15:00:58 <dhellmann> #startmeeting releaseteam
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15:01:10 <dhellmann> courtesy ping: ttx, dims, sigmavirus, tonyb, fungi, stevemar
15:01:43 * fungi curtsies
15:01:43 * stevemar lurks
15:01:56 <ttx> o/
15:02:12 <dhellmann> this is week R-12, and our agenda is in the etherpad
15:02:16 <dhellmann> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ocata-relmgt-tracking
15:02:38 <dhellmann> #topic updating tools/tox_install.sh when creating a branch
15:02:44 <dhellmann> stevemar, you raised this
15:03:00 <dhellmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/401926/
15:03:22 <dhellmann> I believe the requirements team is still working on providing a canonical version of that script
15:03:43 <dhellmann> when that's available, it would be easier to automatically update it, or the way tox.ini calls it
15:04:18 <dhellmann> I know tonyb took one of our action items from the summit to fix the existing job since it failed for one or two repos
15:04:26 <dhellmann> maybe this can be added to that work
15:04:48 <dhellmann> stevemar : do you have anything to add?
15:05:29 <dhellmann> if not I can make a note of this as a todo item and see if tonyb can find someone on the requirements team to help with it
15:05:48 <dhellmann> I'll go ahead and do that
15:05:53 <dhellmann> #topic priority work review
15:06:08 <dhellmann> #info the branch automation work is largely done
15:06:17 <dhellmann> there's one update to the process doc still under review
15:06:19 <stevemar> sorry, i had nothing to add, just an observation
15:06:29 <dhellmann> stevemar : ack, thanks
15:06:31 <dhellmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/404922/
15:06:44 <dhellmann> and then I need to send an announcement to the -dev list
15:06:58 <dhellmann> it's nice to have that done well in advance of when we'll need it :-)
15:07:58 <dhellmann> the race condition in the upper-constraints update as part of the release process came up again this week
15:08:20 <dhellmann> that's still on our list, I'll try to catch up with tonyb at a time better for his tz to see where things stand there
15:08:36 <fungi> i missed where that came up again
15:08:45 <fungi> did it catch someone else off guard?
15:08:52 <dhellmann> oh, it came up with the rdo team I think when they noticed that a new release failed a requirements job
15:09:05 <fungi> ahh
15:09:14 <dhellmann> yeah, there was some confusion about why the job failed, but it didn't actually cause any other issues
15:09:49 <dhellmann> fungi has rotated the release signing key, so the new one is available for all of the release managers to sign
15:10:10 <dhellmann> the key fingerprint is D47B AB1B 7DC2 E262 A4F6  171E 8B1B 03FD 54E2 AC07 and the email associated is infra-root@openstack.org
15:10:20 <dhellmann> please grab the key and attach a signature
15:10:42 <fungi> #link https://sks-keyservers.net/pks/lookup?op=vindex&search=0xd47bab1b7dc2e262a4f6171e8b1b03fd54e2ac07&fingerprint=on
15:10:56 <fungi> (for reference)
15:11:00 <dhellmann> fungi : thanks
15:11:16 <dhellmann> I spent most of yesterday fighting with network timeouts in CI to land the dashboard generator changes, and in the process I think I've managed to improve our test reliability a bit.
15:11:30 <dhellmann> #link patch series for dashboard command https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/releases+branch:master+topic:dashboard-command
15:12:06 <dhellmann> those changes could all use code review when folks have time
15:12:10 <dhellmann> one of them imports a bunch of deliverable files without releases, and that depends on an infra change so the tag-releases job won't fail
15:12:21 <dhellmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/406120
15:12:48 <dhellmann> does anyone else have any status updates on their tasks for this cycle?
15:13:29 <fungi> not me. hopefully by next week
15:14:08 <dhellmann> I know dims has been busy with other things
15:14:10 <dhellmann> ttx?
15:14:44 <ttx> I did post the check for validating SHA match branches
15:14:45 <dims> dhellmann : y, should be free starting next week
15:14:53 <dhellmann> dims : sounds good!
15:15:09 <dims> :)
15:15:15 <dhellmann> ttx: ah, yes, I think tha tmerged didn't it?
15:15:19 <ttx> Also did ask stable candidates to join release team
15:15:21 <dhellmann> ttx: and also the PTL election schedule
15:15:36 <ttx> yes for this one we want to sync with election officials asap
15:15:37 <dhellmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/404275
15:15:46 <ttx> I don't think my change merged yet let me check
15:15:50 <dhellmann> can you do that, or should I?
15:16:06 <ttx> I'm on it
15:16:11 <dhellmann> ok, thanks
15:16:25 <ttx> still missing second+2
15:16:31 <ttx> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/404786/
15:16:49 <dims> ttx : ack will look shortly
15:16:50 <dhellmann> oh, I missed that on the dashboard
15:16:52 <dhellmann> thanks, dims
15:17:20 <dhellmann> I think we've mostly covered our high priority items then, so that's good news
15:17:53 <dhellmann> maybe next week we can review the normal priority todo items and make sure they're assigned to folks who actually have time to work on them
15:18:23 <dhellmann> if there are no other updates, we can move on to the next topic
15:18:40 <dhellmann> #topic team logo
15:18:53 <dhellmann> #info the foundation has proposed a draft logo for our mascot, the border collie
15:18:55 <dhellmann> #link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7152077/release-team-draft-log.png
15:19:22 <dhellmann> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-December/108313.html
15:19:26 <stevemar> oh, i thought it was a german sheppard :\
15:19:34 <dhellmann> the mailing list thread includes a link to a feedback form
15:19:43 <dhellmann> am I misremembering the mascot we picked?
