15:01:04 <ttx> #startmeeting releaseteam
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15:01:25 <ttx> Our agenda at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/pike-relmgt-tracking as always
15:01:35 <ttx> (scroll down to R-20)
15:02:02 <ttx> #topic Last-minute Pike-1 decisions
15:02:18 <ttx> Looks like everyone more or less hit the deadline
15:03:00 <ttx> dhellmann: comments on Pike-1 ?
15:03:17 <dhellmann> it went fairly smoothly
15:03:37 <dhellmann> only a couple of projects seemed to have issues with last minute breakages
15:03:41 <ttx> there was the broken trove thing, but taht points to the need to maintain healthy gates
15:03:56 <dhellmann> yeah, there should have been co-gating on that dependency
15:04:16 <ttx> ok, next topic then
15:04:24 <ttx> #topic Targeting tasks to P2
15:04:42 <ttx> Been going through the plan and targeted some items of mine to P2
15:04:59 <ttx> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/pike-relmgt-plan
15:05:20 <lbragstad> o/
15:05:33 <ttx> feel free to do the same for your items, helps prioritize stuff
15:05:46 <dhellmann> yeah, I need to review my list
15:06:04 <ttx> was wondering how close we were on the python goal
15:06:26 <dhellmann> everything in the releases repo is ported
15:06:36 <dhellmann> the stuff in project-config that runs as part of jobs there needs work
15:07:00 <dhellmann> we'll be able to do everything except the launchpad update script that runs after a release is tagged
15:07:09 <ttx> Also "Consolidate the release tools that use the releases repository data in the releases repository" looked pretty close to completion to me
15:07:48 <dhellmann> yeah, I think that's actually done, but I'll double check before marking it off
15:08:08 <ttx> ok, no urgency, just a good thing to do at the start of a new milestone shift
15:08:20 <dhellmann> ++
15:08:38 <ttx> I laid down email content and meeting skips for the coming months in the tracking page
15:08:57 <dhellmann> sounds good
15:09:06 <ttx> please check it does make sense, and feel free to add stuff to the newsletter (I just copied the stuff from old and PROCESS.rst)
15:09:28 <dhellmann> sure, I'll look over that
15:09:42 <ttx> That is all we had on agenda
15:09:46 <dhellmann> I think the process file finally had everything I sent the last 2 cycles, so it should be fairly up to date
15:09:53 <ttx> #topic Open discussion
15:10:31 <dhellmann> do we need to be doing anything to prep for the summit/forum? I don't remember any sessions about the release cycle or release team work.
15:10:44 <dhellmann> those are more ptg topics
15:10:48 <ttx> we have the on-boarding stuff to prep for
15:10:57 <dhellmann> oh, right
15:11:11 <dhellmann> did you have something in mind for that?
15:11:21 <ttx> not really, go over the process
15:11:25 <dhellmann> would it make sense to walk through a "typical" release cycle, using that process list -- exactly
15:11:38 <ttx> If we can both attend we can probably just improvise it on the spot
15:11:45 <dhellmann> maybe we can work on some slides, but mostly wing it
15:12:10 <dhellmann> I should be able to be there for part of that session -- I'm slotted to give a lightning talk in the ansible track that afternoon, too
15:12:18 <ttx> If it's only me or only you it's good to prepare more so that there aren't any long periods of silence :)
15:12:31 <dhellmann> that should be ~20 minutes, and I can see if rbergeron will put me early on the schedule
15:12:36 <dhellmann> heh
15:12:56 <ttx> but yes, otherwise just explain what it is that release managers do
15:13:09 <dhellmann> it wouldn't hurt to have a presentation to work from; I can start that next week
15:13:11 <ttx> We might need to cover stable branch maint too
15:13:33 <ttx> no idea who will be present from that team
15:13:48 <dhellmann> yeah, I'd need lots of help to really do that justic
15:13:50 <dhellmann> e
15:13:59 <dhellmann> I know the basics, but have no idea what processes they follow
15:14:14 <dhellmann> what about requirements?
15:14:24 <ttx> The goal is really to present it from the experience of a team member. Recruit
15:14:36 <ttx> I was hoping dims could cover that one
15:14:43 <dhellmann> good idea
15:15:15 <ttx> also if we can think about what a padawan in the team would be asked/trusted to do, that would be useful. Create a ladder
15:15:28 <dhellmann> that would be good for us to document anyway
15:15:37 <ttx> In RelMgt we tend to only have use for confirmed all-powerful semigods
15:15:52 <ttx> we need to make teh contribution step a bit more reasonable
15:16:10 <dhellmann> yeah, I think we can work that out
15:16:14 <ttx> and grow/train a next generation
15:16:24 <ttx> But the first step is to demystify what it is we do
15:16:42 <ttx> because it's a lot less compelx and glamorous than people think it is
15:17:00 <ttx> It's more a bunch of knowledge about process and rules
15:17:21 <ttx> OK, if nothing else...
15:17:29 <dhellmann> nothing from me
15:17:32 <ttx> let's close early
15:17:37 <dhellmann> sounds good
15:17:40 <dhellmann> have a good holiday!
15:17:45 <ttx> Have a good very-extended weekend
15:17:55 <dhellmann> I'll be offline most of monday, fwiw
15:18:05 <ttx> yeah, same here
15:18:07 <dhellmann> I should make the TC meeting tuesday, but may not be online much earlier than that
15:18:24 <ttx> good
15:18:28 <ttx> #endmeeting