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13:30:18 <ttx> dhellmann, dims: o/
13:30:19 <dims> o/
13:31:50 <ttx> #topic liberty-3 postmortem
13:32:03 <ttx> let's wait a second for doug
13:32:44 <dims> ack
13:34:42 <dhellmann> o/
13:34:46 <ttx> o/
13:34:52 <ttx> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-3
13:34:55 * dhellmann apologizes for the delay
13:34:58 <ttx> lists a bit of our postmortem
13:35:04 <ttx> anything that I missed ?
13:35:33 <dhellmann> I think those are the highlights
13:35:53 <ttx> ok cool, let's talk next steps then
13:36:00 <ttx> #topic Next steps in Liberty release
13:36:08 <ttx> dhellmann: you had an etherpad listing some
13:36:29 <dhellmann> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-end-of-release-requirements-checklist
13:36:44 <ttx> So there are two sides I want to discuss
13:36:44 <dims> "Some PTLs just don't show up" << sad!
13:36:46 <dhellmann> those are the dance steps for handling the branching sequencing
13:36:56 <ttx> Dance around requirements
13:37:06 <ttx> and what we need to push everyone toward
13:37:15 <ttx> Let's talk about the latter first
13:37:31 <ttx> The goal over the next weeks is to push everyone towards publication of their first RC
13:37:44 <ttx> we need at least one that we can fallback to for the release branch
13:38:15 <ttx> so we need RC1s for everyone in cycle-with-milestones
13:38:35 <ttx> (and at least one intermediary for everyone in cycle-with-intermediary, but I thin that's covered already)
13:39:10 <ttx> There is no "date" for RC1, i would say it should definitely happen before end of month so that we don't eat our security margin
13:39:38 <ttx> So this part of the release management is mostly about giving advice to PTLs
13:39:48 <dhellmann> should we give a specific date as a goal, just to have it in people's minds?
13:40:13 <ttx> encourage them to stop adding features ASAP (only accept FFEs with an end in sight, stop accepting those asap)
13:40:31 <ttx> I think the week of Sept 21 should be the target dat
13:40:38 <ttx> all good if that's done before
13:40:48 <dhellmann> I had the impression from most of the discussions I had with PTLs that they were going to be pretty strict with FFEs
13:40:54 <dhellmann> I like the 21st
13:41:08 <ttx> yeah, I think they understand that it's not a stupid rule, it's actually the only sane way
13:41:36 <dims> RC1's are cut from the stable/ branch?
13:41:52 <ttx> Once FFEs are out of the way, the issue is RC bugs. They usually have more than they will fix, so at some point they need to get real and prioritize real release blockers
13:42:08 <ttx> dims: stable is cut before or at RC1
13:42:16 <dims> ack thx
13:42:28 * ttx finds graphs
13:43:14 <ttx> http://ttx.re/getting-to-havana.html has one
13:43:29 <dhellmann> ttx: how much of the stable branch stuff is automated? I have a script that works for libs, but it assumes a tag and milestone both exist already
13:43:44 <ttx> http://old-wiki.openstack.org/rc/ has the one we did for kilo but it's now a bit compressed
13:44:10 <ttx> it shows that things are mostly stable until they start cutting deep in the RC1 bug nominations and defer things
13:44:43 <ttx> dhellmann: we have scripts for cutting the branch, and scripts to tag the rc1
13:44:49 <ttx> rccut / rcdelivery
13:44:55 <dhellmann> ah
13:45:01 <ttx> I updated them recently
13:45:35 <dhellmann> oh, right, I reviewed those changes
13:45:41 * dhellmann hasn't had much tea yet today
13:46:00 <ttx> so for the next week we should focus on FFEs. The week after we should start focusing on limiting RC bugs
13:46:38 <ttx> I rewrite the FF page so that we are no longer on the hook for them, the PTL is the sole decider
13:46:43 <ttx> rewrote
13:46:56 <ttx> but I hope they will ask us when in doubt
13:47:02 <ttx> and we can provide random advice
13:47:08 <dims> haha
13:47:14 <ttx> ripping out a DB layer for example doesn't make a great FFE
13:47:22 <dhellmann> :-)
13:47:47 <ttx> questions on that part ?
13:47:55 <dims> sounds good
13:48:08 <dhellmann> I think that's all clear
13:48:15 <ttx> so now, the requirements dance part
13:48:16 <ttx> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-end-of-release-requirements-checklist
13:48:32 <ttx> the cross-check jobs are now running
13:48:51 <ttx> since we don't have any stable branch cut yet it's mostly testing master->master twice
13:49:02 <ttx> but it will soon start being useful
13:49:28 <ttx> I wanted to discuss the three steps we have left for this week in thoery
13:49:33 <ttx> release "final" versions of Oslo libs
13:49:33 <ttx> release "final" versions of Python clients
13:49:33 <ttx> Softfreeze requirements
13:49:33 <dhellmann> we don't list creating branches for the libs, should we do that as part of tagging what we think is the final version, or delay that?
