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22:00:06 <vipul> sup
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22:00:34 <hub_cap> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/RedDwarfMeeting
22:00:40 <cp16net> work
22:00:44 <hub_cap> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/reddwarf/2013/reddwarf.2013-02-12-22.00.html
22:00:46 <robertmyers> hello
22:00:56 <hub_cap> ok time to chill for a sec to let people come in
22:01:01 <SlickNik> woot
22:01:07 <annashen> good afternoon
22:01:07 <grapex> hai
22:02:05 * hub_cap creates some dummy BPs
22:02:20 <clarkb> before I forget I want to point out that the reason python-reddwarfclient dependencies pull in the old version is a pypi mirror somewhere has that version cached. you can recreate with `pip install -M -U python-reddwarfclient`
22:02:52 <datsun180b> howdy
22:02:53 <esp> nice.  thx clarkb!
22:03:06 <vipul> clarkb: how can we get jenkins to do this?
22:03:12 <datsun180b> oh, thank you. did someone already ask you about that today?
22:03:18 <hub_cap> whisper sweet nothings into jenkins ear vipul
22:03:22 <clarkb> datsun180b: no not yet
22:03:35 <clarkb> one work around is to pin the dependency on the 0.1.1 version in your pip-requires
22:03:47 <clarkb> then when the mirrors stop caching the old stuff you can remove that pin
22:03:53 <grapex> That seems doable
22:04:01 <hub_cap> that makes sense
22:04:18 <grapex> Currently we submit Reddwarf changes that we know will fail anyway until client gets merged in, so that wouldn't be much worse in the short term
22:04:35 <hub_cap> okey lets get to the meeting topics
22:04:45 <hub_cap> #topic Update to Action items
22:05:11 <hub_cap> ive created 2 blueprints in each of our 3 repos just fyi. feel free to use them vipul & co
22:05:22 <vipul> hub_cap: tnx
22:05:27 <SlickNik> okay, thanks…
22:05:32 <kagan> was one/two of those for percona ?
22:05:43 <hub_cap> kagan: they just say dummybpX
22:05:46 <hub_cap> feel fre to rename them
22:05:52 <vipul> kagan: i see you're using your real name now
22:05:55 <kagan> and that's how i find them? by name ?
22:05:59 <kagan> yep
22:06:02 <SlickNik> I've updated the wiki clarifying that we're implementing sec-groups as extensions to reddwarf.
22:06:07 <hub_cap> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/reddwarf-integration
22:06:12 <kagan> wasn't that different to begin with. more a decoration than a nick ...
22:06:12 <hub_cap> u can see them there
22:06:14 <SlickNik> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Reddwarf-security-groups
22:06:27 <kagan> ok
22:06:44 <SlickNik> Was just in the process of updating the blueprint as well.
22:06:50 <hub_cap> nice SlickNik, /aside, i love the new wiki format
22:07:06 <vipul> #agreed
22:07:16 <SlickNik> Yeah, I was wondering what happened and noticed that the wiki level'ed up. :)
22:07:24 <hub_cap> it ate a mushroom
22:07:25 <cp16net> word!
22:07:44 <hub_cap> hmmmm next one, hub_cap needs to not be so lame..... i didnt accomplish this one
22:08:03 <hub_cap> ps ive updated the rate-limits BP but forgot ot update quotas, ill do that during the meeting
22:08:28 <hub_cap> SlickNik: i see youve added stevedore to the possibilities in that BP, have u looked @ yet?
22:08:35 <SlickNik> I started looking into stevedore to see how we can use them for extensions, still figuring things out there.
22:08:41 <hub_cap> the filter scheduler in cinder is a good starting point
22:08:48 <esp> np.  the rate limts one still needs to be blessed
22:08:50 <hub_cap> all of the filters are extension points
22:08:54 <SlickNik> So not complete, and will action myself to continue on that.
22:08:55 <hub_cap> esp: ill bless it now
22:09:18 <SlickNik> #action SlickNik still looking at stevedore for entry points to extensions/ https://github.com/dreamhost/stevedore
22:09:23 <hub_cap> esp: done
22:09:28 <esp> thx.  I do have a question for you and the group on this but we can circle back on it after the agenda.
22:09:53 <hub_cap> SlickNik: https://github.com/openstack/cinder/blob/master/cinder/openstack/common/scheduler/filter.py
22:09:58 <hub_cap> thats where its imported
22:10:05 <hub_cap> esp: okey
22:10:32 <SlickNik> thx hub_cap
22:10:34 <hub_cap> so as for teh api markdown. im starting it tomorrow. its my task now that im done w/ cinder multi volume
22:10:52 <vipul> hub_cap: is this supposed to give us more of selective extensions?
22:10:56 <vipul> as oppsoed to all/nothng
22:10:59 <hub_cap> vipul: ya
22:11:06 <hub_cap> u can define them in the egg
22:11:16 <cp16net> if i havnt said it enough... great job hub_cap
22:11:29 <hub_cap> lulz cp16net
22:11:34 <hub_cap> if anyone is interested (https://github.com/openstack/cinder/commit/6c708d12f58eb20fce6733f1f6fd08d978570775)
22:11:37 <SlickNik> vipul: yeah, that's the idea.
22:11:40 <SlickNik> #info http://stevedore.readthedocs.org/en/latest/
22:11:49 <vipul> ooh multi volumes
22:11:50 <vipul> shiny
22:12:03 <SlickNik> nice!
