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21:00:26 <oneswig> ahoy
21:00:42 <oneswig> b1airo: good morning
21:00:47 <oneswig> #chair b1airo
21:00:48 <openstack> Current chairs: b1airo oneswig
21:00:55 <rbudden> hello
21:00:56 <oneswig> what's new?
21:01:16 <oneswig> hey rbudden
21:01:57 <b1airo> Hey hey, good to see you folks
21:02:13 <oneswig> I updated my desktop to Mac OS Catalina.  Now if I open Mail it hangs, saying it's doing a DB upgrade. So OpenStack!
21:02:33 <b1airo> Thanks to daylight savings I now have a meeting clash here again, so I'll be a little disengaged sorry
21:02:52 <b1airo> Burn oneswig !
21:03:06 <rbudden> i hear ya, i’m on daycare pickup in a half hour ;)
21:03:15 <oneswig> Ah, too bad b1airo rbudden
21:03:28 <b1airo> (should have been an apostrophe in there maybe - don't really want oneswig burnt)
21:03:40 <oneswig> I've got one in bed and the other brushing her teeth.  But she's 12 so she's got the hang of it
21:04:12 <martial> evening Gents
21:04:25 <oneswig> Hey martial
21:04:29 <oneswig> #chair martial
21:04:30 <openstack> Current chairs: b1airo martial oneswig
21:04:31 <b1airo> Hi martial
21:04:36 <martial> so Stig, you are going to Shanghai?
21:04:55 <oneswig> Sure am.  At least, I'm going to the Chinese embassy tomorrow to lend them my passport
21:05:04 <oneswig> If they give it back in time, I'll be going to Shanghai..
21:05:39 <b1airo> o_0
21:05:43 <martial> enjoy your trip my friend; I know you will join us at SC19
21:06:17 <oneswig> Looking forward to it, but keep procrastinating on sorting the travel...
21:06:31 <oneswig> (for SC)
21:06:41 <oneswig> Do you have hotels booked?
21:07:11 <martial> which reminds me, the "Container Advisory Panel" want to promote their "Containers and New Orchestration Paradigms for Isolated Environments in HPC (CANOPIE HPC)"
21:07:21 <martial> #link https://sc19.supercomputing.org/session/?sess=sess136
21:07:45 <jakecoll> Hi everyone. Is there going to be a PTG for the Scientific SIG?
21:07:59 <martial> I do have my hotel booked, and plane and registration done [today is the last day for early bird for SC19 btw]
21:08:04 <oneswig> Hi jakecoll, welcome.  There's a day for it in Shanghai - Thursday I believe
21:08:09 <oneswig> You going?
21:08:26 <martial> and there will be a PTG session as well, I believe
21:08:42 <jakecoll> Yes, I'll be in Shanghai
21:09:05 <martial> so PSA: if you are coming to SC19 and have not registered yet: <blink>today is the last day for early bird</blink> :)
21:09:14 <jakecoll> Is there anything on the docket for the PTG as of yet?
21:09:18 <oneswig> martial: thanks for the heads up!
21:09:47 <martial> stig: hotels are scarce by now
21:09:54 <oneswig> jakecoll: Nothing as yet.  Usually it's really handy to meet with the Ironic team but this time the session overlaps.
21:11:09 <oneswig> Perhaps it's time to make an etherpad, if it hasn't been auto-generated this time around
21:11:17 <oneswig> (should check on that)
21:11:57 <jakecoll> I'll keep a look out then
21:12:30 <oneswig> jakecoll: are there items you'd like to see covered?
21:13:46 <jakecoll> Well, my PI was mostly wondering if the Scientific SIG had lightning talks on the docket or something of the like this year
21:14:04 <jakecoll> We were wondering if anyone was interested in discussion of traces
21:14:05 <martial> we have two sessions this year as well?
21:14:41 <martial> where is the next one btw?
21:16:36 <oneswig> Not announced yet I believe, but I think they are dropping to 1 summit per year
21:17:03 <martial> interesting
21:18:09 <oneswig> I don't believe we have the SIG session with lightning talks in the schedule this year, but we have a whole day at the PTG to fill, which more than replaces it.
21:18:42 <martial> this is good yet a little sad; this is the primary way we bring in new people to the conversation
21:18:46 <martial> few come to the PTG
21:18:52 <oneswig> jakecoll: are you thinking of control plane profiling traces, or application traces?
21:18:58 <oneswig> martial: think you're right.
21:19:06 <rbudden> oh wow, dropping to a single summit, that’s a bummer
21:19:20 <oneswig> don't remember where I heard that, mind...
21:20:38 <jakecoll> I honestly don't know the difference between the two. I work on Chameleon Cloud. It would be our cloud traces.
21:21:34 <martial> PTG vs Summit?
21:21:49 <martial> PTG is an event after the Summit and you need another ticket to get to it
21:22:02 <martial> Summit is the main event with presentations and such
21:22:08 <oneswig> jakecoll: Is that data about representative cloud usage?  I think I remember hearing about that.
21:22:23 <martial> Often people go to the Summit, but few stay for the PTG
21:22:24 <jakecoll> yes
21:22:44 <martial> [I feel like I misunderstood the question :) ]
21:24:56 <oneswig> martial: dumb question, for the BoF participation, do I need to register for the SC Technical program?
21:25:05 <diablo_rojo_phon> martial: it's all one registration
21:25:16 <diablo_rojo_phon> You don't need separate tickets this time.
21:25:30 <martial> oh coo, thanks Kendall [how are you?]
21:25:41 <martial> stig: I think so
21:25:42 <diablo_rojo_phon> No problem :) Good!
