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11:00:43 <oneswig> Seasons greetings
11:01:04 <oneswig> #link there isn't an agenda as such https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_SIG#IRC_Meeting_December_20th_2017
11:01:08 <armstrong> Thanks and same to you
11:01:30 <oneswig> Hey armstrong have you moved timezones?  Thought you were in Canada...
11:02:29 <armstrong> Yes I am still in Canada
11:02:42 <armstrong> I missed the meeting yesterday
11:03:32 <oneswig> Was it Ontario?
11:03:35 <oneswig> OICR?
11:05:59 <armstrong> I am in Montréal
11:06:31 <oneswig> Have you completed your PhD?
11:06:44 <armstrong> No not yet
11:07:24 <oneswig> How's the research going?
11:07:39 <armstrong> So far so good
11:08:25 <oneswig> It's on private cloud infrastructure, right?  What are you looking at?
11:08:55 <armstrong> Live migration
11:09:41 <oneswig> Interesting.  Live migration in research computing or more generally?
11:09:55 <armstrong> Research computing
11:11:21 <oneswig> What are you finding so far?
11:15:33 <oneswig> Live migration doesn't come into the workloads I typically see, but certainly does come into the supporting components deployed around it - web APIs, house keeping activities, jenkins instances etc.
11:16:03 <armstrong> Based on my last presentation @Sydney, I want to add different VMM, because so far only KVM and Xen were considered
11:16:43 <oneswig> I hadn't seen this presentation - got a link to it?
11:19:05 <armstrong> It’s in the link of the Tuesday’s presentation we had
11:19:23 <oneswig> armstrong: what other VMM is there?
11:19:54 <armstrong> VMware etc.
11:20:17 <armstrong> There are five or so supported by OpenStack
11:20:36 <oneswig> Ah OK, got it.
11:22:40 <oneswig> armstrong: are there findings you'd like to share some time in a Americas-timezone meeting?
11:23:01 <armstrong> Ok
11:26:32 <oneswig> armstrong: if you're interested in doing that
11:27:23 <armstrong> Sure oneswig, I am interested
11:27:53 <oneswig> Let me know when you would like to do that, we can put it on the agenda.
11:28:09 <armstrong> Ok good
11:29:57 <oneswig> I've been planning for 2018 to bring in some of the discussions that have been going on with the team at CERN, around developing OpenStack's support for research computing
11:30:40 <armstrong> That is interesting
11:31:01 <armstrong> CERN uses OpenStack ?
11:31:21 <oneswig> yes, quite a lot :-)
11:31:42 <ildikov> oneswig: I have a quick question when we get to the open discussion part :)
11:32:08 <oneswig> ildikov: there are no other kinds of discussion today - we are taking it easy :-)
11:32:25 <ildikov> oneswig: coolio :)
11:32:27 <oneswig> fire away
11:33:17 <ildikov> oneswig: just wanted to ask whether the scientific SIG would be interested in occupying a few slots at the PTG ?
11:33:40 <oneswig> For development work?
11:34:28 <ildikov> oneswig: Technical discussions or even development work
11:35:44 <ildikov> oneswig: we're providing space for working groups/SIG at the beginning of the week and thought to ask whether there's interest from you guys
11:35:50 <oneswig> I don't know how many active SIG members will be in Dublin but I'm assuming a few will be attending.  From our firm, probably 3-4 (ie, half the company :-)
11:36:05 <ildikov> :)
11:36:34 <ildikov> Would you like to have dedicated slots or rather joining project discussions and other sessions?
11:37:00 <oneswig> ildikov: can you explain the difference from the forum?
11:38:15 <ildikov> oneswig: most of the attendees are developers and we're focusing on planning for the upcoming cycle and any other more technical discussions
11:38:24 <oneswig> ildikov: it's hard to know.  If the forum's about communicating needs and pain points, what input is needed at the PTG - more of the same?
11:39:03 <ildikov> While the forum is more about gathering the user, operator and developer communities for feedback and a bit higher level chats
11:39:33 <oneswig> My first thought is to sit in on project meetings rather than have dedicated slots, but that's going to be happening anyway.
11:40:12 <oneswig> ildikov: if there was a dedicate slot for the scientific sig, how would you like to see it used?
11:40:13 <ildikov> PTG would be about to figure out how to address the pain points
11:40:35 <armstrong> IIdikov: when is the PTG coming up?
11:41:02 <ildikov> oneswig: how to use it is on the group really
11:41:35 <ildikov> oneswig: it's not a must rather than an offer to think about whether you can utilize it as a group
11:42:18 <oneswig> ildikov: when do you need to know?