22:12:08 <hub_cap> yup vipul, and its done. so im working on the markdown for the api, as of tomrrow morning
22:12:23 <hub_cap> i guess "as of tomorrow" doesnt make sense
22:12:34 <vipul> what's the usecase fo multi-volumes in redwarf?
22:12:47 <vipul> or is this just a tangentential thing
22:13:07 <hub_cap> well..
22:13:22 <hub_cap> u can have different backends for different service types, high iops for users who need it, etc..
22:13:37 <hub_cap> somewhat tangental but its leveragable
22:14:03 <hub_cap> SlickNik: hows that automated fandangled reddwarf client
22:14:04 <vipul> k i shoulud probably read bp
22:14:04 <SlickNik> I've acquired dkehn's vm-gate task, so I'm still looking at that and the python-reddwarfclient packaging tasks
22:14:24 <hub_cap> sounds like a RPG
22:14:39 <SlickNik> heh, well, still work in progress.
22:14:53 <hub_cap> man, done w/ the action items!!
22:15:07 <hub_cap> #topic Quotas / Limits Updates
22:15:12 <hub_cap> lets start w/ quotas
22:15:17 <SlickNik> #action SlickNik looking into vm-gate and release of python-reddwarfclient
22:16:13 <vipul> Esmute ^^
22:16:29 <hub_cap> ps i will be proposing some /limits calls in teh markdown so yall can say yes/no to them once i push them for review
22:16:40 <hub_cap> itll be a bit nicer than seeing htem in the BPs
22:17:05 <Esmute> i have modified the rd client to update quota info for a tenant
22:17:07 <vipul> wiki's a godo place for now too
22:17:12 <demorris> hub_cap: where is the markdown going to live? I know you mentioned it earlier
22:18:00 <Esmute> sure hub_cap.. ill review it with esp
22:19:00 <Esmute> in the client, the /quotas will also give you the absolute limits... but that call is admin only
22:19:18 <hub_cap> #link https://github.com/stackforge/database-api
22:19:21 <hub_cap> demorris: ^ ^
22:19:36 <hub_cap> Esmute: ill be sure to add that to the api doc
22:20:32 <Esmute> so i have a submitted a patch for the quota stuff.. will be adding an integration tests to it and resubmit some times today
22:20:33 <grapex> hub_cap: Any update from Mike A. on his work for that repo?
22:20:42 <vipul> hub_cap: what's the process for going from that repo to actual public facing docs
22:20:44 <hub_cap> nope grapex :( but thats my fault for not asking
22:20:55 <hub_cap> vipul: there is some magic stuff the doc team has built for that
22:20:58 <hub_cap> not sure exactly
22:21:15 <vipul> are we 'non-core' going to be able to leverage the same?
22:21:19 <hub_cap> but id prefer starting at the repo instead of wiki, mainly cuz anyone can propose, and only core can commit
22:21:27 <hub_cap> vipul: u are core :)
22:21:41 <vipul> i mean reddwarf is not core
22:22:10 <vipul> Also, tehre will be some APIs that are WIP, as part of a BP or something, how do we manage what gets into that repo.. should it be stuff already available
22:22:41 <vipul> maybe this should be part of the api specs topic
22:23:05 <hub_cap> vipul: ya we can talk about that in a few, but the thought is to ahve the api spec'd out in the next wk or two w/ everything
22:23:13 <vipul> ok.
22:23:17 <hub_cap> but ya lets chat it up during that, Esmute are u fin?
22:23:28 <Esmute> fin?
22:23:49 <Esmute> finished.. ahh ok
22:23:55 <hub_cap> http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/fin#French
22:23:57 <Esmute> yes.
22:24:06 <hub_cap> sweet, now rate limits esp
22:24:14 <esp> k
22:24:20 <hub_cap> ps looking forward to the quotas stuff Esmute
22:24:28 <esp> well I just had one bit to clarify
22:24:58 <esp> the current implementation in progress makes use of the same code as nova's limit controller
22:25:08 <esp> #link http://api.openstack.org/api-ref.html
22:25:35 <esp> it was mentioned (and we stumbled upon) usedlimits last week
22:25:39 <hub_cap> yup
22:26:03 <hub_cap> #link https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/api/openstack/compute/contrib/used_limits.py
22:26:09 <esp> is it cool to go with /limits for now?  I'm not sure we have all the info from the absolute limits to do /userlimits
22:26:18 <esp> sorry usedlimits
22:26:23 <hub_cap> esp: it _is_ the same
22:26:35 <hub_cap> the used limits extension just puts extra things into /limits
22:26:48 <hub_cap> https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/api/openstack/compute/contrib/used_limits.py#L82
22:26:55 <vipul> esp: do you mean we don't ahve enough from the quotas impl to get those values?
22:26:56 <esp> ok, for some reason I thought there was more info in usedlimits
22:27:07 <esp> vipul: yeah
22:27:11 <hub_cap> there is esp
22:27:18 <hub_cap> https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/api/openstack/compute/contrib/used_limits.py#L56
22:27:36 <Esmute> with values are you refering too specifically?
