14:01:07 <jeremyfreudberg> #startmeeting sahara
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14:02:45 <jeremyfreudberg> o/
14:02:50 <tellesnobrega> o/
14:03:30 <tosky> o/
14:04:25 <jeremyfreudberg> #topic news/updates
14:04:28 <jeremyfreudberg> i will continue as ptl
14:04:30 <jeremyfreudberg> for wallaby
14:04:49 <tellesnobrega> awesome to hear
14:06:40 <tosky> thanks for that!
14:07:28 <jeremyfreudberg> #topic sahara-tests 0.11.0?
14:07:46 <jeremyfreudberg> tosky: what did we decide about doing a sahara-tests release for victoria?
14:07:58 <tosky> no, I'm still unsure (see the questions from a few days ago)
14:08:49 <tosky> basically whether https://review.opendev.org/#/c/731551/ can be pushed later in this same cycle, due to requirements bump
14:09:26 <jeremyfreudberg> "in this same cycle" = victoria?
14:09:35 <jeremyfreudberg> i don't quite understand, sorry
14:09:41 <tosky> this cycle, yep
14:10:10 <jeremyfreudberg> ok
14:10:16 <jeremyfreudberg> how can we get an answer to this question?
14:11:11 <tosky> probably asking requirements people, or release people
14:11:32 <tosky> I forgot to ask yesterday, they were supposed to have their weekly meeting
14:12:31 <jeremyfreudberg> ok
14:13:51 <jeremyfreudberg> next stop
14:13:56 <jeremyfreudberg> #topic eol some releases
14:14:01 <tosky> right
14:14:03 <jeremyfreudberg> another questoin for tosky  :)
14:14:31 <tosky> I've noticed that projects EOLing old releases sent the notifications first on the list
14:14:53 <jeremyfreudberg> ok, if we need to do notification first, and then propose a patch second, that's fine
14:15:00 <jeremyfreudberg> i just want to check: ocata and pike?
14:15:04 <tosky> and the referenced the message in the commit message
14:15:59 <tosky> ocata and pike for sure, other projects removed them too (manila and cinder)
14:16:39 <jeremyfreudberg> alright, i will send an email
14:16:44 <jeremyfreudberg> today, just to get it over with
14:18:42 <tosky> thanks!
14:18:57 <jeremyfreudberg> #topic open discussion
14:19:05 <jeremyfreudberg> ok, that's all i have
14:20:05 <tosky> I'm trying to fix the lower-requirements jobs for the plugin, but it's amanzingly complicated
14:20:20 <tosky> I tried to patch the requirements locally but it doesn't seem to work
14:20:26 <tosky> but I will keep trying
14:20:38 <tosky> and same question about bumping the requirements too
14:21:15 <tosky> because those fixes will affect victoria
14:21:20 <tosky> but again, I will nag people
14:21:31 <tosky> and that's it from me
14:21:35 <jeremyfreudberg> ok, sounds good
14:21:39 <jeremyfreudberg> thanks
14:22:32 <jeremyfreudberg> alright, let's close it
14:22:36 <jeremyfreudberg> thanks everyone
14:23:47 <tosky> thanks all!
14:24:12 <jeremyfreudberg> #endmeeting