21:01:16 <vipul> #startmeeting Reddwarf
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21:01:28 <vipul> agenda:
21:01:30 <vipul> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/RedDwarfMeeting
21:01:34 <cp16net> \o
21:01:35 <SlickNik> Here.
21:01:37 <vipul> feel free to update as necessary
21:01:40 <esmute> hello
21:02:08 <vipul> #topic action items
21:02:19 <SlickNik> http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/reddwarf/2013/reddwarf.2013-03-05-21.59.html
21:02:27 <vipul> ok first one.. didn't update the snapshots wiki yet
21:02:41 <vipul> #action vipul ot update Snapshots wiki to handle deleted in swift use case
21:02:55 <vipul> i swear i was going to do it today
21:02:57 <vipul> other stuff came up
21:02:58 <vipul> oh well
21:03:06 <cp16net> ok sounds good
21:03:08 <vipul> next.. SlickNik
21:03:12 <SlickNik> Second one, I'm still working on Security Groups.
21:03:18 <grapex> vipul: btw- robertmyers, imsplitbit and myself have a meeting tomorrow to look over that wiki article.
21:03:26 <SlickNik> Cleaning up, extending the client — writing int tests.
21:03:37 <vipul> grapex: awesome.. we've started some initial impl so appreciate any feedback
21:03:42 <imsplitbit> grapex, I was talking about it with him
21:04:01 <SlickNik> I should have a patch out for review by end of tomorrow.
21:04:03 <grapex> vipul: Cool - I noticed there was a commit for the schema. That may be premature, it's hard for me to review schema changes w/o the associated code.
21:04:21 <SlickNik> I'd appreciate it if I can get multiple eyeballs on it after that. :)
21:04:25 <cp16net> #agree with grapex
21:04:36 <datsun180b> #agree
21:04:37 <vipul> SlickNik: cool
21:04:52 <grapex> Although if several people need ot sync up on work haivng it merged would make it easier. I think the typical approach is to create a branch that everyone works from, then one person does a gerrit review for the whole thing on completion
21:04:53 <SlickNik> #action SlickNik still working on Security-Groups. Hope to have patch up for review by Wed/Thu.
21:05:08 <vipul> grapex: regarding schema change.. i think we should strive for smaller patches.. makes things easier to reivew
21:05:13 <vipul> but i see the point about not having enough context
21:05:31 <vipul> so maybe we need to find a good balance.. so maybe schema change + models code?
21:05:35 <vipul> and then API later?
21:05:44 <grapex> vipul: Yes, if the models code had some kind of unit tests on it
21:05:52 <grapex> Enough just to show how it's used
21:06:03 <vipul> #agreed
21:06:05 <SlickNik> Yeah, I like that. Schema + models has a bit more meat to it.
21:06:06 <cp16net> sorry if i missed it was there docs around the schema changes?
21:06:06 <imsplitbit> vipul I think the models code would def help
21:06:15 <cp16net> so that we could see the path forawrd?
21:06:20 <vipul> cp16net: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Snapshot-design
21:06:22 <vipul> :p
21:06:32 <vipul> yea we tried to get that captured in the wiki design doc
21:07:08 <cp16net> ok cool it looks like there is more there than when i last looked at it
21:07:09 <cp16net> thanks
21:07:13 <vipul> np
21:07:22 <vipul> ok we'll get another review that's got more meat
21:07:35 <grapex> So the other thing regarding schema changes for a feature like snapshot- if throughout testing we discover there have been any mistakes, we'll we need to add additional migration files to tweak the schemas? Or is the plan to just change the one migration file created for that feature?
21:08:06 <vipul> grapex: that's a good point..
21:08:18 <vipul> grapex: i would be OK with changing the same migration..
21:08:24 <cp16net> yeah i would rather it be a single change set at that point
21:08:25 <vipul> the only thing is we shoudl coordinate to make sure it's not deployed
21:08:34 <juice> I think it would be best to just wrap it on one
21:08:44 <juice> or update the original
21:08:46 <grapex> vipul: Me too, but internally at Rack I'd need to make sure I didn't put that code in the release until the feature was under wraps to keep ops from any headaches
21:08:46 <vipul> maybe that can be communicated during the review..