22:27:49 <vipul> esp:  Esmute will provide that to you
22:27:54 <hub_cap> but the extension just uses /limits
22:28:01 <esp> k, sounds like I need to talk with Esmute :)
22:28:01 <Esmute> i can provide quota limits and usages information
22:28:12 <esp> thx
22:28:18 <hub_cap> cool
22:28:19 <Esmute> i can show you how and where to get them
22:28:24 <vipul> hub_cap: we're not doing it as ext. right?
22:28:27 <vipul> just part of the core call
22:28:30 <hub_cap> ya i think so
22:28:36 <hub_cap> it makes more sense
22:28:42 <vipul> yea, might as well
22:28:54 <esp> yeah it's right in there with the other core api calls at the moment
22:28:56 <hub_cap> def. im assuming itll eventully meld together in nova
22:29:16 <hub_cap> but they have more extensions than actual calls :P
22:29:35 <hub_cap> esp: done?
22:29:38 <vipul> esp: yea you should be good to go to implement that with Esmute's changes
22:29:40 <esp> yes sir
22:29:56 <hub_cap> awesome. ill be pinging both esp and Esmute this wk for api feedback
22:30:00 <hub_cap> #topic Percona Image Updates
22:30:05 <hub_cap> kagan: tag yer it
22:30:05 <kagan> hi
22:30:15 <kagan> so, we have it working, pretty much
22:30:29 <hub_cap> very nice
22:30:31 <kagan> it still runs slower (coming up) compared to Oracle's mysql
22:30:51 <kagan> and also, there are some loose ends i'd like to go over before submitting to review
22:31:03 <kagan> i think i'll have something checked in for review today
22:31:12 <vipul> sweet! got the resize fixed?
22:31:15 <hub_cap> NICE
22:31:17 <kagan> we also have some int tests failing, but i think the tests are bad
22:31:46 <hub_cap> tests are bad?
22:32:02 <kagan> well, for example, the resize test
22:32:22 <kagan> it "waits" for status to change from "resize" to "done" (or running or something like that)
22:32:43 <kagan> but it seems that as part of regular flow, between resizing and up it goes through status "down" for a while.
22:32:47 <hub_cap> so nova does those things
22:32:54 <grapex> "down"?
22:32:57 <grapex> Do you mean SHUTDOWN?
22:32:59 <vipul> shutdown
22:33:02 <kagan> yep
22:33:03 <grapex> It shouldn't do that
22:33:04 <hub_cap> if for some reason the percona image does something different, i seriuosly doubt that its a bad test :)
22:33:09 <grapex> If it does, the code has been changed.
22:33:17 <kagan> i'm not sure mysql doenst do that
22:33:25 <kagan> it's just being done in 3 seconds or so
22:33:29 <hub_cap> or it also could mean nova has changed
22:33:30 <kagan> compared to 2 minutes with percona
22:33:36 <cp16net> i thought i remember someone saying they added a mysql stop
22:33:39 <grapex> The Reddwarf task ID is set to "resize", so during the entire resize operation it reports the status as "RESIZE" despite what the resources are doing.
22:33:39 <kagan> so i think the test just doesn't' catch it
22:33:45 <hub_cap> woah, 2 min for a restart... craaaazzyyyyy
22:33:57 <kagan> you'd never guess why ....
22:34:06 <vipul> yea, i think the startup differences may be exposing these states
22:34:06 <kagan> it's 4 executions fof "see"
22:34:16 <vipul> 'sed'
22:34:17 <kagan> of "see"
22:34:27 <kagan> damn .. it "fixes" my typos ...
22:34:30 <vipul> heh
22:34:31 <hub_cap> kagan: so yer saying
22:34:34 * cp16net confused
22:34:35 <kagan> i write sed every time ...
22:34:41 <hub_cap> thre is a race condition that we never saw w/ the oracle mysql
22:34:49 <kagan> i think so. not sure.
22:34:50 <hub_cap> since it boots up so quickly
22:34:54 <kagan> it seems that this is regular flow
22:35:09 <grapex> If this for the happy path?
22:35:09 <hub_cap> but since the guest sees percona mysql as down for 2 minutes it reports the status as such
22:35:10 <kagan> so i think mysql goes through "shutdown" for several seconds
22:35:18 <kagan> i guess ...
22:35:21 <hub_cap> kagan: a resize does restart mysql
22:35:30 <hub_cap> it has to for the new settings
22:35:35 <kagan> i know
22:35:42 <hub_cap> but yer seeing a condition where the guest says its not in resize, but in shutdown
22:35:44 <kagan> but the code in the test is weird there
22:35:51 <cp16net> is this for create?
22:35:58 <vipul> cp16net: resize
22:36:03 <cp16net> oh ok
22:36:12 <kagan> yes, for a while. then it comes up again
22:36:15 <cp16net> so if you stop mysql it will report as shutdown
22:36:15 <vipul> hub_cap: is it possible that the heartbeat thread see's it as down
22:36:19 <hub_cap> correct
22:36:20 <SlickNik> cp16net: the mysql stop was for the restart tests, not resize, IIRC.
22:36:23 <hub_cap> thats what im getting at vipul
22:36:52 <hub_cap> lets take this offline. it seems as if we have a potential race condition we need to account for in the guest
22:37:04 <hub_cap> kagan: talk to grapex tomorrow about. it he can help
22:37:10 <hub_cap> lol period misplacement
22:37:12 <vipul> RECAP: resize restarts myslq.. since percona is slow to start up... heartbeat sets guest state as shutdown.. which invalidates the test
22:37:21 <grapex> Probably the reference guest is behaving differently from Sneaky Pete.
