10:59:27 <oneswig> #startmeeting scientific-sig
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10:59:35 <oneswig> #chair martial
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10:59:45 <oneswig> Greetings
10:59:56 <oneswig> #link Agenda for today https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_SIG#IRC_Meeting_May_8th_2019
11:00:00 <martial> Good morning /day / evening
11:00:10 <oneswig> Hey martial, good to see you last week.
11:00:43 <oneswig> Are you back at the DMC offices?
11:00:55 <martial> Always a pleasure
11:00:58 <martial> Back in Virginia
11:01:08 <martial> 7am here so on daddy duties
11:01:17 <oneswig> Ah, of course.
11:01:34 <oneswig> How was the rest of the PTG for you?
11:02:22 <martial> Was good
11:02:34 <martial> Talked to the starlingX people
11:02:50 <martial> And keystone
11:03:01 <martial> And had a chance to discuss HPC with Red Hat
11:03:06 <oneswig> Interesting project, StarlingX.  Partly because the more they work, the less they diverge.
11:04:02 <oneswig> Was that TripleO folks from RH or higher up the ecosystem?
11:04:03 <martial> So a very productive week
11:04:19 <martial> Product manager
11:05:08 <martial> So directly at the open shift level
11:05:08 <martial> They want to help
11:05:26 <oneswig> Ah interesting.
11:05:28 <martial> And are willing to commit time and money to add HPC specific features
11:05:55 <martial> To container runtimes and others
11:05:58 <oneswig> "Step into my office", you say :-)
11:06:16 <martial> So seems like it could be very interesting for the community
11:06:17 <oneswig> Will they send someone to HPCW?
11:06:40 <martial> Need to follow up on that
11:06:51 <martial> Tim had a chance to talk to them too
11:07:06 <martial> So he passed along a couple ideas
11:07:07 <oneswig> He has specific and exacting requirements
11:07:41 <martial> And he intends to join the slack to discuss things with us
11:07:54 <martial> On my list to follow up basically
11:07:55 <oneswig> I had thought CharlieCloud was aiming for OCI compliance but apparently not
11:08:12 <oneswig> A long list no doubt.
11:08:33 <oneswig> I was really excited by the discussion on progress for boot-to-ramdisk, we'll definitely be testing that out.
11:08:38 <martial> We talked cri-o podman and buildah
11:08:56 <martial> (Among other things)
11:09:27 <martial> (And on that I need to make sure that the younglings eat a little bit, be back :))
11:09:36 <oneswig> Ah OK.
11:09:42 <oneswig> Bon appetite!
11:09:50 <oneswig> Anyone else around today?
11:11:56 <oneswig> I suggest we close early unless others are looking to join
11:12:04 <qwebirc1563> Only us chickens
11:12:18 <oneswig> er... hello :-)
11:12:39 <oneswig> Who's that?
11:12:50 <qwebirc1563> qwebirc1563 -  where does that come from? Anonymous login I suppose.   HPCJohn from CGG
11:13:11 <oneswig> Hi John, good to "see" you again.
11:13:17 <qwebirc1563> How was the Denver summit
11:14:01 <oneswig> Very successful, I thought.  The SIG was busy and our sessions were popular.
11:14:36 <qwebirc1563> Great stuff. I dont have much to say. Just listening in
11:14:51 <oneswig> I learned that diskless boot of Ironic nodes is working and ready for test.  Something I've been keen on for a while
11:15:49 <martial> The agenda has the links for the etherpads which in turn have the summary of the talks and the topics covered
11:16:10 <oneswig> In the SIG sessions we also decided collectively to write a paper on the case for hybrid cloud
11:16:15 <martial> I will agree with stig that it was very successful from the scientific sig standpoint
11:17:03 <qwebirc1563> I might try the diskless boot out.
11:17:33 <oneswig> qwebirc1563: I'm hoping to write up the experience at some point this summer.
11:18:06 <oneswig> Will let you know if I actually get round to it...
11:18:16 <martial> There were some good hands on during the summit too
11:18:24 <martial> I did StarlingX and Kayobe
11:18:43 <martial> Very impressed by both
11:18:48 <oneswig> Thanks for taking part martial, it was a fun session :-)
11:19:26 <martial> Only glitch is that the videos are slow to come out
11:19:29 <qwebirc1563> What is StarlingX   - I guess Google might tell me, but first item was about birds
11:19:30 <oneswig> martial: do you see a govt use case for StarlingX?  Possible I guess.
11:20:04 <oneswig> In a nutshell, Telco / edge computing variant of OpenStack
11:20:05 <martial> I am trying to get one of the team to discuss edge analytics for public safety
11:20:35 <martial> (Think firefighter/first responders)
11:20:54 <qwebirc1563> Thanks
11:21:06 <martial> Made a couple connections this way
11:21:26 <martial> Wait and see
11:21:49 <oneswig> It was good to see a lot of new faces in the SIG and around the related sessions
11:22:49 <martial> +1
11:23:10 <oneswig> This summit was on the small side.  Apparently the next one in Shanghai may be vast - the Chinese OpenStack day gets 3000+ attendees
11:23:28 <martial> Wow we are going to be busy
11:23:36 <martial> Planning to come
11:23:51 <martial> And to start our BoF for SC19
11:23:52 <oneswig> It's going to be a most interesting exercise.
11:24:14 <oneswig> martial: sounds good.
11:24:26 <oneswig> I should be there this year.
11:25:18 <martial> Rgr will have you in the roster ;)
11:25:31 <oneswig> I first read that as "roaster"...
11:25:56 <martial> I am finishing a BoF for PEARC19 and will look into SC
11:26:27 <oneswig> I have an action to mail about funding the white paper, will do that now.
11:28:15 <oneswig> qwebirc1563: one thing that might interest you - martial created a Slack channel for SIG chat
11:28:40 <martial> (From my phone now)
11:28:48 <qwebirc1563> Thankyou - I will look into that!
11:28:55 <oneswig> sign up link https://join.slack.com/t/os-scientific-sig/shared_invite/enQtNjIyOTU1NjU3Njg1LTVjY2QzNTkyMjVmZjIzNjI2MDYzNjcxMzExMDY5NDQ0MTc1NGRjMzk2ZTE2N2VjZjJiMzlmMGM2MGJjZjY4YzA
11:29:28 <oneswig> Already some interesting discussion going on there, mostly of a fishwivey flavour
11:30:24 <oneswig> OK, without quorum shall we close the meeting?
11:30:46 <martial> Well we are three ;)
11:30:59 <martial> So I second it
11:31:19 <oneswig> That's the majority we need - any other business from you qwebirc1563?
11:31:35 <martial> And hello priteau missed you at the summit
11:31:50 <priteau> Hi martial. I couldn't make it this time!
11:32:03 <oneswig> Ah, hi priteau :-)
11:33:15 <qwebirc1563> Nope! Signing out, thankyou
11:33:35 <oneswig> OK guys, let's do school runs, lunches, etc.
11:33:47 <oneswig> Thanks all
11:33:49 <martial> ;$
11:33:53 <oneswig> #endmeeting