14:01:26 <dhellmann> #startmeeting releaseteam
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14:01:39 <dhellmann> courtesy ping: ttx, dims, fungi
14:02:00 <fungi> thanks
14:02:34 <dhellmann> with ttx at the ops summit I don't know if we'll see him today
14:02:56 <dhellmann> #topic automation status
14:03:41 <fungi> i went ahead and self-approved the launchpadlib changes a few minutes ago... simply wasn't able to get any core reviewers interested in looking them over
14:03:49 <dhellmann> ok
14:04:03 <dhellmann> I'll make a note to run some tests again next week then
14:04:11 <fungi> #link https://review.openstack.org/356665 and its parent change
14:04:59 <fungi> i'll give you a heads up once they merge and i confirm the file/package are peesent on the job node
14:05:01 <fungi> present
14:05:24 <dhellmann> sounds good. I'm not likely to get to the tests today, so there's no rush
14:05:31 <dhellmann> I've put it on the task list for next week
14:05:41 <fungi> cool
14:05:45 <dhellmann> anything else on the automation?
14:05:56 <fungi> as for the remaining documentation changes, haven't finished those yet. been a hectic week
14:06:35 <fungi> and no, nothing else on my end
14:06:36 <dhellmann> yeah, I can imagine
14:06:39 <dhellmann> k
14:06:41 <dhellmann> #topic release countdown checkup
14:07:04 <dhellmann> I had planned to ask about whether we're ready to branch non-client libs, but I think I'll just send a reminder email and create the branches on monday
14:07:46 <dhellmann> I've copied our tasks from http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/releases/tree/PROCESS.rst into the tracking etherpad on the weeks where I think they need to go
14:07:51 <dhellmann> it would be good to have some confirmation of that
14:08:15 <dhellmann> I'll get ttx and dims to look over it, but if you have a spare minute fungi your input on the timing would be good too
14:08:36 <fungi> sure, having a look now
14:09:10 <dhellmann> and I've set up a release tracking dashboard like we used last cycle
14:09:11 <dhellmann> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wy_YgMQ1MowE9Loztn6QAsMGOfVkVsqIQVdcIdrHAtI/edit#gid=2082157708
14:09:33 <fungi> hrm, not finding the etherpad easily in my browser history
14:09:39 <dhellmann> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-relmgt-tracking
14:09:42 <fungi> thanks
14:09:49 <dhellmann> sorry, I should have posted that at the start because that's where the agenda is
14:10:04 <fungi> yep, you usually do... i was about to go look in old meeting logs
14:10:51 <fungi> so the copied content is in the r-5 section?
14:11:12 <dhellmann> it's under the "tasks" items on r-5 through the end of the cycle, in the week where I think we need to do it
14:11:21 <fungi> ahh, yep, just realized that
14:13:31 <fungi> all of those look good to me
14:13:38 * fungi is a slow reader
14:13:45 <dhellmann> good, thanks
14:13:59 <fungi> i can't think of anything that's obviously missing there
14:14:17 <dhellmann> I'm sure we'll uncover anything not obvious :-)
14:14:45 <fungi> also, i'm not going to be around for week r+1 (the week after the release) but expect that won't be too busy
14:15:01 <dhellmann> I need to check with ttx to make sure the gerrit acl work is done -- I think we're just waiting to make sure all of the teams have the right members in their release groups
14:15:15 <dhellmann> fungi : noted
14:15:38 <fungi> also most of the infra team will be sequestered during week r-2, but i'll still be around
14:15:40 * dhellmann needs to plan some pto in there too
14:16:04 <dhellmann> sequestered? mid-cycle?
14:16:11 <fungi> "mid" sure ;)
14:16:26 <fungi> i've been referring to it as a "late-cycle sprint"
14:16:33 <dhellmann> heh
14:17:12 <fungi> it's a joint thing with the qa team, near frankfurt, so most of them will be busy and on european time
14:17:36 <fungi> but i'm sitting this one out and will be around normal times if something comes up
14:18:09 <dhellmann> ok, good to know, thanks
14:18:31 <dhellmann> #topic summit space needs
14:18:42 <dhellmann> I went ahead and asked for a work session so we can schedule the time to talk about wrapping up the automation
14:19:03 <dhellmann> I also asked for a fishbowl, as a communication opportunity, but indicated that if we were out of space for them we could give that up
14:19:22 <dhellmann> and I asked for a meetup room on Friday, since that's usually our most productive time
14:19:23 <fungi> makes sense
14:19:50 <dhellmann> I figured putting the work session in our "track" would let you make full use of your allocation for infra topics
14:20:28 <fungi> appreciated. this time we're going mostly with workrooms i think
14:20:45 <dhellmann> makes sense
14:20:48 <fungi> we'll see how the allocations shake out anyway
14:21:14 <dhellmann> right, I'm not sure how many rooms there even ar
14:21:15 <dhellmann> are
14:21:28 <dhellmann> ok, that's all I had for the formal agenda
14:21:32 <dhellmann> #topic open discussion
14:21:48 <dhellmann> is there anything else we need to be talking about at this point in the schedule?
14:22:33 <fungi> i've got nothing
14:22:45 <dhellmann> k, let's close it then
14:22:48 <dhellmann> fungi : thanks!
14:22:53 <fungi> any time!
14:22:57 <dhellmann> #endmeeting