22:37:22 <hub_cap> yuup vipul
22:37:40 <hub_cap> lets offline it and kagan and grapex can interface later
22:37:46 <kagan> ok
22:37:47 <hub_cap> but good work kagan looking forward
22:38:00 <kagan> thanks
22:38:01 <datsun180b> That's what I'm thinking, in the neighborhood of dbaas.py:658
22:38:03 <vipul> I think we should amend the test to look for either state
22:38:17 <hub_cap> anything else wrt percona kagan?
22:38:29 <hub_cap> vipul: or amend the guest to _not_ report shutdown during a resize
22:38:29 <kagan> don't think so. any more questions ?
22:38:41 <hub_cap> nope im good kagan
22:38:46 <vipul> hub_cap: yea let's discuss that in #reddwarf later
22:38:50 <hub_cap> exactly vipul
22:38:54 <hub_cap> #topic Snapshots Blueprint Feedback
22:39:07 <hub_cap> can someone linke the bp?
22:39:13 <vipul> #action kagan to socialize fixing resize test or heartbeat thread for the ocrrect state
22:39:15 <hub_cap> i know demorris and vipul have chatted on this
22:39:25 <vipul> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/reddwarf/+spec/consistent-snapshots
22:39:27 <hub_cap> vipul: thx for that action. good call
22:39:34 <SlickNik> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Snapshot-design
22:39:46 <vipul> cool SlickNik beat me to the second link
22:40:00 <hub_cap> hehe, i havent had a ton of time to read up on it yet
22:40:04 <vipul> dkehn's done a good job outlining the fix..
22:40:13 <hub_cap> #action hub_cap read https://blueprints.launchpad.net/reddwarf/+spec/consistent-snapshots
22:40:21 <vipul> like the wiki write up for it.. very consise
22:40:30 <vipul> demorris added the API this morning
22:40:32 <hub_cap> very nice on the pluggable interface design tho
22:40:47 <demorris> yep, love the pluggable design piece
22:40:47 <hub_cap> vipul: im assuming u havent had a ton of time to look into it? or have ya
22:40:57 <hub_cap> <3<3 pluggable
22:41:00 <SlickNik> Yea, I'm still making my way through it, but so far so good.
22:41:10 <vipul> i have some.. but not completely
22:41:28 <demorris> vipul: you had some comments on the use of a locationRef for the location of the snaps in Swift
22:41:31 <vipul> however it looks a lot like what we had in our fok
22:41:33 <vipul> fork
22:41:40 <hub_cap> super
22:41:53 <vipul> demorris: yes, i don't know if location of the snapshot.. where it's stored should be exposed
22:42:09 <vipul> so if you expose it.. it means you would likely have to expose the swift endpoint..
22:42:16 <grapex> vipul: Agreed.
22:42:21 <demorris> would you expect a snapshot to be portable?
22:42:32 <vipul> and you may not be using swift as a location
22:42:42 <vipul> BUT...
22:42:58 <vipul> if we put the snapshot in the user's tenant's container.. then they'd see it anyway
22:43:14 <hub_cap> and probably delete it on accident :P
22:43:16 <vipul> demorris: not by the user.. that's up for discussion i guess
22:43:28 <vipul> demorris mentioned that delete would have to be reconciled by reddwarf
22:43:31 <grapex> hub_cap: Not if we name the container "PLZ_NO_DELETE"
22:43:41 <SlickNik> lol@grapex
22:43:46 <hub_cap> grapex: thats the plan!! hidden_dont_look_here
22:43:52 <demorris> vipul: well i saw that in the DB design
22:44:02 <vipul> too bad swift doesn't have hidden containers
22:44:08 <vipul> and nova doesn't have hidden instances
22:44:09 <demorris> there was a "deleted" column
22:44:25 <vipul> demorris.. that would be for user api delete
22:44:35 <demorris> that said 0 or 1, seemed to indicate it was there to store information on if the snap went missing in Swift
22:44:38 <vipul> not behind the scenes delete.. so we could account for both if we need to
22:44:45 <hub_cap> vipul: vishy has already said he would welcome "managed vms" in nova
22:44:53 <demorris> vipul: i see
22:45:02 <vipul> hub_cap: yea we need to file the BP on that one
22:45:22 <vipul> So.. i'm open to either implemenation.. location visible or not
22:45:23 <hub_cap> yup ive mentioned it at like 3 summits :P but never worked on it
22:45:31 <SlickNik> "managed vms"?
22:45:37 <vipul> or 'hidden vms'
22:45:48 <hub_cap> vms that a user cannot modify but are on their account
22:45:51 <hub_cap> i dont like hidden
22:45:51 <vipul> so we can create them on behalf of customer and they don't see them on a 'nova list'
22:46:01 <SlickNik> ah, I see.
22:46:04 <hub_cap> they should be able to see them imho, but not touch them
22:46:11 <hub_cap> if im payin for em, i wanna be able to see em
22:46:14 <hub_cap> :D
22:46:15 <vipul> hub_cap: yea i could live with that
22:46:17 <demorris> I guess my thought was that a user "may" want to get at their snapshot directly in Swift, if they wanted to port it somewhere either within the DC or out somewhere else
22:46:40 <vipul> demorris: but we may consider encrypting or something.. not sure if they'd be useful...