11:42:43 <ildikov> oneswig: you can use to have discussions around some items you would like get addressed and have devs in the room as well
11:43:14 <ildikov> oneswig: sooner rather than later, will ask my colleague who's organizing the slots
11:43:19 <oneswig> I can imagine it being useful in various ways - agreed.  I think it may come down to whether some of the key SIG members involved are planning to go to Dublin
11:43:29 <ildikov> armstrong: it's the week of February 26th
11:44:14 <ildikov> oneswig: yeah, it's definitely more useful if you have a reasonable coverage from the team
11:44:32 <oneswig> I shall enquire...
11:44:35 <armstrong> iIdikov: thanks, I will like to attend
11:44:46 <ildikov> oneswig: there are also options to occupy a half day or a full, etc
11:44:56 <ildikov> armstrong: awesome!
11:45:56 <ildikov> armstrong: https://www.openstack.org/ptg/
11:46:13 <ildikov> armstrong: let me know if you have any questions
11:46:22 <oneswig> half-day tops, I think.  Can't expect anyone to listen for longer than that
11:46:54 <armstrong> iIdikov: ok I will let you know. Thanks 😃
11:47:21 <ildikov> oneswig: ok, I will let Kendall know and will check back on deadlines
11:48:03 <ildikov> oneswig: BTW, I will attend RCUK in January
11:48:14 <oneswig> ildikov: and I'll ask around for likely attendees.  I think if we have enough, there will be a critical mass.
11:48:26 <oneswig> RCUK: excellent - are you presenting?
11:48:45 <oneswig> I will be and I believe the Tuba Guy will be too :-)
11:48:57 <oneswig> Or at least, taking part.
11:49:02 <ildikov> oneswig: yep a short one on the Passport program and a bit on ORC
11:49:28 <oneswig> Oh nice.  I'd be interested in the passport program
11:49:39 <ildikov> oneswig: coolio
11:49:39 <oneswig> Not seen a presentation on that yet
11:50:10 <ildikov> oneswig: are you aware of any other happening that week in London that's OpenStack related?
11:50:48 <ildikov> oneswig: I think there was on the Summit, will look for links when I'm back to my laptop
11:51:16 <oneswig> Community events, no.  But I think the London OpenStack is overdue another meetup, and I can nudge Darryl.
11:51:46 <oneswig> Thanks ildikov - don't worry I think I can find it
11:52:16 <oneswig> #link https://www.openstack.org/videos/sydney-2017/wings-to-roam-any-cloud-join-the-openstack-global-passport-program-today
11:52:28 <ildikov> oneswig: thanks
11:52:41 <ildikov> oneswig: yep, that should be the one
11:52:48 <oneswig> armstrong I looked for your summit presentation but didn't find it
11:53:22 <armstrong> iIdikov: is the PTG a sponsored program?
11:53:55 <armstrong> oneswig: really?
11:54:31 <ildikov> armstrong: you whether the event itself is sponsored by companies?
11:54:38 <armstrong> Immediately after I did the presentation, I submitted the link to the slides and works
11:55:23 <armstrong> iIdikov: yes is it sponsored by OpenStack
11:55:26 <armstrong> ?
11:55:51 <ildikov> armstrong: it is an OpenStack event organized by the Foundation
11:57:43 <armstrong> IIdikov: Ok thanks, I asked because I saw something like $100 registration at Eventbrite :)
11:58:10 <ildikov> armstrong: yes, it has a registration fee
11:58:35 <armstrong> oneswig: where you not in the hall on Tuesday? When we were presenting? I think I was the last to pressent that day
11:58:52 <ildikov> armstrong: I can ask whether we have the travel support program still open for this one if you need it
11:59:18 <oneswig> armstrong: Ah, at the scientific-SIG lightning talks?  Now I'm with you.
11:59:23 <armstrong> IIdikov: yes please I will need it thanks
11:59:31 <oneswig> Thought there was something more involved in the summit schedule.
12:00:41 <ildikov> armstrong: will get back to you on this when I got the info from my colleagues
12:01:14 <armstrong> IIdikov: ok waiting on the feedback
12:01:19 <oneswig> We are out of time, that crept up
12:01:28 <oneswig> Gotta close the session
12:01:46 <oneswig> ildikov: will let you know on the PTG slot, thanks for suggesting it.
12:01:59 <oneswig> ... and have a lovely Christmas.
12:02:14 <oneswig> #endmeeting