14:01:11 <tellesnobrega> #startmeeting sahara
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14:01:27 <tosky> o/
14:01:47 <jeremyfreudberg> o/
14:01:54 <shuyingy_> o/
14:02:02 <tellesnobrega> cool, we are all here
14:02:03 <tellesnobrega> lets start
14:02:08 <tellesnobrega> #topic News/Updates
14:03:33 <tellesnobrega> I'm working on split plugin, as you all have seen there is a spec to review (thanks jeremyfreudberg for the comments). Other than that I did a little to include soci on mapr images using sahara-image-pack (please review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/554334/ )
14:03:42 <shuyingy_> this week I don't have time work on upstream. no updates :(
14:03:49 <jeremyfreudberg> thanks tosky for the comments on that spec too
14:03:59 <jeremyfreudberg> i don't have much to report this week, btw
14:04:12 <tellesnobrega> and also I have worked out a solution for the file copy bug
14:04:31 <tellesnobrega> yes, thanks tosky, just saw you posted comments (lots of them :) )
14:05:19 <tellesnobrega> I will be working on that spec and code the rest of the week
14:05:43 <tosky> it's related to the API stuff that we talked about face to face
14:05:52 <tellesnobrega> yes
14:06:54 <tosky> on my side, I helped with the storyboard migration, reviewed few patches (like the soci one), and few related to doc changes
14:07:25 <tosky> and finally fixed the experimental multinode job with spark in native zuul v3 format
14:07:32 <tellesnobrega> \o/
14:07:48 <jeremyfreudberg> yup, thanks tosky
14:08:21 <tosky> I created a story to track the remaining zuul v3 jobs (with a task for each job)
14:08:26 <tosky> (perfect use case for storyboard)
14:08:34 <tellesnobrega> true
14:08:44 <jeremyfreudberg> quick question about that story (or storyboard in general, again)
14:09:19 <tosky> this one, just in case: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2001686
14:09:47 <jeremyfreudberg> my question: it doesn't auto-link to gerrit reviews (for tasks in "review" state)?
14:10:02 <jeremyfreudberg> especially because the gerrit bot has commented anyway, it seems strange
14:10:07 <jeremyfreudberg> maybe i'm missing something
14:10:21 <tosky> there is a bug
14:10:30 <tosky> we asked that at least twice during the PTG
14:10:49 <jeremyfreudberg> alright, if it's already a known defect then we won't spend the meeting time on it
14:10:51 <tellesnobrega> and I also asked on #storyboard last week
14:10:57 <tosky> it broke after some upgrade of gerrit, and the code involves a java plugin for gerrit
14:10:59 <tosky> so much fun
14:11:03 <jeremyfreudberg> yup
14:11:14 <tosky> but people know about it
14:11:45 <tosky> and as more projects are going to migrate, I hope that some more time will be allocated
14:11:46 <tellesnobrega> no more news/updates?
14:12:22 <jeremyfreudberg> hi zchkun
14:12:47 <zchkun> hi jeremyfreudberg
14:12:53 <zchkun> sorry, l am late
14:13:08 <tellesnobrega> no worries
14:13:26 <tellesnobrega> do you have any news/updates on what you worked this past week?
14:14:12 <zchkun> It is still going on
14:14:26 <rtsisyk> hi
14:14:29 <tellesnobrega> vanilla upgrade right?
14:14:33 <tellesnobrega> hi rtsisyk
14:14:49 <zchkun> yes
14:14:57 <jeremyfreudberg> (hi rtsisyk, i will respond to your latest email)
14:15:26 <tellesnobrega> cool zchkun, let us know if you need anything
14:15:45 <tellesnobrega> rtsisyk, any news/updates that you can share about your work this past week?
14:16:30 <rtsisyk> I've just started. My plan is to upgrade Ambari to 2.6.
14:16:33 <zchkun> It may take a little time
14:17:02 <tellesnobrega> rtsisyk, awesome. You may want to talk to gokhan (he was on sahara channel this week)
14:17:31 <tellesnobrega> he reported that his team successfully created and deployed a HDP 2.6 with ambari 2.6 cluster
14:17:48 <rtsisyk> wow
14:17:55 <rtsisyk> I'll ping him
14:18:03 <tellesnobrega> cool
14:18:39 <shuyingy_> sorry, leaved for a moment. I am back.
14:18:51 <shuyingy_> rtsisyk, welcome join sahara
14:19:34 <tellesnobrega> ook
14:19:37 <tellesnobrega> lets move on
14:19:48 <tellesnobrega> #topic Rocky priorities
14:20:22 <tellesnobrega> I would like to take some time to review what we have as priorities for rocky, so we can organize everyone's work to match that
14:20:42 <tellesnobrega> we have the etherpad from ptg
14:20:59 <tellesnobrega> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/sahara-rocky-ptg
14:21:41 <tellesnobrega> basically as a team we need to try to follow that priority list as much as possibel
14:21:51 <tellesnobrega> possible
14:22:30 <tellesnobrega> I recently added a point to the list
14:22:47 <tellesnobrega> decommission of a specific node
14:23:25 <tellesnobrega> if you all recall from last cycle, I started working on it, but it will only be present on apiv2 so I set it aside for a bit
14:23:32 <tellesnobrega> but I had to put it back there
14:24:00 <tellesnobrega> I don't want to waste time now to go through the list, but lets all take a look and make sure we don't go too far
14:25:39 <tellesnobrega> every is ok with that? have any comments?