22:46:46 <demorris> so providing a locationRef, simplifies knowing where it is
22:46:49 <vipul> demorris: but we do need to think about portability
22:47:06 <hub_cap> ya cuz the system wont know about it w/o some sort of import_snapshot
22:47:26 <hub_cap> to link up the moved snap from somewhere else in the DC as per your point demorris
22:47:30 <demorris> yeah, I would think you want to have optional encryption, and potentially for a user to specify their keys (if you go that route)…then they have the keys so if its encrypted they can decrypt
22:47:42 <cp16net> can i download my snapshot and run it in my dc?
22:47:55 <vipul> demorris: yea that would work well.. just another set of APIs though
22:47:57 <hub_cap> cp16net: thast what morris wants, and i think thas a good idea
22:48:08 <hub_cap> id say lets go easy route for v1
22:48:11 <vipul> hub_cap: so we need to scope this down
22:48:13 <cp16net> makes things very portable
22:48:14 <demorris> I think that should be supported, we don't want to lock data in
22:48:31 <vipul> i think maybe for v1 we take out portability?
22:48:37 <hub_cap> ya i can live w/ that
22:48:48 <hub_cap> snaps themselves will be a lot of work
22:48:49 <demorris> well I would say we are not taking it out, but it would be making it harder
22:48:54 <hub_cap> seems like a addd on
22:48:56 <grapex> Make it optional but not required by the spec?
22:48:59 <vipul> we can still leave location in... and they may be able to delete behind our back
22:49:10 <hub_cap> hell vipul htey can do that w/o a location :)
22:49:18 <vipul> heh yea
22:49:26 <demorris> yeah, if you use the customers Swift account, the chance of accidental deletion is always there
22:49:27 <hub_cap> so lets think aobut it this way
22:49:36 <hub_cap> _adding_ to the api doesnt require version updates
22:49:40 <hub_cap> _removing_ does
22:49:51 <hub_cap> if we are unsure for now, lets leave it out and add it on as we flesh out the details
22:49:54 <vipul> right.. hide location for now then
22:49:58 <demorris> k
22:50:01 <SlickNik> sounds good.
22:50:03 <cp16net> thats true for many things tho demorris
22:50:04 <hub_cap> i do think its a good idea tho
22:50:14 <hub_cap> but a bit too much implication-wise for now
22:50:32 <vipul> another thought
22:50:37 <cp16net> would be really nice for off 'site' backup
22:50:42 <vipul> what if the user that makes a call to Reddwarf doesn't ahve Swift role
22:50:50 <hub_cap> cp16net: def
22:51:00 <hub_cap> vipul: snapshots fail w/ a useful error message :)
22:51:17 <vipul> hub_cap: alright.. that would work
22:51:25 <hub_cap> we should do a HEAD on the container we decide to use b4 we do a snap
22:51:31 <hub_cap> from the api/taskmanager
22:51:36 <cp16net> how about http code 418?
22:51:39 <hub_cap> itll validate the container exists
22:51:42 <hub_cap> is that teapot cp16net?
22:51:45 <cp16net> "i'm a teapot"
22:51:48 <vipul> cp16net: lol
22:51:50 <cp16net> :)
22:51:59 * hub_cap shakes head at cp16net
22:52:17 <hub_cap> ok do we feel good wrt snapshots for now?
22:52:28 <demorris> how do y'all expect restoring snapshots to work?  My take is that any restore of a snapshot goes into a new instance…not an existing instance.  To remove the chance of a customer blowing away portions of data on their instance…
22:52:33 <vipul> #action vipul to update snapshots design to call out swift role required, and behind the back deletes
22:52:57 <vipul> demorris: that's my thought as well, only supported on 'create'
22:52:58 <hub_cap> demorris: that sounds reasonable, vipul and co, thoughts?
22:53:02 <demorris> i.e. we support create instance from snapshot
22:53:09 <demorris> but not import to existing instance
22:53:13 <vipul> yep, no other form of restore
22:53:18 <hub_cap> #agreed
22:53:38 <hub_cap> demorris: i think i saw that in the api, correct?
22:53:40 <SlickNik> I think that's reasonable for a v1.
22:53:46 <demorris> hub_cap: correct
22:53:54 <demorris> any issues around the "statusDetails" in the API?
22:54:30 <vipul> demorris: it makes some sense, since a DELETED could have happned in multiple ways
22:54:32 <demorris> it was called notes in the DB design, I changed it…that can be used to display any details on the status…FAILED, DELETED, RUNNING, etc…
22:54:44 <vipul> but.. i don't know if we _need_ to have it
22:54:58 <vipul> and if we have it, does it belong in API response
22:55:21 <vipul> do we have precedence for it in other 'statuses'?
22:55:30 <demorris> would be hard to have it in the response since its async
22:55:30 <vipul> i guess service_statuses does
22:55:46 <cp16net> how will the customer be able to see that the isntance they just created is tied to the snapshot or does that matter?
22:55:51 <hub_cap> i htink our precedence is that we have terrible responses if async things fail
22:55:57 <hub_cap> maybe we shouldnt try to shoehorn that into snaps
22:56:09 <vipul> cp16net: I don't know that matters.. since it's only a point in time that they are linked
22:56:12 <hub_cap> and make it inependent to work for any async/status
22:56:14 <demorris> i will ALWAYS be pro fields like this, because it allows us to actually tell the user what happened
22:56:25 <cp16net> ok just curious
22:56:26 <demorris> instead of having them scratch their head and hit submit a few more times :)
22:56:36 <hub_cap> demorris: sure but wouldnt u be pro "give me a way to do it for any async call"
22:56:47 <grapex> I agree... I really hate how the resize status stuff works. There's no way to know if the job failed except if the flavor doesn't change.