21:09:04 <imsplitbit> one works as long as it isn't already deployed
21:09:05 <vipul> grapex: yea, shoudl be fine until we get other people deploying it
21:09:10 <grapex> Well, headaches is an exageration, it wouldn't be that bad really, just wouldn't want to run the migration before the feature is used.
21:09:11 <cp16net> i know adding that once its deployed you cant change those migration scripts
21:09:15 <imsplitbit> cause ti will be a pain to fix... yeah what grapex said
21:09:16 * cp16net been there....
21:09:37 * imsplitbit done that
21:09:40 <vipul> yea, so maybe the rule of thumb is change existing, and if anyone has concerns that can be xpressed in review
21:09:48 <vipul> at which point we can split it out to a new migration
21:09:55 <SlickNik> grapex: I'd don't think you guys would want a half feature (i.e. only models code) in release anyhow. But yes, that's something to be wary about.
21:10:01 <grapex> vipul: Sounds good.
21:10:31 <vipul> grapex: another question regarding the shcema
21:10:43 <vipul> do you guys do constraints on your migrations?
21:10:55 <vipul> or something that you handle out of sqlalchemy or not do at all
21:11:21 <vipul> i think most of openstack there really aren't constraints expressed in the migrate scripts
21:11:35 <grapex> vipul: We actually just use the sqlalchemy stuff directly and 80% have no issues
21:11:50 <jcooley> constraints are a pain because existing data can set them off.
21:11:52 <grapex> 20% we talk to Ops and do it by hand I think.
21:11:58 <grapex> Oh, I see.
21:12:20 <vipul> jcooley: agree, so maybe we don't do constraints in reddwarf either
21:12:30 <grapex> I think once I tried to add non-null constraints and ran into problems.
21:12:57 <vipul> ok action
21:13:00 <grapex> Seems like a good idea honestly if we could get them to work.
21:13:02 <jcooley> yep, worse is there are NULL values and someone applies a non-NULL constraint.  then you crash.
21:13:03 <cp16net> i dont remember either
21:13:24 <jcooley> happens frequently when you add columns to a table. :)
21:13:39 <vipul> for simple things like unique constraints, we might want to add those...
21:13:43 <vipul> just no fkey, etc
21:14:05 <SlickNik> I think FK constraints are goodness too for things that make sense (like ids)
21:14:05 <vipul> as long as those constraints as defined when the table is first created not added later
21:14:10 <esmute> i did add unique constraint in the quota table
21:14:11 <SlickNik> Yes, agreed
21:14:47 <SlickNik> You'd run into most problems when trying to add constraints to pre-existing data.
21:15:00 <vipul> yep..
21:15:05 <vipul> ok next action was mine as well
21:15:15 <vipul> #action vipul to submit snapshots API to database-api docs
21:15:17 <esmute> yes
21:15:19 <vipul> did not complete
21:15:31 <vipul> next item: grapex
21:15:36 <vipul> did you learn how to use action?
21:15:47 <vipul> heh
21:15:51 <grapex> No, I forgot. :(
21:15:54 <SlickNik> that was hubcap's action, I think… :)
21:16:00 <SlickNik> to "teach" grapex...
21:16:04 <grapex> As for that decorator, I did some thinking and closed the blueprint.
21:16:10 <SlickNik> slacker...
21:16:29 <grapex> I was thinking, adding a decorator like that defeats the purpose of gating on tests.
21:16:47 <vipul> decorator to only run tests against certain versions?
21:16:54 <grapex> vipul: yes
21:16:58 <vipul> i hope we solved the client issue
21:17:03 <vipul> by making it pull directly from github
21:17:07 <grapex> It's frustrating, but if we disable tests on brand new features we could check in tests that fail to work and not realize it until we tick up the client version later.
21:17:18 <esp> grapex: maybe the change we make to reddwarf's pip-requires will be enough to keep the client in sync
21:17:42 <grapex> It seems a better solution is to keep them in Gerrit purgatory until everything is ready to go.
21:17:44 <esp> I've been trying to check in client changes first..
21:17:49 <datsun180b> Right
21:17:55 <grapex> esp vipul: I think the git change vipul merged will really help us.
21:17:57 <vipul> esp: yea if we stick to that pattern, seems like we'll be ok
21:18:15 <grapex> it sucks for the person submitting the feature but will ultimately benefit the wider team
21:18:25 <datsun180b> #agree
21:18:40 <vipul> ok last item: SlickNik
21:18:43 <SlickNik> I'm not sure I'm a fan of the decorator myself, so as much as I don't like gerrit purgatory, I think that might be the better option here.
