:55:39 <vipul> sqlalchemy
22:55:39 <hub_cap> lol
22:55:47 <hub_cap> nice :P
22:56:14 <vipul> honestly we haven't actually even started looking at that
22:56:26 <hub_cap> yes we want to work on replication but thats a big scary task and its on our radar further in the year
22:56:41 <hub_cap> so if u want to team up on it we might be able to devote some resources to research earlier
22:57:03 <hub_cap> lets make sure we all knwo what features we are working on so we can work on them as a large group, cuz then we all get to do less work :D
22:57:04 <SlickNik> Was the previous list in order of priority?
22:57:08 <dkehn> there will be a lot to replication, cloning, fail-over, master-master, et.c
22:57:09 <vipul> yep, that sounds good, i think we need to have a more formal planning meeting
22:57:16 <hub_cap> SlickNik: umm not 100% ordered but mostly
22:57:39 <vipul> dkehn: i don't think we have to address everything right away, failover doesn't have to be automated for example
22:57:39 <hub_cap> vipul: ya i thnk so too, maybe we do a google hangout for that and have a nice conversation about it
22:58:05 <hub_cap> dkehn: i agree, replication scares the bejesus out of me due to how hard it is
22:58:09 <dkehn> vipul, ouch manual failover with point time recovery....
22:58:16 <vipul> #action vipul and hub_cap to set up formal roadmap/feature meeting
22:58:22 <yidclare> but people want the replication
22:58:25 <vipul> dkehn: baby steps :)
22:58:26 <dkehn> hub_cap, actually its not that bad
22:58:31 <hub_cap> hell i was telling my mgr today that turning replication on is easy
22:58:44 <esp1> are backups on the road map or is that part of migration?
22:58:52 <hub_cap> esp1: def
22:58:55 <dkehn> its is easy, its what you do when it goes to s@!t
22:58:56 <hub_cap> separate
22:59:00 <hub_cap> yup
22:59:00 <esp1> cool
22:59:04 <hub_cap> and its nicer w/ 5.5 too
22:59:18 <dkehn> semi-sync is very nice
22:59:18 <hub_cap> iirc the agent is no longer single threaded
22:59:25 <dkehn> only one commit lag
22:59:49 <hub_cap> im glad u feel beter about it than i dkehn :D
23:00:01 <hub_cap> last thing i need is the engineers scrambling all the time when it fails!!
23:00:17 <hub_cap> i mean honestly wrt features
23:00:21 <dkehn> thats why it need to be automated
23:00:30 <hub_cap> we need to do all the big mysql features right? its really about the order and whos working on what
23:00:34 <hub_cap> dkehn: yup :D
23:00:42 <hub_cap> but "automated" is such a fuzzy word
23:00:45 <vipul> dkehn hub_cap we need to have a bigger discussion on this
23:00:51 <hub_cap> vipul: absolutely
23:01:03 <hub_cap> we could go on for hrs just on replication :D
23:01:11 <cp16net> yup
23:01:12 <hub_cap> also, we might want to condiser some sort of scheduler
23:01:26 <hub_cap> not sure if its going overboard...
23:01:28 <hub_cap> but my thought is this
23:01:51 <hub_cap> we need ot have time windows to do things like backups, snapshots, etc... as to not overwhelm the entire environment
23:02:16 <hub_cap> so there needs to be som arbiter of that logic somewhere
23:02:20 <vipul> agreed
23:02:32 <vipul> although scheduler types of features may be a bit further out
23:02:37 <vipul> do we have any requirements now?
23:02:44 <hub_cap> we can start it _easy_ but my guess will be tha the scheduler will be pretty generic in openstack so we can start using it
23:02:45 <hub_cap> no not now
23:02:47 <hub_cap> def future
23:02:53 <esp1> wonder what the cool kids are using for a scheduler in python these days.
23:03:01 <hub_cap> esp1: roll your own :D
23:03:03 <vipul> cron?
23:03:07 <hub_cap> the #openstack way
23:03:08 <esp1> lol
23:03:17 <cp16net> lol
23:03:35 <hub_cap> i dont think its cron
23:03:38 <hub_cap> cron is fuzzy too
23:03:46 <hub_cap> i dont want to rely on external systems either
23:03:53 <cp16net> its a python daemon
23:03:57 <hub_cap> ive seen NASTY cron triggered hacky systems
23:04:01 <esp1> gotcha :)
23:04:15 <vipul> https://github.com/rackspace/Tempo
23:04:24 <hub_cap> but ya there was talk aabout making a generic scheduler
23:04:37 <hub_cap> vipul: now that makes sense
23:04:38 <vipul> anyone know if that's actually a real active thing?