22:56:47 <hub_cap> it shoudl be generic enough to use for any of the cast's
22:57:04 <hub_cap> id say lets put a note that we need to make that generic and file a separate BP
22:57:07 <demorris> yes, but I don't want y'all to take on the overhead of building out an async model right now
22:57:17 <hub_cap> demorris: id rather build that then hack it and have to change it
22:57:33 <demorris> hub_cap: can you build it in a week?
22:57:36 <vipul> hub_cap: so i'm hearing that we leave it out of the snapshots impl
22:57:41 <demorris> :)
22:57:42 <hub_cap> demorris: of course not
22:57:42 <vipul> and come back around
22:57:44 <grapex> demorris: Where did you want statusDetails to appear again?
22:58:02 <hub_cap> vipul: i think so, its a great idea but i feel like itd be a hack on snapshots and wont go anywhere
22:58:08 <demorris> grapex: check List snapshots in the spec
22:58:22 <SlickNik> grapex: in the API responses, methinks.
22:58:26 <vipul> hub_cap: Yes, i am good with that..
22:58:36 <vipul> since it seems to encompass more than snapshots
22:58:57 <hub_cap> correct vipul
22:59:18 <hub_cap> so the main reason im against
22:59:18 <grapex> I think having status details per snapshot is ok-
22:59:25 <vipul> #action hub_cap, grapex to file blueprint on detailed status messages for async operations
22:59:27 <hub_cap> is that if we have to alter in any way we have to rev the api
22:59:42 <grapex> because like I think has been mentioned, we could query swift and see if the underlying object was deleted as well as provide status on the back up process
22:59:50 <robertmyers> respond with 202 accepted
22:59:53 <vipul> #action vipul to remove status Detail from snapshots API/impl
23:00:02 <robertmyers> with a link to the status url
23:00:18 <grapex> So we already have task description in the Reddwarf API
23:00:59 <grapex> the MGMT api returns it. But all we can really do is show things like if something went wrong in the build process
23:01:37 <grapex> Like for resizes, we can't make use of it for various reasons - it can't represent a unique thread of execution in the scheme of things, just a resource
23:01:54 <hub_cap> grapex: i agree its someting we need, we should focus resources on it. its been a pain point for a VERY long time
23:02:10 <grapex> so for the snapshots resource, when you provision it I can see we could add info there.
23:02:15 <cp16net> #AGREE
23:02:53 * hub_cap hears grapex feverishly typing
23:02:54 <grapex> If we need to store status during operations like restore or something else I can't think of atm it won't work, because once the resource is prov'd status's duty is just to report the state of the resource and not the success of some job
23:03:33 <grapex> I'm just saying, having a statusDetails are ok, because we do it provisioning Reddwarf instances now.
23:03:41 <grapex> It only works for the provisioning process.
23:03:55 * vipul wishes we had phone meetings
23:04:00 <hub_cap> vipul: bah
23:04:10 <demorris> demorris: agrees
23:04:12 <grapex> hub_cap: Well they say that brevity is the location from which originates the quickness of the mind.
23:04:21 <hub_cap> wishes everyone could type 120wpm
23:04:26 <vipul> lol
23:04:32 <demorris> i get lost in here too easily
23:04:38 <vipul> ok i think this needs further discussioni
23:04:41 <vipul> i'm lost as well
23:04:43 <hub_cap> #agreed
23:04:55 <vipul> i'm going to try to set up a phone meeting
23:04:58 <vipul> for this week
23:05:01 <hub_cap> #action continue discussion on statusDetails
23:05:05 <vipul> to go over snapshot details
23:05:08 <hub_cap> okey
23:05:18 <demorris> what I heard was we are going to remove statusDetails in favor of a more defined model for checking on details of async calls
23:05:29 <grapex> I agree generally with hub_caps point, I'm just not sure it applies to *this* feature. Anyway, lets table it for now.
23:06:07 <hub_cap> demorris: correct, i think :)
23:06:10 <vipul> yea this seems like a wider topic than snapshots.. so we could go either way... figure out a way to get this implemented for snapshots
23:06:14 <hub_cap> yup
23:06:14 <demorris> we can still have it in the database and then optionally add it to the API as we learn more…additive okay, contract changes bad
23:06:20 <hub_cap> demorris: correct
23:06:33 <hub_cap> id rather go w/ less for now and add stuff
23:07:00 <vipul> ok... btw.. someone was going to post a state diagram for RD states
23:07:10 <vipul> robermeyers ^?
23:07:18 <vipul> robertmeyers
23:07:31 <robertmyers> not I
23:07:33 <hub_cap> #link http://s3-2.kiva.org/img/w800/196261.jpg
23:07:36 <grapex> LOL!
23:07:38 <cp16net> lol
23:07:39 <vipul> heh
23:07:40 <grapex> That's what I was thinking
23:07:56 <cp16net> is that bubble gum?
