21:00:51 <martial> #startmeeting Scientific-SIG
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21:00:53 <janders> g'day
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21:00:56 <janders> how are we?
21:01:01 <martial> #chair b1airo
21:01:02 <openstack> Current chairs: b1airo martial
21:01:08 <martial> Hi janders
21:01:22 <b1airo> good thanks, yourself?
21:01:23 <martial> Stig apologize but can not join us
21:01:33 <b1airo> (i'm just finishing a video conf...)
21:01:35 <martial> (unless that is changing)
21:01:36 <janders> I'm good! :)
21:01:52 <janders> I've got a conf call with Bright Computing in one hour
21:02:10 <janders> keen to hear how they are going with kubernetes-based Bright
21:02:23 <b1airo> oh yeah, are you going to tell them their OpenStack story sucks
21:02:26 <janders> plus if that is still work in progress I need some hints how to make BCM more scalable and flexible
21:02:33 <martial> a few things to discuss
21:02:42 <martial> some of which were started in our slack
21:02:58 <janders> haha! :)  I told them a way back I like BCM-BCM but I will keep buying OpenStack subs from RHAT :)
21:03:25 <martial> #topic oF proposal for ISC
21:03:30 <martial> doh
21:03:40 <martial> #topic BoF proposal for ISC
21:04:23 <martial> b1airo championing this, with potentially Stig, Mike, Tim and myself present
21:04:57 <martial> Mike (who is not here?) also has duties as part of the "SuperComp Cloud" workshop
21:05:10 <martial> and I will be at the "High Performance Container" workshop as well
21:05:33 <martial> b1airo?
21:07:05 <martial> okay well, here we go for the topics to cover :)
21:07:08 <b1airo> well, i think we tried last year, got a good review but it didn't get up
21:07:15 <martial> (for our weekly at least)
21:07:38 <b1airo> the proposals are due today, so thinking of just retrying last year's unless other suggestions...
21:07:54 <martial> go for it
21:08:09 <martial> (did not realize that deadline arrived so fast)
21:08:38 <b1airo> i'm on panel for SuperCompCloud too. the container workshop sounds interesting - has it got a site or anything yet?
21:09:39 <martial> like last year, should be up soon on qnib
21:10:12 <martial> http://qnib.org/2019/06/20/isc2019-hpcw/
21:11:58 <martial> anything else?
21:13:55 <janders> I'm good :)  unless you guys wanna chat about BCM challenges :)
21:14:04 <janders> (not very OpenStacky)
21:14:07 <b1airo> on containers, did you see it looks like a time namespace is landing/landed
21:14:27 <martial> ?
21:15:21 <b1airo> in linux that is, so containers can have their own notion of base clock offset from host
21:16:28 <b1airo> https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Time-Namespace-In-Linux-5.6
21:17:47 <martial> That is cool, indeed
21:18:03 <martial> janders: I can close the meeting and you can ask away unless we have any AOB>
21:18:05 <martial> ?
21:18:11 <janders> please go ahead
21:18:13 <janders> thanks guys!
21:18:18 <janders> we'll chat next week
21:18:18 <martial> #endmeeting