21:18:48 <vipul> trimming redstack
21:19:14 <SlickNik> I looked into refactoring redstack, and started on it...
21:19:27 <grapex> SlickNik: Nothing more fun than refactoring bash eh?
21:19:41 <SlickNik> Grapex, let's just say It's a little hairier than I thought :)
21:19:42 <datsun180b> Better than refactoring awk
21:19:52 <vipul> it woudl be good to know some of the 'other' functions in redstack are used by anyone
21:19:56 <grapex> datsub180b: Or batch files.
21:20:10 <vipul> like start-deps, etc
21:20:14 <SlickNik> I'll probably have done after this sec-groups stuff (hopefully by end of this week)
21:20:28 <grapex> vipul: We end up using some functions for internal things, mostly billing testing.
21:21:03 <grapex> And personall I call stop and start-deps frequently when making changes to Nova.
21:21:11 <SlickNik> The issue is that there is a lot of code that is "slightly" different… So I'm trying to find most of so I can de-dupe and reduce the footprint..
21:21:20 <vipul> grapex: we should trim if we can anywhere.. maybe we need them though
21:21:34 <vipul> SlickNik: do you have a bug/bp for that?
21:21:41 <SlickNik> Yes, I have a bug…one sec...
21:21:49 <vipul> maybe we can get grapex to comment on that bug with stuff they use or don't
21:21:52 <SlickNik> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/reddwarf-integration/+bug/1154170
21:22:26 <SlickNik> #action SlickNik working on trimming down redstack to use local.sh https://bugs.launchpad.net/reddwarf-integration/+bug/1154170
21:22:47 <vipul> awesome
21:22:48 <vipul> thanks!
21:23:14 <vipul> ok that's it for action items...
21:23:21 <SlickNik> np.
21:23:21 <vipul> #topic limits updates
21:23:36 <vipul> most of the limits stuff is merged
21:23:37 <esp> so I'm in the middle of some fixin'
21:23:45 <esp> should be done between today and tomorrow.
21:24:04 <vipul> sweet
21:24:10 <esp> I had to refactor view code in the API and Client to get it working with XML
21:24:15 <grapex> esp: Nice.
21:24:33 <vipul> good timing on the xml tests grapex
21:24:41 <esp> yeah should be less crusty..
21:24:42 <vipul> probably wouldn't have been caught til much later
21:24:48 <vipul> esp: lol
21:25:01 <grapex> vipul: Thanks Vipul, we've had some issues lately at Rack so I figured I'd flip them on.
21:25:03 <esp> xml is soo 90's
21:25:22 <vipul> do other openstack projects support xml?
21:25:24 <grapex> lol, yeah, there are many "Enterprise Professionals" in suits who will be happy ours works. :)
21:25:31 <vipul> just curious, not sure what the stance is there
21:25:31 <grapex> vipul: In theory. ;)
21:25:44 <grapex> They all do, I'm just kidding
21:25:54 <grapex> remember that talk we went to about improving support though?
21:26:00 <grapex> Apparently there are some issues
21:26:01 <grapex> btw
21:26:08 <grapex> I should probably talk about this a bit
21:26:10 <vipul> yea it seems like everyone wants to drop support
21:26:11 <cp16net> oh yeah...  haha
21:26:25 <vipul> but obviously that's a huge change so they can't
21:26:27 <cp16net> xml support in nova no one could agree it sounded like
21:26:39 <cp16net> yeah
21:26:41 <grapex> Well the other projects have XML and JSON views that are very different
21:26:51 <imsplitbit> esp totally, I feel retro when I use it
21:26:54 <grapex> where as most of our views "just work" in XML with a small bit of serialization configuration
21:27:04 <grapex> I feel like we've lucked out
21:27:18 <esp> imsplit: yep. listening to Toto as I code it.
