14:22:12 <dirk> #startmeeting rpm-packaging weekly meeting
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14:22:31 <dirk> please add yourself to the etherpad and lets collect topics
14:23:30 <openstackgerrit> Thomas Bechtold proposed openstack/rpm-packaging: Add initial spec file for oslo.utils  https://review.openstack.org/274766
14:24:36 <asilenkov> I have a bunch of requests
14:24:46 <asilenkov> the problem is just %check section
14:25:12 <asilenkov> it is failing constantly - we are investigating
14:26:54 <toabctl_> asilenkov: can you add the topic to the agenda on the etherpad? then we can just go through all the topics in a couple of minutes
14:27:00 <number80> sorry caught a cold while travelling
14:27:01 <asilenkov> sure
14:30:23 <IgorYozhikov> number80: issue add to etherpad
14:30:29 <asilenkov> updated
14:31:56 <IgorYozhikov> dirk: lets start with agenda topics?
14:33:30 <dirk> sorry, yes
14:33:39 <dirk> #topic Review - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/244852/3
14:33:44 <dirk> this one is lacking a bit of reviews
14:33:50 <dirk> I had a few nitpicks but didn't want to -1 it
14:34:06 <dirk> any other opionion? I really like the change perse and would love to see some progress
14:35:32 <IgorYozhikov> dirk: we are looking through CR
14:37:29 <toabctl_> jruzicka: can you update the PR according to dirk 's comments?
14:37:34 <toabctl_> dirk: I like the change, too
14:39:05 <dirk> ok, hopefully will see a bit of progress
14:39:20 <dirk> #topic         https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open project:openstack/rpm-packaging
14:39:25 <dirk> any specific one to look at?
14:39:37 <dirk> I'm eying https://review.openstack.org/#/c/273552/
14:39:47 <dirk> any other +1/-1 please?
14:40:09 <IgorYozhikov> +1
14:40:54 <toabctl_> merged
14:41:19 <dirk> thanks
14:41:39 <dirk> next one is this one I think:
14:41:41 <dirk> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/239874/
14:44:09 <dirk> ah, this one is missing the rename
14:45:10 <IgorYozhikov> dirk:  what do you mean?
14:45:12 <openstackgerrit> Dirk Mueller proposed openstack/rpm-packaging: Add initial spec file for oslotest  https://review.openstack.org/239874
14:45:24 <dirk> IgorYozhikov: template was not called $pypiname.spec.j2
14:45:29 <dirk> just fixed it..
14:45:34 <IgorYozhikov> ah, i c
14:45:56 <dirk> and then we're waiting on this one:
14:46:05 <dirk> #topic https://review.openstack.org/#/c/274766/
14:46:16 <dirk> after merging those two, the SUSE CI should finally unblock itself
14:47:14 <openstackgerrit> Merged openstack/rpm-packaging: typos: direct python calls replaced by macros  https://review.openstack.org/273552
14:48:12 <dirk> number80: apevec : any feedback about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/274766/ ?
14:50:30 <number80> lemme see
14:52:01 <number80> ok, minor fixes before it can get merged
14:53:39 <dirk> thanks
14:53:41 <IgorYozhikov> number80: I don't see any comments in CR or you in progress with them?
14:53:57 <dirk> IgorYozhikov: number80 : any other CR you want to bring up or can we move to the next topic?
14:54:27 <IgorYozhikov> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/268149/
14:54:51 <IgorYozhikov> old enough - let's do smth witj it
14:56:21 <dirk> good point
14:56:34 <dirk> I just responded to apevec. and test the %license part
14:56:36 <IgorYozhikov> we build renderspec, pymod2pkg & openstack-macros in our downstream
14:57:06 <IgorYozhikov> I'm mean rpms
14:57:17 <dirk> great!
14:58:40 <IgorYozhikov> so renderspec output produces valid specs for yum-builddep/rpmbuild
14:58:52 <dirk> #topic external SUSE CI status (still broken)
14:59:30 <dirk> as a matter of fact I was just looking at it for the last hour or so and fixed a couple of issues
14:59:36 <dirk> should resume working I hope today
14:59:53 <IgorYozhikov> very good news
15:01:10 <dirk> any questions about thsi topic?
15:02:06 <IgorYozhikov> nothing from my side, will see how it will work with improvements you made
15:02:26 * toabctl_ has another meeting now...
15:03:06 <IgorYozhikov> last topic?
15:03:41 <dirk> #topic %check  unit tests issues - http://paste.openstack.org/show/485958/
15:04:06 <dirk> it looks like you're not only running unit tests there?
15:04:21 <dirk> barbican might need additional environment variables (tried looking at tox.ini?)
15:04:56 <IgorYozhikov> yes, looked in tox.ini
15:05:24 <IgorYozhikov> still investigating :(
15:06:22 <dirk> I don't know myself either yet
15:06:23 <IgorYozhikov> such case issues brings a lot of troubles due %check debug
15:06:27 <dirk> yeah
15:07:46 <IgorYozhikov> ok, if no1 has exp with such issues - going to continue with investigation|debug
15:08:30 <IgorYozhikov> I believe that we are done with agenda, next meeting in a week?
15:08:54 <IgorYozhikov> dirk, number80 ^^^^^
15:08:57 <dirk> imho yes
15:09:00 <dirk> #endmeeting