14:02:17 <jeremyfreudberg> #startmeeting sahara
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14:03:51 <tosky> hi
14:05:05 <jeremyfreudberg> hi!
14:05:14 <jeremyfreudberg> #topic open discussion
14:06:54 <tosky> no many updates here - I guess the major update is about the upcoming changes to two big plugins?
14:07:12 <jeremyfreudberg> i'm working on getting some answers about future plans for cdh/hdp
14:07:30 <tosky> (also: there are a few reviews in the sahara.* world with a +2 by me, so ready for another +2 :)
14:07:40 <jeremyfreudberg> e.g. would there be developer subscriptions, would there be clones
14:08:04 <jeremyfreudberg> the conversation is a bit slow going, but we'll see where it goes
14:08:09 <jeremyfreudberg> oh, i'll take a look
14:09:52 <jeremyfreudberg> so, ptl nominations are in month, and i'll nominate myself again for X
14:10:29 <jeremyfreudberg> but i think X will be the last
14:11:25 <tosky> oh
14:11:27 <tosky> I can understand
14:12:36 <tosky> a bit sad, but I can understand
14:15:19 <jeremyfreudberg> yeah, i just don't have the time...
14:15:51 <jeremyfreudberg> and there's not much interest in sahara anyway
14:18:04 <jeremyfreudberg> anyway, that's all for today
14:18:20 <jeremyfreudberg> i will provide an update about status of plugins when i can
14:19:28 <tosky> thanks
14:19:50 <jeremyfreudberg> #endmeeting