23:04:39 <hub_cap> for a end user
23:04:48 <SlickNik> monitoring and managing cron jobs is a whole can of worms in itself.
23:04:53 <hub_cap> SlickNik: ya dude
23:05:02 <hub_cap> vipul: im not privy to the upper echelon of things @rax
23:05:05 <hub_cap> i havent even heard of that
23:05:18 <hub_cap> but its >8mo old
23:05:25 <vipul> k, we'll forget we ever saw it ;)
23:05:30 <hub_cap> ya
23:05:42 <vipul> k running over time
23:05:46 <hub_cap> but srsly the openstack guys were tlaking about the need for a generic scheduler framework
23:05:55 <hub_cap> since cinder, nova, and others will be using
23:05:58 <esp1> sorry to take things of course...
23:06:00 <vipul> would be nice
23:06:03 <hub_cap> so once we need to, we will ride that wave
23:06:08 <vipul> any timeframe?
23:06:12 <hub_cap> nope
23:06:15 <vipul> figures
23:06:18 <hub_cap> yup
23:06:24 <vipul> #topic Open Discussion
23:06:29 <SlickNik> We don't need it right away; perhaps they will have something by the time we need it?
23:06:36 <vipul> anything else we need to discuss?
23:06:44 <hub_cap> #info prereq for migrations - grouping of instances
23:06:51 <hub_cap> ^ ^ we need to start thinking about that in general
23:07:15 <hub_cap> before we go dive into things that require > 1 server to be grouped together
23:07:15 <vipul> is the host_id not reliable?
23:07:29 <hub_cap> how do we determine Master X, Slave Y
23:07:29 <vipul> meaning can't we lookup host_id of each instance to group things?
23:07:35 <hub_cap> we need a mapping of sorts
23:07:41 <vipul> i see
23:07:45 <hub_cap> and id like to make it generic enough to support other things like a hadoop setup
23:08:07 <hub_cap> ok tahts my random open discussion
23:08:11 <SlickNik> well, we need some sort of collection of host by id, I guess.
23:08:16 <vipul> #info consider tagging instances
23:08:23 <esp1> Has anyone run into issues running 12.04 w/ redstack?  I have pending task on our end that I'd like to close.
23:08:46 <vipul> i haven't tried yet on a fresh vm
23:08:57 <vipul> hub_cap you were making some mods
23:09:06 <SlickNik> I think the last one that hub_cap hit was upping mysql to 5.5...IIRC...
23:09:08 <vipul> 12.04 good to go?
23:09:16 <esp1> I've tried on VMWare Fusion and our HPCloud instance...
23:09:28 <hub_cap> i have a fresh vm
23:09:31 <hub_cap> and everythign is good now
23:09:40 <esp1> cool, thx!
23:09:42 <hub_cap> esp1: do u have the issuez?
23:09:45 <hub_cap> if so chat w/ me
23:09:55 <hub_cap> iirc i fired it up and ran it
23:09:59 <vipul> #info 12.04 support completed
23:10:27 <esp1> hup_cap: I think it's just a lingering task that we kept around from last sprint.  But I think we got it resolved.
23:10:44 <vipul> ddemir is working on getting some unit tests into python-reddwarfclient
23:11:01 <hub_cap> esp1: sweet
23:11:26 <vipul> anyone got anything else?
23:11:38 <SlickNik> good by me.
23:11:59 <vipul> k, thanks for attending folks
23:12:07 <dkehn> good night all
23:12:10 <esp1> thx!
23:12:24 <vipul> dkehn: drink a few margaritas for us
23:12:31 <vipul> in mexico
23:12:33 <dkehn> I am so there
23:12:59 <SlickNik> heh, have fun dkehn. :)
23:13:03 <SlickNik> thanks all, see you around in #reddwarf!
23:13:05 <hub_cap> nice  :P
23:13:13 <hub_cap> woah
23:13:19 <hub_cap> we dont have a ton of action items!!!
23:13:38 <vipul> did we miss any?
23:13:51 <vipul> if not ending meeting
23:13:51 <hub_cap> nope
23:13:56 <hub_cap> im just surprised :P
23:14:03 <vipul> #endmeeting