15:19:53 <ttx> They no, we said border collie
15:20:33 <ttx> but the nwe might have said shepherd dog
15:20:58 <ttx> Those ears are definitely more german shepherd than border collie
15:21:10 <dhellmann> good point
15:21:21 <stevemar> i just went by the image -- ah the ears! thats why i thought it
15:21:27 <fungi> most people will just see "a dog" regardless
15:21:37 <dhellmann> although http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/images16/BorderCollienouba1.JPG
15:21:51 <dhellmann> fungi : true, I'm not sure how much we need to obsess over the details
15:21:56 <stevemar> fungi: i won't see a shitzu, but yeah
15:22:09 <ttx> dhellmann: I know if you give them a picture, they can capture the intent better
15:22:31 <fungi> also looks sort of like a dingo. or maybe a fox ;)
15:22:44 <dhellmann> ttx: so you're saying I can spend work time looking at dog pictures on the internet?
15:23:10 <dims> lol
15:23:18 <stevemar> hehe
15:23:23 <dhellmann> if we want the floppier ears, I can definitely find some images to represent that
15:23:25 <ttx> http://d21vu35cjx7sd4.cloudfront.net/dims3/MMAH/crop/0x0%2B0%2B0/resize/645x380/quality/90/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fassets.prod.vetstreet.com%2Fc3%2F54ed80c75711e0a5640050568d6ceb%2Ffile%2FBorder-Collie-3-645mk062411.jpg
15:23:37 <dhellmann> fiercely adorable
15:23:52 <fungi> the head looks like anubis
15:23:59 <fungi> (on the draft logo)
15:24:05 <stevemar> fungi: didn't help that the fox came out at the same time, the docs team
15:24:06 <ttx> http://www.redskybordercollies.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Border_Collie_Training.jpg
15:24:20 <ttx> I would give the feedback that it would have the head low, and floppier ears
15:24:33 <ttx> would make it more like it's shepherding something
15:24:55 <dhellmann> ++
15:24:58 <stevemar> fox for dox: http://imgur.com/a/YxruA
15:25:05 <dhellmann> http://www.warrenphotographic.co.uk/photography/bigs/40835-Black-and-white-Border-Collie-bitch-dancing-white-background.jpg
15:25:18 <stevemar> that url though
15:25:34 * stevemar lets himself out
15:25:55 <ttx> http://totalbordercollie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/BorderCollie11.jpg
15:26:03 <dhellmann> that's a good one
15:26:37 <dhellmann> https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/93/c7/1e/93c71ec72d595f3b7e87c29c53d0fa9b.jpg
15:26:54 <dhellmann> so now I know what I'll be doing this afternoon
15:27:00 <ttx> anyway, more hunting, less jumping.
15:27:17 <dhellmann> right
15:27:30 <dhellmann> #topic blocked reviews
15:27:38 <ttx> I suspect the lack of colors doesn't help us in liking the logo either
15:28:06 <ttx> yes, I listed a couple in there
15:28:08 <dhellmann> yeah, I got the impression this was an early draft to review the general idea
15:28:19 <dhellmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/398401/
15:28:38 <ttx> this one was blocked but was refreshed
15:28:53 <ttx> so meh
15:28:56 <dhellmann> yes, it looks like it was just updated a little while a go
15:28:58 <dhellmann> ago
15:29:46 <ttx> agolang
15:30:03 <dhellmann> we have a couple of other releases, but none seem "blocked" per se
15:30:04 <dhellmann> I'll go through and review them today, but it being friday I won't approve anything until monday
15:30:06 <dhellmann> ttx: with pasts instead of futures as a concurrency construct?
15:30:28 * dhellmann senses an april fools essay coming on
15:30:59 <ttx> we should have an april's fool wg
15:31:19 <dhellmann> I would sign up for that
15:31:33 <ttx> public meetings would kill it though
15:31:38 <dhellmann> #topic open discussion
15:31:44 <dhellmann> since we've already moved in that direction...
15:31:56 <ttx> I'll be off most of my day on Monday, doing a quick trip to Paris
15:31:58 <dhellmann> do you really think people read meeting logs?
15:32:05 * dhellmann jealous
15:32:17 <ttx> very quick trip, like 4 hours
15:32:23 <dhellmann> I've noted that in the etherpad
15:33:07 <dhellmann> does anyone have anything else to raise this week?
15:33:13 <Zara> (I wandered past here just now; best meeting ever :))
15:33:13 <ttx> nope
15:33:31 <dhellmann> Zara :-)
15:33:47 <dhellmann> ok, let's call the meeting early then
15:33:50 <dhellmann> thanks everyone!
15:34:21 <dhellmann> #endmeeting