21:26:04 <trandles> oneswig: I missed the BoF last year because I was only on an exhibitor pass :(
21:26:10 <trandles> Hi all btw, mostly lurking today
21:26:12 <martial> stig: let me check the "logo" on it
21:26:54 <b1airo> Thanks for the heads up on early bird for SC, martial
21:26:54 <oneswig> hi trandles, excellent lurking so far
21:27:13 <oneswig> b1airo: I think he's saved us both many dollars...
21:27:18 <martial> #link https://sc19.supercomputing.org/session/?sess=sess332
21:27:38 <martial> if you are an IEEE or ACM SIG HPC member you also get a discount (deal alert)
21:27:49 <martial> so the SC19 says "EX" and "EXH"
21:27:51 <b1airo> I too have been procrastinating on organising the travel
21:28:12 <b1airo> Yeah HPC SIG pays for itself
21:28:33 <trandles> jakecoll: I'm interested in Chameleon cloud traces if you're thinking of publishing. We have another project (not directly cloud-related) that's gathering trace data for cloud and HPC workloads
21:29:02 <verdurin> Is it worth registering for the tutorials at SC? Oh, and hello.
21:29:06 <martial> I think the EX and EXH mean that you do not need a "TP" (Technical Program) badge to attend but
21:29:32 <martial> verdurin: if you want to see the HPC Container crowd, they have their own Wosrkshop on Monday called CANOPIE
21:29:37 <oneswig> Hi verdurin...
21:29:59 <oneswig> workshops are different from TP or so I have just read
21:30:15 <martial> and on Sunday, there is a side event (not part of SC19) from The Next Platform
21:30:18 <trandles> we have a poster and paper accepted for CANOPIE so will be there
21:30:18 <martial> #link https://www.nextplatform.com/hpc-day-with-the-next-platform/
21:30:41 <b1airo> Yeah, I'll most likely be at CANOPIE, was thinking about a submission, but time..
21:30:41 <martial> (extra cost for The Next Platform event ($40) but pretty cool)
21:30:55 <martial> trandles: cool!
21:31:21 <trandles> I think it conflicts with the supercluster workshop though, so meh :(
21:32:57 <martial> b1airo: if you reach out to CJ or Shane Canon or even our now AWS friend Christian, they might help you
21:33:26 <martial> trandles: enjoy still
21:33:54 <b1airo> Oh, Docker-Christian had jumped ship?
21:34:00 <b1airo> *has
21:34:18 <trandles> Docker & Christian came to an "amicable split"
21:34:20 <martial> b1airo: have been on the calls (I have a task to do I see on that post it :( ) and they are open to allow extra CFP
21:35:04 <martial> b1airo: yes Sir, he is at AWS, and confirmed he was going to be at SC19
21:35:11 <trandles> I saw Christian at a CompBioMed meeting in Amsterdam in March...he was winding down then and looking for something else
21:36:07 <b1airo> Thanks martial , I wouldn't have time to do anything suitably thorough I think
21:36:45 <b1airo> Is this indicative that Docker Inc is not pursuing further HPC support currently..?
21:37:01 <martial> *cough*it is*cough*
21:37:03 <trandles> b1airo: +1 I believe that to be true...
21:37:19 <martial> (at least not in the CE world)
21:37:22 <trandles> If you believe the news, Docker is looking to simply survive at this point
21:38:40 <b1airo> Yeah, I've read the analyses suggesting they are struggling to convert market share into $$
21:38:46 <martial> the other day I was doing an apt-get update and my distro was complaining that the docker release file was now saying it was EE only
21:39:08 <martial> got me a little annoyed obviously
21:39:25 <oneswig> I believe it's no longer distributed with CentOS 8 either.
21:39:36 <martial> yesterday did the same update and it reverted to CE
21:41:16 <oneswig> There was a tentative agenda item but it does seem to have been nipped in the bud in Slack
21:41:52 <oneswig> I had mistakenly thought b1airo had had his hands on the AMD GPU that supports SR-IOV, but alas it appears not
21:42:34 <martial> or maybe he is not telling :)
21:43:32 <oneswig> Can anyone else share experiences...?
21:43:58 <b1airo> I'm struggling to recall, but I thought it looked like AMD were going to a MR-IOV implementation
21:45:55 <b1airo> Though looks like they only talk about sriov now
21:46:00 <oneswig> Multi-root PCI - is that for active failover?
21:50:15 <oneswig> SC Registration complete...
21:50:44 <oneswig> OK - any other business?
21:51:47 <martial> nothing from this end
21:52:12 <trandles> SC will be here before we know it...looking forward to seeing everyone
21:52:20 <martial> +1
21:52:43 <oneswig> martial: is DataMachines a member of the Ceph Foundation?  I know you guys do a lot with Ceph
21:53:58 <b1airo> Wondering if anyone has touched any of the swathe of data management products that are popping up in vendor catalogues ...
21:54:35 <oneswig> b1airo: such as?
21:55:06 <b1airo> DellEMC has a thing, HPE does too, IBM, then there's others like starfish, irods..
21:55:41 <b1airo> HPE's is DMF (v7)
21:56:42 <b1airo> IBM has Spectrum Discover
21:56:58 <oneswig> Not me. It's a big open question.
21:58:32 <oneswig> Close to time now, any final comments?
21:58:36 <b1airo> DellEMC has InsightIQ, which is more an admin tool, but I've heard they are combining it with something else to make it more of a full featured data management thing
21:58:55 <oneswig> jakecoll: be good to hear more about Chameleon traces - in Shanghai
21:58:57 <b1airo> That's it from me
21:59:34 <oneswig> OK thanks y'all
21:59:41 <oneswig> #endmeeting