14:26:10 <tosky> we have work to do :D
14:26:15 <tellesnobrega> true
14:26:26 <tellesnobrega> lets get it done :)
14:26:27 <tosky> oh, for APIv2 maybe we can create a story and tooooons of connected tasks
14:26:59 <jeremyfreudberg> looks about right, perhaps spark wrapper fix needs to be higher (and goes back to what i said at vPTG, we just need to start the investigations earlier in the cycle)
14:27:08 <jeremyfreudberg> yeah, let's create some apiv2 story stuff
14:27:14 <tellesnobrega> that sounds like a good idea
14:28:23 <tellesnobrega> ok
14:29:05 <tellesnobrega> jeremyfreudberg, I think that we should investigate wrapper right away, and if the work is complex it should go up higher on the priority list
14:29:08 <tellesnobrega> what do you thinkw
14:29:09 <tellesnobrega> ?
14:29:17 <jeremyfreudberg> sounds right to me
14:29:22 <tellesnobrega> cool
14:30:51 <tellesnobrega> lets move on
14:31:15 <tellesnobrega> does anyone have specific topics to discuss?
14:32:04 <jeremyfreudberg> we should probably review zchkun's https://review.openstack.org/#/c/539856/ again, we let it go by for a month (oops)
14:32:14 <tosky> I have a question for shuyingy_, which I probably asked already (sorry for that): should https://review.openstack.org/#/c/538728/ , if merged, be backported to queens?
14:32:24 <tellesnobrega> true jeremyfreudberg
14:34:09 <shuyingy_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/538728/ should be merged and backport, so I recheck it to remind you guys.
14:34:33 <tellesnobrega> I will take a look shuyingy_ today
14:34:42 <tellesnobrega> once it merges, please propose backport
14:35:43 <tellesnobrega> #topic Open Discussion
14:36:20 <tellesnobrega> quick thing here, I look into making at least one more person as stable/branch core (don't know how to do it yet)
14:36:21 <shuyingy_> about zckun's patch, I have reviewed the abandon one before.  The new one is ready to merge. And we plan to have a client.
14:36:46 <tellesnobrega> shuyingy_, can you paste the link here?
14:37:01 <shuyingy_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/539856/
14:37:31 <shuyingy_> abandon one is https://review.openstack.org/#/c/537607/
14:37:34 <tellesnobrega> ok
14:38:01 <jeremyfreudberg> shuyingy_, have you tried to scale the cluster with that patch?
14:38:14 <shuyingy_> I would like to ask jeremyfreudberg. What state about the Sahara client support APIv2
14:38:33 <shuyingy_> you mean keypair injection one? yes :)
14:39:06 <jeremyfreudberg> shuyingy_, regular python client supports apiv2, but i don't have openstack cli support at this time
14:39:36 <shuyingy_> This one is first patch I instruct zckun. I have pay more attention about it. So I have tested it in my env
14:39:53 <shuyingy_> thanks, jeremyfreudberg
14:40:06 <jeremyfreudberg> shuyingy_, that's good that you have tested the patch. i will review
14:40:44 <tellesnobrega> same for me
14:40:55 <shuyingy_> zckun. have you made new change since last time I tested it?
14:41:52 <zchkun> sorry, it is a long time, mybe have a little change
14:42:20 <tellesnobrega> shuyingy_, and jeremyfreudberg just to be sure, we better test it again. But it looks ok
14:43:40 <shuyingy_> The bad thing is that my server has been recalled because QA team in my company need it do a large scale test.
14:43:53 <shuyingy_> I will try to test it again
14:43:55 <tellesnobrega> no worries, I can test it here
14:44:13 <tellesnobrega> and let you know how it goes, I can do it early next week
14:44:50 <shuyingy_> thanks :) can you test this patch together? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/508099/
14:45:07 <tellesnobrega> sure
14:45:09 <zchkun> shuyingy_, I change the keypair type to bool , not string
14:45:26 <shuyingy_> zchkun, ack
14:46:48 <jeremyfreudberg> i have to leave a little early, any other topics?
14:47:05 <tellesnobrega> not from me
14:47:09 <shuyingy_> not from me
14:47:19 <zchkun> when try to scale the cluster just with the existence of keypair
14:47:20 <tellesnobrega> tosky, shuyingy_ , zchkun, rtsisyk ?
14:47:51 <zchkun> not from me
14:48:24 <tosky> nothing else from me
14:48:40 <tellesnobrega> we can close the meeting early today
14:48:42 <tellesnobrega> thanks all
14:48:52 <tellesnobrega> as always, let me know if you need any help
14:49:37 <shuyingy_> thanks :)
14:49:37 <tellesnobrega> #endmeeting