14:01:21 <jeremyfreudberg> #startmeeting sahara
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14:03:08 <jeremyfreudberg> tosky?
14:03:42 <jeremyfreudberg> o/ tellesnobrega
14:03:45 <tellesnobrega> o/
14:03:47 <tellesnobrega> hi
14:03:53 <tosky> o/
14:04:03 <jeremyfreudberg> #topic News/Updates
14:04:32 <tosky> I'm banging my head against the endpoints
14:04:36 <tellesnobrega> nothing from my side, approved creation of stein for sahara-extra recently, other than that, not much happening
14:05:29 <jeremyfreudberg> not much happening for me either, the week really flew by
14:05:48 <jeremyfreudberg> tosky, should we make the uwsgi/endpoit stuff a topic now?
14:06:22 <tosky> sure, I'd like to at least share what I'm doing
14:06:30 <jeremyfreudberg> #topic uwsgi stuff
14:07:50 <tosky> back when we switched the sahara jobs to the native zuul v3 jobs, which enable tls-proxy by default
14:08:04 <tosky> at that time I simply disabled tls-proxy, there were too many moving parts
14:08:21 <tosky> but it buggered me, it all started when I tried to understand why
14:08:44 <tosky> the main problem was that the code wasn't able to detect that sahara started
14:09:12 <tosky> that pointed to a different way to define the endpoint, which morphed into the current patch thanks to an hint by jeremyfreudberg:
14:09:34 <tosky> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/649252/
14:09:45 <tosky> but it's still failing :)
14:10:17 <tosky> anyway, it would be probably useful to backport that patch, once merged and if everyone agrees, at least to stein, if not rocky (where *wsgi is used by default)
14:10:53 <tosky> the other patch is https://review.openstack.org/#/c/649245/ and it implements the support for uwsgi instead of mod_wsgi; this was the real goal of the *wsgi switch back in times
14:11:00 <tosky> but at least in this case we didn't complete it
14:11:06 <tosky> and of course it's failing too :D
14:11:06 <tellesnobrega> I think backporting down to rocky makes sense
14:12:16 <tosky> I'm using https://review.openstack.org/#/c/607145/ to test the first patch - I think they should work independently from the wsgi support, unless it proves to be unfixable - but manila used mod_uwsgi this few weeks ago, so let's see
14:12:53 <tosky> if you notice that I'm doing something completely wrong, please tell me, as jeremyfreudberg did yesterday
14:15:13 <jeremyfreudberg> good summary
14:15:16 <jeremyfreudberg> it all makes sense to me
14:15:42 <jeremyfreudberg> backport makes sense, i mean
14:16:20 <tellesnobrega> I don't know enough on wsgi to correct you tosky :)
14:16:34 <tosky> I'm learning on the way as well
14:16:46 <tellesnobrega> but I will keep an eye on what you are doing and see if I spot something weird
14:17:01 <tellesnobrega> but what you have there makes sense to me
14:17:16 <jeremyfreudberg> tosky, about your comment here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/649245/ on effect on deployment systems, how does the uwsgi stuff work outside of devstack? packagers write their own uwsgi conf file?
14:18:10 <tosky> jeremyfreudberg: I've been thinking about that, and I think it's up to each deployment system
14:18:16 <tosky> so it shouldn't be a problem on our side
14:19:29 <jeremyfreudberg> cool
14:19:38 <jeremyfreudberg> anything else on this?
14:20:01 <tosky> nothing else on my side
14:20:08 <tellesnobrega> not from me
14:21:48 <jeremyfreudberg> #topic tc goals change
14:21:56 <jeremyfreudberg> just wanted to point out this email http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-April/004517.html
14:22:39 <jeremyfreudberg> whereas the previously suggested goals (project purge, some sdk stuff) were somewhat complicated for sahara, the new set of goals (ipv6, pdf doc) seem to be much easier
14:23:26 <tellesnobrega> sounds easier :)
14:24:13 <jeremyfreudberg> anyway, just wanted to give it a mention, no need to dwell on it
14:24:18 <jeremyfreudberg> anyone have any other topics?
14:24:18 <tosky> oh, I thought I followed the discussion, but now I realize I didn't notice that the goals shifted
14:24:28 <tosky> is the list final?
14:24:50 <jeremyfreudberg> tosky, oh, good thing i mentioned it then -- but no, the list is not final yet, it's more the fact that those two old goals have been postponed
14:24:58 <tosky> ok
14:25:03 <tosky> so for the pdf thing I can definitely help
14:25:56 <tellesnobrega> I try to give a hand as well
14:26:04 <tellesnobrega> no topics from me
14:26:17 <jeremyfreudberg> no topics from me either
14:26:24 <jeremyfreudberg> tosky, anything else to say, about anything?
14:26:29 <tosky> nothing else for now
14:26:47 <jeremyfreudberg> ok, then i guess we can close
14:27:06 <tellesnobrega> thanks jeremyfreudberg and tosky :)
14:27:11 <tellesnobrega> see you all next week
14:27:19 <tosky> see you o/
14:27:21 <jeremyfreudberg> see ya
14:27:23 <jeremyfreudberg> o/
14:27:26 <jeremyfreudberg> #endmeeting