21:27:31 <esp> oh wait, that's more 80's
21:27:34 <imsplitbit> yeah
21:27:34 <vipul> grapex: Yea, it's nice not having to maintain two separate views
21:27:39 <imsplitbit> but funny nonetheless
21:27:55 <imsplitbit> I'm all for use JSON or go home
21:27:55 <grapex> by the way, I'm testing this out internally before I subject you guys to it, but I think it may be possible to use a tool like XmlLint or Json schema in conjunction with the client. I have code that I'm running now that extends the client to save the request / response text into files
21:28:14 <vipul> but i think esp found some assumptions that were made.. like the depth of the tree
21:28:27 <grapex> my next goal is to run xmllint and json schema against it to make sure the old XSD is accurate... whether it is is a bit of a mystery now. :)
21:28:56 <esp> grapex: probably a good idea.
21:29:00 <grapex> vipul: True. For something like limits that was taken from Nova, it may require work to make the views correct in both.
21:29:23 <vipul> grapex: so would that be permanent in rdclient? or just a one time thing to test accuracy against xsd
21:29:30 <grapex> if I get this working I'm not sure where we'd run it... I might just write up publicly how to do it so when we have real mode in CI on Jenkins somewhere we can kick it off.
21:29:34 <esmute> but the 80's was such a great decade. ET, Nintendo, Thundercats and no Justin Beaver
21:29:45 <vipul> LOL
21:29:46 <grapex> It would use rdclient but the extra code is in the tests. Its just one class, pretty slim.
21:29:58 <esp> esmute: true, there were some good moments in there.
21:30:30 <esp> esmute: I think you might have had a better childhood than me.
21:30:40 <vipul> grapex: Yea, it may be good to have it part of CI but may not be necessary to have validation in the client?
21:30:43 <grapex> esmute: The really sad thing is that if they made a Thundercats movie today Jerry Bruckheimer would direct and Justin beaver would be the main star.
21:30:55 <vipul> who's justin beaver
21:30:57 <vipul> lol
21:30:57 <grapex> vipul: Yeah, don't worry, I won't burden the client code / repo with that code.
21:31:05 <esmute> oh no god no
21:31:29 <vipul> evil twin of justin beiber?
21:31:41 <grapex> vipul: Anyway, I'll keep you guys up to date on how it goes.
21:31:45 <esp> lol
21:31:51 <vipul> grapex: ok cool
21:31:52 <SlickNik> You don't know Justin Beaver? Dam….
21:32:06 <esmute> haha. Where is the auto-spell-correcting bot here?
21:32:20 <cp16net> grapex action?
21:32:29 <grapex> esmute: Ha! I spelled it that way too. And yet, I feel no shame in getting it wrong... :)
21:32:30 <vipul> good call cp16net
21:32:42 <SlickNik> Grapex, that sounds good…
21:33:10 <SlickNik> (both the xml and no shame parts)
21:33:15 <vipul> oh sorry, hub_cap didn't 'teach' you about action
21:33:40 * grapex Look into validating the API with XmlLint and Json schema.
21:33:48 <vipul> #action grapex to look into xml validation
21:33:54 <vipul> done
21:33:54 <grapex> vipul: Thanks. :)
21:34:05 <vipul> #topic Security Groups update
21:34:18 <SlickNik> Already covered this earlier.
21:34:33 <vipul> k cool..
21:34:41 <SlickNik> Expect a patch up for review soon.
21:34:50 <vipul> nice
21:35:05 <SlickNik> (by Thursday more concretely)
21:35:08 <vipul> #action Snapshots Update
21:35:12 <vipul> whoops
21:35:19 <vipul> #topic Snapshots Update
21:35:30 <vipul> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Snapshot-design
21:35:44 <vipul> grapex, imsplitbit please review ^^
21:35:51 <vipul> appreciate feedback on that..
21:36:13 <juice> swift client is about wrapped up
21:36:21 <juice> went with the good ol' fake
21:36:38 <grapex> vipul: We're looking today, we'll have a meeting tomorrow over it.
21:36:46 <juice> realizing that being new to python and making some big changes doesn't make good chemistry
21:37:05 <vipul> To recap some of the discussion i had with imsplit bit, we're supporting point in time backups and recovery to 'that' point in time.  Not supporting point-in-time recovery (restore to 5 mins ago)
21:37:32 <vipul> recovery is to a new instance only
21:37:41 <grapex> vipul: This is for snapshots?
21:37:44 <vipul> yes
21:37:47 <juice> so the user just can't pick the "snapshot" they want and say restore?
