14:02:29 <tellesnobrega> #startmeeting sahara
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14:02:43 <tosky> I suspect that it will be very quick
14:02:48 <tellesnobrega> yes
14:02:52 <tellesnobrega> only you and I
14:02:53 <tosky> It's the Chinese New Year, and also Jeremy is out
14:03:00 <tosky> but good for summarizing the status
14:03:10 <tellesnobrega> #topic News/Updates
14:03:23 <tellesnobrega> cut sahara 7.0.2 and testing apiv2
14:03:36 <tellesnobrega> merged a bunch of zuul patches
14:03:42 <tosky> a big bunch
14:05:09 <tosky> - validate the image building (sahara-image-pack) of ambari 2.4 (on centos at least) can spawn HDP 2.5, HDP 2.4 and HDP 2.3 - one image to rule them all
14:05:28 <tosky> - investigated and reported the issue with newer centos related to python and CA; we have a workaround for now (thanks Telles)
14:05:45 <tosky> we probably need to recheck it better for Rocky so that the CA can work
14:05:55 <tosky> - bunch of zuul jobs; after saharaclient and sahara-tests, most of native jobs for sahara are merged
14:06:05 <tosky> now working on the backports of the jobs for all supported branches, and of course things are no so smooth
14:06:18 <tosky> so that we can removed the legacy jobs from project-config
14:07:34 <tellesnobrega> thanks for that tosky
14:08:07 <tellesnobrega> lets move on
14:08:25 <tellesnobrega> #topic Vanilla 2.8 image generation
14:08:38 <tosky> right, Jeremy raised it yesterday
14:09:03 <tellesnobrega> from what I understood the problem we are facing is the publishing of the image to sahara-extra, is that right?
14:10:11 <tosky> yes, and Jeremy suggested to merge the change anyway, because the location can be changed with environment variables
14:10:44 <tellesnobrega> hmm, I think it is best than not having the image at all
14:11:21 <tosky> also because we advertise vanilla 2.8.2
14:11:25 <tellesnobrega> yes
14:11:45 <tosky> we can backport a patch to fix the URL anyway as point release
14:11:59 <tellesnobrega> sounds good
14:12:31 <tellesnobrega> I also agree that we should merge it
14:13:59 <tosky> the patch needs a rebase; we would probably need to change it so that either a) it does not build that version of vanilla in the test (cheating) or b) enable the build, but override the location with some variables
14:15:25 <tellesnobrega> I'm leaning toward b
14:15:30 <tellesnobrega> *towards
14:18:31 <tosky> okidoki
14:18:38 <tosky> I may try to update the patch
14:18:43 <tellesnobrega> thanks
14:20:02 <tellesnobrega> do you have any other topics to discuss today?
14:23:00 <tellesnobrega> tosky ^
14:23:14 <tosky> oh, about zuul v3 jobs, just a question
14:23:18 <tellesnobrega> go ahead
14:23:24 <tosky> switch topic? :)
14:23:29 <tellesnobrega> #topic Open Discussion
14:24:00 <tosky> we have the weird status of ocata: it's going EOL in 15 days, and the new jobs are not working (the new job for devstack was not backported to its stable/ocata branch, for example)
14:24:08 <tosky> so we need to decide if we want to import the legacy jobs there, or just forget about testing on stable/ocata
14:25:07 <tellesnobrega> hmm
14:25:41 <tellesnobrega> maybe we could ask at #openstack-release to see if we need to do the work for ocata
14:25:55 <tellesnobrega> since it is only 15 days, I'm thinking that we can just forget about
14:26:07 <tellesnobrega> but I'm not sure it is the right decision
14:27:06 <tosky> I mean, we could still merge changes, only without the tempest and scenario jobs
14:28:32 <tellesnobrega> so we would have grenade job only?
14:29:37 <tosky> and unit tests
14:29:42 <tellesnobrega> yes
14:30:02 <tellesnobrega> that sounds good to me, but I would like to get input from dhellmann for example
14:31:17 <dhellmann> you should coordinate with the stable team about that
14:32:24 <tellesnobrega> thanks dhellmann
14:32:46 <tellesnobrega> tosky, I will get in touch with stable team and see what is the best path for us
14:32:55 <tosky> perfect, thanks
14:33:08 <tellesnobrega> thanks for bringing it up
14:33:13 <tosky> I have to debug the failure of python-saharaclient zuul jobs on pike first anyway
14:34:49 <tellesnobrega> cool
14:36:58 <tellesnobrega> I guess we can close the meeting now
14:37:05 <tosky> yep
14:37:10 <tellesnobrega> thanks tosky
14:37:24 <tellesnobrega> #endmeeting