21:00:17 <oneswig> #startmeeting scientific-sig
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21:00:28 <oneswig> \o
21:00:31 <oneswig> greetings
21:00:37 <rbudden> hello
21:00:46 <oneswig> Hey rbudden
21:00:49 <martial> Hello gents
21:00:56 <oneswig> Hi martial
21:01:04 <oneswig> No underscores this week :-)
21:01:08 <oneswig> #chair martial
21:01:09 <openstack> Current chairs: martial oneswig
21:01:35 <janders> g'day all! :)
21:01:43 <oneswig> Hi janders
21:03:04 <oneswig> #link agenda for today (such as it is) https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_SIG#IRC_Meeting_June_25th_2019
21:03:29 <oneswig> Basically Bob's and Martial's suggestion that we cover Shanghai activities
21:03:38 <oneswig> CFP deadline is next Tuesday IIRC
21:03:45 <oneswig> Which is soon!
21:04:52 <janders> oneswig: who's assessing the submissions for the HPC/AI track this time?
21:05:04 <oneswig> Don't know - not me.
21:05:22 <janders> do you know who would know?
21:05:22 <martial> not me either :)
21:05:59 <oneswig> Not outside of the foundation, no.
21:07:29 <oneswig> I'm hoping to put a talk in but I'm behind on preparation...
21:07:44 <oneswig> janders: will you update us on where the SuperCloud has got to?
21:08:00 <martial> janders: can still count you in for the "HPC using Open Infra" ? :)
21:08:32 <janders> that's a panel right?
21:09:05 <oneswig> ... the more opinionated the better!
21:09:20 <martial> yes janders
21:10:06 <janders> I would be interested - however I'm not sure if I will be able to go (China - Australia politics). In the worst case, would it be possible to swap me out for someone else if I couldn't go?
21:11:56 <oneswig> What would be tremendous would be to find someone local, but we've drawn a blank before on that
21:13:32 <martial> we can try of course
21:15:49 <oneswig> I had the card of somebody involved in Tianhe-2 (but didn't reply to previous mails).
21:16:02 <oneswig> I can try again.
21:16:37 <clarkb> Horace (at the foundation) may have ideas for panel members too (I've pinged him but you might reach out to horace too)
21:17:35 <oneswig> Hi clarkb - thanks for that - horace@openstack.org?
21:17:41 * clarkb double checks
21:18:00 <clarkb> oneswig: haoyang@openstack.org
21:18:23 <oneswig> thanks
21:18:41 <martial> cool, need to have a draft ready in a couple days
21:18:59 <janders> I'm happy to help
21:19:19 <janders> would you be happy with a google doc approach?
21:20:52 <oneswig> br
21:20:54 <oneswig> brb
21:23:09 <oneswig> I recall there was someone from KISTI (Korean supercomputer center) who attended a previous summit SIG meeting
21:25:33 <clarkb> programming committee is listed at https://www.openstack.org/summit/shanghai-2019
21:26:20 <oneswig> Great, thanks again clarkb
21:26:37 <janders> +1
21:30:01 <oneswig> I have found the details for the person I met from Tianhe-2
21:30:09 <martial> (sorry otherwise occupied as you can see :) )
21:33:42 <rbudden> apologies, i have to step offline to pick up my son. i’ll catch up via logs. Just a reminder though, that SC19’ BoF deadline is Jul 31.
21:33:49 <rbudden> take care everyone!
21:34:01 <oneswig> Thanks rbudden, until next time
21:34:05 <martial> Thanks Bob, yes on SC19
21:34:15 <martial> we are still good on panel for Summit
21:34:27 <martial> for people interested, reach out to me on our slack
21:34:43 <oneswig> martial: are there plans for ORCA at this summit?
21:34:52 <martial> https://join.slack.com/t/os-scientific-sig/shared_invite/enQtNjUwNzU3MTUxNjAyLTgyMDAxNWE5NDQxODg2OWZlYzMzNTdiYTk1ZjQ4MDIwYTI4YWRjYTM3ZGM1MzIxODFhMmE2NmM3N2IzMjE3MWY
21:35:02 <martial> no ORCA in Shanghai or cloud federation
21:35:21 <martial> we are planing to open the document for public comment in a couple weeks (NIST work)
21:35:30 <martial> P2302
21:35:46 <martial> we have PEARC coming up
21:35:50 <martial> so there is tht
21:35:51 <martial> that
21:35:53 <oneswig> Is that with Craig Lee?
21:35:59 <martial> yes
21:36:37 <oneswig> Good to hear things moving forward, albeit steadily
21:39:16 <oneswig> martial: the agenda was pretty minimal this week, anything more to cover?
21:39:24 <janders> I'm good
21:40:12 <oneswig> I'm cranking through a Monasca agent patch in the background...
21:40:26 <oneswig> janders: anything on the SDN side?
21:40:36 <janders> no, nothing new to report
21:40:40 <oneswig> we are off topic)
21:40:45 <oneswig> #topic AOB
21:41:01 <oneswig> I was interested if you've heard of anyone using OpenDaylight with Ironic?
21:41:09 <oneswig> Or, more esoterically, ONOS?
21:41:21 <janders> no, I haven't
21:41:27 <oneswig> asking for a friend... :-)
21:42:09 <oneswig> One for the list possibly.
21:43:23 <oneswig> OK martial janders, shall we close for the week, and resume talk on the panel via Slack?
21:44:25 <janders> ok!
21:44:49 <oneswig> Thanks all, until next time (let's try to bring more to the agenda)
21:44:54 <oneswig> #endmeeting