21:37:55 <vipul> juice: exactly
21:38:05 <vipul> juice: they get exactly what the snapshot contained
21:38:13 <grapex> Ok, cool
21:38:18 <cp16net> in a new instance
21:38:19 <grapex> So btw
21:38:35 <grapex> in the end, this is going to be a call to the guest that will upload a file to swift, right?
21:38:37 <juice> how much storage do they get in swift and what happens when a snapshot will exceed those contents?
21:38:51 <juice> grapex: yes
21:38:53 <SlickNik> yes grapex, that's the idea...
21:38:53 <vipul> grapex: Yea, so we'll zip+upload
21:39:01 <vipul> juice: we'll need to look into chunking
21:39:10 <vipul> juice: i believe swiftclient already does this for you
21:39:11 <juice> chunking the post
21:39:17 <vipul> if > 5 gigs
21:39:18 <juice> for performance?
21:39:22 <juice> ah
21:39:23 <cp16net> juice: thats a good point because you may have to chop up the zip
21:39:25 <vipul> which i think is the max file size
21:39:37 <cp16net> object file size
21:39:50 <grapex> if you guys add a fake method to the guest in fake mode, you should be able to write even the integration tests soon. In fake mode I think all the API will do is say "sure!" when you ask it to upload a a snapshot
21:39:57 <vipul> yea think that's the max limit in swift? could be wrong
21:39:58 <juice> yes 5gb is the max size (which isn't the same for folks like was)
21:40:07 <grapex> vipul: sorry if this is in the wiki, but is the idea to use the action stuff hub_cap was looking at?
21:40:32 <juice> at least it is stated as such and I have tried on occasion to exceed it when storing season one of walking dead
21:40:48 <vipul> grapex: No, currently we don't have the framework for that in place
21:41:01 <vipul> grapex: we could come back aorund and add the hooks into what hub_cap submit?
21:41:02 <SlickNik> I wonder if we can do something cool with incremental block delta storage. (Might have to come in later).
21:41:28 <grapex> vipul: I think so
21:41:46 <grapex> The action stuff he showed me, which is in Nova now, looks like it might solve a lot of the issues we've had with asynchronous actions so far
21:42:05 <cp16net> oh yeah that would be awesome
21:42:25 <grapex> vipul: Too bad he's been moving, as soon as he get's back I'll let him know to sync up with you guys.
21:42:48 <vipul> grapex: Ok, yea i need to spend more time looking into the nova feature, i knnow he tried to explain it last meeting i think
21:43:36 <cp16net> #action hub_cap to sync up with vipul on the nova (instance_actions/task_actions)
21:43:40 <vipul> grapex: I think there is also some open questions around myISAM.. which we will support.. but it's just a binary copy of the files (wht xtrabackup)
21:44:14 <vipul> also means your db is locked
21:44:19 <vipul> during that copy
21:44:34 <vipul> which is something we don't have to worry about when you do xtrabckup against innodb
21:44:51 <vipul> just stuff to think about when you guys review the spec
21:45:10 <grapex> vipul: Ok, we'll look into it and get back to you sometime tomorrow or Thursday.
21:45:26 <vipul> ok cool
21:45:33 <grapex> I'll print out that wiki article and read it with some fine cognac and a slice of cheese.
21:45:42 <vipul> #action annashen to amend patch to include models + tests w/migrate script
21:46:04 <vipul> grapex: you might need some tequila just for good measure
21:46:31 <vipul> ok anything with snapshots?
21:46:34 <vipul> if not...
21:46:39 <SlickNik> nope, sounds good.
21:46:42 <grapex> vipul: Some shots to go along with snapshots?
21:46:46 <vipul> heh
21:46:49 <esp> grapex: I think I would read more wiki articles if I did it your way :)
21:47:02 <SlickNik> heh
21:47:08 <vipul> #topic Releasing python-reddwarfclient
21:47:20 <vipul> so i put this in there just cuz there was some confusion around how to release
21:47:23 <vipul> and the new process
21:47:57 <vipul> SlickNik made a patch to openstack-ci to support auto-releasing of python-reddwarfclient on a git tag
21:48:06 <vipul> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Release-python-reddwarfclient#Releasing_python-reddwarfclient
21:48:08 <datsun180b> I remember seeing that
21:48:17 <grapex> Btw, thanks SlickNik!