23:08:03 <jcru> vipul: I wasn't able to find one
23:08:10 <hub_cap> cp16net: im sad for u
23:08:16 <hub_cap> flying spaghetti monster
23:08:19 <SlickNik> FSM
23:08:23 <vipul> jcru: ah ok, there is a lot of shit going in there...
23:08:46 <jcru> hah
23:08:54 <esp> hub_cap: I had spaghetti for lunch!
23:08:59 <hub_cap> esp: flying?
23:09:03 <vipul> with eyes?
23:09:13 <hub_cap> so we need to do that, i agree. ill start it if no one else is on it
23:09:15 <esp> no, but a lot of it did end up on my shirt.
23:09:20 <hub_cap> haha
23:09:24 <demorris> done with snaps?
23:09:29 <jcru> hub_cap: I can work on it
23:09:31 <hub_cap> demorris: aye
23:09:31 <vipul> hub_cap: probably makes sense someone from rax
23:09:35 <hub_cap> jcru: cool
23:09:40 <SlickNik> FSM = Flying Spaghetti Monster = Finite State Machine...
23:09:46 <hub_cap> #action jcru to work on a FSM (finite state machine)
23:09:52 <hub_cap> lol i thought the same thing SlickNik just now
23:09:54 <jcru> lol
23:09:54 <hub_cap> u beat me to it
23:10:11 <hub_cap> moving on?
23:10:27 <vipul> yea, i'll set up a follow up meeting (if we still tink it's necessary)
23:10:32 <hub_cap> ill keep the next section short since not much has happened
23:10:36 <hub_cap> vipul: i say lets try to discuss in chat
23:10:43 <hub_cap> and if it no workie lets talk about it
23:10:47 <hub_cap> ill chat w/ the team here
23:10:57 <cp16net> were you talking about something like this? https://github.com/cp16net/reddwarf-integration/blob/6f672c3201e00f1b3241e25ce9c33b5881a24ec6/tests/graphics/reddwarf-overview.gv.jpeg
23:10:57 <vipul> hub_cap: kk
23:11:14 <vipul> cp16net: that's more of a component diagram
23:11:23 <hub_cap> cp16net:  more like resize->stopped
23:11:31 <hub_cap> bad example of course :P
23:11:39 <vipul> right.. what states should instance be in when we do resize.. or whatever
23:11:48 <cp16net> roger
23:12:02 <hub_cap> but we coudl build w/ viz
23:12:11 <hub_cap> #topic API Spec General Update
23:12:39 <hub_cap> so im working on this starting tomorrow. will set up all the docs we have + snaps, limits, and anything else that is already in flight or in a BP
23:12:52 <hub_cap> ill push as a work in progress review to gerrit so that everyone can see
23:13:02 <demorris> hub_cap: there is probably stuff that is not in BP's that need to be in the spec
23:13:05 <vipul> ok, i think i need some info on what goes there..
23:13:06 <hub_cap> demorris: def
23:13:19 <vipul> stuff that's part of BP process goes into this repo?
23:13:28 <vipul> or just the actual implemented v1.x api
23:13:55 <hub_cap> https://github.com/openstack/identity-api/blob/master/openstack-identity-api/src/markdown/identity-api-v3.md
23:14:09 <hub_cap> vipul: essentially we need to (as a collective group) define the api
23:14:17 <hub_cap> and then each developer will implement pieces of it
23:14:43 <demorris> one I think that is not there is maintenance windows
23:14:45 <grapex> hub_cap: How do these .md files relate to the docbook files?
23:14:46 <hub_cap> and of course we will find small things that need changing
23:14:54 <hub_cap> grapex: im not sure exactly
23:15:20 <vipul> hub_cap: i think similar question.. are we going to be visible in api.openstack.org
23:15:23 <hub_cap> but thats the way the api guys are working on it _today_
23:15:24 <vipul> if not there, then where
23:15:43 <hub_cap> vipul: we can work that out i think
23:15:50 <hub_cap> maybe stackforge can host a api.stackforge.org
23:15:53 <grapex> hub_cap: Cool, I don't mind .md files.
23:16:10 <hub_cap> to mirror what openstack is doing wrt the api docs
23:16:10 <vipul> also do we need to wadl in addition to md?
23:16:11 <cp16net> 404
23:16:17 <vipul> or is there some auto generation happening
23:16:17 <hub_cap> cp16net: lol likely
23:16:21 <demorris> hub_cap: I will add a BP for this - As a Reddwarf User, I need to the ability to manage MySQL version updates, so that I can minimize unplanned downtime and plan accordingly for my production application environments.
23:16:30 <hub_cap> vipul: the auto gen will hapeen from the wadl
23:16:31 <hub_cap> demorris: plz do
23:16:49 <demorris> essentially we add an attribute for - "maintenanceWindow":"2012-03-28T21:30Z/2012-03-28T22:00Z"
23:16:52 <hub_cap> so yes we will need to impl the wadl as a part of all this, but the markdown is the fastest way to get things working
23:17:03 <hub_cap> and i thnk thats why the teams have done this
23:17:09 <hub_cap> get it up, get it reviewed
23:17:20 <hub_cap> wait im wrong
23:17:34 <hub_cap> the wadl are autogen'd now via that fancy fandangled python api
23:17:39 <demorris> it ties in to the versions-types BP i submitted
23:18:06 <hub_cap> honestly its in flux, and these are good questions that need answering, and i dont have the answer
23:18:23 <vipul> demorris: do you report oracles vs percona in type?