13:49:55 <ttx> there is "Cut Library stable branches" under FF+1
13:50:21 <dhellmann> oh, I missed that because I expected it to be done with the tags, but I guess a short delay makes sense
13:50:27 <ttx> So... release "final" versions of Oslo libs -- how are we doing on that so far ,
13:50:28 <ttx> ?
13:50:39 <dims> after  'release "final" versions of Oslo libs' we need to update g-r, before 'release "final" versions of Python clients'
13:51:11 <ttx> dims: we just need to bump contraints, right
13:51:12 <dims> we are doing good, last check only things unreleased were g-r updates and translation updates
13:51:33 <dims> ttx: y
13:52:19 <ttx> dims: should we plan a last round for Tuesday ?
13:52:30 <dims> ttx: sounds great!
13:52:37 * ttx check status for python clients real quick
13:53:33 <ttx> openstack/releases makes that pretty easy
13:53:47 <dims> ++ :)
13:54:08 <ttx> though there is no date
13:54:33 <ttx> no zaqarclient yet
13:55:04 <dhellmann> I'm building a report of all of the unreleased changes for the clients, but it's going to take a little bit
13:56:34 <ttx> swiftclient is 7 weeks old
13:56:58 <ttx> troveclient 3 months old
13:57:38 <dims> ttx: dhellmann: will read scrollback as i have a hard stop
13:57:46 <dhellmann> dims: ack
13:57:54 <ttx> manilaclient is 3 months old too
13:58:13 <dhellmann> ttx: encouraging client releases is another thing we need to do more directly next cycle, I guess
13:58:17 <ttx> keystoneclient 2 months old
13:58:40 <dhellmann> this report is taking ages
13:59:01 <ttx> cinderclient 6 weeks old
13:59:08 <ttx> the others are relatively recent
13:59:16 <ttx> (less than a month)
13:59:52 <dhellmann> these are all pretty risky to release, though
14:00:01 <dhellmann> since every one ends up being used in the gate
14:00:34 <ttx> right, I'm just unsure we can cut stable/liberty from a 3months-old release and discard what was pushed after that
14:00:42 <dhellmann> true
14:00:50 <ttx> so we might need to push a bit
14:01:38 <ttx> #info need to push for library releases (client in particular) before we cut stable branches
14:01:58 <dhellmann> my report script is hanging on ganttclient, so I'll fiddle with that today and send email to the -dev list encouraging releases
14:02:22 <ttx> dhellmann: about softfreezing requirements, we might want to schedule a requirements +2/-2 party
14:02:39 <ttx> i.e. pair-review the backlog there
14:02:44 <dhellmann> good idea
14:02:50 <dhellmann> early tuesday?
14:02:55 <dhellmann> or later today?
14:02:58 <ttx> your call
14:03:06 <ttx> better today all things considered
14:03:08 <dhellmann> I'm up for doing it today
14:03:17 <ttx> since that's when the freeze is supposed to take
14:03:24 <ttx> maybe we can pull sdague in
14:03:32 <sdague> what's up?
14:03:40 <ttx> we might want to schedule a requirements +2/-2 party
14:03:43 <dhellmann> we're thinking of doing a join requirements freeze review
14:03:45 <ttx> i.e. pair-review the backlog there
14:03:57 <ttx> approve last minute things and -2 the others
14:03:57 <sdague> sure
14:04:10 <sdague> yeh, fwiw, there is a novaclient one coming
14:04:11 <ttx> IIRC we did something similar last cycle
14:04:15 <sdague> yep
14:04:38 <ttx> sdague: releases don't have to be final, they just need to be recent so that we can cut the stable branch from them
14:04:40 <sdague> are you thinking today, or early next week?
14:04:50 <dhellmann> ttx: here's some raw data on unreleased clients
14:04:51 <dhellmann> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/445440/
14:04:57 <ttx> sdague: we weree thinking today, sinc ethe freeze does in theory take effect today
14:06:10 <sdague> gotcha
14:06:43 <ttx> dhellmann: ok, anything else we need to discuss before we do the requirements review party?
14:06:57 <dhellmann> I don't think so. Do you want to go ahead and do that now?
14:07:35 <ttx> yes, but back on our channel
14:07:38 <dhellmann> k
14:07:44 <ttx> let's close this
14:07:48 <ttx> #endmeeting