21:48:19 <vipul> I tried to capture what i know of the process ^
21:48:54 <grapex> vipul: So as to frequency: I feel like the client almost never becomes backwards incompatable
21:49:02 <datsun180b> Seems to be the case
21:49:03 <vipul> gist of it is.. anyone in reddwarf-core can push a tag to gerrit 'git tag 1.1.1', 'git push --tags gerrit'
21:49:10 <grapex> How would you all feel to a release following the completion of each new feature?
21:49:35 <SlickNik> There's two things that come into effect when you tag a changeset in git and push it to gerrit...
21:49:47 <datsun180b> how do we put the fire of someone accidentally tagging a busted release with a numeric version
21:49:52 <datsun180b> i assume I'm going to do that twice
21:50:19 <grapex> datsun180b: We write their name on the board or add a line to it. At five strikes we call their parents.
21:50:20 <datsun180b> i guess gerrit will catch it first?
21:50:36 <esp> hmm..so can we post tag?
21:50:47 <datsun180b> grapex: what if batman does it
21:50:57 <esp> lol
21:50:59 <vipul> datsun180b: i think you may need to push twice to replace the 'bad' version
21:51:01 <SlickNik> 1. If the tag matches an alpanumeric regex of the form d*.d*.d*.<word>d*, it is a pre-release and will make a tarball and upload it to tarballs.openstack.org
21:51:31 <esp> gotcha
21:51:38 <cp16net> oh thats awesome
21:51:40 <SlickNik> (where <word> is alpha/beta/a/b/c/d/e/g
21:51:53 <clarkb> tags should be treated as immutable fwiw
21:52:18 <clarkb> you cannot garuntee that a tag that is moved will update sanely everywhere
21:52:32 <datsun180b> that's very important
21:52:37 <SlickNik> 2. If the tag matches a release version such as 0.1.2, it's treated as a release and will tarball and also upload to pypi...
21:52:58 <grapex> clarkb: Will it also push the docs to PyPi?
21:53:35 <SlickNik> Right now it doesn't push the docs, grapex.
21:53:43 <clarkb> no docs. there are docs jobs that do other things
21:53:48 <grapex> SlickNik: Ok.
21:53:58 <clarkb> you can have a job to do that in theory though
21:54:11 <vipul> clarkb: what's the relationship between the version='xx' in setup.py and git tag 'version'
21:54:23 <clarkb> rtfd and docs.o.o are currently supported
21:54:32 <vipul> is there one that takes precedence?
21:54:43 <clarkb> vipul you shouldnt use a hard coded on anymore
21:55:11 <clarkb> using oslo you get dynamic versions based on git tags. mordred knows all about it because he wrote it
21:55:18 <vipul> Ah yes.. ok
21:55:31 <vipul> so we should probably setup.py from olso in too..
21:55:49 <SlickNik> grapex/clarkb, there might be some figuring out to do with credentials for the pypi upload, so we might need to flush that out when we're ready to release to pypi...
21:55:50 <vipul> #action vipul to look into bringing in setup.py from oslo into python-reddwarfclient so version remains dynamic
21:56:11 <grapex> SlickNik: Ok.
21:56:20 <grapex> clarkb SlickNik vipul: Thanks for all your work on this.
21:56:59 <vipul> yup thanks guys
21:57:08 <SlickNik> np, anytime!
21:57:10 <cp16net> +1
21:57:16 <SlickNik> thanks clarkb!
21:57:38 <vipul> ok anything else about versioning/releasing client?
21:58:08 <vipul> btw, reddwarf doens't use either, it pulls tarball from github directly
21:58:12 <SlickNik> I'll update that wiki page with the actual release/pre-release regexp locations for reference…
21:58:25 <vipul> yes, please do SlickNik, thanks
21:58:45 <vipul> #topic Open Discussion
21:59:04 <vipul> anything else we need to cover
21:59:06 <SlickNik> #action update the release wiki page with regexps for release/pre-release
21:59:16 <SlickNik> #action ^^^ SlickNik
21:59:32 <SlickNik> nope, nothing else from my end.
21:59:40 <vipul> wow look at that we might make time
22:00:04 <grapex> vipul: We are on fire today!
22:00:15 <vipul> w00t
22:00:24 <SlickNik> hellz yea!
22:00:30 <cp16net> have a great day ev1
22:00:31 <vipul> #endmeeting