23:18:33 <hub_cap> but we need something that only a few people can commit to, in the repo, and markdown works very well w/ github
23:18:38 <hub_cap> so im assumign thats why they went that route
23:18:54 <hub_cap> vipul: i think thats part of the BP
23:18:57 <vipul> hub_cap: ok, i think once you put in a framework things will fall into place
23:19:08 <hub_cap> or at least shake out a bit more vipul ;)
23:19:19 <demorris> yeah, check here - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Reddwarf-versions-types
23:19:20 <vipul> both good things
23:19:23 <hub_cap> but its good to get something up to chat about / implement
23:19:36 <hub_cap> def
23:19:44 <demorris> there is a name / version attribute that lets you distinguish
23:20:14 <grapex> hub_cap: Does the wadl live with the doc repo?
23:20:19 <demorris> a name would be a DB type + Major Version (Percona / Maria / MySQL , etc.)
23:20:25 <grapex> Or is it an artifact of some build process?
23:20:28 <hub_cap> grapex: best of my knowledge the wadl is generated
23:20:36 <hub_cap> but i cant answer definitively
23:20:40 <vipul> demorris: Ok, making sense now
23:20:51 <demorris> vipul: we can tweak if needed
23:21:01 <vipul> i think Percona should be a separate type, agree?
23:21:26 <demorris> Yeah, it would be like "Percona 5.5"
23:21:35 <vipul> Ok, cool.
23:21:42 <demorris> or whatever it is you are using, will be up to provider to specify
23:21:54 <demorris> then versions is used for minor versions
23:21:57 <hub_cap> im assuming we have migrated topics
23:22:01 <vipul> heh
23:22:02 <vipul> yes
23:22:05 <demorris> whoops
23:22:13 <demorris> back on API spec
23:22:20 <demorris> another BP coming will be my.cnf's
23:22:22 <vipul> lots of interesting things to discuss.. can't contain ourselves
23:22:27 <demorris> expect to see that in the next week
23:22:36 <vipul> w00t demorris
23:22:53 <demorris> and hub_cap will roll that in the API spec
23:22:58 <demorris> will be lots to review and discuss
23:23:01 <demorris> but all good things!
23:23:05 <hub_cap> #topic open discussion
23:23:07 <demorris> #forwardprogress
23:23:24 <vipul> #agreed
23:23:31 <hub_cap> demorris: http 501
23:23:37 <vipul> still waiting on that vm-gate review to _get reviewed_
23:23:53 <hub_cap> sweet tho, progress!!
23:24:17 <vipul> hub_cap we want to gate both rd-int and rd repos with that correct?
23:24:19 <demorris> alright, I need to run, thanks guys, i just might start showing up at these more often!
23:24:27 <hub_cap> vipul: def
23:24:36 <hub_cap> demorris: <3 for participating
23:24:48 <demorris> hub_cap: :)
23:25:00 <SlickNik> Yeah, I noticed that there are some whitespace issues like extra tabs/spaces that I'm going to clean up with that vm-gate review. I'll re-ping Openstack CI folks once I'm done with that.
23:25:09 <vipul> Oh another though.. us core reviewers have been slacking
23:25:25 <hub_cap> #agreed
23:25:32 <vipul> there's a ton of stuff.. let's try to get it pushed through
23:25:35 <hub_cap> me especially
23:25:43 <hub_cap> other teams have done review days
23:25:53 <hub_cap> and other other teams have done 1 hr per day
23:26:08 <vipul> we probably should try to get something like that in our schedule
23:26:09 <grapex> Me too... I've been busy with some stuff here lately and haven't been paying close enough attention. Sorry if this impeded anyone.
23:26:44 <hub_cap> other thing to note, if u have a work in progress, mark it as such via that fancy button
23:26:54 <SlickNik> Same here, got busy with stuff and the emails kept piling. Will pay closer attn. to stuff in the pipeline.
23:26:56 <hub_cap> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/21989/ <-- example
23:27:21 <hub_cap> it will make it easier for us to not let WIP's slip in
23:27:34 <vipul> esp ^
23:27:44 <grapex> It'd be nice if watched changes kept the work in progress items at the top of the list.
23:28:00 <hub_cap> it labels them tho at least
23:28:06 <grapex> True.
23:28:08 <hub_cap> like [work in progress]
23:28:15 <vipul> there deosn't seem to be an ordering
23:28:15 <hub_cap> esp: WIP your commit
23:28:20 <grapex> I shouldn't complain, Gerrit's been a very enjoyable experience.
23:28:21 <vipul> just what you looked at last goes to top
23:28:22 <hub_cap> there is vipul
23:28:26 <hub_cap> its the order at what u looked at
23:28:27 <hub_cap> exactly
23:28:37 <SlickNik> yep
23:28:40 <hub_cap> grapex: def its nice
23:28:59 <hub_cap> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/is:watched+status:open,n,z
23:29:09 <hub_cap> there is a good bit of changes to be pushed thru. lets get awn it
23:29:19 <vipul> yep
23:29:21 <vipul> only 30 mins over
23:29:23 <vipul> :)
23:29:50 <vipul> i think we can wrap it up?
23:30:32 <SlickNik> Nothing else from my side.
23:30:36 <SlickNik> I think that's a go.
23:30:59 <hub_cap> okey let wrap
23:31:02 <hub_cap> #endmeeting